ask whatsherface

*announcer voice* from the creators of ask-whats-her-face and ask-spectrum-sparkler comes ask-miss-match!!

im gunna give you a run down of what happened with my last ask blog (ask-whats-her-face) real quick. high school was getting super hard and my anxiety/depression was running my life and taking it for a not-so-joy ride and i just wasnt having fun with the blog anymore. it was becoming a chore. so i deactivated and moved on.

not that things are mostly better and i’ve finished school, im back! i missed the community and the friends i had made through the blog (looking at you askprincesscube and askmerriweather !!) so i came back for round two. What’s Her Face is currently benched (idk who has the ask-whatsherface url now cause its not me) and im introducing a new OC, Miss Match!

really excited to get back into this!! <3