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Momo: you dont look like they picture you in the books, do you like how they portray you in it? ((Ask-weavile-and-meowstic))

Aside from the fact my colors aren’t normal for a Volcarona. Being seen as a god when i’m not; and being a pokemon that is praised in some elder generation of humans and pokemon… I guess am ok with it, let them believe what they want as long as it doesn’t hurt others.

Asche: “WOW.”

“A part of me wants to know that Magikarp, but the other part doesn’t want to meet such powerful creature… I have enough with the Cutiefly miss! She’s the most powerful being I know! Oh- and-”

Asche: “You know, Pichus have some problems using their own electricity, and being all the time controlling myself to not to electrocute people by accident is kind of a pain in the tail.”

“I think Pikachus don’t have this problem, so being one would make it a lot easier for me to… well, exist.”

“And, even if I can be the strongest Pichu, I still want to be as powerful as my full potential allows me to be! And, therefore, I need to evolve.”

Asche: “I don’t know if I can be the most powerful Raichu, but sure I’ll try!”


Asche: “I mean, I can just evolve naturally by myself, right? It’s not like I have some genetic problem or a curse that will never allow me to evolve or something…”

Asche: “…”


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