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➏ What’s the one thing you especially love about roleplaying your muse?

➐ Are there any people you’ve been to afraid of approaching?

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➒ Got any memorable threads on here? Care to mention a few?

➓ What were some of the most frustrating moments you had with your muse’s interaction with another muse?

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Munday Questions!
  • 1: The mun’s celebrity crush (crushes).
  • 2: How many ships do you have on this blog?
  • 3: Are there any people you’ve been too afraid of approaching?
  • 4: What’s the one thing you especially love about roleplaying your muse?
  • 5: If you had a billion dollars and could only spend it, what would you buy first?
  • 6: How much cash does the mun have on them right now?
  • 7: Last movie the mun watched.
  • 8: The mun’s favorite fictional character.
  • 9: Last concert the mun attended.
  • 10: Last thing you did before logging in?
  • 11: What is the most precious thing you own?
  • 12: The last time the mun cried.
  • 13: Muse that the mun is most like. (if applicable)
  • 14: Favorite Pokemon?
  • 15: Are you artsy?
  • 16: What does the mun really think about my muse?
  • 17: What is the Most expensive thing you own?
  • 18: When's your birthday?
  • 19: Do you have any stuffed animals?
  • 20: Which of your ships on this blog is the fluffiest?
  • 21: The mun’s most annoying habit.
  • 22: What do you like to do in your spare time?
  • 23: Last book the mun read.
  • 24: Do you like any sports?
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mysticalheartnerd  asked:

what the heck i love buzzfeed unsolved!!! i feel like pidge and keith would have a show like this which i would also watch religiously, i think it'd be fun to imagine them doing it in space literally seeing any space alien and freaking out. it would be 10/10

i’ve spent way too much brainpower trying to sort the voltron cast as to who is a ryan and who is a shane

team ryan: lance, hunk, coran

team shane: shiro, keith

team ‘believes in the supernatural but when confronted with it doesn’t get scared and instead tries to fight the ghost’: pidge, allura

anonymous asked:

Do you think villain izuku would have quirk?

i think he would have a quirk, but i also think he would have a vast array of tools and skills at his arsenal and as such does not even need a quirk to cause the chaos that he does. why use a quirk to get to hard-to-reach places when you can use an ill-advised combo of a grappling hook and a rock climbing harness? (how izuku was able to climb into katsuki’s classroom through the window.) why use a quirk to eavesdrop or gather information when you can jerry-rig a camera, microphone, and transmitter using some coat hangers and duct tape? (for bonus points, why not set it up so you can make it collapse on your hapless victims? now they will know someone recorded them, and they can do nothing about it.) why use a quirk to destroy public property when you can strategically bait heroes into doing so instead? why use a quirk to mysteriously transport yourself places when you can instead shuffle yourself through the air ducts and make use of your lockpicking skills? (people live in fear of where you will inexplicably turn up next.) perhaps villain!izuku finds it much more fun to live life without a quirk. 

and so:

“Wow, that’s a really nice pencil case, Kacchan,” says Deku, smiling. “It sure would be a shame if someone were to take it.” 

There’s a beat of silence as the two of them stare at each other. Then Deku swipes the pencil case and cartwheels back, Katsuki tries and fails to prevent this, and Katsuki launches himself at Deku with a battle cry of “Get back here, you fucker!” 

Deku laughs and runs up the wall, leaving small puncture holes behind as he goes. Katsuki propels himself up to catch Deku as Deku swings onto one of the lights, but Deku manages to swing himself across the room like some kind of monkey. Iida shouts emphatically at them from the floor to conduct themselves in a manner appropriate for a school environment; Deku uses him as a landing pad, and then a launch pad to jump onto the teacher’s desk. Katsuki tries to incinerate him, but just causes the desk to catch on fire instead. Kirishima feels horribly riveted. He can’t look away. 

“This is a disaster,” Kaminari says, and then he sighs. “I say that all the time now. I feel like that phrase has lost all meaning. But what other hyper-inflated metaphor can I use to describe the scale of Deku and Katsuki? I just don’t know.” 

“World-ending,” Jirou suggests. 

“What if the world actually ends? I need to save that word for a better time. No.” 

“Nuclear?” Yaoyorozu says. 

“Only if they manage to actually destroy a city.” 

“Catastrophic?” Kirishima tries. 

“Getting closer,” Kaminari says. “I just need something that has more oomph to it, though, you know?” 

They pause in their conversation to watch Deku run out the door, Katsuki run shouting after him, and Iida run after both of them in some valiant attempt to corral them into some semblance of better behavior. 

“It just occurred to me,” says Yaoyorozu slowly, “that we have never seen Deku use his Quirk.” 

“What? That’s ridiculous,” says Kirishima. “There’s no way he hasn’t yet. What about the time he broke the Musutafu Police Force Office?” 

“Technically, that happened because Deku improvised some kind of flagpole sling,” Jirou points out. “Maybe the time at the zoo?” 

“That’s just lockpicking,” Kirishima dismisses. “Alright, but he fought with Todoroki once. Hey, Todoroki, what’s Deku’s Quirk?” 

Todoroki looks at them blankly from where he’s sitting at his desk. For a second, Kirishima doesn’t think he’ll answer, but then, “I don’t know,” he says, turning away.

“Wait, what?” Kaminari dashes over to Todoroki and slams his palms on the desk. “You said he fought you to a draw! How the hell did he do that without revealing his Quirk?” 

“He had smoke bombs,” Todoroki says. He sounds irritated, but Kirishima can’t tell if it’s because of Kaminari questioning him, or because of the subject matter.

“This,” Kaminari announces, “is a catastrophe.” He slumps dramatically over Todoroki’s desk, who responds by icing him over and moving one seat over. Kaminari doesn’t even look up.

“Calm down,” Jirou says. “This just means we don’t know what his Quirk is yet. It’s not like Yuuei is falling apart.” 

Kaminari makes a hiccuping laugh sort of noise. Yaoyorozu pats him on the back sympathetically. 

“Okay, but think about it, Jirou,” Kirishima says. “Deku managed to turn our carefully ordered chaos into outright chaos just by like…existing within our vicinity for a month. It’s not a question of what Deku’s Quirk is. It’s a question of what havoc he can wreak when he uses it.” 

There is a moment of silence in the classroom. Outside is the distinct sound of Katsuki shouting, Deku laughing, and things being explodo-killed to death. 

Jirou finally breaks the silence with, “Deku is Quirkless.” 

“He is?” Hope sparks in Kaminari’s eyes as he looks up. “How do you know?” 

“He’s Quirkless,” Jirou repeats, with the kind of dead inflection of someone who is ignoring a reality too terrible for them to contemplate. “We should commend him for getting so far in life without a Quirk. It’s really too bad he doesn’t have one. What a shame. That Deku is Quirkless.” 

Kirishima, catching on immediately, nods vigorously. “I feel kind of sorry that he doesn’t have a Quirk. He has so much potential.” 

“It really is too bad,” Yaoyorozu agrees. 

“His battle ability would be incredible if he had one,” Todoroki murmurs from the side. 

Kaminari looks between them incredulously. “You cannot just pretend he doesn’t have a Quirk,” he says. “You are not seriously doing this. You have got to be joking.” 

“Quirkless,” Jirou repeats. 

“What a shame,” Yaoyorozu says. 

Kaminari makes a noise of despair and lets his head fall down onto the desk with a thunk. 

anonymous asked:

Who's the worst sleeper of the gang?

It’s a hazard of the job.

Munday Asks: Salt Edition
  • 1. How salty are you feeling right now?
  • 2. What are your unpopular opinion(s) of the fandom you’re rping in?
  • 3. What rp trends are you so over and can’t wait for it to die?
  • 4. Have you ever made a call out post or wanted to?
  • 5. A ship everyone in the fandom you’re in loves, but you can’t stand?
  • 6. Have you ever sent something to one of those burn book blogs?
  • 7. Has someone made you unfollow/block them without a second thought because of a petty reason?
  • 8. Are you good at dealing with personal problems?
  • 9. What’s your opinion on duplicates?
  • 10. Any fandom(s) you don’t want to rp in or crossover to?
  • 11. Are you for or not for purple prosing?
  • 12. Has someone in the rp community ever made you upset/cry?
  • 13. Ever told someone not to follow/rp with a particular person because something that happened to you in the past? 
  • 14. Ever knew someone that everyone loves but you can’t stand?
  • 15. Have you ever done something out of spite?
  • 16. What would you say to the one who hurt you in the past?
  • 17. What are your opinions when someone makes negative posts constantly on their rp blog?
  • 18. Do you hold grudges for long?
  • 19. Wild card: ask the mun any type of salty asks.
  • 20. If you’re feeling salty right now, this ask gives you a free reign to pour out your frustration.
Munday Questions!

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🕑: Favourite Season?

🕒: Favourite time of day?

🕓: Apple or Android?

🕔: Favourite Pokémon type?

🕕: Favourite music genre?

🕖: Favourite video game?

🕗: Three worst fears

🕘: Favourite movie?

🕙: Favourite school subject?

🕚: Elves or Dwarves?

🕛: Favourite weather?

🕜: Last thing you ate?

🕝: Last song you listened to?

🕞: Countries you’d like to visit?

🕟: Favourite animal?

🕠: Astrological sign?

🕡: Other muses you’re considering?

🕢: Mythological creature you’d like to be?

🕣: Alignment?

🕤: Chocolate, vanilla, or strawberry?

🕥: Favourite colours?

🕦: Warrior, mage, or thief?

🕧: Wild card, ask anything!

anonymous asked:

On the topic of personas, how do you think Robin hood and Akechi would get along? would they just talk about justice? and what about Loki? I wonder if Robin hood knows about loki or at least senses him... but I also wonder about Loki's thoughts on Akechi. Maybe he thinks Akechi's pitiable?

Hmm, that’s a tricky relationship. I think Robin Hood wholeheartedly disapproves of Akechi’s motives and methods, since they’re not just in the slightest. However, since Hood is the ‘flashier’ side of him, he understands Akechi’s desire for recognition and to make a name for himself, even though Hood doesn’t condone the means. Tbh I think Akechi would be a bit jealous of Hood, since he’s the hero he wishes he could be. But Hood worries about him constantly, and he’s kind of like Akechi’s moral compass as opposed to Loki, who’s more like the devil on his shoulder. Anyway, Hood isn’t one to lecture, but he calls Akechi out all the time, and he KNOWS that Akechi’s got a soft spot for the Phantom Thieves. Hood honestly loves the Thieves and what they fight for, and Akechi gets SO irritated when Hood encourages him to join them, even though Akechi wants to. JUST DO IT

If anything, Akechi has a pretty solid relationship with Loki, since he’s his primary Persona. Loki thinks Akechi’s messed up, but he also thinks his actions are justifiable, whereas Hood STRONGLY disagrees with that. Loki doesn’t really lecture Akechi either, but he doesn’t discourage him from enacting his revenge since Loki believes the ends justify the means, and in his perspective Akechi’s just ‘blowing off some steam’. He does care for Akechi, though, otherwise he wouldn’t bother with him. He knows that life has been cruel to Akechi, which is part of why he’s so lenient; in addition, he notices how much freer Akechi feels when he uses his power, and that’s something Loki doesn’t have the heart to tarnish, even though Akechi’s doing awful things.

Robin Hood definitely knows of Loki and he can’t stand him because he’s so pompous and selfish (it’s basically how Arsène views Loki). Like Loki only wreaks havoc for his own amusement and he’s so morally ambiguous. pick a side jfc He’s glad that Loki cares for Akechi too, at least. Predominantly, Loki is the one Akechi hears in his head, but Hood is powerful enough to establish his presence as well, so he chimes in when he needs to or if he wants to sass Loki/Akechi. LOL

This is so long and I don’t know if this made sense??? But that’s what I think about it. ;A; Thank you for asking!!

anonymous asked:

How would you describe charlies relationships w/ the rest of the gang? Not romantic but if you want it to be thats cool too

Like the stuff he loves to huff, I consider Charlie to be the glue that holds the gang together. He’s the only one who shares significant similarities with every single person in the gang, and a result of this, he has a unique insight and understanding of everyone else and his interactions with them can come off as sweet and caring, too.

With Dee, he’s able to relate to her dreams of acting and performing because of his own musical talents, and he’s more empathetic with her compared to the rest of the gang because he knows what it’s like to be left out (especially when it comes to Mac and Dennis choosing each other over Dee or himself). He has a special connection with Mac because they both know what it’s like to grow up genuinely dirt poor and with little parental attention. He and Dennis share similar trauma with their past CSA, and of course, he and Frank both have a passion for a gruesome lifestyle, Nightcrawlers and all.

Charlie is able to empathize with each person in the gang in a way that the others can’t, and I think the gang is also aware of this because they’ll go above and beyond for him in return - whether it’s performing in a musical he wrote, or trying to make things in his dream journal a reality for him, they appreciate and love him a lot too :’)

msleilei  asked:

What is this Villain!Izuku comedy you speak of. I need it

izuku is raised as a villain, but it doesn’t do anything to dampen his core personality; it just gives him a severely skewed perspective on what is and isn’t normal, and instead of becoming a neutral good, he is full on chaotic neutral.

katsuki discovers izuku gallivanting around the city, ten years after he went missing, and he is so furious he drags him to the police immediately. izuku thrives on chaos and trouble, so he goes along with it to see what happens. it works as well as you might expect. izuku has so much fun / is so curious he comes to see katsuki again. 

he chooses to do this by climbing into the window of katsuki’s classroom. which also happens to be in yuuei.  

tl;dr izuku is immensely entertained by everyone and everything; the teachers are in an uproar, but can’t manage to catch him long enough to get the law to deal with him; and class 1-a, with their proclivity for trouble, acquire a new pet project.

here’s part of a thing i wrote while thinking about it: 

“No code of honor?” Deku looks offended. “Of course I have a code!” 

“Not to burst your bubble or anything,” Kirishima says, “but your immediate suggestion for dealing with this situation was knocking out the enemy, looting them, and stripping them of most of their clothes.” 

“Most people lose the will to fight when they also lose their clothes,” Deku explains. 

“That’s – beside the point,” Iida says. “We must conduct ourselves with honor! There are lines we do not cross, and must not ever cross! You must find yours!” 

“I have lines I don’t cross,” Deku says indignantly. 

“Really? Like what?” Kaminari asks. 

Deku thinks for a moment, and then he holds up a finger. “Always be polite to everyone.” A second finger goes up. “Always tip your server. And…” He holds up a third finger with great emphasis. 

Everyone waits with bated breath. 

“This is harder than I thought,” Deku says. “How do you guys live with all these rules?” 

anonymous asked:

It's interesting how heavily Kylo features with Rey in the trailer, merch, and posters but yet he's barely seen or not featured at all in BTS footage.

he was in the BTS reel from D23 a bit but I think it’s important to note that those 3 shots or whatever it was that we got of him were of him ALONE. it’s quite clear from the trailers (and despite the Ireland paparazzi pictures) that they’re taking pains to keep it hidden that Kylo shows up on Ahch-To. and any shots of him (BTS or otherwise) not alone, like with Rey or Luke, is a HUGE spoiler, and I’m thinking that was at the top of Rian’s no-fly list from the very beginning.

so yes, the trailers, merch, posters, etc, are showing us that thematically he’s extremely important and his story is very intertwined with Rey’s and Luke’s, but they want to keep us guessing as to how and what that’s actually going to look like, which is SUPER EXCITING in my opinion.

anonymous asked:

I believe this is in some old P-Studio interview, but supposedly Wild Cards are such due to the circumstances in their life that lead them to having many potential paths they can take as well as the personality and flexibility to take them. Like, they're not necessarily Wild Cards for the rest of their lives. P4's protag was no longer one after he decided on a specific path (aka by the end of P4).

(Uh, continuing Wild Card ask…) Aigis in P3 goes from Chariot to Fool due to her own circumstances as well, as does Elizabeth. So being a Wild Card isn’t of itself supernatural, it’s only when shadow-y stuff is involved that it becomes a power. Since your heart is your power in that world, etc. – basically, re: Goro, if he was still Wild Card even at the end, it goes to show he still had great potential and growth and the willingness to change. That unspoken aspect of his chara says a lot imo

anonymous asked:

Who wants Baby G the most?

All of them.

Anon: Isn’t tattoo that bad boy that everyone secretly wants

He definitely is but,

he’s also the biggest softie. Probably likes to carry Baby G everywhere. Has the thickest satoori out of the three of them. Enjoys sashimi and samgyeopsal, sometimes at the same time. He’s truly the archetypal Gyeongsangdo sanai.     

Anon: hi! i just came by to remind you that seagull will dominate~ 🔥🔥🔥     

Yes, on the rare days that Seagull can be coaxed into wearing pants, he’s a force to be reckoned with. He’s definitely a wild card.

kisameanslight  asked:

top 5 charlie moments!

  1. the entirety of charlie work!
  2. when he penned and performed “go fuck yourselves” in front of all of the bar critics while the gang was desperately trying to win paddy’s an award
  3. when he put his bird law skills to use and won the mcpoyle vs ponderosa case
  4. is your cat making TOO MUCH NOISE AAALLL THE TIIIIME?
  5. when he was a casual millionaire from texas

ask me my ‘top 5′!

a-walnut  asked:

i'm back again after hearing about your villian!izuku comedy au because what if izuku steals everyone's stuff. not even anything important. he probably has a stash of stolen erasers. once he stole katsuki's desk.

class 1-a arrives to school one day to find an inexplicably missing desk in the classroom. aizawa’s planned schedule gets upset as everyone starts combing the school for it. they discover the desk somehow transported to the rooftop, facing the edge of the roof that overlooks the city. there’s a notebook taped to the desk. upon closer inspection, the notebook is katsuki’s, somehow stolen from his bag. 

in the middle of his english notes: three pages of sketches, some of the city but most of them devoted to pigeons. all the pigeon sketches are captioned with things like “beautiful” and “lovely” and “gorgeous.” 

no explanation is ever received. 

anonymous asked:

Since outfit meme requests are open, there's a meme you reblogged that's got a section labeled "cosplay". Could we see Movie!Nya in B8 of that?

Yes but, i’m… not sure what that section means? Like, cosplay of what? Do i pick a cosplay, or do you pick one? I’m not sure what that ones supposed to be.

But sure! Please send me the ask again with whatever you’d like to see Movie!Nya cosplay in, off anon please, so that i can confirm you are a follower :) -

anonymous asked:

Underrated smart!Charlie moments: 1. Him sneakily getting Dennis to get Waitress to have sex with him with the whole cancer scheme. 2. That time when the rich couple dates him and Dee and he uses the girl to get closer to Waitress and totally drops her at the dinner party. Damn he only tries really hard when it comes to Waitress wow ~softcharlie

I’d also like to add to this list the following: 3. his entire scheming story arc from “mac bangs dennis’ mom” where he successfully pits dennis and mac against each other; 4. orchestrating an entire musical as a way to get the waitress to marry him; and 5. the entirety of “charlie work”

anonymous asked:

in your villian!izuku comedy what would izuku do during the villian attack? would he be fighting with the villians? does class 1-A even know he's with the villian alliance?

good question. i have no idea

my approximate understanding of izuku’s background (so far) is that he disappeared when he was like? eight years old? when katsuki finds him again, izuku has no memory of katsuki or his mom; he seems to find it absolutely hilarious that katsuki thinks he’s someone called ‘deku’ (“It means useless? That’s hilarious. I’ll take it.” and he gleefully introduces himself as deku to everyone associated with Katsuki thereafter). 

not sure if he actually is part of the villain alliance and its nefarious schemes. mostly he just seems to be here to have a good time. probably would help out the person who asked him for help first. likes people on both sides. izuku probably functions more like a wild card than someone firmly in the villain alliance camp. fond of shigaraki, though, even though shigaraki seems to loathe him with every fiber of his being. 

i think yuuei and class 1-a all know he’s categorized as a villain, but since no one can figure out what to do with him and no one has managed to hold him in a cell for more than 3 hours yet, izuku ends up freeloading at yuuei a lot. aizawa stops chasing him away at every opportunity after he sees izuku giving students tips on fighting in crowded conditions.

( “so, what kind of villainous things have you done?” 

“mm, i don’t know. mostly i just do what i want to do, like everyone else.” 

“have you ever killed anyone?” 


“stolen stuff?” 

“haha, yeah, that’s my favorite.” 

“destroyed public property?” 

“yeah, a lot.” 

“terrorized the general populace?” 

“not on purpose. does vandalism count?” ) 

as far as villain!izuku goes, i think either a) his father, midoriya hizashi, kidnapped him and raised him a villain; b) his father is all for one, but izuku is a free spirit and sort of diverged from AFO’s goals, so AFO just turned his attention to shigaraki instead; or c) AFO picked izuku despite being unrelated to him, and izuku also skipped out on his villain alliance plans anyways.