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some things that happened at the KH Orchestra World Tour opening concert

- the opening song was hikari played to the DDD opening and pretty much everyone was crying by the time it finished

- kh2 dearly beloved was played and kairi’s voice actor came to the stage and spoke about being able to use the keyblade, and how she had become friends with lea and they have nicknames

- just before the second half began, tetsuya nomura started talking over the speakers and everyone was going CRAZY, he revealed the khx union cross trailer then told us to wait until later to see him

- xion’s voice actor came to the stage when vector to the heavens was playing and thanked roxas and axel for everything

- just before ‘Wave of Darkness’ was played, Aqua’s voice actor came to the stage and gave a speech, asking terra and ven to help her

- after passion was played, Nomura, Shimomura, and the va’s came to the stage and gave small speeches

- the finale was played with Yoko Shimomura on piano, and Kaoru Wada conducting with the composer’s keyblade ;__;

I imagine that after KH3, Sora will drag Ventus to a family dinner thing with his parents ‘cause he wants to make Ven feel like family.

So everything’s going well and Sora just being home is enough to put his parents in a good mood. And then Sora’s mother asks Ven a question like, “How long have you known Sora?”

And Ventus just says, “His whole life.”

And then dead silence engulfs the room as a confused set of parents and two teenage sword fighters prepare for an intense conversation.


Not all that have fallen are vanquished
a king may yet be without crown
A blade that was broken be brandished
and towers that were strong may fall down

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Regarding Ven's age: Huey, Dewey, and Louie were kids in Birth by Sleep, so

Yeah, but I don’t really count the Disney characters as a good baseline. Aside from the fact that Riku mentioned in 3D that the worlds all run on different timescales, I don’t think Disney characters age the same way that most of the human kids do, anyway. 

‘’Well, we’re slowly running out of space in here… Not to sound ungrateful. Other than that it’s same as outside. Roxas and I have learned not to help Ven when he’s being harrassed by Van. His punches really hurt and one time he even bit Rox when he was trying to free Ven from his grip.’’ - Xion

Idk what my mind fabricated here but I regret nothing.

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A/N: I love these two too much and my headcanon is Van being taller than Ven

Also, I’m hitting an art block, sorry for the crappy work. I got back from my trip a few days ago and got sick from the ac in the bus hehe. Sorry if I take my time. I still have 22 asks in my inbox, I hope I can asnwer as many as possible.

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ven you have the worst followers

hfbcjfjfjx honestly tho

i also lost followers the two times i reblogged that post abt atla and exploitation of asian cultures so honestly im just convinced that my followers hate asians

Cont from here | braveblume

        🔥 Its not like he was doing anything bad, right? And been a while since his tongue last
            taste the bitter sweet taste of wine. Wishing Aladdin and the others were here - and that
             very thought may pushed him into going overboard and have more than a glass of two.
              Missing his friends dearly. The bottle was half empty by time Kougyoku returned and
                  he was in a state of giggling fit to laughing histerically at nothing. As if heard the
                                                                                                                                   best joke ever.

              But frown upon seeing her snatch his bottle then replace the glass of wine with water.
                  Even ask him how drunk he were. Pleaaaaaaaaaaase! He’s sober as they come!

          “ I swear to drunk I’m not God ! Not helping aside misplacing his words he also
                      slurred alot. Not convincing at all Alibaba nor help her worry less about you.

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well ven is gonna think his own friend doesnt like him. no need to guilt you hayner, i think ven will just be forever hurt because of you being mean n all (just go kiss him omg)

“how am i the one being mean? if he thinks his own friend doesn’t like him just ‘cause i said he was irritating me at the time, then he’s pretty damn sensitive. what? are you one of his fans or something?”