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The Black Rose blooms in the darkest of cities. Green is not the color of growth but of venom. Red is not the color of love but of blood. Citizens die but Noxus endures, growing strong on the shed blood of her people and her enemies.

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Do you have any disturbing h/c's about the Romanians? Lol, sorry if that's weird!

No, don’t worry, it isn’t weird at all! The Romanians lend themselves well to disturbing headcanons. 

  • So the Romanian coven used to receive human sacrifice. That’s unsettling enough on its own. Why couldn’t they just hunt, instead of demanding that a community select individuals and turn them over to certain death? But it gets creepier once you consider the logistics. Most cultures which practiced human sacrifice did it at select points of the year, which isn’t nearly often enough to keep a large gathering of vampires fed. So, to keep the blood flowing, the Romanians inflicted utter misery on their human subjects. If they wanted a respite from the constant conflict and poverty, the only want to propitiate the “gods” was to offer up people. 

  • After their defeat, Stefan and Vladimir tried to retain power by meddling in human affairs. A previously-decent ruler slowly making terrible choices, resorting to violence, and being deposed by the frightened nobility was a sure sign of their influence. (The Volturi sit around wondering whether Stefan and Vladimir drove people mad on purpose, or whether their advice was awful because they themselves were and remain awful. No consensus has emerged.)

  • I know I’m in the minority here, but I think vampire-bone weapons are borderline useless. They can be dodged or broken too easily. But the effort of making them– flaying vampires, ripping out bones and teeth, all that good stuff– certainly says something about the weapon’s wielder. The Romanians tried this particular intimidation tactic with the Volturi, using the remains of the Volturi’s fallen/captured allies. It worked, for a while. And then Aro was like… “I made children who can torture you with their minds. Who’s the scary one now?” It’s you, Aro. You win. Congratulations. This is an award nobody should want. 

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Imagine Vlad and Toly and how they cuddle their partner(s). Like I see Vlad as a huge teddy bear cuddled, limbs everywhere and constantly making complaining noises when they try to move away. Anatoly however would be more of a "let me wrap my arms around you and you lay on my chest and we stay like this forever" type. And if it's a poly relationship good luck on the logistics of that it's just a mess but it's super warm so meh.

you’re totally right! 

If you want to cuddle but Vladimir has stuff to do he’ll just pick you up and carry you so your head is under his chin and just continue doing stuff around the apartment. Like he won’t even have to hold you up, he’ll just continue making a sandwich as you’re sitting on the counter, legs around his waist and clinging to him. If he’s ever able to sleep in for a while, you have no chance of getting up. He’ll whine and complain and you have to pry him off finger by finger just to use the bathroom. 

Anatoly is the more romantic type. He just wants to play with your hair as you lay on his chest, listen to music and watch the world go by. He really likes giving backwards hugs, and if you’re playing music he’ll just sway with you slowly. Honestly probably gets sad if you don’t cuddle with him before bed. 

If it’s a poly relationship, though, tough luck figuring it out. Limbs are everywhere, and if you’re short/small, you’d get buried between the two of them. It feel really safe, though, and it makes it easier to fall asleep. Except in the summer, then they produce enough heat to warm all of Antarctica and then some.  

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what are some of your anatoly headcanons?

Just in general? Hm….

- Loves classical music, it’s his favorite. and isn’t too big a fan of most raps or pop music but will blast rock music. Favorite composer is Igor Stravinsky.

- He’s a big fan of fairy-tales and would totally tell them to his children. His favorite is Vasilisa the Beautiful and it’s one he read a lot to Vladimir as children. (Vladimir can recite it just like Anatoly does, voices and everything.) 

- He’s not a big fan of The Legend of Sleepy Hollow. At all. (sorry not sorry it’s because of the Headless Horseman ba dum tss)

- Anatoly isn’t religious at all. The man is atheist. Vladimir is the religious one. 

- He loves the smell of mandarins.

- His favorite type of food to eat is Indian with Mexican as a close second. He loves nachos. They’re his guilty pleasure.

- He did ballet as a child up until he was seventeen and was really good at it. His favorite ballet was The Firebird with Swan Lake as a close second.

and woah okay this got really long my bad!

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Who has the other as their phone background Vladimir or Stefan?

This question made me grin :3

I’m pretty sure that Vladimir has a picture of Stefan as his phone background because he’s just possessive of his one and only remaining friend. Meanwhile, Stefan keeps trying to change aforementioned background to a nice landscape and saying, “Oh my, doesn’t that place look pretty? We should probably visit it instead of fantasizing about gouging out Aro’s eyes. Just a suggestion.”

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Nsfw ~~~ when Vladimir gets close to coming he makes breathy noises and talks to whoever he's with, usually in Russian, calling them things like beautiful, good boy/girl, etc. Anatoly however makes sounds deep in his chest and focuses on making his lover whine.

•unless Vladimir’s in a relationship, he’s a pretty selfish lover. his goal from the beginning is just to get himself off. he’s also pretty quiet, too.
•but when he is in a relationship, he won’t hold back. the sounds he makes almost affect you as much as the names he calls you; they’re half-under his breath, and in his native language, but you know they’re drenched with love. unless it’s a rougher night, then the syllables blend together and seem to get stuck on his tongue. they can be accented with a rough pull to your hair, or a harsh mark left on the top of your breast, depending on how well-behaved you’re being.
•Anatoly always has a goal of making you come first, it’s got something to do with trying to be a “gentleman” but it’s mostly about how it helps him, too.
•he loves the dominant pride he gets when he sees you come undone beneath him, as you grip onto his bicep and moan loud enough for the neighbors to hear.
•he also just loves the feeling, as your legs tighten around his waist and you unmeaningly clench around his dick, it immediately makes him come.
•he always wants you to be first though, wether it takes some extra focus on your clit or doing whatever you ask him to

Tiny Hero au

the au where the Defenders are in high school and suffering:

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Vladimir loves Jamba Juice, and he really doesn't care that it's inappropriate for one of the biggest mobsters in New York to be carrying around a smoothie because it's just fucking delicious

Vladimir angrily sucking at a straw and it makes that annoying loud sound drinks make when they’re nearly empty as he maintains a death stare with the person he’s having a meeting with.

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Okay the longer I look at the Boys shirtless the more I think that Vladimir is made for tight hugs and curling against his chest while he works, absent fingers running through hair while Anatoly is made for wrapping yourself around him and tucking your face into his neck while he hums and rubs your back, tangling limbs while you lay on top of him and he handles things over the phone.

😭 dang you’re right

Okay but are we going to consider in Episode 6 of Daredevil how many shots were fired off when Matt was walking away after leaving Vladimir in the Access Tunnel?
Why would Fisk’s men have shot Vladimir that many times??

It was Vladimir shooting up a storm and taking out all of them???
y e A H ????

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What's some of your favorite crack!ships? Any NOtp's?

Ah yes, time to confess my shame

  • I’m a sucker for Jane x Original Female Character. How aware am I that this is unlikely to happen and even unlikelier to be happy? Extremely. How much do I care about this barrier? Not much, to be honest. 

  • Esme x Marcus work for me. They’re adorable and could probably bond over the losses in their lives. 

  • I’m down for some weird Sulpicia/Vladimir sexual tension, tbh. 

  • So……. not to sound like I ship everyone in Volterra with Carlisle, but my kingdom for those creepy Carlisle x Sulpicia or x Aro or x Marcus undertones. (How else are you gonna explain his twenty-year stay in a place where people get slaughtered on a bimonthly basis?)

  • Rosalie x Heidi Rosalie x Heidi Rosalie x Heidi i am writing a fic about these two and i am delighted

And, in terms of NOtps, I don’t really have many? I often have a hard time with Leah x Volturi Member because the hate between them isn’t personal. The compelling thing about hate!sex in the short term or enemies-to-lovers in the long term– to me, anyway– is a unique connection between the two parties If Leah is hated because of her species (which is tied directly to her race by canon yikes and inextricable in fic unless one’s a really controlled writer), I quietly nope out of the story. 

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So my brothere and I were in their living room and when his two year old son walked in he was like "Wanna come sit on daddy's lap?" but he refused so my bro looks at his wife and whispers "want to come sit on daddy's lap?" and I almost died thinking about Sergei/SO and Vladimir/SO

oh m ygod.

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Give me some headcanons for the Boys with an s/o who is gentle and kind but also has a ton of scars and never talks about where they came from except an offhand comment about being a soldier

•they know you have scars but of course they weren’t going to just outright blurt it out and ask why
•except for the time Vladimir did. he’d drank too much and was spouting out the weirdest, nonsensical things until he turns to you ask asks seriously, “What’re they from?”
•You just shrug, willing to get away from his intense eyes and the curious ones of Anatoly who’s watching to see how this will unfold.
•They don’t mention it again, and you assume Vladimir couldn’t have even remembered what he got drunk off of, let alone your late night conversation.
•As you’re laying with Vladimir in bed one morning as the sun rises, you half-tell him. The sunlight warms the room and you feel safe enough with him to tell him. “I used to be a soldier.”
•They’re surprised, since they’re used to seeing you as a gentle, timid person.
•If you ever feel bad about them they’ll just point out their own scars and tell you the crazy stories behind them.

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Headcanons on how Vlad would react if he'd made a human female friend and then she died somehow after they got close after some time? (Story idea lol sorry)

Vladimir, I think, has a tendency to take every bad thing that’s happened to him and include it into his personal narrative of woe. ( “The Volturi attacked me and then my wife died and then my coven died and now I don’t have a home. Why do bad things happen to good people??”) There’s no sense of causality or self-reflection; he’s just mad and sad. 

So, if Vladimir were to lose a friend after some time, he’d incorporate her death into this internal monologue of grief. He wouldn’t ask himself whether he should have transformed her, or whether she’d have wanted to be a vampire; he’d mostly just be hurt and inclined to blame the universe for wronging him. Of course, he’d miss her and mourn for her in that extravagant, if I can’t have you I’ll kill a bunch of people, but not so many that Aro will come calling way too. Vladimir, in my opinion, is capable of feeling weird, too-intense devotion, even towards a human. 

As ever, if/when you post this fic, please send along a link if you’d like!