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(this is a direct continuation of the street racers AU ficlet! it was meant to be another small ficlet and then it…grew…so I’ll stick it on AO3 as its own story tomorrow. but it was a tumblr ficlet FIRST and so it shall remain.)


Damen can barely see the world as anything but blurred, tunnel-vision shapes by the time his car screams across the finish line, half a length–if that–ahead of Laurent’s. As he lowers his foot onto the brake, as he pulls around in a half-circle to park, as he climbs out of the car in front of a crowd falling quiet with anticipation… he can barely breathe. Part of him’s back there on the track, watching the speedometer strain towards two hundred. Part of him’s hearing Laurent’s voice, making the offer.

He watches Laurent’s car–which is his car, now–but he can’t see through the windshield with the glare of lights. He wonders if Laurent will stay behind the wheel. Drive the car away in a burst of dust, disappear into the desert.

But that doesn’t fit with what he’s seen of Laurent de Vere so far. And sure enough, Laurent climbs out of the car as soon as the engine cuts, and strides across to stand in front of Damen. The black T-shirt clings to his chest, scooping low enough that the ends of his collarbones are visible. His skin shines with sweat. There’s nothing to see in his expression.

Laurent swipes his hair back from his face. He says, watching Damen closely, “Afraid I won’t honour my word? I will. I always do.”

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Trick or Treating
  • "I keep tripping over my costume."
  • "An apple?"
  • "That house looks great!"
  • "I'm not sure we should go down that street."
  • "Have the kids gone out already?"
  • "We have to wait until sunset!"
  • "No fair! Your costume is getting you more candy."
  • "We need to go to this one house that gives out full size chocolate bars."
  • "Let's go around to the rich neighborhood."
  • "That place looks creepy. I'm not going up there."
  • "Someone is hiding in the bushes over there."
  • "I'm not scared!"
  • "That costumes cool... but who are you suppose to be?"
  • "Faster! We need to get to all the houses!"
  • "Did you hear that?"
  • "I can't see. My mask keeps getting in the way."
  • "Nice pumpkins."
  • "Did it have to rain tonight of all nights?"
  • "Is the candy situation light this year or is it just me?"
  • "So you're going as a discoball this year?"
  • "I love those lights!"
  • "Something doesn't feel right..."
  • "Is it snowing?"
  • "I swear someone's following us."
  • "There's something in that window!"
  • "Seems kinda warm for Halloween, doesn't it?"
  • "The school has doughnuts and cider."
  • "I'm hungry."
  • "I think I ripped my costume."
  • "I shouldn't have worn these shoes."
  • "Can we trade?"
  • "I'm tired. Can we go home now?"

this went in a completely different direction, i am so sorry, it’s 2am

preston ‘The Romantic’ goodplay must be stopped

anonymous asked:

Sup Jane. Have you ever considered hunting Borealosuchus before?

Oh believe me, I’ve tried, but it’s far easier said than done.

They’re very good at disguising themselves as logs and rocks, and the amount of time I’ve wasted stalking logs is criminal. 

But I know their tricks, and not to brag, but I think I’ve gotten pretty darn good at narrowing down the real ones from the fakes. They’re hiding right in plain sight…

…yes sirree, right under my nose.


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gamerdude38  asked:

If we are asking riddles, how about this one: two females are drinking ice tea at a restaurant. One female drinks 7 glasses of tea in the time the other drinks 1 glass. The female who drank one glass of tea dies. All drinks were discovered to contain poison in them. How did the female who drank 7 glasses live?

The poison was in the ice. She drank her ice tea too quickly for the ice to melt.