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nngh it STILL kinda bothers me… how in the anime they showed kid tsubomi actually being impressed with mob’s powers and then growing “bored” of them… but in the manga she actually had no interest in them in the first place, and the lines from when she was impressed in the anime were taken from an omake that was mob’s dream……

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your taz stuff makes me wanna listen to it too esp bc i like mbmbam, but also....... i physically can't focus on audio-only plot driven content i've already daydreamed my way through most of the first episode i don't know what's happening i'm in hell

i feel that tbh also i don’t blame u the first episode is rlly long but it gets easier and better once the boys get comfortable w the game lol

i found that it helps me 2 pay attention if my hands are doing something so usually i’ll just draw when i listen. but sometimes i’ll make myself lunch and just sit and listen while i eat lol. also going for walks/cleaning ur room is a good way to focus (at least for me lol)

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This is a bit old, but here’s a drawing of some pones!

Top Row- Self centered babu, nerd babu, mean babu, and shy babu. (I call them the babus cuz as of right now they don’t have names lol) They’re characters from my SUPER SECRET BLOG that isn’t super secret anymore: 

Bottom Row- Unnamed, Sally and Joe! Also known as happy babu, sad babu, and business babu

I think everyone’s noticed the obvious lack of activity, but I may as well make it official

this blog’s probably not going to be active again…ever?

I’ve lost interest in MMD a while back, and the other mod hasn’t really been involved for even longer than that
so I just don’t care enough about the MMDC to actually bother updating this blog

this blog’s going to stay up, though
in case you ever need those receipts

and that’s all, really



((Yeah, he is. If you are trying to say that communication would be difficult, his two coworkers are his brother (@1980s-edgelord) and a close friend (@occiferhigashikata)so he has no problem talking to them. Besides that, he mostly manages the place budget-wise and setting up what goes where))

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okay so i love comics where aizawa pulls someone forward with his scarf, and goes face-to-face with them, gets real close. but i also always think that if he pulled just a biiit harder, he'd headbutt them, and probably knock them both out in the process.