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You ever tried cosplay, Betty?

“Betty has never cosplayed before, she never had the time or the materials for it! She hopes to one day, it looks really fun! Being able to dress up and not have to wait til Halloween is just so neat!”


Hand painted “extended” Pokemon TCG Artwork from poke-alters.

These don’t belong to me! I was given permission to repost a few of these as a compilation.

You can also check out their shop, or commission them!

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picked treecko as my hero in explorers of time cause I hc that the hero could've been grovyle


my fav headcanon similar to that is rescue team treecko hero that grows up to be t/d/s grovyle


Kairi: Is it because you want the- (¬‿¬)

Viola: N-NO! That’s not it! (≧o≦)

Mod: So yeah, definitely doing the Hoenn story thing. But to make things interesting, I’ll be turning some of my followers and such into some of the more important NPCs, such as my rival, Wally, perhaps some of the Gym Leaders, and Team Magma/Aqua (and yes, the admins are spoken for, all considering.)

So playing the part of Brendan (the rival) is Viola, I know it’s supposed to be a male rival, but Viola’s just too fun to tease (in the game, Brendan comments hoping the new neighbor would had been a boy to be friends with.) Hope you don’t mind me poking some fun ^^