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Welcome to the Links and the Link’s au, where everything’s still made up and the canon still doesn’t matter.

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Pt. 1

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Control (Sam Uley)

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Pairig: Sam Uley/Vampire!Reader
Words: 1500+
Warning(s): Nothing too major
A/N: I put all my focus on this rip there goes my motavation. I hope you enjoy~ PS i suck at endings,,
Request: ello, hey, hi there! Could I possibly ask for an imagine, please? Or a songfic is fine. A twilight one, please and can the pairings be Sam × Vampire!Reader? (Teddy Bear) Reader almost hurts/kill their Mate, Sam because of their hunger? 

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You’re odd, like me: Ch 6

A bughead fanfic.

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Summary: Jughead is not interested in girls, ironically this seems to make a lot of them interested in him. Except for Betty, and it drives him crazy when she won’t show any interest in him after spending so many late nights together working on The Blue and Gold.

Chapter 6

Authors note: I’ve been busy with watching Teen Wolf lately. In my spare time (when I’m not watching Teen Wolf) instead of writing like I usually do, I’ve been preoccupied with failing my university course instead. Which has been fun, although I’m happy to be back with a new chapter!

There was a football field. The field had players. The players on the field had footballs. The football field was lit up by stadium lights. The lights gave light to the field in the dark October night. The night lacked any sight of Betty.

So far, at least.

I am bitter as the air sitting alone in the stands watching Archie, who I can barely make out on the field anyway. Still I’m here. I promised him I would be, and as we know from previous experience (cue sarcasm) if I promise Archie something, I stay true to that promise.

My pocket buzzes and I pick up my phone, finding myself staring at a text from Betty.

Shine with the flashlight in your phone so I can find you.

I immediately start looking around for her. But I am without luck. I then remember her request so I pick up my phone to indicate to her where I am located in the stadium. When I hold it up I am inundated with feeling silly. I get the feeling I’m bothering everyone else. I can feel people’s eyes on me. The person next to me shifts in their seat. I keep holding the phone despite my better judgement, really hoping I won’t have to sit like this much longer.

“Ey Jug, this isn’t a pink Floyd concert!” Someone calls from behind me.

There it is. What I was waiting for, but wishing not. I force myself to keep shining the light despite the instantaneous whirlwind in my stomach.

And then I see her, blonde hair making its way up the stairs. Our eyes meet and I can finally stop drawing attention to myself.

“What’s up.” Betty says, and it’s a greeting not a question it appears. She takes a seat.

“Come to bathe in the fountain of testosterone?” I ask to which she smiles while looking out at the field beneath us.

“Yeah, why not?” She answers and I don’t push the matter further. Instead we enjoy –and I’m using that term loosely– the game silently for the most part.

I wouldn’t have pegged Betty as the kind of person to cheer loudly when someone scores, but she does. To my perception, it might even appear she’s made it her life’s ambition.

She keeps asking me which number Archie is again. Every time she does, I grow one step closer to incendiary. I don’t want her to care what number he is. I want her to sit near me, brushing against me at times, asking me questions about my articles and minding the game as little as I truthfully do. I find myself hoping for gusts of wind so that the scent of her perfume is pushed closer to my nostrils. Instead she cheers every time someone scores, instead of doing the healthy quietly-sitting-down-action I am.

“Hey, Jug.” Betty elbows me lightly.


“That girl from yesterday at Pop’s…”

“Which girl?” I ask, faking oblivion.

“The one who was all over you.” She laughs.

I fake confusion yet again.

“The one who was sitting next to you.”

“Sure.” I finally say. “She wasn't–”

“Either way.” She interrupts. “I think you should know, she’s been staring at you.”

“Is she here?” I fail to hide the dread in my voice.

Betty just looks amused and points to a girl a few rows down from us.

She’s sitting with what seems to be a couple of friends. They’re all talking and laughing. It’s probably the same people who were with Archie last night.

“She’s not even looking my way.” I mutter and focus my attention back at the field.

“Well maybe not right this second.” Betty explains frustrated. “She’s been staring at you, quite a lot actually. I keep catching her turning her head and lingering on you.” Betty whispers to me, leaning in dangerously closely. She seems far too amused by what she’s telling me for me to rest easy.

I face her, looking her right in the eyes. “I don’t care if she stares.” I say calmly and then return to the game in a scorn.

Betty is mute for a couple of seconds; she probably wasn’t expecting such a strong reaction. Finally she sighs. “Fine.” She leans back in her seat.

The game drags on. To be honest I’m not even following what’s happening anymore, if I ever was. A drizzle of rain begins to fall. It’s barely noticeable. Perches itself in a huddle on top of skin, it remains on the exterior, an outsider looking in. Or it penetrates a pair of jeans, becoming part of them in a wet puddle. A murmur is all that is heard of it.

“It’s odd.” Betty pipes up. Catatonically she stares out at the field, yet she still sounds somewhat nervous. She’s managed to set the tone of the forthcoming conversation to that of a serious one and I find myself dreading whatever comes next. “The other day you told me that you live further down the street from where I live. Although yesterday when we walked home from Pop’s, I saw you leave in the complete opposite direction. Why is that?” She looks uncomfortable now. Like she doesn’t really want to talk to me about this, yet feels compelled to.

My hands leave the seat I am holding on to and settle’s in my jacket’s pockets. I couldn’t think of anything else to give her but the truth. “Because I don’t live down the street from you.”

“Then where do you live?” She asks as soon as I’ve finished.

I can think of a variety of notions that could have provoked my next actions. Primarily I felt highly unprepared to tell a lie, which means that in my head I need to first debate whether or not I should lie, then actually think of a good enough lie. This gives me less time to think of something to say to Betty, who is by now looking right at me, assumingly waiting for me to set her straight. Secondly I genuinely didn’t really want to lie, although it felt necessary, which means that anything I would have said to her would not have appeared believable. And thirdly I just couldn’t think of a single street name for some reason.

It is an impossible task, answering her. So I do the thing that takes no brain capacity to do. After all, it seems my brain has shut down along with my hopes and dreams of keeping my living situation in the dark. I stand up and leave. Not only is that an awkward thing to do in itself, what makes it even more inconvenient is that I can’t ask Betty, who is sitting closest to the isle, to move so that I can easily escape the arena, I have to get a whole row of people to move out of my way as I clumsily bypass each and every one. The whole thing is a mess basically. Luckily Betty lets me escape.

I stop walking once I have left the school grounds. I slide my phone out of my pocket and start typing a message.

Had to leave. See you in school.

I send the message to Archie, hoping he doesn’t ask and thinking he probably won’t. Standing steadfast on the sidewalk I watch the trees sway with the wind for a moment of peace before I let a forthcoming wave of thoughts erupt.

I am about to leave when I see Betty approaching me in the distance. My heart begins to pound. I can’t take a confrontation, especially not with her. That’s not what our relationship is supposed to be like. Yet I stand still awaiting her. I can’t just leave, not again, and not when she knows I’ve seen her.

“Didn’t think you followed me.” I state sheepishly.

She smiles sadly and then something switches in her countenance, she puts on a joking tone. “I gave you a head start is all. You didn’t think the journalist in me would let you leave it at that? I ask you a simple question and you disrupt the game for at least 15 people to avoid it?”

“Well then… thanks for the head start, I guess?” I reply, unsure of what to say.

“Yes, well, I guess it was a mixture of being genuinely stunned by your behaviour and also pity as I watched you desperately stumbling between the seats that lead me to grant it to you.” She smiles.

I smile half-heartedly, not quite meeting her eyes with mine.

“But enough about that little incident.” She starts, getting straight to the point. To my surprise, she sits down. On the ground.

“It’s wet.” My eyes circle her presence, or rather the asphalt she’s sitting on. The water on the ground around her reflects a yellow shade coming from the streetlights. I decide to join her in a sitting position. I find it’s cold.

“So, Jughead. Where do you live?” She asks in her best impression of a reporter.

Before I answer her I take some time to regret the doting smile that a moment ago adorned my features. Damn it. I fiddle with my own fingers so as to not have to interact with her curious eyes. “…You know the Twilight?” I spare half a second to connect with her eyes and then I’m back to my hands. Her shoulders are raised in a futile attempt to protect herself from the cold wind.

“Yes.” She says. And I know that whatever I say next is barren; she’s already understood. Yet I march on although not so much with purpose but remorse.

“You know that night when we were sitting in the projector room working on the Blue and Gold?” I would have recalled the memory with fondness was I not forced to spare Betty the detail of my life, which I am most wounded by.

“Yes.” It comes out solemn and hollowly from her mouth. I dread having to continue on with –what she already knows– I’m about to say next.

“That’s home.” I tried to make the utterance with a sarcastic undertone. But there is no denying; it came out faint sounding.

What I gather from her expression, one I would rather not gather at all, is what I reckon I would depict from most people would they be in her seat. She is at a loss. She wants to help but doesn’t know what to do. Clearly I am now in a situation where I’m a 16 year old in need of help from other 16 year olds. Annoyance seethes inside me.

“Stay at my place.” Betty says frankly, as if what she’s saying isn’t weird at all.

My astonishment at her comment is one of multitude. To begin with, surprise that she would suggest such a thing. Second, dumbfound I hadn’t realised sooner it would come to this. That’s what Betty always does: she helps.

“Uuh, no.” I try my best at making it sound like I think it’s a stupid idea.

“Jug, you have nowhere to live.”

“I just told you where I live!” I say and stand up because I know this conversation won’t stop do I keep sitting here.

She stands with me. “That’s not a home despite what you say!” She argues while walking beside me.

I don’t retort, which results in us both falling quiet, the only sound being out breathing. I pretend she’s not there, it’s like we are walking beside each other yet not together. It’s not until I take a turn that Betty stops.

“Wait. Shouldn’t you be heading the other way?” She’s more confused than riled up like before.

I realise then that I can’t walk her home. Obviously. I give her a long stare. “Right. Well goodnight then. Thanks for the offer.” I force a small smile. She does the same.

And I’m off.

27 May 2017

Where you can find the signs
  • Aries: Pacing around under a stadium's lights, fiddling with the zipper on their jacket or a zippo lighter. I can't tell you what they're waiting for, but be gentle to them.
  • Taurus: Strolling mindlessly around a city by the bay, gazing up at the birds, and sighing with the sounds of the sea. Let's hope they're as at peace with their soul as they seem.
  • Gemini: Smiling wide at the sunshine at an outdoor music festival, dancing alone and oblivious, the music flowing through them. I hope the sun never sets on their smile.
  • Cancer: Rushing through the rainy city streets, jacket pulled close, and a worried look on their face. Give them a long hug the next time you see them.
  • Leo: Wandering down the boulevard, hair let down, and skin glowing in the vibrant orange of golden hour. They're just as sticky in the summer heat as you, don't forget.
  • Virgo: Marveling at the world around them, making their way through a botanical garden, sitting in an empty theater. They know as much good in the world as they know bad, they do.
  • Libra: Rushing down a boardwalk surrounded by salty sea air and smiles, pulling you along with them, laughing in the summer breeze. Don't let the fire in their eyes go out.
  • Scorpio: Out on the open road, driving under a twilight sky, eyes steely, and heart set. Keep in mind they're only unreachable if you don't reach out.
  • Sagittarius: Walking through any large city, constantly rushing around, flashing a diamond smile. What do you think would happen if they slowed down?
  • Capricorn: Hiking through a forest where the trees whisper in the wind, strolling down a red carpet, eyes glimmering in the flashing lights. Next time you see them, ask them if it was all worth it.
  • Aquarius: Resting under the plush comforter of a grand hotel, leaning over their balcony gazing into the sparkling city lights, whispering lyrics to themselves. Let them teach you how to tune out the world even if it's for a minute.
  • Pisces: Laying in an open field full of wild flowers, breezy clothes on, radiant in the sunshine, caught up in their own dazzling daydream. As much as you might like to, don't bring them back to reality just yet.

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which zelda game do you recommend starting if ive never played any?

i love getting these im crying. it depends on the consoles you have? my favorite is twilight princess but its a heavy game. either wind waker or ocarina of time in my opinion are the funnest ones? majoras mask is also super good but its a DARK game. a link between worlds which is just a remake of a link to the past which is a classic. if u have a wii u or switch breath of the wild is a beautiful and incredibly fun game nintendo outdid themselves truly. i personally dont like skyward sword but i know a lot of people do if you have a wii. just be prepared to get angry if you play it :~)

Calling all Zelda Ask/RP blogs!

[Hi everyone!

If you’re a Legend of Zelda roleplay blog and want to interact with Nabs, could you please like this? It’s been awhile since I’ve traipsed the alleyways of the LoZ fandom, and I’m not sure who’s active with what rules and the like now. So, let us know by clicking that little heart down there! We’d greatly appreciate it!]

katalinlame  asked:

Hi! Your blog is awesome and I look forward to your content every time I scroll through tumblr! For your ask list could you do 5 and 30? I hope you day is wonderful! 💚💚

thank you ! :D

5. Favorite version of Link

twilight princess will always be my one true son. ocarina of time is my other son

i already answered 30 but ill just paste it

30. If you could only play one Legend of Zelda game for the rest of your life, which one would it be?

maybe wind waker or breath of the wild…or ocarina of time

theunicornborn  asked:

Im sad I cant play BOTW should I replay wind waker or twilight princess? Or do you have suggestions for gameboy zelda games?

I’m sorry you can’t play botw but i hope you’ll get the chance to in the near future~ As for which title, whew that’s a hard one cause they’re both really good. i myself have been wanting to replay tp lately but i keep telling myself to wait until i get the hd version (and i haven’t replayed it from beginning to end in quite some time). however i’m currently replaying ww (hd) and am really enjoying sailing the great sea, discovering all the small changes and wonderful improvements gameplay wise, working towards a 100% completion. i just keep being reminded of why i love this game so much, so i’d say ww ^-^

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Poetry, Felines, and Lace! - Queens ;)

Thank you! These were fun!

Poetry–favorite book or poem: I’m not sure I have a favorite book of poetry, but I adore W.B. Yeats and H.W. Longfellow. A line that’s been stuck in my head recently is from Yeats’ “Into the Twilight”

“And God stands winding His lonely horn,
And time and the world are ever in flight;
And love is less king than the grey twilight,
And hope is less dear than the dew of morn.”

Felines–Something that makes me feel better after a hard day: Hmm… movie nights and warm brownies. It doesn’t matter what movie, really, though I have a few go-to faves (Star Wars Episode I, Pride and Prejudice, and Chronicles of Narnia)

Lace–favorite things to wear: I’m a pretty big fan of just skinny jeans and t-shirts, tbh. I thing that’s when I’m most comfortable. But like biggest confidence booster would be really professional? Like, give me a button up shirt, slacks, a blazer and heels and I am ready to take on the world.

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In botw i have the tp, oot, and ww outfits, and i change Link's outfits between those depending on where he is. Beach? Wind Waker. Forest? Ocarina of Time (or maybe Twilight Princess). Grassy expanse of land? Twilight Princess. Is that weird that I do that? I just want Link to look good bc I'm also obsessed with clothing options in video games and botw is no exception

honestly if i had amiibos i would do the same lmao

when i go to faron i put him in the climbing gear and i always put him in the old shirt + no pants when i go to lurelin village because it just feels right

martinvalley619  asked:

I'm sure you have answered this many times but what is your favorite Zelda game.

i’ve talked about this a lot in the past but its pretty difficult for me to pick one favorite of anything…i like all the 3d zeldas pretty much equally. twilight princess is my favorite story but i think wind waker is my favorite gameplay. ocarina of time and majoras mask are nostalgic for me cuz i played them when i was a little kid. i havent played much of skyward sword but i think its got its strengths & i hope i can play it in a better form someday (better controls & better resolution). breath of the wild was amazing for the exploration and new style of gameplay. aside from 3d games i loved minish cap and link between worlds as well. minish cap is one of my big inspirations when it comes to pixel art and color. i havent played phantom hourglass and spirit tracks but i might check them out later this year since i recently got a way to play them. hyrule warriors is pretty good too

i just went and added this to my FAQ on my about page;

There were once three brothers who were traveling along a lonely winding road at twilight. In time, the brothers reached a river too treacherous to pass but being learned in the magical arts, the three brothers simply waved their wands and made a bridge. Before they could cross, however, they found their path blocked by a hooded figure. It was Death and he felt cheated. Cheated because travelers would normally drown in the river, but Death was cunning. He pretended to congratulate the three brothers on their magic and said that each had earned a prize for having been clever enough to evade him. The oldest asked for a wand more powerful than any in existence so Death fashioned him one from an elder tree that stood nearby. The second brother decided he wanted to humiliate Death even further and asked for the power to recall loved ones from the grave so Death plucked a stone from the river and offered it to him. Finally Death turned to the third brother. A humble man, he asked for something that would allow him to go forth from that place without being followed by Death. And so it was that Death reluctantly handed over his own cloak of invisibility. The first brother traveled to a distant village while with the Elder Wand in hand, he killed a wizard with whom he had once quarreled. Drunk with the power that the Elder Wand had given him, he bragged of his invincibility. But that night, another wizard stole the wand and slit the brother’s throat for good measure. And so Death took the first brother for his own. The second brother journeyed to his home where he took the stone and turned it thrice in hand. To his delight, the girl he once hoped to marry before her untimely death appeared before him. Yet soon she turned sad and cold for she did not belong in the mortal world. Driven mad with hopeless longing, the second brother killed himself so as to join her. And so Death took the second brother. As for the third brother, Death searched for many years but was never able to find him only when he attained a great age did the youngest brother shed the Cloak of Invisibility and give it to his son. He then he greeted Death as an old friend and went with him gladly, departing this life as equals.
—  The Tales of the Three Brothers, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, J.K. Rowling, 2OO7

So I’ve been asking around at work and other places, and I am honestly surprised at the number of people who have never played the handheld Zelda games for Gameboy. 

The Oracle series, and Link’s Awakening before them, were some of my most-played handheld games growing up. They are also some of my favorite Zelda games overall. Now let me tell you why.

I generally don’t care much for the “main series” titles – except for Wind Waker – Ocarina of Time and Twilight Princess, the NES titles, and especially Link to the Past are all just okay. Same story, mostly the same weapons and mechanics. But the Capcom-developed handheld titles, along with Majora’s Mask, always manage to give very different experiences: new stories, new characters, new tools, mounts, even countries. Zelda, Ganon, Triforce, Hyrule, you know, The Legend part of the title, that’s all fine. It’s ok. But it never ceases to amaze me when fans of the series tell me they’ve never played any of these. They don’t know what they’re missing.