ask the rv cast

Blue night radio 14/10/25
  • J asked if they were casted or they auditioned. RV said they all auditioned.
  • Seulgi trained for 7 years, wendy and Joy and irene trained for 2 years
  • J asked Joy how old she was when she joined. Joy said she went in through audition when he was in 1st year of high school
  • Jong asked Seulgi the same question. Seulgi said she went in when she was in elementary year 6 (was it?)
  • tr: cosmicticks
  • jonghyun: i knew about seulgi during my trainee days. even when i was preparing for my debut, she was there as a trainee
  • jonghyun: as i was preparing for my debut, there were times when i practiced with seulgi. she was younger back. now all of a sudden, 21 yo
  • tr: vanillahaato