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Hello Thomas the Writer. I love the blog and was happy to see Netflix has Jackie Chan Adventures to help feed the nostalgia your blog brings up in me. First I want to say it is a nice change of pace to get a non-anonymous question.

My thoughts on the meaning of life…A wonderful question. I generally live under the philosophy to do good, help others when I can, and stay as positive as possible. The question also got me thinking of the other way to look at this question, focusing on the starting of life and the meaning to why we are here.

As a social-evolutionary psychologist, I can fall back on biology to look at a long change of evolutionary adaptations that caused those traits adaptive for survival to continue on, bringing us from single cell organisms to a dominate life form on the planet. This idea that we can trace our ancestry back billions of years still offers us great opportunity to see each individual as unique and exceptional. From the pony perspective, while some feel we have been created by some unknown force, we are the process of this long evolutionary chain branching off to the species and sub-species we see today in our magical realm.

Each of us the the combination of the 20,500 genes from our mothers and 20,500 genes from our fathers and allows for such a high degree of genetic variability that is mind blowing. To put the possible human combinations into perspective, in the long time humans have been walking the earth, there have been an estimated 11.5 Billion humans ever. The still total number of possible unique combinations of genetic expression is still 100,000 times this number.

So while our origin is understood as the long process of change and adaptation, this does in no way belittle who we are or whether or not we are special. We are exceptional. My thoughts on the meaning of life just boil down to treating others exceptionally and doing my best to be a good person with the time I am given. And hopefully leave something behind that will better future generations.

Last Regular Day of Class!!!!!!!

Today marked the last regular day of class. I still have a lot to do in the next few days to finalize everything and then finals next week. I have finally had time to sit down and do some arts. here is a preview…

Uponium is dabbling in dark things from beyond time and space so another big crossover with some blogs I like and most of whom are following me is needed to stand against him. Expect plenty of gender-bending, angry rants from Professor Smirk, and Sturm…because what massive my favorite blogs thrown into an ask post would be without the hyena fandom.

Anyway. after next Wednesday I am out for the summer…well 3 weeks before summer semester (II need money and must work). I will be relaxing, playing Bioshock Infinite, and getting some asks done (probably queued for weekly updates for a while).

Until soon everyone, and after this post, I will announce some sort of giveaway or something.


D.Y. Uponium, Master of Mental Magics

P.S. Had my first big case of plagiarism this semester. One of the biggest headaches I have ever had to deal with.

P.P.S. Students I went off on in front of everyone spent the rest of the semester polite and proper. Should have done it much sooner to avoid the disruption.  


My magic? An excellent question Anon. Excellent indeed. 

When I was a young colt, I knew the basic unicorn repitoire: levitation. It was not until the day i recieved my cutie mark that I learned that I could effect ponies moods. Just slightly at first, cheering ponies up, making them sad, etc. But as I learned more I realized I could effect them to a much higher degree. It was then that I was taken to Celestia’s school. To train and to learn the right and wrong ways to use my power. My skill grew and though I knew I was not supposed I learned amazing things concerning my power over mood. You see, fair Anon, I can influence neurotransmitter flow in the brain. That was the secret to my talent and my magic.,,

If I were inclined I could push a pony into a steep depression. Or make somepony so happy they cared not for anything but looking at the sky. Addiction to, triggered by dopamine, was also in my domain. But, and it is a large but, I am mostly confined to my studies. Celestia was right to appoint me to teach, It allows her a close eye on a unicorn who can use his magic for great evil.

Personally I tend to use to it to brighten spirits, improve moods, and help those in need of rest after a stressful semester. I have also made it a specialty of mind to research enchanted items that may effect the minds of those who come into contact with it. I have become quite adept in the last few years at pulling apart and disenchanting them. While a dangerous job it has allowed me a high degree of praise and trust from the Princess and the School itself. 

However I have hypothesized what would happen if I could aplify my power. What types of mental superiority I could achieve if I were to find a way. Unfortunately the only way I know of, while sitting on my desk at the moment, is one that would posses my mind. And for the purposes of the plans I have set into motion, I will need all of my mental faculties. 

On the other hand, if I could remove just the corruption at it’s heart. 

It is a fool’s thought, A heart purer than mine will have to pull off that corruption. There is too much I desire at the moment, too much I have put into motion. 

But if I could find one…that would be another matter altogether.



Master of Mental Magics

Celestia’s School for Gifted Unicorns


Personally I am rather fond of the Humanists, chiefly Maslow and Rodgers. Rodgers helped change therapy as a whole, pushing away from the term “patient” to “client” and then suggesting all people be referred to as persons to ensure the negative stigma with those labels be minimized. 

One key aspect that they both spoke of was the concept of self-actualization. A self-actualizer is a person who is actively engaging in creativity and using their full potential. There is a lot of this regarding a young pony and her apotheosis into alicorndom. And the process of becoming a self-actualizing person and reaching the top of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs may be what it takes to earn ones place amongst the royalty. 

as not to make this an entirely too long take a look at the list of traits prescribed to self actualizers here and compare them to Twilight Sparkle and the lessons she has learned throughout here time in Ponyville you can see that the real magic of friendship is just a part of achieving one’s full potential and thus self-actualization.

Twilight seems to be at the beginning of this stage and once fully realized as Celestia, Luna, and Cadence she will be as Maslow described, a pony feeling as if they have finally found their place in the world, safe, not anxious, accepted, loved, loving, and alive, and especially one who lives a fulfilling life.

Unfortunately for my plans, a different method of apotheosis will be needed as certain magics must be combined with a self-actualizer for them to become more than a unicorn, pegasus, or earth pony. Recently I have come into contact with an old artifact and asked to study it by some higher ups in Canterlot. I tried to warn them, but the words that flowed from my mouth were reassuring. My mental magics alone are what will be needed to remove the negative effects of the amulet. That I above all can counter its controlling and corrupting effects.

So begins the tale of D.Y. Uponium:

Chapter 1: Darkness

“They offered it to me freely. And I do not deny that my hearts have greatly desired this.” He whispered eyeing the hefty necklace sitting on his table.

“In place of a Shining Princess they shall have a King! Not radiant, but cunning and terrible as the Morn! Treacherous as the seas! Stronger than the very foundations of the Earth! All shall bow down and dispair!” The words screamed in his head. 

And the drums began again. Thump. Thump. Thump. Thump. War had come to Equestria. A war as old as time itself. A war between two stallions. A war of dominance, a war of control, a war of strategy and wits. 

And darkness filled his office. And it embraced him like a mother enveloping her vulnerable child.