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I'm sorry to pop in, but didn't Mario cry in Paper Jam? While he was comforting Luigi after Wiggler's "death"... His animation really made it seem like he was shedding a few tears as well. Just not as vigorously. I dunno, though, I might have seen it wrong or something, heh. TwT

He does look like he’s crying!

The first animation has him with a sorrowful look on his face

While his second has his head down. It’s hard to tell if he is shedding a few tears or not but….I think it’s best to leave that to interpretation!

Remember, Mario is still human, and is prone to emotion just as much as Luigi. But he’s the older brother, so he has put on a much stronger exterior.

It’s always nice to see Mario comforting Luigi in this way.

But then Wiggler is alive and everything is fine! Yay!

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just went through your whole blog, and i really love all your designs! any chance you could do a birdo or wiggler gijinka? i know they're not "really" paper mario characters but they were both in sticker star so that counts right?

i never know what to do w birdo’s designs like ???? but here you go hahha

i i was just gonna doodle wiggler…li like a sketch why wh y did i keep going


David Tennant takes on the Evil Birsh

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