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I am familiar with Until Dawn. The Wendigo were certainly creepy, I liked them a lot and I can see the analogy but they might be just a little too supernatural and feral for Laz’ab.

Personally I found the Sandman from the Sleepy Hollow TV series very unsettling. I imagine Laz’ab moves with the same stalkerish grace and they do the same job: mental manipulation, guilt and torture until you’re desperate to kill yourself.

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im an art teacher and i always start crying when i try to tell stories about the kids i love them so much.. its my third or fourth year with many of them and they go from quiet and kind of restless the first year to incredibly focused on their projects but also incredibly goofy and running around showing the new kids everything and introducing them to all the chickens which theyve learned the names of :,) i also have a pet python i take out for the kids and they love him so much they take turns walking around with him as a scarf.. one of my favorite kids whos i think 10 asked to put on “enter sandman” by metallica and was signing along and dancing really subtly and then his brother who i also love came up and asked him if it was enter sandman and they both nodded and got back to work ive told that story a bunch of times and it still gets me

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it’s future jersey which means it looks like 1986. action cat has just returned from space after a series of breakdowns and they’re getting back into their hometown punk/glam scene and performing again while they try to investigate what they had been almost killed by before, the ghoulish and haunted secrets of the town.

ACTION CAT (they/lesbian): action cat is a orange tabby with flair and rock. action cat knows how to make their way in the street, but they’re still very sensitive and scared. nonbinary rockstar and can sure scream.

PINKISH (she/lesbian): one-eyed sweet femme with a funky dye job and a personality to match. best friends with juarez and he noses her in as the bassist for action’s band because he knows that they are very, VERY gay for her. lynz way cat just gonna go there and say it.

JUAREZ (he/lesbian): juarez dated action cat a couple of years before and broke it off when action left for space originally. he’s a real tough russian blue with a bone out for the law and he doesn’t give a fuck ‘bout no one.

BROTHER (he/bi): action’s little brother/basically mikeyway. light brown tabby, spends so much time at the library that he’s basically a librarian but he’s also kinda dumb when it comes to most other things.

MAYA THE PSYCHIC (she,he,they/?????): the town psychic. no one really knows too much about them except that they are powerful, ancient, and all-seeing. four eyes, two antennae, three legs and often talks in tongues. action is the only cat that can understand them.


I’ll go ahead and post these here too.

Surprise kiss memes requested by @necromatador!

V is way too competitive to let Sal get the drop on her and get away with it. 

Meanwhile, Sandy completely trusts Todd so he definitely wouldn’t stop her from kissing him. I mean, he probably didn’t even think that was what she was doing. Then, oh, yep. That was definitely a kiss. What was that about? What was that about??? 

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Show us hair. Just lots and lots of hair. Fluffy hair. Long hair. Short hair. Neat hair. Messy hair. Curly hair. Straight hair. Light hair. Dark hair. EVERYONE SHOW YOUR BEAUTIFUL GRACEFUL HAIR.

look at all these children, so many different children