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“2ps react to their crush telling them to “be a bad boi” for them”

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2P!Italy: *asshole audibly tightens*
2P!Romano: “i can be ur angle,, or ur dev il ;)))”
2P!Prussia: he’s actually going to summon satan p l ea se don “’t
2P!Japan: That’s when Kuro knew: he was going to have to break out the Big Guns™
2P!America: *lets down hair and puts on glasses* "lord tell me how to say no to this”
2P!England: “sometimes,, sometimes i wear my underwe ar for more than one day !!1!1!”
2P!France: is the only fucking normal ones and adheres to your command
2P!Russia: *zips jacket over priest collar up slightly higher* “im listening”
2P!China: *vibrates with the intensity of a thousand suns*
2P!Canada: the second you say that, he is in the bathroom, naked, candles, rose petals, and a faux leather jacket (feat. a syrup filled bath tub) “i dont know how good this will feel but im warning you my hair has clogged the drain so we might be here for a while”

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Kai’vren + picking up two very damp Mandalorians

Something woke Kai’vren up and his eyes opened slowly. For a moment, he was baffled at what had pulled him out of sleep. There was the sound of rain, but it wasn’t that; that was nice and soothing. The insistent chime of his holocommunicator sounded again and the orange-skinned Twi’lek groaned. A glance at his chrono showed he’d only been asleep a few hours; alone tonight as he’d been working again. Rolling over, he reached and grabbed the comm to hit the button.

“Kai?” said a familiar voice as a soaking-wet Cathar appeared in fuzzy, transparent blue hologram.

“Ithunn?” Kai mumbled, sitting up and curling his lekku around his shoulders. “Lirju? What…?”

“We need a ride,” the equally wet Chiss said.

“A…ride?” the half-awake Twi’lek asked, tilting his head. “I don’t–”

“It flooded,” Lirju said.

Ithunn looked over his shoulder, giving his Chiss partner a glare before focusing on Kai’vren. “We were in a flash flood and our ship got half-buried in mud. Normally no problem, but it’s the door that got covered. So…we can’t get in.” He looked sheepish. “We wouldn’t ask but most of our gear’s inside and it’s pouring…”

Kai made a small face and rolled his eyes as Lirju added his own pleading expression. “So you’re calling me in the middle of a stormy night to pick you up? Probably in the middle of some nasty jungle?”

“….Yes?” Ithunn said hopefully. “We’d ask family, but they’re further and…”

Kai sighed and made a small face at them. “Fine. Fine. You two definitely owe me for this.. Send me the coordinates.”

“Thanks, Kai,” Lirju said cheerfully, brightening.

The Twi’lek gave a good-natured huff and glanced at the coordinates. “Be there in an hour or so. Try not to drown, you two.”

sort of a “continuation” pic to this

a friend asked where the heck twi and pinkie were and I explained that I couldn’t draw them because I did an initial bad composition and blah blah blah but then bae suggested they were actually making out somewhere else and sh*t I just gotta do it because I’m trash anyway there u have human gay pones smooching

I AM   T H R I V I N G


  • Sunset asking Sci-Twi if she’s okay and then trying to follow up even after she says she is
  • Sunset putting her arm around Twilight and punching her playfully after Pinkie’s “she-demon” comment
  • Sunset grimacing and rolling her actual literal eyes when Flash comes over to talk to Twilight
  • Sunset’s recap of Flashlight in the first two movies only acknowledging that he had a crush on Twilight, and not vice versa, which is basically the writers saying that that ship has sailed and denying that it was ever really a thing in the first place. God bless
  • Sunset. Sunlight. Look at them. LOOK AT THEM

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Submit Anon: My IRLMadoHomu
Hang there friends, this one is a doozie. It happened really recently too. (I’m in 7th grade) I apologize that it’s so long.

Weeb: Twi

Me: Homura

Friend : Madoka

Tw: Sexual Harassment

My first run in with her was around the beginning of the year in first period. (This part is sorta slow, but bare with me) I remember I was trying to have a conversation with my friend Madoka when I feel someone’s breath on my neck. I turn around to see this tall, awkward girl who, in this high, squeaky voice exclaims, “Ahh! Kawaii! A real life loli!” Presumably she meant my friend, who is short and freckled with blond ringlets. Then, she turns to me and says, “Omg, are you Japanese?” Now, this was bizarre. I am half-Punjabi Indian, but at first glance I just look white. I said nothing to insinuate I had ever lived there, so I’m still baffled as to why she asked. I politely said no, and asked her name. “Twi nya!”Oh dear, I wish I were making this up. Judging by her looks and the anime pins on her bag, I just assumed she was in a mild weeb stage. I made a joke about how when I was new like her this school reminded me of Ouran to please her. She screeched at the reference and asked my favorite anime. I replied FMAB, only to receive a “NOOOOOO, not KAWAII AT ALL1!1!1!” I shrugged. Then, came the dreaded question. The question itself was not too bad: “Are you two yuris”(I’m bi) But what it caused, Jesus take the wheel it was bad. I told her no, we had been friends since kindergarten. She pouted and said we were just being tsundere, and that we were her little MadoHomu. Ugh, I should have just told her off then.

To be nice, we let her join our table. She really wasn’t that bad, besides the whole MadoHomu thing. She was constantly trying to force me on her, and vice versa, it was really annoying, but we felt bad for her. We let her come over to out house since she had no friends to hand out with (poor girl). We would watch anime and talk about it, and even though Madoka wasn’t really a fan she put up with it because she loved the style. One time, after she had been seeing us for a month or two, she invited us to her house. That’s when it all went to hell. We started watching this title we never heard of and…. oh Lord, it was hentai. She kept pointing to the two girls on the screen, yelling “Do that! Be like that! Homu-chan, you be the seme!” Madoka was very very innocent and just sat there in wide-eyed horror. I was having a huge panic attack, and I’m still mad at myself for not coming to her rescue. After poor Madoka fell asleep, Twi started forcing herself on me, trying to grope me and kiss my neck, saying all this shit about how “If the loli won’t take you, I will” I was freaking out, trying not to cry, completely frozen in fear. I finally came to my senses, used a self-defense technique I learned on Tumblr to flip her off of me and called her mom. Thankfully I got to go home and we didn’t see her for weeks. She kept spamming us on our social media and text with nudes and hentai; no matter how much we blocked her she kept making new accounts and even bribed other kids to do it. The nudes evolved into death threats, and there was a rumor that one day she brought a knife to school. Thank God she was expelled, good riddance.