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Incorrect Ugin Quotes
Flavoracle and Gen
Incorrect Ugin Quotes

Thanks to everybody who responded to my request for Incorrect Ugin Quotes! And an ESPECIALLY big thanks to Gen at @voiceofallmtg for taking my voice work and making it sounds so cool! Seriously, I’ve never sounded so good. (And if you’re not subscribed to the Voice of All podcast, you should be.

I thought about waiting and posting this when the podcast episodes with Ugin are released, but since that will be several months from now… I just couldn’t wait. 

Hope you enjoy them!! 

(See below for submission text and credit) 

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Nidalee holds out one of her hands, a green aura collecting into small wisps form on her fingertips. “It’s all magic, Warden. The jungle I used to reside in, the Kumungu Jungle, gave me the ability to asorb the magic that was emitted from it. That only happened after I was taken in by a cougar pride," She speaks in almost a whisper. Afterwards, she laughs quietly. "Sounds strange, but aren’t we all?”

(( I failed at drawing Thresh. forgive me of my sins :’( ))

ask-thechainwarden  asked:

{I wanna send something for Tomo's birthday, but Thresh hasn't known him that well, and Derrick doesn't know them at all (besides he's enslaved now). That being said, Thresh needs Ewan's help now.} There was a rather urgent knock at Ewan's door. "Seer! I need your sight," Thresh demanded.

Answering the door, Tomo instantly adopted a guard-like manner when he found Thresh at the door. While not suspicious of the warden, the dog-man still treated him with the same scrutiny as all other people he wasn’t familiar with. “What do you require from Ewan?” he asked in an expectedly gruff, yet polite and curious tone.


Quiet simple, my chained linked friend. My voice was just simply killer with the ladies that they just simply HAD to accept me as their singer…

I jest.

I was accepted into Pentakill because of my voice, yes, but it took alot of tryouts and many hours of persuasion. It took a long while before they accepted me, had to find a way to keep my wonderful music from killing poor bastard that listened! I am not called ‘Karthus the Death Singer’ for nothing.

Maybe this answers your question, Thresh?