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i hc that when nursey is feeling sad he turns to Whitney Houston, so sometimes you're down the hall from him and you just hear him BELTING, "I DECIDED LONG AGO NEVER TO WALK IN AAAANYONE'S SHADOOOW!"

okay but this is literally what i do when i get sad so yes 100% accepted. he dramatically serenades dex with “aaaAAAND IIIIIIIIIIIEEEYIIIIII WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOUUUUHOOOOOOO AHHHIIIII WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOUUUUUUUUUUUU”

((Possible Comics))

Hey guys, I’m thinking about how it would be a cool idea to draw some comic versions of the genderbent events in Portal 2.  To do all of the game would be a massive undertaking, (One I’m not sure I could handle all at once) but I think you would benefit from knowing how at least some of the scenes went down.

SO.  If you are so inclined, could you answer this post with what scene(s) you’d most like to see turned into a comic?
How Two Producers of ‘Transparent’ Made Their Own Trans Lives More Visible
The photos Zackary Drucker and Rhys Ernst took of each other showed a young couple in love. They became an important public record of transgender life.
By Emily Bobrow

“Being trans right now necessitates this multihyphenate way of being,” Drucker says.

“I remember when we were installing the photographs at the Whitney, someone asked us: ‘Oh, this is great. Who was the photographer?’ ” Ernst told the bookstore crowd. “They assumed we were just the subjects, which is of course the history of this kind of work.

A glimpse into how a handful of trans people are transforming the arts and entertainment industries.

Although Ernst knew he wasn’t female, transitioning made him nervous, particularly because he knew few people who had done it. “It was still this kind of distant, weird relative of ‘gay and lesbian,’ and people didn’t understand it,” he says. Without public examples of happy, successful, aging trans people, he remembered wondering: Do people grow old? Do the hormones kill you? As a feminist, he asked himself: Do I even want to be a man?

He was also troubled by the fact that it is impossible to transition quietly. It feels extremely public, he explains, because essentially everyone else has to transition, too. “At what point would my mom change pronouns to her hairdresser when they chat about me? It really ripples. It feels like jumping off a cliff.”

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Hey whitney!! Hope you been good! Do u know any gifsets of not today that includes the ending where they all lock arms? Thank youu

i havent seen any but i had some from yesterday that i didnt post, hope they are okay!

Anonymous said:Is the picture circulating jimin hugging his mom?? Or was it his mom’s friend?

according to this post, it’s his mom

Anonymous said:Sorry bothering but do you have young forever album scan? Or maybe u know any blog who upload? … both version? i couldnt find it. Thanks.

i haven’t seen one account scan the entire thing, just pics floating around from different ones sorry

Anonymous said:hi! this is really vague but do you know what video it is where jimin is eating something but it’s too big/hot/spicy and he has trouble eating it and yoongi’s next to him looking at him struggle. it was during run i think (since jimin was orange and yoongi was mint) and there were chinese characters around them. thank you!

that was from the japan fc

CEO!Calum had never been one to sleep around, he always kept his demeanor professional around the office because he knew he couldn’t do what he did and have time for love. Of course he had random hookups across the country when he was visiting new places on business, but never someone he would have to see again. As soon as you made your arrival to the office as a newly hired consultant, he knew he was screwed. There was no way he could avoid you, you had to meet with him to give him input for Christ’s sake. So he tried, he tried so hard to keep his harsh exterior around you but you made it next to impossible. Your warm smile and soothing voice melted his heart and 5 short months later, he asked you out for the first time. He needed someone like you, you helped him let loose, you had him acting like a teenager again. Soon the meetings between the two of ran longer as pages of possible plans were scattered across the floor, your legs wrapped around his waist as he fucked you against his oak wood desk. Your nails scratching down his back trying to pull him closer as you felt him deep inside of you. He would whisper dirty things against the shell of your ear before reaching down to rub your clit, pushing you closer to your orgasm. Calum found he was a bit of an exhibitionist, getting off on the fact that your loud moans were undoubtedly heard throughout the building. It challenged him to thrust in to you harder, to do everything in his power to get you to scream louder. And after the two of you had reached your climaxes, he would stay inside of you just a moment longer as he looked down at you, brushing the hair off of your sweaty forehead, before gently kissing it and telling you he loved you. Refusing to ever let you walk out of his office alone, he always insisted on accompanying you, he knew your colleagues would give you dirty looks if you walked out alone but never with him at your side. And of course as soon as he opened his doors and emerged next to you, everyone adjusted their posture and focused back on their work as if they hadn’t heard a thing at all. Which only made Calum smirk as he held his elbow out to you, offering you to link your arm with his before heading to take his girl out to lunch.

CEO!5sos blurb night with quiffedluke & featuringluke !!!

For @hypxr-blxnde // continued from here

“Pokemon battle? Did you win? How did it go? Are your pokemon doing alright after the battle? The trainers weren’t pushy were they?” Whitney asked as she tugged the blonde along, listening to her as she spoke. “You said your name is Bianca? Well it’s nice to meet you! I’m Whitney the gym leader extraordinaire here in Goldenrod city!” she introduced, being extra as per usual. “So what brings you here to Goldenrod?” she asked the other girl, she was always curious what brought people to her city. 

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(1/2) hi whitney! i'm not quite sure why i'm talking to you about this but you're always really nice. so anyways, i've been having some mental health issues lately and as much as i love bangtan (and i love them so so much.. maybe TOO much) all the controversies surround them have been a bit triggering for me. it's to the point that i'm not sure if i'm mentally healthy enough to go to their concert. but then i think i might regret it later. so i have no idea what to do. i change my mind everyday

Anonymous said:(2/2) but i obviously don’t have that much time since i have to book the travel arrangements soon if i decide to go. a part of me also feels like i’m a bad fan if i decide not to go. ahhh i’m so stressed about this and it’s so unneccessary =/

honestly your health is way more important than any of this. in the end it’s just music and we are here to have fun. if you dont go, that doesnt make you a bad fan <333 please dont stress and take care of yourself

Anonymous said:Hello! I love your gifs! I was just wondering, what would you say is a quick way to make high quality gifs rather than having to screenshot the video frame by frame. Hope you have a good day/night! 😊

oh wow do you screenshot videos frame by frame?! you can use kmplayer to extract the frames and load them into photoshop like that. here’s a tutorial on how to use kmplayer and how to use the frames with ps

Look we all get irritated with Sherlock and John for not contacting each other for that month after the wedding. But we see early in the episode that John asks Kate Whitney if she wants Sherlock’s help, obviously hoping he has a legitimate reason to see Sherlock (to bring him a case), and Mary is irritated at the mere mention of Sherlock. Meaning it’s happened before. Probably a lot over that month. We also see early on that Sherlock goes through Mary to see if John is free. At this point, Mary is firmly ensconced as an intermediary between the guys.

Is it really a stretch to think that John had wanted to contact Sherlock but Mary pressured him not to? I mean she’s pregnant and she and John are newlyweds and he wants to go off gallivanting with Sherlock. I think it would be pretty easy to convince John to give it some time “Look, I’m pregnant now, he’s going to have to get used to not seeing you as much, and there’s no point in calling/texting him when you’re not going to be hanging out anyway. Just give it some time.”

And is it really a stretch to think of Sherlock texting MARY to see if John is free instead of texting John directly? And having Mary tell Sherlock that she and John are busy that night doing (fill in the blank). Again I can see Mary manipulating this situation. “Don’t worry Sherlock, it’s normal for newlyweds to sort of hole up for a bit, especially ones that are expecting a baby! Just give it some time.”

I believe this honestly. And both guys blame each other instead of Mary.