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“I don’t think people realize how this $80 million contract came about. It’s not only about a record deal for 3 albums. The break-even is 5 million units PER ALBUM. That includes marketing such as videos, shipments, exclusives etc. I’m guessing Harry will give huge promo which I’m really happy to see. No doubt it will include an Apple Music exclusive.

I mean they were willing to pay $25 million to be able to get the digital selling rights. Harry is high commodity. I’m hoping Target gets on this. How much are they willing to pay for bonus songs? 1D proved to be great physical sellers with MITAM. I have to check again but MITAM sold around 100k or more in just physical retail. Most artist can’t sell physical besides Adele and Taylor Swift.

With 3 days of sales, MITAM sold 103k in physical copies. And this was because Target ran out of stock. With the same marketing tactic, Harry could do the same. So 200k is pretty much guaranteed.

We’ll have to see how the first single does to get a prediction as well as preorder numbers. Then count SEA and TEA (meaning Stream Equivalent Albums & Track Equivalent Albums). MITAM accumulated around 57k units with TEA & SEA. And that was without a so called "hit single” Since then, streaming has exponentially grown and will continue to. We can hope for 80k in TEA/SEA with Harry’s debut.

I think 100k TEA/SEA units are possible but that would lower the pure sale forecast. We could be looking at debut around 300k more or less. I know we shouldn’t compare but this is the closets comparison we have so forgive me. Zayn’s MOM did 157k units and 112k were pure album sales and 45k were TEA/SEA. “IF” Harry does the average of Zayn and 1D numbers then that’s 257k pure sales and 51k with SEA making a debut of 308k units.

But like I said, streaming is growing and pure sales falling so this is just an estimate. A 300k debut is not bad at all. I doubt Harry will pull 1D numbers but I could always be proven wrong. Depends on his marketing team and how well they promote him. Also how the general public takes a liking of him, it would be nice to see different demographics become fans of Harry.

So we have 300k debut, and then DUNKIRK. The movie in itself will serve as promo for Harry. During interviews they will ask about music and vice versa. So Columbia gets exposure for while Harry is out doing press tour for Dunkirk without them lifting a finger. Amazing how Warner Bros & Columbia will save money and earn more to Harry’s rising “star” status. Huge profit for both.

And of course Harry benefits from all this. Like 1D music is huge in Japan but not so huge in China by comparison. BUT China is one of the biggest MOVIE markets in the world. If all goes well, Dunkirk grosses well and the general public in China can buy Harry’s album. Of course music fans of Harry will be watching the movie so both companies win.

This is just the music and acting. We still have TOURING to consider. 1D gathered their biggest revenue here so it’s possible it will be the same for Harry. I mean if he can gross 100m touring on his own that is HUGE profit. Not to mention possible collaborations because you know people will want to work with Harry. And hopefully get a collab with a fashion line.

That adds to Award show appearances (AMA/BBMA/OSCARS/BRITS/BAFTAS/GG/VMA), galas and more. Look at all that profit and exposure. At the end of the day, Harry’s profit and Columbia’s will be more than 80m. Exposure = money in this industry kids.“

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a while ago you drew jaren if he was more ferrumite than human. well i saw that again and it made me think of something. if he was ever like that, what if instead of his body not being able to handle his heat, his body didnt have enough? instead of burning alive whenever he expresses emotion, he instead uses up what little energy he has and is just in metabolic stasis until someone kills him. until then hes experiencing perpetual waking sleep paralysis.

this is actually something that can more or less already happen to him - the effect is less ‘sleep paralysis’ and more ‘soul paralysis’ / being a completely hollow shell until it’s fixed.

so it wouldn’t be And I Must Scream level, but. still Not Good

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Anyone notice that Maya never actually got mad at all unless it involved Riley, like she was never outwardly angry with her home life but mess with her girl and you fear for your life.

True! She did get a little angry I think in GM Forgiveness, but it was really brief and mostly just sadness. She’ll fuck up anyone who goes for her girlfriend though lol

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coran??? angst??? please describe more thoroughly; don't be afraid to go into DETAIL.

I’ve got so much Coran angst stored up! TAT

I’ve got comics dedicated to Coran angst! ;A;

Where the FUDGE to start with!?

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Jamilton the Hunger Games!

- Alex is from District 12 and volunteers. He doesn’t do it for anyone else. He just wants to be a victor.

- Thomas is a career from District 1. He didn’t want to be chosen but his parents pressured him into volunteering.

-   Alex’s weapon of choice is a machete. He goes straight for it in the cornucopia. Thomas’s weapon of choice is to be protected by his career friends.

- Thomas hates this. The bio-environment of their game is a forest. Thomas is used to AC and while he was trained for this he never thought he’d actually go.

-  Alex is scrappy and probably gets most kills out of everyone in the games.

- Thomas gets split from his group and gets stabbed in the leg. Meanwhile Alex has pissed off all the careers and knows he can’t take all of them at once. So when he stumbles across a bleeding Thomas, he strikes a deal. He’ll fix and protect Thomas while he’s healing if Thomas can keep his fucking ‘friends’ away from him.

- People across the districts quickly get invested in their bickering relationship. Every time Alex tells Thomas to get his own damn medicine they both gain another sponsor.

- Thomas got attached to Alex so when his leg no longer hurts, he doesn’t mention it. Alex pretends not to notice.

-It comes down to Thomas and Alex in the end. All the others kill each other off while they mainly hid out in some caves. The Capital let them be because the viewers ate up their interactions.

- The entire population is on edge as Alex and Thomas stood face to face and realized that one of them had to die. Thomas offered to kill himself off and Alex told him that that wasn’t going to happen. Thomas couldn’t believe Alex was being so naïve. There wasn’t a chance both of them survived. Alex couldn’t accept a reality in which Thomas dies.

- Then Alex pulls that double suicide stunt and the Capital lets them both survive.

- Once they leave they are forced to doing the tours together even though they’re from different districts.

- They’re in love but both dumb. Thomas acknowledges he is in love with Alex but thinks Alex is only faking being in love with Thomas for the Capital. Alex believes the same vice versa.

Prom Queens | Cheryl Blossom

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Request: Could you do an imagine where Cheryl asks her girlfriend to prom and goes all out and then they are both crowned queen at the dance?

Pairing: Cheryl x Reader
Description: When Cheryl asks you to prom, you suddenly become really nervous about the whole thing but it ends up being one of your favourite nights ever.
Warnings: …not rly.
Word Count: 1354
A/N: okay, this is a lil different from the actual request but it still kinda sticks to it.

“How about this one?” You stepped out of the changing room dressed in a beautiful black prom dress, twirling around as you eagerly awaited the opinion of your best friend Reggie Mantle. As you finished twirling, you noticed he was sat there watching some stupid video on his phone. You coughed to get his attention, shocking him and almost causing him to drop his beloved phone.

“Huh?” He asked, confused.

“The dress, Reg. What’d you think?” You glared at him, hands on your hips.

With a sigh, he looked over you and shrugged his shoulders. The same reaction he’d been giving you since you got to the dress shop over an hour ago. Reggie had been your best friend since you could remember. He’d been the only one in kindergarten who hadn’t picked on you. In fact, he was the one that had stood up for you and told everyone else to leave you alone. Back then you were a quiet, shy kid and the others used to make fun of you for it but Reggie took you under his wing. He brought you out of your shell and you’d never been more thankful to have someone like him in your life. Whenever you needed that little push to do something, he’d be the one to encourage you. But, when it came to things like this, he was no help at all. The only other person you could’ve taken with you was your girlfriend Cheryl Blossom.

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Got7's Reaction To You Asking Them Out

Jaebum (JB): He would be extremely flustered. He wanted to ask you out, but he was way too shy to. When you confessed how you felt, and you asked him to go out with you, the sweetest smile spread across his face. His heart did dances inside, whilst he kept his composure on the outside, agreeing to go out with you. He 100% would gush about it as soon as you two parted.

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Mark: He would be really happy you asked him. He had been contemplating about how he really felt about you, and he was going to use this as an opportunity to solidify the fact he did, in fact, have feelings for you. he would make sure to try his best on the date, learning every little thing there is to know about you. He, honestly, would just love being in your company.

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Jackson: He would be ecstatic, although he secretly wished he could’ve asked you first. Nevertheless, he was extremely excited, which was evident through his dramatic reaction. He would be so happily anxious the day of, as he wanted it to be a date that you would never forget. He wanted you to feel as special as you were to him.

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Jinyoung: He wouldn’t know how to react at first. It was almost as if he was pulled into some sort of trance that you needed to snap him out of. Which you did when you asked him for his answer. Which, of course, was yes. Although the extent of his excitement wasn’t expressed outwardly, besides his adorable crinkle eyed smile, he was overjoyed. He would act all shy the day of, but you two would have just about the best day ever.

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Youngjae: He would have a crush on you for the longest time, but had no idea how to ask you. The boys would have told you to just ask him out after you admitted the fact that you felt the same way. He would be taken aback for a second, because he wasn’t sure if you felt the same way. This conformation would make him extremely happy, and he was quick to tell you yes.

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BamBam: He would make you repeat the question again and again. Not because he was in disbelief, but plainly because he got satisfaction out of hearing you ask him. It didn’t hurt his pride at all that you had asked him instead of vice versa, in fact he preferred the fact that you asked, because in a way it made him feel a bit special and wanted. He liked how you took a bit of a leading role.

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Yugyeom: His reaction would be similar to Jinyoung’s, as he was stuck in a sort of trance. He was, to be honest, shocked, because he didn’t even know that you felt that way about him. He was completely oblivious to your obvious flirting, so you decided to just go on and blatantly ask. Which was the right course of action, as this boy would’ve been too shy to ask you himself.

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Relationship hcs for Bokuto, Yaku and Suga if that's ok? I'm in love with the friendship hcs btw, but right now I need some fluf hahaha. Please and thank you!

AN: Amazing


  1. He doesn’t have too many standards for his ideal significant other, but he loves someone who will just sit and listen to him talk all day (he’ll do so regardless if you’re a good listener lol).
  2. He’s a bit awkward at first when you start dating. He doesn’t know what to do with all the giddiness he feels in the first few weeks and he doesn’t want to overwhelm you with all of his energy. Just know that he’s extremely excited that you actually said yes lol.
  3. He really really wants to hold your hand in public but is almost always too nervous to make the first move, no matter how long you two have been together.
  4. His eyes light up whenever you walk into the room, as if it’s the very first time he’s ever laid eyes on you.
  5. Gives you a flower he picked from someone else’s garden on the way to see you lol.
  6. His idea of normal dates are adventurous activities, like hiking, traveling to the city/mountain areas, cycling, anything where you both are constantly moving. His chill dates are a movie and dinner, picnics, and parks. He doesn’t like staying in because he can’t sit still, so he’ll save coming back to his place for last ~
  7. He needs someone who will be loved by both his team and his family, so he’ll introduce you to them quite soon into the relationship.
  8. There has to be some form of physical contact with you almost at all times in public - not that he forces it onto you, but he just feels the need to, like it just feels right. Physical contact includes hand-holding, an arm around your waist/shoulder, light hand touches at the dinner table, literally anything, no matter how small or gentle.


here are some hcs I already have of suga, but here are some more!

  1. Out of the three, probably the “pickiest” or the one with the highest standards when it comes to finding a significant other. Although he very much goes with the flow, he doesn’t want to waste his time/have his time be wasted.
  2. Loves taking pictures with/of you at every date for memories and will most likely give it to you as a gift one day.
  3. Tries to make the best out of every minute with you, so that means everything is a date, no matter what! He’ll show his “gentlemanliness” for your “dates” in small gestures like buying you coffee/snack, buying you a flower, taking you on a walk, etc. It’s the little things that count.
  4. The first thing he does when he sees you every time is telling you how adorable you look.
  5. Out of the three, most likely to give you a promise ring.


  1. Honestly the type to date someone only when he knows it’s going to be a serious relationship, 6 months minimum. Also not extremely picky with his standards, but they must be able to handle his “brashness” or his snarky comments.
  2. The type to put the start of your relationship date in all of his “about me” sections on social media lol.
  3. Isn’t too picky about dates, so he would want you to choose most of the time. No matter how active or chill the date is, as long as he’s with you, he’ll enjoy his time.
  4. Loves holding hands and wrapping an arm around your shoulder. With the latter, prepare for many butterfly kisses on your cheek/temple.
  5. “You want to wear one of my sweaters? It’s pretty cold in here,” is his pick up line for you to wear one of his sweaters because you look really cute in them lol.
  6. Always catches himself staring at you, even when doing the simplest tasks. When he’s caught, he’ll blush deeply, but you never miss his smile.
  7. Often asks to sleepover or vice versa not just because he wants to be intimate, but honestly just wants to hold you in his arms under warm blankets and fall asleep. It’s all he ever wants to do after a long day.
  8. A plus to sleepovers is that he’ll always cook you breakfast the next morning.

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is nobody gonna point out the adorable lil charm things like u got a moon pendant and gam has a lil sun bracelet i am WEAK ((probs worth mentioning that in my oc x canon ship they got two teeny matching tattoos of a sun n a moon thingy its a thing(tm) im lov that u did it too fdgkjdgf)) anyways good day to u dfjhsfd

i didnt think anyone would notice , even less point it out ?? gdsnkgddkgn anYWAY YA WE GOT THAT MATCHY MATCHY THING GOING ON

because hm m gam’s nocturnal , and im , diurnal ,  and ,

i even have an AU just cuz of this ,, gkdjsngdsjkngs anyway gam’s my moonlight and im fufkcgjnf laME AS HEL L i love that night and day cliche thing too much

good day to u too friend im glad u did the same thing as me tbh gdjNGDS 💕

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Did you see the way Daniel look and David and vice versa? - Ask--Danvid

that? of course i do. im not a moron like david. i dont really care. but if anything happened to david id kill everyone in this room then myself.

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Captain Canary 5 Headcanons? :)

Once again, you have successfully thrown a challenge at me, because, while I ship them, Captain Canary isn’t my OTP.

But, here is what I came up with.

#1: Thanks to a device Ray had created on the Waverider, he was able to power down the Oculas right after Sara and Leonard kissed, but right before it exploded. This caused Sara to run back to him, throw herself at him, and give him mulitple kisses in relief; kisses, that Len readily accepted, of course. When Ray saw them kissing, he groaned and said something about owing Mick 20 dollars.

#2: Len was with Sara when her dad broke the news to her that Laurel died. She was too stunned to say anything and Len just led her back to the Waverider where her shock wore off after she finished the hot cocoa he had given her. That’s when she attacked Rip resulting in having to knock her out and put her in a seperate room. Rip sent Len ahead of him so she would be more calm in advance when he arrived. Leonard had never seen Sara more broken and helpless than he did at that moment and didn’t say anything at first and pulled her into a hug. That’s when her emotional dam broke and she started to weep and cling to Len saying how she couldn’t do this without her sister. Len rocked her back and forth rubbing her back saying he knew how she felt.

#3: Len and Sara accidently got married in 2050 when the team had to split up and they were partnered up for the day. They stopped at a bar for a drink and Merlyn someone slipped something in their drinks so he could easily subdue them. But, he was very reluctantly pulled away by Thawne to do something “far more important” so he left (at this point %1000 done with Thawne) without Len and Sara even seeing him. By the time they came down from their drug-induced high, they had a marriage certificate in hand and rings on their fingers that Len must have swiped. Len smugly showed everyone on the Waverider the certificate while Sara was grinding her teeth telling him to shut up. Ray groaned and gave Mick another $20. Len and Sara got it all sorted out, but for months after that when someone would catch them in a fight, he would smile and say it was “Nothing more than a marital spat, right, Mrs. Snart?” This would result in Sara throwing a larger fit, and a knife getting thrown into the wall right beside Len’s head.

#4: Len and Sara had a running bet on if Mick would ask Amaya out or vice versa. When Mick finally got the guts to after she nearly died in World War II, Sara groaned and gave Len the $100 she owed him; he turned around and used the money to buy Sara a new set of throwing knives for her birthday. He bought them in Japan where they were cheaper and were very keen on taking American dollars. They quickly became Sara’s favorite set.

#5: They got married for real when they got back to 2017, and settled down in Central City. (It took her dad a while to accept that #1: Sara lived so far away and, #2: that she was with a formally convicted criminal). They had a set of twins, Tanner and Sierra. Tanner was a lot like Sara would have been, had she not been stranded on Lian Yu and Len had not been abused as a kid. Quiet, but with a generous heart, while Sierra was the sassiest girl on the planet, kicking butt with Barry and Iris’ kids at S.T.A.R. Labs and being one of the most popular girls at school.

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*whispers* favorite retainr


Did he actually just call her his favourite? He was probably just being nice, right? He was a prince, like Alm’s nature he probably just felt bad for her. Who wouldn’t if they knew of the poor woman losing her love interest to a princess? That princess also being one of her best friends at that. He was probably just wanting her to feel special. Still, that did not prevent the deep blush crossing her tender cheeks and the refined lady smile laced upon pink lips.

“M-My Lord? You are…far too kind to me!”

Leaning up slightly since she was immensely short, she placed a soft kiss upon the princes lips.

“I am honoured by your words your highness.”

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Mastigophobia: My muse punishes yours for something.





No respond.


A glare was thrown his way as Tuah sharply turned, eyes narrowed and lips pressed to a thin line, his nostrils flared slightly (so cute! Wait, don’t get distracted Cardero. But he’s so cute when he’s angry…) and Iann reeled back a little at the sheer intensity Tuah was looking at him, but he pressed on despite the look his amor was giving him. “Are you going to ignore me forever?!”

Tuah glanced away, brows still furrowed together as he huff an annoyed sigh, hugging himself tightly. Iann came closer to the vampire, taking in the small victory that Tuah didn’t move away from him. He snaked his arms around Tuah’s waist, feeling his body tense as Iann ran his hand along his side. “I’m really sorry, and I promise I’ll make it up to you.”

“And how exactly, pray tell, are you going to do that, hm?” Tuah glanced back at him, his brow arched and lips pressed into a taut line as if challenging his kasih.

“We can have awesome sex together?” Tuah narrowed his eyes, “or not.”

Tuah huffed in annoyance once more and moved away from Iann, making his way towards his study room and slammed the door shut. “Oh, come on!” Iann said, rubbing his nose lightly, “you can’t stay in there forever, you know! You still have to come out at some point.”


Iann heaved a sigh, scratching his head and ruffling his messy hair. Right. Time to find out a way to get his amor back.