ask the royal couple

To all my followers

Lotus looks at the papers. “You can’t be serious.” She looked at mun. “Okay okay.”

“Thank you.” She clears her throat, then inhales.
Lotus inhales from the lack of air.
I send this to you all.
Thank you and have a great 2017.

“According to royal reporters, the Cambridges asked for the Taj Mahal visit to be private. What kind of royal couple would have their tour paid by the taxpayers to then have a private visit? There’s only the Cambridges to take our money and fund their little vacation.” - Submitted by Anonymous 

“Daily Mail said “Bhutanese tourism ministers said they were happy for reporters, photographers and TV crews to accompany the Duke and Duchess all the way to the monastery. But Kensington Palace blocked that, insisting the royal couple should have a private visit to the monastery buildings.” I hope there is no monarchy after the Queen because these two are such a waste of time and money. They want ‘privacy’ when they are supposed to be working. A bunch of entitled people.” - Submitted by Anonymous