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(after looking at both arguments and staying mostly discourse free on my own blog) i find it funny how people are arguing that antis are the most aggressive in the voltron fandom when sha//adins are not much better? like they've pulled some seriously questionable/gross shit? like i do know that some antis have been rude and aggressive but tbh i think they're mostly on the right track with things when it comes to shipping... (i'm a NON-shaladin shipper btw, just to clarify)

Someone with sense

You are always welcome here


whenever i can’t draw i always default to these losers in a shoujo-manga au.

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Um, I know you have the voting pools for fe child sprite edits but sometimes I see you respond to ask requests soooo.... I really liked Niles "Peri is the treasure that got away" supports and was really looking forward to Nina's blue and pink braids cuz I thought they would look like Lilith's blue and red.... Of course Nina's hair was just blue and I was wondering if you could add the pink??? Sorry for the long ask

edited from the official Duel Links sprites for “Yami Yugi”
- changes: drastically recolored to match Atem’s actual skin tone, minor recoloring in the hair and eyes. +added arm bands!

Voila! My sheet of basic Atem sprites. (click for full size)

These are all using the base expressions that I found in the Duel Links resource pool someone uploaded, but I’ve been using bits of each to make even more expressions! ^^

unrelated: why are there blush faces in duel links?????