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“2ps react to their crush telling them to “be a bad boi” for them”

((I think that was it idek my tumblr is fucked I’m so sorry anon :,)))

2P!Italy: *asshole audibly tightens*
2P!Romano: “i can be ur angle,, or ur dev il ;)))”
2P!Prussia: he’s actually going to summon satan p l ea se don “’t
2P!Japan: That’s when Kuro knew: he was going to have to break out the Big Guns™
2P!America: *lets down hair and puts on glasses* "lord tell me how to say no to this”
2P!England: “sometimes,, sometimes i wear my underwe ar for more than one day !!1!1!”
2P!France: is the only fucking normal ones and adheres to your command
2P!Russia: *zips jacket over priest collar up slightly higher* “im listening”
2P!China: *vibrates with the intensity of a thousand suns*
2P!Canada: the second you say that, he is in the bathroom, naked, candles, rose petals, and a faux leather jacket (feat. a syrup filled bath tub) “i dont know how good this will feel but im warning you my hair has clogged the drain so we might be here for a while”

impish-laughter  asked:

What are general stereotypes that the mane six commonly face in your arranged marriage au. Was there some adjustments on their perspectives on each other when they first meet?

Common stereotypes that each of the separate species the Mane 6 are:

Minotaurs- big brutes with nothing but brawn. They’re often viewed as stupid or dumb with very short tempers and likely to start a fight over anything. Applejack often faces comments like “how do you run your business so well? I thought minotaurs weren’t good at anything but smashing things.” or “why don’t you focus more on the labor and leave the business to someone else? Wouldn’t that be more suitable of…. someone like you?”. It isn’t uncommon for a xenophobic/ignorant individual to speak to a minotaur as if they were speaking to, say, a dog or a child.

Flutterponies- often seen as daisy-pushing pushovers that are, a lot of the time, objectified because they’re stereotyped to be submissive. Fluttershy gets a lot of unwanted advances because of the way she looks, but she’s also treated as if she’s second class or someone who’s a servant. She’s an ambassador and she still gets comments from rude nobles who think she’s either a maid, a prostitute, or someone to “be put in her place”.

Sphinxes- often seen as barbaric creatures that are likely to go to war with whomever they disagree with. And despite nearly every sapient species being omnivorous in my headcanon and AUs, in this AU many still try to paint the sphinx as something who’ll prey and eat anything. Basically seen as little more than a wild animal that should be either kept out of the country or kept as caged entertainment. When Twilight walks through a pony-populated town it isn’t uncommon for her to be eyed with caution and suspicion, as if she were a danger to simply be around.

Kirin- often mistaken for a dragon/pony hybrid and such are often asked “so who was the dragon parent?”. They aren’t hybrids. Also seen as greedy and likely to steal something because being likened to dragons often means being likened to being greedy thieves that’ll snatch anything that catches the eye. When in stores it isn’t uncommon for a kirin in Equestria to be followed around by someone who assumes they’re there to steal. Dash had this happen to her several times, including one time an item she was attempting to buy was slapped out of her grasp by an employee and she was scolded for stealing. She was 8.

Reindeer- Probably seen as airheaded and lacking the ability to be serious, especially since their leader is basically the “keeper” of their version of Christmas. In result they often aren’t  taken seriously in result, and when they’re seen it isn’t uncommon for some to come up to them and ask what they’re getting for the holidays and demand gifts because they’ve been “good”. Not many know that there’s a legitimate government in the native lands Reindeer hail from, and their king is just trying to spread good cheer and happiness simply because he can during that particular holiday (he’s essentially a living legend at this point). The common stereotype with reindeer is that they are literal elves.

That’s only naming a few though.

As for their attitude adjustment, I’d imagine Fluttershy and even Rarity being a bit wary of Twilight because she’s part sphinx (and looks a lot more like a sphinx than she does pony). Shy actually once asked Twi not to eat her pet rabbit before realizing how…. well, rude that is. Twilight was in turn wary of Applejack because, if there’s one thing that remains true with minotaurs, they’re typically strong and big, and Applejack is huge in comparison to her friends. Twi’s naturally a bit nervous in this AU but she was double that around Applejack until eventually they had to have a sit-down. At first no one aside from Shy took Pinkie Pie seriously because, generally, she seems happy and just content to go with the flow. Pinkie is the least judgemental of anyone. All of them had a few hangups here and their but they learned and they adjusted accordingly.

RC - 3x22 - smut/cuddles | westallen fanfiction preview

PART 1 - (preview)

Barry’s phone clinked softly on the bedside table when she set it down after finishing the video message.

This was good, Iris assured herself. If the worst were to happen – and it was hard not to envision that now – at least Barry would have that piece of her to hang on to.

But what would she have? Echoed through her mind, as much as she tried to make it not so.

She would be dead, so she would have nothing. It was simple as that. But Barry, in her stead, would have grief and failure hanging over him for the rest of his life. She had made him promise to hold the team together if she died at Savitar’s hands, but it was one thing to say the words and quite another to follow through on them. And it wasn’t that she doubted he’d follow through either. She knew he would try. But she also knew how grief overwhelmed him. His mother, his father, and now her? Even The Flash could only handle so much.

Seeing you die? It’s impossible not to be consumed by that.

She closed her eyes slowly at the painful memory. That whole day, that whole night, had been hard. Yet there’d been so much truth in everything they had said and done, and much of it rang true to this day.

But before the weight of all the emotions and memories running through her completely crushed her into the bedding, she felt a whoosh send her hair flying and then looked up to see her bedhead fiancé standing there with a to-go bag in one hand. He held it up cheerfully, grinning at his victory.

“An assortment of caviar,” he said proudly, displaying the requested food before her in the take-out bowl it had come in.

She wrinkled her nose. “Take out, Bear?” She glanced up at him in time to see his jaw drop. “I wanted something fresh.”

She could see the wheels turning, rapidly trying to come up with a solution to her complaint, but he unable to voice anything due to the heavy thickness of his tongue and the dry rasp in his throat.

“I…” he managed and then started to frown.

Iris dropped the façade. She took the plate from his hand, set it on their bedside table, and rose up on her knees. She grabbed a fistful of his soft t-shirt and pulled him to her, a kiss warm and welcoming on her lips, a quiet moan telling him she’d missed him for those two minutes he’d been gone.

She shivered when she felt his arms wrap around her, lightly grazing the fabric of her long-sleeved shirt. She leaned backwards and slid her arms around his neck, pulling him with her and collapsing onto the bed so her head was almost hanging over the other side.

“Mmph!” came from Barry seconds before he lifted his head.

Iris blinked her eyes open to see him staring down at her, all confusion and conflicted as to if he should keep going or if he should resume the debate over if the caviar he’d retrieved was up to her expectations.

“What?” she asked softly, absently leaning her face into his hand brushing aside strands of her dark hair.

He shook his head and dipped down to kiss her, a slow, lingering kiss that took her breath away. When he pulled back his eyes glittered with a marvel she didn’t notice the first time.

“You’re just really beautiful,” he said. His fingers ran down the curves of her face. “So, so, beautiful.”

“Barry—” she tried to interrupt, a scolding for him making the moment too dark even in his flattery, but he kept going before she succeeded.

“And yet, not the least bit grateful that I was able to find caviar at all.”

She opened her mouth on a smile, but he wouldn’t let her speak, put two fingers across her lips to prevent it. “You actually thought I’d race all over the city only to come back with some soggy, overly salted caviar for my fiancée? Did it not even occur to you a take-out bag would prevent it from going flying on my way home?”

He removed his fingers, but Iris’s mouth didn’t shut. She stared at him in awe, rendered speechless.

Barry pulled himself up and grabbed the bowl from where his lovely fiancée had set it.

“Crackers?” Iris said expectantly when he returned to her. Barry laughed and shook his head but quickly sped down to the kitchen to retrieve some.

“At your request, m’lady.” He bowed reverently over the tray of crackers he held out before her.

Iris giggled and took what he had to offer, taking one small bite to start so the taste wouldn’t overwhelm her.

Barry waited with baited breath as she slowly chewed and then swallowed the first tiny bite.

“Well?” he asked when he couldn’t stand the silence any longer.

She looked up at him, and her eyes sparkled. “Perfect. Like it was made just a minute ago.”

He grinned and laid back down, watching as she took another bite.

“It was.” He paused. “Well…before you dragged me onto the bed and tried to seduce me.”

“Twied?” Iris asked, mouth full.

He raised his eyebrows suggestively. “If you’d succeeded, I’d be in your mouth – or in it,” he smirked, “not the caviar.”

Iris felt the heat spread over her face.

“This feels kinky.”

“Talking dirty?” He scooted closer to her and stole the last bite from her hand, not considering how salty it would be before eating it whole.

“Barry, don’t!”

But it was too late. His eyes bulged out of their sockets.

“Wow, that is really—”

Iris quickly slipped out from beneath the covers and grabbed a glass of water from the bathroom, which he downed instantly.

“You good?”

He nodded, eyes watering. “Yeah.” He laughed. “Yeah, I’m good.”

She shook her head, standing over him at the side of the bed.

“You know how caviar works, Babe.”

He laughed again. “Mhmm, I do.”

She caught his eye and sat beside him on the bed, pulling him in for a lightly salted kiss.

“Amazing how your libido can make you forget all common sense,” she teased, but she was all smiles and he didn’t look offended in the least.

“I seem to remember one time when it definitely had a positive reaction. Say about…a month or so ago? Maybe a few weeks?”

She grinned, remembering. “Oh, yes, one kiss from me and suddenly you had your speed again.”

“It was at least three kisses,” he protested.

“Would’ve been more if you’d just stayed still.”

He shook his head at her, smiling. “I think I’ve made up for it since then.”

“Mhmmm.” She wrapped her arms around his neck and dragged him with her across the bed again. “More than.” She stole a breathy kiss, then tugged at his bottom lip before releasing him to the space between them. “Feel free to do it again,” she whispered and arched up against him as she hooked her knee over his calf.

He groaned and pressed hot, wet kisses down her neck, his muscles hard as a rock as she slipped her fingers beneath his shirt to pull it up over his head.

“Anything you want, Iris West.”

gastredner  asked:

Any special reason Twilight is her voracious self in your AU or did you simply take the idea from canon? Also, first dinner with her soon-to-be wife must have been an interesting affair...

Twilight has a very high metabolism, higher than the average pony or sphinx, and that’s mostly because of just how vast her magic font is. To keep up the energy needed in order to use her magic, she tends to eat frequently and in large quantities, but her magic burns through so much of that energy and calories she never seems to gain weight from it. I’d imagine that the first dinner was indeed somethin’ else for the family; Twilight finishing her plate before everyone else and maybe staring at Rarity’s food with an unsure expression; she wants more but isn’t sure if she’s allowed to do so. Rarity notices and reaffirms that she’s welcome to ask for another helping if she’s hungry, so Twi does…. and she does again. And again, And as the dinner goes on the Belle family slowly take notice just how much she’s eating and how it still doesn’t seem to be enough, but no one mentions anything until the end of the dinner, where Twilight very nearly eats all of what the castle cooks have made for their feast (it isn’t unusual for them to have leftovers but it’s generally passed on to somewhere else instead of reused in the castle. That night, there is nothing to have leftover from dinner).

It’s from then on that the castle staff learn to have extra made for meals specifically for Twi.

If you can’t go on an adventure.. read about one!

The Sparky Chronicles: Pranks

Time cannot erase, the sorrow and pain we feel,

Nor can it make things better, or force our hearts to heal.

Time is now a measure, of the days since you’ve been gone,

Of getting by the best we can, and trying to be strong.

Time should mend a broken heart, that is what they say,

But time will never change the fact that you have gone away.

       Celestia and Gentle had just returned from a trip to Saddle Arabia. It was always fun, and the ponies there a joy to talk to. Gentle smiled as he stopped at Sparky’s room, the door slightly ajar, looking forward to see his son. “Hey Sparky… we’re hom-”

       As soon as he pushed the door open a bucket of water landed on his head. Gentle was a bit shocked, the bucket staying on his head as he slipped, landing at the tail of his son. Solar was in full laughter mode, tearing up as he watched his Dad perform a slapstick act for his amusement. Gentle used his wings to remove the bucket.

       "Sparky…“ Solar finally got to his hooves and gave his dad an innocent look. "Yes?” Gentle could almost see the halo. “We just get back… and somepony wants to be grounded…?” Sparky giggled.

       "C'mon dad it was funny!“ Celestia had come to see what had happened and was laughing a bit as well. Gentle couldn’t be too mad at them as he finally managed to get to his hooves. "Alright alright… you’re getting off easy this time…”

       Celestia giggled a bit more as she went to their room to change out of her formal attire. The door opened and large plastic spider dropped and dangled in front of her face. She screamed and slipped in her panic, falling into the wall upside down. Two guards came running.

       "Your majesty! Are you alright?!“ Tia sighed, not amused, as Solar was once again in a fit of glee.

       "I am fine. Go back to your duties.” they saluted and left. Sparky continued to laugh as a yellow glow surrounded him. “Whoa, mom, it was just a prank! Calm down!”

       Gentle slowly helped her up as she brought her son over to her. He was trapped and knew what was coming. Gentle pulled two feathers from his wings, Celestia taking them both and then started to tickle their son mercilessly. “No! Mom! Stop! I’m sorry!” he was laughing so hard, trying to get out of the spell, but nothing doing.

       After a few minutes she set him down and released him. “I think that’s enough punishment for that… Well, actually…” Solar looked up to Celestia confused. She smiled, a vicious smile, that only a mom could unleash. “I think the kitchen staff need a break from their nightly cleaning.” Sparky’s eyes widened.

       "NOOO! Mom, c'mon! That’s just mean!!“ She smiled and suddenly hugged him to her, giving him a kiss of the cheek. "Gotcha.” He sighed in relief and nuzzled into her. “I really just missed you and dad. It’s always so boring around here. The guards are no fun, and the kitchen staff are big ol’ meanie heads.”

       Gentle smiled as he walked up next to them. “We’ll see what we can do… to maybe bring you next time…” Celestia frowned, some of the places they traveled were a bit dangerous for a child. Her face then lit up. “How about next time we ask your aunty Twi and Lulu to watch you. You always have fun with them.”

       Solar’s eyes widened as he smiled big, nuzzling into his big mom some more. “That would be great! They are so much fun and I can play with Pterus too!!” Gentle smiled. “Well we have to go out of town again… next week I believe… so I think that’s plenty of time to get the okay from them…” He started running around, jumping and giggling.

       "It’s gonna be so much fun!“ Then he stopped yawned loudly. Gentle smiled and picked him up onto his back. "Bed time… how about you snuggle with us tonight… buddy…?” Sparky wrapped his legs around his dad’s neck and nuzzled him, Celestia smiling warmly. “I guess that’s a yes.”

I AM   T H R I V I N G


  • Sunset asking Sci-Twi if she’s okay and then trying to follow up even after she says she is
  • Sunset putting her arm around Twilight and punching her playfully after Pinkie’s “she-demon” comment
  • Sunset grimacing and rolling her actual literal eyes when Flash comes over to talk to Twilight
  • Sunset’s recap of Flashlight in the first two movies only acknowledging that he had a crush on Twilight, and not vice versa, which is basically the writers saying that that ship has sailed and denying that it was ever really a thing in the first place. God bless
  • Sunset. Sunlight. Look at them. LOOK AT THEM