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trucy and the blue badger, we shall have another member of the cult!

Something about this seems.. off. 

Haha, don’t be ridiculous, Apollo, we are not a cult. Now come, let’s enjoy a normal human meal around the normal human kotatsu. 

Worship the Blue Badger Apollo. 

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i just wanted to say that i completely adore your art and i'm in love with the way you draw klavier

Thank you darling, here have some more I was working on + trucy

He and Trucy have to be my new favorites (tho I’m a bit biased since I voiced them) they’re very fun to draw!


Miles: Her teachers are very understanding, and she seems to get along well with the faculty, but one does wonder whether “understanding” warrants the overlooking of missed assignments and several unexcused absences… Though I suppose if her grades don’t suffer, there’s no harm done.

Asked by Anonymous:

I’m sorry if this is a touchy subject but is Trucy doing well in school? I’m worried.

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Art request: Apollo JUST LIKE KRISTOPH even if he doesn't mean too and he's just a little chicken nuggest, he's innocent but you can se the similarities tho 😉

Kristoph is The Literal Worst. Apollo is Perfect Cinnamon Roll. I refuse to see any similarities between my lawyer child and The Literal Worst. IMMA FIGHT YOU ON THIS.

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(Not really. Please don’t fight me.)

I don’t think he could get away with it anyway. At least one person would punch him if he goes on the path of Worst…

…or all of them.

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Uhhh trucy or apollo for the shipping meme?

I did Apollo already over here so I’ll just do Trucy!  

  • My NOTP for them: tru//pollo and like…I can’t believe I have to specify this, but trucy and phoenix because I have unfortunately seen it 
  • My BROTP for them: gramarye siblings give me fucking life!  
  • My OTP for them: Trupearl, which I was kind of unsold on but I have seen too many cute arts of them so I guess I would say that even though I am kind of indifferent between it and others
  • My second choice pairing for them: Trucy/Bonny is adorable like magical girlfriends is A++
  • My fluffy pairing for them: Really like any pair with trucy is fluffy right?  trupearl especially
  • My angsty pairing for them: I don’t really know…I guess pre-5-5 trucy/athena potentially could be angsty?  
  • My favorite poly ship for them: I guess trucy/pearl/bonny just because it combines my pairs aha
  • My weirdest pairing for them: trucy x knowing that apollo is her brother because FOR SOME REASON CAPCOM DOESN’T WANT TO TELL THEM. 

I don’t have many trucy ships aha sorry!  <3  But thank you for asking! :D 

Send me a character!

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Ok, how about headcanons for everyone's reactions to their courthouse flirting?

i’ve literally had this in my docs for ages and for some reason never??? posted it???? i’m so sorry it’s been like 600 years BUT HERE YOU GO FINALLY THANKS FOR ASKING

  • LET’S START WITH THE JUDGE, who is irritated, but not even slightly surprised
  • after all, he’s dealt with phoenix and edgeworth for so many years. there’s nothing can surprise him anymore, in this sense (or really in any other, after the fucking parrot and orca)
  • so he just patiently bangs his gavel and instructs the two to wait until recess. apollo flushes and stammers in protest. klavier grins and flirts harder.
  • (his honour also has bets going with the court bailiffs about when the two will just get their shit together already. using phoenix and miles as precedent, of course.)
  • athena thinks it’s hilarious and adorable and she encourages it wholeheartedly
  • except for when she’s apollo’s co-counsel when he’s the lead, at which point it is not hilarious and adorable, it is unprofessional, and for God’s sake, Apollo, if I have to make one more objection for you because you’re too busy staring into Prosecutor Gavin’s eyes, I swear -!
  • she’s just as irritated with klavier, because he’s missing all of HIS points, and as a result she’s thinking them up before he says them, and Widget ends up screaming them out for them both.
  • so it really just turns into Athena arguing with herself, and the judge doesn’t even know which objections to overrule anymore.
  • Trucy is their biggest shipper, but has to remind Apollo to keep it together because this is a murder trial and someone died can you keep it in your pants polly
  • phoenix is. Delighted honestly because FINALLY he can see what he and edgeworth must have been like?? when they were young and stupid (the days of their youth, like the scent of fresh lemon)
  • he takes it upon himself to educate Gay Lawyers Gen 2, and by educate he means humiliate, and by Gay Lawyers he really just means apollo because he has no authority over klavier (not that he doesn’t try points for effort)
  • phoenix very deliberately ropes apollo into Uncomfortable Talks
  • yeah those Talks, The Talks
  • “now apollo, make sure you stay safe and always use protec-” “MR WRIGHT I’M TAKING AN INDEFINITE LEAVE OF ABSENCE” “haha okay kiddo but you can’t call it a honeymoon if you aren’t married so it’s really just a sex holida-” “I CHANGED MY MIND I QUIT” “that’s probably for the best, i won’t have you getting up to anything in the office” “m R  WR IGHT”
  • edgeworth is kind of just. resigned to it honestly
  • he huffs at klavier whenever he’s in the gallery observing but klavier just winks and says jovially “ach, herr edgeworth, i’m sure you remember being young and in love… after all, your own courtroom trysts with herr wright are legendary”
  • edgeworth cuts his salary immediately 

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hello, do you have any headcanon abt magician!apollo? maybe magic is his secret hobby or something (only clay knows, maybe kristoph)? and he's VERY good at it (he got magician's blood lbr) i love your headcanons! sorry if it's been asked before ^^;

Hey there! Thanks so much for your ask, I’m so happy to hear that you like my headcanons! I looove magician Apollo!! My dream is for Capcom to release a magician Apollo costume DLC, ahaha.

What if he picks up some things here and there from being Trucy’s assistant? He can’t do anything really elaborate because it’s not his training, but he’s detailed oriented, has nimble fingers, and has a knack for misdirection, so there are a few little tricks that he can do. Before he meets Trucy, he can’t do anything that really qualifies as magic because he’s never even thought about doing it, but he has some neat party tricks that he’ll occasionally do, like catching a series of snacks in his mouth that he’s thrown really high up in the air, or tossing a coin so that it lands on its side, or flipping water bottles onto their bottoms every single time, or nailing the coolest trick shots with just about anything. He’s not really sure why he can do these things - he just can, and it makes Clay lose his mind.

Once he meets Trucy, he’ll snag her smaller tricks and just fiddle idly with them (the big ones are too intimidating and elaborate). I like the idea of him being super into tiny fire tricks! Sometimes he’ll start a small flame in his hand, and flick it casually between his fingers as he reads. Other times he’ll open his hand and a small mushroom cloud of smoke will puff out for no reason, and he’ll smell like gunpowder for the rest of the day. He can light candles with a snap of his fingers and put them out with a flick of his wrist. If you get him on a good day (i.e. when he has the right equipment), he might even manage to breathe a very small spurt of fire for you (like a tiny dragon). His favourite is the trick wallet that Trucy got him for his birthday. It lights on fire if you open the wrong compartment and it’s very useful for warding off pushy charity people.

He secretly practices really hard, but like you said, only Clay knows (and probably also Trucy) - and Kristoph, who walked in on him one day while he was trying to extinguish the waste paper bin. Otherwise, he puts on a front of nonchalant skill that Trucy absolutely adores. He doesn’t really do it to impress anyone, though. He just loves seeing Trucy do magic, and thought that it would be fun if he could do it, too - just something to do with his hands when they’re free. Besides, there’s something about magic that just pulls him in - makes him feel right. You’d think he was born for it, or something.

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how does dear trucy react to justicykes?? (my headcanon is that she and pearl secretly ships it and sometimes they gush out about it)

they have an updated shipping wall and they keep all the news about all the characters on a super secret diary. Actually Pearl started this, Trucy just followed her.