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all hail Queen Tsunami of the SeaWings




Honestly, she would be the most badass queen. She would treat her subjects fairly, and she wouldn’t sit on her butt all day writing fanfiction like her mom did while her kingdom suffered. 

If she had grown up in the SeaWing royal palace I could picture her conquering a bunch of territory when she got older (mostly MudWing and SkyWing barrier islands and maybe a colony off the SandWing/IceWing coast); but she hasn’t, and I headcanon that even though she likes fighting, she has a distaste of war and violence. Under her rule, the SeaWings would have extremely good diplomatic relations with the other tribes, and even though Tsunami has a very forceful personality, we’ve seen that she can be a good diplomat when she tries. 

Rather than conquering new territory, I could totally see Tsunami sending expeditions to the deeper parts of the ocean. Remember, the SeaWings have only scratched the surface of their kingdom. Their “Deep Palace” is still part of a coral reef, which means it’s only 330 feet max. I’ve noticed that they tend to hug the shore and the barrier islands, even though they have the gills to live out in the open ocean or deeper underwater. 

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For the character/expression thing, Tsunami with A1? (Side thing about your magic!au, may I draw art for it? It's really cool,,)

i would be the happiest garbage on earth if you could write hcs/ fanfic or art based on the magic!au please do omg but make sure you show me your beautiful work so i can share it with EVERYO N  E

and here’s a happy tsunami as your reward ♡♡

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hi! i'm looking for a fanfic where they get married in vegas but dan doesn't want it. thats all i've read so far so can i have some help. thanks💓💓

A Map Of My Heart And Mind (ao3) - Dan and Phil get drunk and wake up married in Vegas, the day after Dan’s 25th birthday. Dan thinks they could just get it annulled but Dan knows what marriage means to Phil, how important it is, and he wonders if they can just fake it for a year so it’s not a total waste and then divorce. Of course, a year is a long time to pretend to be married and things can always change…

- Sam

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I kind of ship Moonwatcher and Kinkajou, but I also ship Kinkajou and Turtle. I also ship Peril and Turtle. Also off to the side is Winter and Qibli, along with Tsunami and Glory (also Tsunami and Sunny). I love when characters are really shippable.


the fallacy of memory

Summary: Tsubomi has lived her life through these tiny acts of defiance.

Author’s Notes: In which I give Tsubomi esper powers and a dark past, because why not? This is probably OOC as fuck and stupidly AU, but I’m only up to date on episode 11 of the anime. This plot bunny just got its claws into me and wouldn’t let go, sooo… ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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zero percent

Sato Mirai is three years old when her world caves in on her. She is three years old when her mother and father die in a house fire and her aunt pulls her away from the wreckage, bundles her into a car and whispers keep your head down and don’t move-

Your name is Mizuho Tsunami, her aunt tells her weeks later.


Listen to me, her aunt says. Your name is Mizuho Tsunami. Never forget that, understand?

Auntie, I-

There’s a burning pressure against her shoulders, and Mirai cries out, buckling-

What is your name? her aunt asks, implacable.

Mizuho Tsunami, Mirai cries. 

She is all of three years old and she does not understand. 

She will not understand for many years yet.

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😪: What’s something you collect?

I never use em, but like… Sketchbooks and pencils.

🎀: Who makes you want to draw and improve?

As a kid, my brother was my biggest rival, every time he drew I had to make something better. He was my motivation to doodle and improve, but now that he’s admitted defeat, I’m just chilling. These guys are some of my favourite artists that inspire me tho: 

♬: What do you like to listen to/have on in the background when you draw?

My playlist changes all the time and there’s really no real theme to it, but here’s what I’m listening to at the moment.

💀: Show something you drew a long time ago that at the time you were proud of.

Jon from when I was going though my edgy phase…

🌟: What is your most prized possession?

I have like 3.

☕: Coffee or Tea?

I am a Tea person.

🎬: What is your favorite kind of clothing?

I don’t really care, as long as I’m comfortable for the day.

☂: What do you hate to/can’t draw?

There’s a lot of things I can’t draw, these are just a few.

☁: Guilty pleasure?

Ya’ll already know. I’m weak for that self-indulged, self-inserting cause I’m god damn full of myself ;<; 

💾: What do you love to draw?

Humans. Specifically, guys… with long hair.

💦: Soft shading or cell shading?

My hand is getting tired and you can tell by the trash quality. I’ll just type this one out… 

I prefer cell shading over soft shading, just because I’m better at one over the other.

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For the ideas thing, we know how they deal with earthquakes in the field, but these guys live in the ring of fire, what's the procedures for a major earthquake at home? What happens if, say, a TB falls over or serious damage is done to the hangars/launch areas and they're needed?

Omgosh now this. THIS. THIS has been a plotbunny of mine pretty much since TAG began. I’ve always wondered this myself since the island is smack bang in the middle of the Pacific Ring of Fire which means it ain’t just earthquakes they need to worry about but also Tsunamis and the Auckland Volcanic field isn’t that far from them either…

It’s an idea I’ve raised in RP land a few times but hasn’t taken off yet. One day though. One day :D Because it is just such an awesome thing and we’d get to play with all the toys asdfghjk


Ghost Taxi Passengers, Japan - 

Taxi drivers in Ishinomaki, Japan, have reported picking up ghost passengers. 6,000 people died when the town was hit by the Tōhoku tsunami in 2011. All of the drivers interviewed were convinced they were picking up living people  until their passengers suddenly vanished from the back of their cab. 

One driver said that he picked up a young woman from Ishinomaki station who asked to go to the Minamihama district. When he told her that the area no longer existed as it has been wiped out by the tsunami she asked him “Have I died?” When he turned around to answer her she had disappeared. 

The ghosts in Ishinomaki are not limited to taxis. Locals have reported seeing ghosts waiting outside supermarkets or walking down the streets where they used to live. They are commonly seen in areas that were badly damaged by the disaster.