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It just now occurred to me that half of the Green Guys' names correspond with the NATO phonetic alphabet, and the other half are freakin' *puns* about the NATO phonetic alphabet (JOHNNY BRAVO, DIRAC DELTA, (Private) ECHO CHAMBERS, GOLF CADDIE, RITZ HOTEL, ENDIAN INDIA, KILO GRAHAM, and LIMA BEAN). I salute you. It's a sarcastic salute combined with a slow-clap, but a salute nonetheless, you clever son of a gun, you.

I’m not good with names

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Not really an ask, but here's some art I made. Thought I'd share it with you. i (.) imgur (.) com (/) SFIb96M (.) png

Thanks, I really appreciate it!

Here’s the image, for others to see:

Thanks again for the art! I need to get a gallery or something so that I can give this stuff some more exposure.

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I can't possibly be the only person who wishes we could have seen more of the green guys before we started killing them off en masse...

I had originally intended for the blue boys themselves to be the fodder in the main adventure. I decided to give them some extra characterization, and you can see where that ended up taking us.

I understand that I might have been a bit too hasty in killing everyone off, but if there’s one thing I understand now, it’s not to waste too much time on extra characterization when it isn’t warranted.

…Despite what I just said, this probably won’t be the last you see of them.

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The last ask from nuclearmentality kinda makes me wonder if you're gonna end up like a new Hussie if u get what I mean.

I sorta get what you mean.

I stopped reading Homestuck around the end of Act 5. It was so long ago that I can’t particularly remember why I stopped in the first place… I think it was due to all of the extra characters and the focus shifting away from the world of Sburb to all the interactions between these characters and their two or three dozen alternate variations. It dragged on and felt like nothing was getting anywhere. I was frustrated.

I do not want to introduce and fully flesh out any more major characters to Waterworks. This is harder than it sounds - If I make this mistake, remind me by directing me back to this ask.

However, in a way, I’ve kinda already gone down that road myself as I’ve wasted time on flashbacks within flashbacks inside dreams of dreams. There’s a story happening that has been forgotten about and I very much would like to get back to it. I understand that a portion of my remaining readers may still be frustrated, just as I was with Homestuck. I’ve lost the spark that I used to have when updating daily those five or six years ago, and I very much want it back. I miss the simplicity of the waterworks.

But please don’t take this the wrong way - there’s a lot of things that I really do admire about Andrew Hussie… Namely his creativity and his literary skill; his worldbuilding and storytelling are incredible and something I aspire to achieve.

I’m not as talented a writer as him, and I guess in a way I’m not as realistic… I don’t intend to build a brand and merchandise, or do anything beyond telling an interactive story. I just do what I do because I enjoy it.

At least in my attempt to return to form, I can at least say that I’ve grown from the experience.

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Will we ever see Big Endian's full visage without that big coat of his?

Probably not. There wouldn’t be much under there that you’d be missing in the first place - He’s just a big guy with absolutely no neck to his name.

I’d submitted this to Waterworks’ blog some time ago, but it appears to have taken a hiatus, so I’ll just plop it up here in the meanwhile. Having this be a sideblog makes it painful to not be able to ask other pony’s blogs questions in character, but when I saw Waterworks’ page I knew these two ponies had to meet. I just absolutely adore her design and she was a real treat to draw. Hoping the blog mod likes it when they see it!

Tide’s seemed to have taken a liking to poor li'l ol’ Waterworks here…