ask the twilight princess


Twilight: “No matter how much we age…” 

“I miss the old days, so it’s good that you bring laughter like that…”


~*Woo! That was quite the entrance! Princess Twilight can take your questions now!*~

‘The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess’ sentence meme

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  • “Can you at least promise me this? Just come home safely.”
  • “If there is anything you desire, then I shall desire it, too.”
  • “What? Say something! Am I so beautiful you’ve no words left?”
  • “I want you to do me a favor. I can’t give you the details now, but it will be easy.”
  • “You heard me! So get out of here!”
  • “Welcome to my castle.”
  • “So, this is the one for whom you were searching…”
  • “Ha. Such conceit.”
  • “I follow the strongest side!… That is all I have ever known.”
  • “I want to thank you for being so kind to someone like me… Someone you don’t even know.”
  • “Sorry, but as romantic as this is, I’m not going to stay here with you, I’m getting out!”
  • “…You were imprisoned? I am sorry.”
  • “This village is full of idiots.”
  • “We can’t just let this goat eat the letter!”
  • “Do you ever feel a strange sadness as dusk falls?”
  • “To defy the gods with such petty magic, only to be cast aside… How very pathetic.”
  • “It’s such a nice melody…”
  • “Ewww… That wasn’t good for my appetite…”
  • “Your heart and mine were as one, however briefly.”
  • “The howls of the beasts… they’ve faded into silence.”
  • “An impressive-looking blade… but nothing more.”
  • “Those who do not know the danger of wielding power will, before long, be ruled by it… never forget that.”
  • “So, you’re not absolutely stupid after all!”
  • “Yes… This feels so familiar…”
  • “Oh, but listen to me blather on! I have a favor to ask.”

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c3 zelink (legend of zelda lmao) for the drawing thing if you're still doing it :-))

My tablet’s busted, so had to whip out the old pencil-paper method. I’m not very familiar with Legend of Zelda, hope i did some justice, and that you like it!

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Twilight Princess link is a furry

Now, let us consider: Link turns into a wolf in TP, yes, but it is not by choice as is very evident through cutscenes and even gameplay. The reason he transforms into a wolf is due to the power of the triforce of courage as we see in the cutscene where he first transforms

With this we know his transformation is the will of the gods/goddesses which I think they even state something similar to that within the text somewhere in the game (I don’t remember for sure, but the triforce is proof enough). And so, it is not Link we need to question, but rather the deities of Hyrule


As we see numerous times throughout the series, Ganondorf uses the power of the triforce of power (albeit usually as a last resort) to transform into Ganon, a beast that fits his image of what he wants at the moment: absolute power. With this, we can theorize that the shape the triforce makes its wielder take on is a representation of what they secretly desire which would mean…..

TP!Link IS a furry??


Twilight: Queen Cadence rules over the Crystal Hearth to the north. Once, our lands were peaceful and distant neighbors, but at around the advent of the curse, She began to send hunters and assassins to our lands. Lady Luna was very gravely wounded in one such attack. Ever since, Lady Tia has taken it upon herself to assist the royal guard, who patrol the border, whenever she is able.

Here ya go (ovo)/ (wall of text ahead folks :o)

Some of these complaints are a tad exaggerated for the comedic effect, but yeah

Like the first part was fine! The hands creeped me out but you know what? They added tension! Made me think on my feet! Really set the tone! But then after that everything else was just ENTER ROOM, KILL FLOATING HEADS. Or FIND BALL, PUT IN SLOT. Everything was lacking! …Which was so disappointing because I have so many tools in my arsenal that I could use to solve whatever you threw at me but NO! Just a bunch of floating heads! Heck, the hands also made more sense in that way – there were two of them and you have two hands. I don’t see you having at least a dozen heads!!! …Though I guess I don’t see your hands either – do…do you even have-WAIT THAT’S NOT THE POINT. It’s honestly like you didn’t even try! Like you were sure that the hands would trip me up and I wouldn’t get this far but guess what – THEY DIDN’T! You even have this really cool aesthetic going for you with the twilight and glowing lights and everything but everything just looks dull and drab! Nothing is memorable! I didn’t even get anything new out of this other than a light sword – which would have been fine except for the fact that I can ONLY use it here, thereby making it essentially pointless!! I even managed to accidentally skip over the boss key on the way here! Everywhere else the key was in a place that made sense and had some sort of challenge in front of it but here it was just behind a darkness waterfall! Actually that perfectly cements how lackluster everything was – I didn’t even give you enough credit to use THE OLDEST TRICK IN THE GODDAMN PUZZLE BOOK!!!



Twilight- “Pretty recently, ponies all over have started to change like Ms. Shimmer here, though, not all as suddenly. My friends and I are trying to find the source… and maybe a cure.”

~”Twilight is the only afflicted alicorn. Her experiments seem to have weakened her immunity. Normally, the ballance of pony magics in an alicorns body would protect her from the curse, as it has myself, and as my blood now does for many of my little ponies.

~”Captain Shimmer will be relieved of her duties until such a time as she becomes accustomed to her new form. Though the blood will help her heal, she will likely ache when she wakes.”


~”In fact, Twilight is just the mare we need to see.”

~”Ms. Sparkle, How are you and your friends progressing?”

“My new wings are still vestigial and no longer ache. Rainbow Dash grows more scales each day, she claims they make her more ‘aerodynamic.’ Rarity has developed some sensitive lumps she simply complains are ‘unsightly.’ Pinkie Pie is a bit thinner and taller. And while both Fluttershy and AppleJack still show no visible symptoms, AJ has complained about a “squirming” beneath her skin.” 

~”Very well, we’ll begin the transfusions once we check up on the others…”


Lady Tia follows Twilight into the medical ward.

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I totally agree with your statement about TP!Link. But my question is: since Link and Ganondorf have beast forms, why has Zelda kept her human form while being in the Twilight? (Or maybe she has a beast form, but like you, I haven't played the game in a long while)

This is the post that brought about this ask

This is a very good question and one that has no canon answer, at least as far as I know. However, after thinking about it I was able to form one possibility within my mind. First of all, we have to keep in mind that Ganondorf having a beast form is nothing new, regardless of whether he’s in the Twilight or not. Ganon has been around since the very first loz game and he can symbolize pure power. What is new, is that Link has a beast form (or at least it was new back when TP first came out). Not counting the amiibo function of wolf Link joining you on your journey in BotW (which I’m going to mention again later), we have yet to see any type of beast form for Link return. However, even though he lacks a beast form in his own game, we see OoT!Link as the Hero’s Shade take on the shape of a golden wolf, and as I mentioned before he has nothing to do with the Twilight as far as we know.

As a result, this makes it a little difficult to understand exactly why Link got a beast form in the first place. However, (and bear in mind I’m definitely not the best person to ask when it comes to this, but here we go~), in Japanese mythology and whatnot, unlike a lot of western ones, I believe wolves are seen as being creatures worthy of worship since they were often depended on to protect crops from other wild animals. There were also charms and talismans with wolf symbols on them because it was believed to offer protection in various situations. Considering Zelda games are made in Japan, it’s not unlikely that they had thoughts like this in mind when deciding what to make Link transform into in the first place. This goes back to Wolf Link being an optional companion in BotW. He helps you hunt and fight, similar to the roles wolves had in Japanese mythology. Of course, there are many different views on wolves depending on the cultures you look at. For example, in many, wolves are often symbols for warriors and causing destruction. There’s also the whole “lone wolf” mindset and how the life of a hero can be very lonely. There’s a lot that can be possible, and as I said, I’m not an expert (or even an amateur) on it.

Anyway, because of this, it could be the goddesses wanted Link to take on a shape worthy of a hero. A shape seen as reliable and even ferocious when need be. A wolf. Of course, there are issues with this if we just look at the worshiping nature of it as most NPCs make it no secret they’re terrified of Link in his wolf form, but it could be argued that, like real life, regardless of mythology most people probably wouldn’t want a wolf in the wild coming anywhere near them. So, it could be possible ancient views of wolves in TP!Hyrule mirror those of real life. Or even that no one in Hyrule is used to seeing wolves as I’m pretty sure that guy who sells you lantern oil (not that anyone actually buys it) comments on wolves being rare in the area. Possibly a stretch, but I thought it was an interesting idea. Anyway, here’s a pic of something Midna will say if you talk to her at some point during the Dark Beast Ganon fight.

“Sacred” because he’s Link and obvious connection to the gods because he’s the chosen hero and all that good stuff, but also “sacred” being put next to “beast” is just kind of interesting to me because, again, of a lot of different mythology involving views on wolves (though I’m probably definitely reading too much into it XD Just thought I’d share this pic anyway though ^.^ since I took the time to take it >_>)

Also, there’s the whole Twilight Prophecy which, no doubt, has something to do with it. The problem is, that’s all we get out of that: is that it’s a prophecy. There’s nothing else about it as far as the Twilight is concerned (at least as far as I can remember).

Now for Zelda herself and the question you actually asked XD Why doesn’t she have any beast form in TP and doesn’t turn into a spirit? Well, let me start with the fact that in our first meeting with her she tells us, “without light, the people became as spirits” when explaining how the Twilight shifts the forms of most anyone and anything within it.

As we see later in our second meeting with her, she has the Triforce of Wisdom already. Not only considering the fact that Zelda is Hylia reincarnated over and over again, as we learn in SS, but we’ve also seen numerous times throughout the series how the powers Zelda tends to have as a result of the Triforce of Wisdom (or just the fact of being a goddess lol) are very light filled. So, it stands to reason that she still has “light” aka the Triforce of Wisdom/Hylia, thus having protection from being turned into a spirit. But, one could also argue that Link should receive similar protection from the Triforce of Courage, allowing him to remain in his human form. However, remember everything I said about the gods wanting to shape him into a form they see fit for such an adventure. Link’s the chosen hero and they make sure to tell you that quite often throughout the events of TP XD When it comes right down to it, I guess what I’m trying to say is: maybe the goddesses just saw no reason to give her an alternate form? But she and Link are both able to keep a physical form, whether beast or not, due to being chosen by the gods.

Sorry if I didn’t give a satisfactory answer, and there’s of course a chance that this is not the reason at all. But there is a chance that it could be ;D Anyway, if anyone else has any theories as to why Zelda doesn’t have any beast form like Link and Ganondorf in Twilight Princess, give it a shot ^-^

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whispers tp and oot zelink are the ones im most indifferent to even tho i want to like them more, would u help me telling me some headcanons :3c

tp zelink:

honestly all there is to say about tp zelink has been said before and i’m admittedly kinda bad with them, as they aren’t my main ship in tp. there’s this one great new list that you should definitely check out. sorry if this is kinda disappointing, i just don’t know what to say about them ):

NOW OOT ZELINK……………………… this is so very long, and so speculative… i basically wrote a timeline for them i’m so sorry lmao

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