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A little Leo and Usagi for Inktober

(I went for a kind of 2012/2003 Leo)

I wanted to do more with this, but I got no time so this is as good as it gets ^^

Ok Nakamura sensei gives us great news with the latest manga act of Junjou Romantica! As we know in the previous act the wife of takahiro suspected the relationship of usagi and misaki so she asks if they have a relationship and our beloved misaki is scared and flees. He asks Usagi why the manga stays where they decide to contrale first to the thickness of takahiro before him to know how he reacts now as we know there is the act.

What peiensan !? In the next act we will know how things will be and the poor misaki is frightened, now the sensei already wants them to know the relation of it now we will have to wait …