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Spell Caster's loneliness (AU)

Some people called him a monster others a demon, all he really was a human. well a human in love with the magical arts that is. and so the brunt continued to work on his newest spell, due to his love he was rather lonely and he sort of wished for someone to keep him company and such, he looked at the book and added another hair of some animal, which one he didn’t know since they had been a fight their between two different species of animals,  he sighed. “I do hope this works” With that he grabbed a needle and pricked his finger and added a drop of blood into the cauldron this way it would be bonded to him and he won’t have to worry about it abandoning him and with that he begin to say the spell and hoping he did it right the moment he finished the spell the cauldron begin to light up and the brunt had to shut his eyes from the sharp light and then he felt his body being tossed back as the was an explosion knocking him back in to a wall, his eyes begin to slowly open his eyes and everything was blurry and he thought he saw a figure with his bad vision before passing out.

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The brunt paused for a moment before just taking off and not even bothering to pause to put his clothes on as he grabbed them and ran trying to dig out his watch from the clothes.

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“I am sure i will be fine. mister” He paused realizing he didn’t get the others name, but just shrugged it off “Mister wolf, i doubt i will meet another and if i did i can just do what i to you to them if they decide to attack me.”