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Was the Boss Key always going to blow up in their faces or could we have gotten Giga Green if things turned out different?

Things could have been very, very different. Your suggestions have a lot more impact than I let on.

Then again, I took the suggestion to turn the Eiffel Tower into a giant rifle, so I’m probably letting on enough as it is…

Lost and Found (Schuylerson)

Title: Lost and Found
Series: Hamilton: An American Musical
Pairing: Jefferson/Angelica
Written by: @rikareena / @schuylerson-gems 
Posted: 5/6/2017 at 9:18 PM
A/N: Completed!  Please forgive any typos. This one’s a bit long!

Summary: Angelica Hamilton’s loved ones become frantic when the little one gets lost.

Tags: @a-schuylerr, @dveeddggs, @juuria, @lightwriter-darkfighter, @hamwriters 

               Thomas Jefferson stared in shock at the 7 year old girl on his doorstep.  He whipped his head to the left and the right so quickly, his hair almost flew off of his head.  He heard a sniffle and he glanced down again, his palms splayed against the frame of his doorway as he stared incredulously at the child before him.  Her face was red and her eyes were puffy; she wouldn’t stop crying.  

               “My word!  J-Jefferson, that’s!”

               “I know it, James!”

              Shit, where was–??

               “U-uncle Jeffy…I-I…I can’t…” the little girl hiccupped and Jefferson pushed his fingers through his curls in confusion.

               “Angie.  Where the hell is your dad?!” he asked.  That started the waterworks up again as a low whine built up in her throat before growing to a loud wail.

               “I-I l-l-loooooost him!  A-and I don’t…I can’t…ahhhhHHH!!!”  


               “Thomas…” James Madison looked at his comrade worriedly as Jefferson squatted down before the girl and put his hand on her head.

               “Hey…hey c’mon now, princess. D-don’t cry.  It’ll be alright,” he said, gently taking her forearm and pulling her forward.  She put up no resistance as she buried her face in his shoulder, heaving heavy sobs against him.  He sighed and hugged her.

               “It’s alright.  It’s okay.  Uncle Jeffy’s got ya…” he said lowly.  How the hell did Hamilton lose track of his own daughter in the city?  And how the fuck did she wind up on Jefferson’s doorstep? Where was Alexander?

               “What are we gonna do, Thomas?” James asked.  He had stopped by Jefferson’s business residence at 57 Maiden Lane in New York so the two of them could work on drafting amendments to several proposals that were set to be pushed through Congress over the next couple of weeks.

              …The girl was about two hours away from her family’s home in Albany.  

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Injured!Eggsy (hartwin plz). Can be any horrific injury u want.

Over the course of Eggsy’s time as a Kingsmen agent, Harry has seen him sustain countless injuries, ranging from minor scratches to broken bones. He can’t say that he was proud of his reactions to any of them - Merlin had thrown around the word “mother hen” more than once - but he felt a personal responsibility for the younger man… among other feelings. Yet, despite all of this, Eggsy has never once cried.  Complained, yes, but cried, no.

Which is why when he hears Eggsy snuffling through the mic in his glasses, Harry is immediately alarmed.

“Eggsy?” he asks. “Eggsy, are you crying?”

“No,” Eggsy replies, his voice hitching and another small sniff escaping him.

Harry wonders what could have gone wrong in the hour since he’d last seen Eggsy, who had been sitting in the Kingsman shop doing paperwork. However, with the nature of their job, he knows it could be anything. He picks up his pace and hurries back to the shop.

Eggsy is sitting just where Harry last saw him, sucking on his thumb like a small child, his eyes watering slightly. He catches Harry’s eye and looks stricken.

“Fuck, you thought…” he smiles sheepishly and shows Harry the paper cut on his thumb. “It really hurt.”

“You were crying.”

Really really fucking hurt!”

“Shall I ‘kiss it and make it better’?”

Grinning, Eggsy holds out his hand.

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When you finish Waterworks, plz don't finish it to early, will you create another webcomic?

It’s going to be a while before Waterworks is done.

However, when it is done, I’d like to take a break and try out some game development, see how that goes. Then I’ll likely make another webcomic afterwards.

This is all in the extreme-long-term, though.

I’d submitted this to Waterworks’ blog some time ago, but it appears to have taken a hiatus, so I’ll just plop it up here in the meanwhile. Having this be a sideblog makes it painful to not be able to ask other pony’s blogs questions in character, but when I saw Waterworks’ page I knew these two ponies had to meet. I just absolutely adore her design and she was a real treat to draw. Hoping the blog mod likes it when they see it!

Tide’s seemed to have taken a liking to poor li'l ol’ Waterworks here…