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Touku and Ivory || Pink Pals!

/Touku strode along the sidewalk of Hiougi city with an interested look on his face, innocent chesnut eyes surverying anything and everything as he walked along with his hands shoved comfortably into the pockets of his jeans. Professor Juniper told him a new city was built while he was out training in another region with Austin, but he didn’t think they’d manage to get one built so quickly… He didn’t PLAN on going even after that, but when she told him new pokemon were around there, you knew he just couldn’t resist./ Maaaaan, where the heck are these pokemon she was talkin’ about…

/Sighing, he turned a corner and took a few steps forward to continue walking, only to stop when he felt something hit one of his boots. He looked down, seeing a pink visor sitting there on the ground. What the? Had it fell off someone’s head?/ Oiya, th’ heck’s this? /He picked the hat up, examining it and the pink color it had before lifting his gaze to a girl running toward him. Was it hers?/

Hey, chika! Is this your hat y'dropped?! /It was work a try./