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Your ship is fucking abusive and disgusting what is wrong with you?

im laughing because i actually ship klance. i dont really ship any shaladin ships at all, i just reblog the content here to give my poor followers a break. i can see why people like them tho, and cute art and good writing are cute art and good writing. like damn, shaladins have

also klance is, by my own damn admission, way more likely to problematic based on what we know from canon then any shaladin ship ever could be. on one hand you have shiro, a supportive nurturing person, who would rather lose his remaining arm than do ANYTHING to harm any of the paladins or make them uncomfortable. on the hand (get it haha hand) lance has openly admitted to picking on keith… in canon. their relationship is fueled by one-sided rivalry? it took them two seasons just to start getting along.

doesn’t mean i dont like klance though lmao. im a sucker for those enemies to lovers tropes ngl.

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request! mccree and hanzo arm-wrestle... who wins?

it was rlly hard to pick a winner but..

i talked to @overdrivecow who figured out that theres more to arm wrestling than just pure strength; a lot of it is in the technique, which mccree certainly learned somewhere at some point!! 

서울의 달 (Moon of Seoul)
서울의 달 (Moon of Seoul)

Baekhyun - Moon of Seoul (170206 IG Live)

I downloaded the original recording from here(cr:kyongkyong_0506), but it was lagged and I wanted to fix it for myself. And it turned out pretty well so I thought I can share for whoever wants to listen a (kinda) hd version.

Download Link

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Anonimus opinion: you're great person! And btw,everyone in naruto fandom talk about some "SP" ...what sp present?

Awh! Thank you, anon ♥(ˆ⌣ˆԅ)

SP is the abbreviation for Studio Pierrot who is a Japanese animating studio and they are the ones who animate Naruto.

Many fans dislike the studio because a lot of their work is at a very low standard. Here are a few examples:

That doesn’t mean that they can’t do good animation. They are actually capable of outstanding animation. But, they like to spread their budget around and put money on more important parts of the story. Another element is their favouritism with certain characters. This leads me onto my second point of why people dislike SP so much.

To put it simply, they absolutely adore Hinata but they don’t like Sakura. Some people say it’s due to their characters, some say it’s because of their chest sizes or just simply because of their popularity amongst fans. You can read this short analysis which shows how much effort was put into one short scene where Hinata was confessing compared to other episodes.

I’d just like to add my own two cents into this from recent episodes. So, I’m sure you know that the last few episodes of Naruto Shippuden were filler episodes about Naruto’s and Hinata’s wedding. This is what the first few episodes consisted of:

You get the point. Now, as soon as Hinata shows up in the episode, she gets all the spotlight.

You can see just how much effort was put into animating her. Her hair, eyes, clothes and even lighting has so much precise detail. SP is basically pushing it all out just for her. Whereas Sakura is made to look like this:

In one episode they even made Sakura and Ino fight over who is more womanly and Ino used the argument that Sakura has a small chest so she is obviously less feminine. This just shows how sexist the studio is. In their view, big boobs = more womanly. And that is the main reason why Hinata gets the spotlight and why she ended up with Naruto.

In The Last, the animation is probably at it’s best and it’s pretty obvious why. Because the movie is Hinata-centred. It’s so obvious how much time and effort they put into that movie just to show-off Hinata and obviously make her look better. They even put her in an outfit which showcased her boobs even more (proving further how sexist SP is).

Even in the new Boruto series, Hinata is getting so much unnecessary screen time (even more than Naruto himself). 

I’ll just leave these here:

🖤 Fuck abortions 🖤

It’s not your chose to say either they live or not.

No, it’s not your body. It’s the unborn baby’s.

Just because its rape doesn’t mean you should abort them. The unborn child didn’t ask to be the product of rape. So, just give them up for adoption. Give them the love and family you couldn’t/wouldn’t give them.

It’s not a clump of cells. It’s human.

Studies show that during 7-12 of pregnancy, the unborn child already has a developing nose, brain waves, ears, and more. And up to 8-10 weeks the unborn baby has a beating heart.

If the mother gets the abortion she more likely to kill herself and/or get breast cancer.

Just because the unborn baby might have some problems when he/she is born. Doesn’t mean you should abort them. You don’t know what life has in store for them.

And last but not least.

It’s murder

It’s something I will probably never support (the only time I will support abortions is when both the mother and child could die) . And honestly a lot of people should too. I’m not being insensitive, I’m trying to save lives. It disgusts me to know people support this even if thd reason is stupid.

Message me about how I’m a bitch or how I’m a waste of space. 🖤 at this point I don’t care about what people think about me.

You’re supporting murder. I’m not.

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I'm in the verge of being NaruSaku fan.. please give me some light on SasuSaku ;_;

[Click on my blog to read more. The tag doesn’t show my full post]

1.) SasuSaku is not typical. Their dynamic is unique. They are much more than the typical hero/heroine bff dynamic you always see in almost every shounen. Much more than a mary sue falling inlove with a dense marty-stu. They are a heroine and antagonist striving to find their way back to eachother; but failing throughout the story because of the circumstances they were both put in:

2.) Sakura’s feelings for Sasuke got the most focus than any other character’s feelings for another.

And Sasuke got focus on wanting to come back but not doing so due to his goals of revenge:

3.) Naruto didn’t want to confess his feelings for Sakura because he recognized that her feelings for Sasuke were much stronger than his feelings for her. That’s why he said that he felt like he couldn’t “confess” his feelings to her until he brought Sasuke back:

Maybe he had already realized that he didn’t really have a chance. And maybe even because had already seen the possibility of her feelings being returned:

which is why he leaves the room in this scene and peeks when he comes back just to make sure that it’s okay to come back and not interrupt something. He was being considerate, like Tsunade said:

4.) SasuSaku was planned from the very beginning of the series(before its conclusion) with minor slips of thoughts here and there; but despite everything Kishimoto admitted to always be thinking about SasuSaku’s union and how it would be so he sticked to what he was for in the beginning. He thought that Sakura suddenly loving Naruto wouldn’t fit her since she has loved Sasuke for so long. Suddenly loving Naruto solely because he was the easier option and a hero to the village would make her a horrible character. It would have made her shallow and out of character in the writer’s eyes. Sakura’s feelings for Sasuke were meant to be the spring that waits for the end of winter:

They were meant to be unwavering with no specific reason behind her love. If a person solely loved someone who lacked love because of a reason and that reason were to disappear it would be pretty sad if one of the few people who truly loved him stopped loving him because the reason was no longer there. Especially because Sakura’s love was warmth to Sasuke:

They were “the first” thing that “saved him” from “his darkness”. 

She was “the first” person that “saved him” from “his darkness”.

“…when his heart was about to be swallowed by Orochimaru’s wicked cursed seal again, he was rescued by Sakura…“ - Databook 1

“Sakura willingly and bravely calms the rampaging Sasuke under the influence of the cursed seal. Sakura’s heart, thinking of Sasuke, devours the wicked power.” -Databook 1

Notice how Kishimoto uses “heart” when talking about what they felt and meant to each other. Her heart was what rescued his heart. She was the one” who filled his lonely existence with the emotion called love:

Naruto and Kakashi may have also been there for him and it was constantly stated that they were also obviously important to him. So we can only assume that Kishi only quoted Sakura here because their bond was more than just platonic. It wasn’t nothing like sns or ks bond. Sasuke has never had these type of moments with anyone else but Sakura:

And Sasuke never considered the idea of playing at romance with anyone else other than Sakura. When Sakura told him that she loved him and that she wanted things to go back the way they “used to be” he “equated that” as playing at romance with her despite the fact of no one mentioning that he had to return her feelings:

So it was obvious that there was/had been something romantic growing/and going on between them.

5.) Sasuke cared enough about Sakura to be able to read her. He was able to read between her feelings “first”:

And cheered her up “first”:

Naruto wasn’t able to read her until part two 

And it was only when she made her feelings obvious,she didn’t try to hide them much, and he was paying attention:

(Here he responds by saying that Sasuke will come back and Sakura then thanks him internally[sorry, i cant find the panel])

Maybe he had kept being considerate of her feelings throughout the story; but once she fake confessed to him out of guilt and blame (thanks sai -_-) and she hinted that he should just drop the promise, he got mad at her and told her to stop lying to herself. He then proceeded by telling Sakura that she wasn’t even doing even doing it/or exhausting himself for her; but because Sasuke was his friend (a friend that was like a brother to him). And even tho it was obvious that at least part of the reason was for her, it wasn’t fully because of and for her like so many ns fans claim: 

After the fakession of guilt, he really didn’t pay too much attention to Sakura’s feelings anymore not until he saw how much she still cared because she voiced her feelings out loud. That’s when he rethought his promise to her and was re-determined to fight for both of them. For both of Sasuke’s and Sakura’s sake. 

He didn’t realize how much Sakura was suffering because she loved Sasuke and he only went back to keeping his promise to her once kakashi pointed her pain out:

6.) I’m not denying the fact that ns had a strong bond or that Naruto’s feelings weren’t shallow; but their bond was always mostly focused on trying to bring Sasuke back. Not romance. And Sakura’s feelings for Sasuke were always highlighted to hint that they were much stronger than Naruto’s feelings for her:

[i’m pretty sure i missed much more moments than this; but you get the point]

7.) SasuSaku happening was obvious due to Sasuke hinting to actually wanting to be with team 7. And that meant to going back to the bonds that he himself acknowledged that existed:

So his redemption was to be expected especially after it was foreshadowed through our heroine’s eyes:

Coming back home meant laughing next to his brother in arms, his teacher, and the girl who filled his lonely existence with love and looked like “his lover” at a certain point in the writer’s eyes:

8.) Contrary to what antis say, Sasuke actually loves Sakura very much and it was and has been written by the authors hand and no one else:

9. So in summary: See the light anon see the light because prt 1 consists of mutual romantic hints and chemistry between SasuSaku and a dense Naruto that cares about his teammates; but can’t tell what’s going on most of the time until Sakura explains the situations to him. Naruto is willing to sacrifice himself for those he loves, yes; just like Sakura and Sasuke would do for him and eachother; but he couldn’t see through Sakura’s depression nor could he feel when Sasuke was leaving the village. The one to see through Sakura’s depression was Sasuke. The one to feel when, where, and if Sasuke was leaving the village was Sakura. They were able to feel and read eachothers feelings much better than ns ever did during this prt of the story.

And prt 2 consists of Naruto and Sakura determined to bring their lost teammate that aspired for a future with them. Nothing of what he felt for them ever changed. It was only his curse of hatred and the goals that constantly blinded it him and drove him to do things that he regretted/regrets terribly. Prt 2 was about losing; but eventually keeping hope. And although the slips for the red herring of ns did show, Sakura’s feelings for the broken boy never wavered, and Sasuke being saved and returning to his usual different bonds with them was/were already confirmed/foreshadowed. So his happiness with team 7 was to be expected.

10. This must seem irrelevant; but our fanbase is the most passionate and spirited ever. We went through so many hardships and we still manged to be number 1 out of all the relevant/possible romances of Naruto:

We were basically among the characters that were born first:

[Notice how it says “created” and not “presented”]

So i guess that its only normal that we remain the most popular since we’ve been at it since 1999 maybe even before that in Kishi’s head ;) [hehe thanks for that reveal Sugiyama~]



I don’t deny bad apples. I know every fandom has them; But out of all the fandoms we are the ones less time visiting videos that aren’t about our ship just to bash. You go to google plus and the ss fandom get attack from every single fandom including nh. Same thing in Narutoforums. Same thing with youtube. Same thing in twitter. Same thing in pinterest. Same thing in facebook. And then theres tumblr here people who claim to ship sasusaku equally to another certain ship passive aggressively bash our ship for some weird, odd reason. But regardless, were always shining bright and our fanbase still remains big no matter what. We have so many amazing artist that cheer us up when the studio screws up,funny and meaningful memes when an anti crosstags, and we remain as lively and as strong as the spring that awaits for the end of winter. :)

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sometimes i just stare at the next gen captains and just??? "y'all look like you could be a k-pop band...."

oh no

10 steps to flirt like a pro:

By the end of this lesson, you will totally be a flirt sensation, I follow these tips myself and it totally works! So if you want to know how to flirt like a pro; keep reading! Here we go!

Step 1: Talk to them!
I know it seems obvious but have you actually opted to say a quick hello and spark up a light conversation? If not this is a good way to start haha!

Step 2: Laugh, laugh and laugh some more!
Everyone likes to think that they are funny - just throw them a bone and laugh along (not too hard you don’t want them to think you’re too crazy!)

Step 3: Use your eyes
If you avoid eye contact, your crush is never going to know that you like them! So make sure to give a few meaningful looks - use the old “look, look away, look again” technique, it does wonders! Make sure you don’t stare though. And if you find it hard to look someone in the eye; look in between their eyes at their nose, they won’t know the difference!

Step 4: Smile!
Pair that look with the beautiful smile I know you’ve got!

Step 5: Compliment them
A few subtle words can make a major difference on how a person sees you. If you give compliments you are going to be more likeable as a person. It doesn’t have to be a long explanation of how everything about them is perfect; it could be as simple as “you look nice today” or “I like your shoes”. The simpler, the better.

Step 6: Think of them!
If you are watching the match of your crushes favourite sport or even if you see the funniest youtube video you know they’ll love, TELL THEM! It will give them the idea that they are on you’re mind, which is obviously completely true!

Step 7: Body language
This is key! Body language reflects how you feel, so if your feeling awkward it will show. Just relax. Do things like leaning in a little bit when you are talking to your crush, lightly brush past them or even maybe touch their arm in mid conversation. All these things will hint your into them. (Warning: sitting on their lap may be too far).

Step 8: Social media
This is perfect if you are shy or you just want to be in contact with your crush at home and outside of school/work. Like a few photos or statuses, send funny links to each other or even just strike up a conversation. Don’t be too stalkerish!

Step 9: Ask for their opinion
Whether it’s about homework or an outfit or if you should eat an apple or an orange… opinions matter! Asking for you crushes opinion will not only hint that you like them but will show that you care what they think. This will give them a confidence boost and also get you a step closer to making your crush a reality! It’s a win win!

Step 10: Be yourself!
Don’t be willing to change for your crush too enormously as that shows you don’t think your good enough, which is completely not the case. If your crush is genuinely interested in you they will like you for who you are. So be confident, be unique and most of all just act like you always do! If you are happy with yourself this will reflect in your presence - and think what kind of message that sends your crush!

You are now the most flirty flirt I know, go try it out on your crush and let me know how you go!


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Indeed Sasuke has experience humiliation and annoyance at the presence of Suckura, cmon she's the worst character in anime history girls wannabe be her for the sake of getting Sauce's D! You're all wetting your panties for the D Sasuke is ASEXUAL SS strippers, get it he don't want non of Suckura or Naruto's ass he was suppose to be a rounin ninja forget Team 7 nothing more than hypocrites allowing the corrupt government to blind their minds into thinking Sasuke was bad smh, fuck SS shitS!!!!!!!!

“Indeed Sasuke has experience humiliation and annoyance at the presence of Suckura” :

“cmon she’s the worst character in anime history”

Sakura Haruno: Google:  About 5,690,000   results 

Hinata Hyuga: Google: About 5,150,000 results

Sakura Haruno: YouTube: About 352,000 results

Hinata Hyuga: YouTube: About 256,000 results

Sakura Haruno: Fanfiction source: 7,299 found

Hinata Hyuga: Fanfiction source: 1,520 found

Sakura Haruno: archiveofourown: 7,360 Found

Hinata Hyuga: archiveofourown:139 Found

Sakura Haruno: Deviantart: 96,506 results

Hinata Hyuga: Deviantart: 34,851 results

Sakura Haruno: Pixiv: There are 19807 images tagged

Hinata Hyuga: Pixiv: There are 356 images tagged

“girls wannabe be her for the sake of getting Sauce’s D! You’re all wetting your panties for the D”

Nope. It’s because of who she is that people like/love her:

And you do realize that she also has fans in the narusaku fandom, right?

“Sasuke is ASEXUAL SS strippers, get it he don’t want non of Suckura or Naruto’s ass”:

Sexuality isn’t even applied in this alternative universe fictional manga about ninjas so it isn’t relevant; but even if it were,asexuality DOES NOT CONFLICT with dating, having sex, masturbating, falling in love, getting married, or having children in any way. Asexuality; is simply someone who does not experience sexual attraction. Someone who isn’t interested/lacks interest in looks or gender. You inserting it into ss as if it were something bad is you concurring with acephobia(ive said this before):

So even if it were it’s not going to change the fact that he loves Sakura and her beauty turned/turns him on ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

“he was suppose to be a rounin ninja”

Rogue? No he wasn’t.

“forget Team 7 nothing more than hypocrites allowing the corrupt government to blind their minds into thinking Sasuke was bad smh″

Sasuke wasn’t bad; but he was in a dark place… team 7 never gave up on him(or saving him from himself)… and the corrupt system shit was not something that was known so wtf is that last type of shitty argument?

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Day 10

I weighed myself today, I’ve lost 6 pounds in 10 days! I was 120 lbs before and now I’m 114 lbs. Maybe I can get to 110 by the end of this week? I’m 5 foot 8 btw ☀☀☀ My ask box is always open guys ♥♥♥

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50 Wrestling Questions!

So while at work I thought of some wrestling questions. Only rule is that you ask whoever you reblogged this from a question (because they most likely want one of these questions asked and that’s why they reblogged it).

  1. What got you into wrestling? 
  2. What is your favorite wrestling promotion? 
  3. Favorite male wrestler of all time?
  4. Favorite female wrestler of all time?
  5. Favorite current male wrestler?
  6. Favorite current female wrestler?
  7. Favorite theme song?
  8. Least favorite theme song?
  9. Favorite gimmick?
  10. Least favorite gimmick? 
  11. Best entrance (either their usual entrance or a special one, like a Wrestlemania entrance)?
  12. Best Undertaker Wrestlemania match?
  13. Most overrated?
  14. Most underrated?
  15. Have you ever been to an event? If so, which one?
  16. Who has the best merch?
  17. Do you own any merch?
  18. Best nickname?
  19. Worst nickname?
  20. Best mic skills?
  21. Most annoying?
  22. Most attractive male?
  23. Most attractive female?
  24. Favorite faction?
  25. Worst faction?
  26. Best ring gear?
  27. Who do you think would be the nicest in real life?
  28. Who would be the rudest in real life?
  29. Favorite heel?
  30. Most hardcore?
  31. A wrestler you could beat?
  32. Best story line?
  33. Biggest missed opportunity for a story line?
  34. Worst story line?
  35. Which wrestler should turn heel?
  36. Which wrestler should turn face?
  37. Who would be the worst to room with?
  38. Who would be the best to room with?
  39. Who would be your best friend if you were a wrestler?
  40. What would your job be in a wrestling promotion? 
  41. Favorite wrestling podcast/ Youtube channel?
  42. Favorite finisher?
  43. Least favorite finisher?
  44. Favorite match?
  45. Favorite PPV?
  46. Guilty pleasure wrestler?
  47. Favorite submission?
  48. Most entertaining to watch?
  49. Best spot?
  50. Who do you most respect?

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When picturing kakasaku, what do you take into account as potential roadblocks to their relationship (aside from their own problems)? There is a disproportionate amount of focus on the student-teacher thing instead of the fact that for most of the manga, Kakashi acts in the capacity of Sakura's commanding officer rather than her instructor, which I feel would be more relevant in-story. Now I'm wondering if shinobi nations adhere to any anti-fraternization rules like in the real world armies.

I think the student/teacher taboo as a societal thing doesn’t really have a canon basis, because there is a canon student/teacher couple already:

So you have Hayate and Yuugao who progressed from sensei-student to lover relationship. Of course their relationship is mostly from the anime. You also have, in the manga, Jiraiya telling Konan to come and find him when she turns eighteen, because she’s going to be a real beauty. Now I’m sure this wasn’t 100% serious, but it isn’t treated like he’s said something shocking. So that’s the concept of a former student becoming a lover being treated lightly.

I actually think, rather than a societal taboo, it would be more of a personal taboo for Kakashi, because of his own relationship to Minato. Not only is Minato essentially Purity and Goodness in physical form, but Minato was there for Kakashi at a very critical time in his life, when his father died; Minato continually tried to help Kakashi and always had Kakashi’s well-being, not just his utility, in mind. Minato was the best sensei he could be within the context of their fucked up society, and was trying to reform the society when he died. By the Five Kage Conference, I feel that Kakashi’s realized just how badly he fucked up as a teacher, for all three of them but especially Sakura, and when he compares himself to his own teacher, then he’s going to seem even lower by comparison. So I think it would be natural for him to think, “you piece of shit, you were such a shitty teacher to her, now you’re going to mix romance into this?! would Minato-sensei have ever sunk this low?!?!?!”

However, from Sakura’s POV, I don’t see this roadblock as very large. Even when she’s twelve, she never idolizes Kakashi. Right from the start of Shippuden, she’s not afraid to casually drag Kakashi when she tells Naruto to leave him alone “because he can’t help his face being that way.” She certainly doesn’t have Kakashi on a pedestal.

Contrast the way Sakura conducts herself in relationship to Tsunade. Now that is a mentor/student relationship with an enormous power gulf. Sakura does have Tsunade on a pedestal, admires her greatly, aspires to be like her, etc etc. Or, compare the way Sakura treats Kakashi to the way Yamato treats Kakashi. Again, Yamato has stars is in his eyes when he looks at Kakashi that Sakura just doesn’t have.

So to me, KakaSaku, if they are kept in character, really has very little potential for abuse of power or manipulation. Sakura is the opposite of groomed by Kakashi. On the contrary, she doesn’t have enough of a teacher-student relationship with him. That’s a failing on his part initially, but it paves the way for sexy times later on. All’s well that ends well I guess, lol.

Since the Konoha forces are so small, broad anti-fraternization policies don’t make logical sense; there simply aren’t enough potential romantic partners in Konoha. Specific policies such as no sex on missions would be more reasonable.

Anyway. Other potential roadblocks:

1. The age gap. Of course it’s a thing. Lots of digital ink has already been spilled on this so I’m gonna skip it.

2. This may come under “their own problems,” but: Trauma. A lot has been said about Kakashi’s probable PTSD and other issues, but for some reason, just because Sakura begins the story with realistic “minor” past trauma of being bullied and teased rather than being a massively traumatized orphan like Naruto and Sasuke, her suffering doesn’t get acknowledged by many people at all. I mean, holy shit, reread the Chuunin Exam arc and keep in mind that this girl is 13 tops? She’s barely been trained by Kakashi, she’s just seen her crush get bitten and cursed, both other members of her team are now unconscious, she’s in a forest full of monstrous creatures, and the “rules” of the exam permit murder. Then she’s attacked. She has to hold her own. She gets some help from friends, but she is literally at risk of death every single moment until she gets out of the forest.


I put that by itself and bolded it because for some reason a lot of people like to sneer at Sakura that she’s a whiner, a crybaby, doesn’t know “real” suffering. What the FUCK, is what I say to these people. I would like to see how hunky dory you feel after going through what Sakura goes through just as a genin. Yes Naruto and Sasuke and Kakashi arguably have it worse, but so fucking what? It doesn’t invalidate her suffering! Why do people insist on playing misery poker? Trauma is not a game where only the person with the very worst past is allowed to “call” and receive sympathy as some kind of fucked-up jackpot.

And depending on where you depart from canon, Sakura has to go through a lot more trauma, right up through Sasuke putting her into a torture genjutsu where he murders her.

So without getting into who had it worse, they both have traumas to deal with. That’s going to provide both challenges and points of commonality.

3. Kakashi seems to me to be an introvert by nature, and Sakura an extrovert.

That’s it for now Anon, hope some of it was interesting.

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Lmao "KUBO SAYING ICHIRUKI WAS NEVER ON HIS MIND" When? Just reading the manga proves he had ICHIRUKI on his mind all the damn time. If he didnt ever have IR on his mind why would he give us the honeymoon spread, all those poems and FTB? LOL for someone who never had IR on his mind kubo sure gave us a lot of Ichiruki content unlike Ih who have two panels and one sketch he drew only bc he was asked to by his sister in law. Hes the one that drew Rukia next to Ichigo when asked to draw only Ichigo.

Them ignoring all that Kubo has said and done for 15 years, that clearly shows that yes Ichiruki was on his mind, is why I will never take IH seriously.You can’t ignore this

Look at that matching outfit with a long scarf that probably is shared by both of them. Matching outfit, sharing a scarf two shoujo thropes.

And this? Rukia wanting to eat Ichigo’s meat? A clear sexual innuendo, do you think we are delusional for thinking this? Look at Renji he is thining the same thing, and every mangaka knows what drawing something like this means.

Look at this don’t you feel that sibiling love? No? Must be the werid form that palm three and those stones have. The fact that it was Ble/ach anniversary and Ku/bo choose to draw these two alone, on a beach, with a bottle of wine/champagne whatever it was, with Ru/kia wearing resort clothes and them looking at each other in that filtry way, there is no way to see this in a platonic way, just no.

Like how can you say this poem is not romantic, like how??? Even if we didn’t have all the other 1500 proofs this poem alone screams romantic to me. The picture already had the “time goes on but this bond doesn’t break” but a bit later we got this poem too, how can you say that time stops when they part is not romantic? You can’t.

Do you want to take a look at the manga?

Ru/kia never said something like this to anyone, only Ichi/go this sounds so much like a confession is not even funny.

and look how happy he is after she says that.

Ichi/go never looked at someone like this, just Ru/kia and to make the point even more clear Ino/ue was so jealous and hurt by it she had to look away.

That goodbye was  already so extra but Ku/bo had to put shoujo bubbles too, SHOUJO BUBBLES, that shit was romantic as fuck and he knew it. 

This is not even half of it, there is still so much more, how can you deny all the things we got and say ichiruki was never on his mind ??? Meanwhle your ship got near to nothing and was one sided for the whole manga and say it makes totally sense? Like no just no. I don’t know what is Ku/bo’s deal but he clearly has problems because what he says and what he does is inconsistent af.

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Well I was gonna say since the age of sexual consent is 18 in Japan doesn't it contradict Kaka/Saku (added the slash so it will not appear in the tags)

Out of curiosity I decided I would check my own fanworks to see how old Sakura is when she’s depicted having sex with Kakashi:

I Think I Read About This Once In Icha Icha: “How was it that she was barely twenty years old and already felt like an old maid?”

Your Most Important Person: “And when you turned eighteen, you were in Suna, and since you’ve come back we’ve both been so busy…”

Walk of Shame: “We’ve been flirting like crazy for two years, had sexual tension for four years, been comrades for six years, and known each other for ten years, we’re finally about to do it and this is what you say to me?” (Sakura must be 22.)

To Give Is To Receive: Sukea:  “It’s been over ten years since I showed my face out here, so…” Sakura must be at least 23. (I actually mentally assumed her to be around 26 or 27 in this story, and for her and Kakashi to have gotten married when she was around 21.)

Open Up My Eager Eyes: Naruto to Sasuke: “You missed my wedding, bastard!” Sakura must be at least 20.

So much for my own work. Obviously, it’s totally possible to have KakaSaku in which both parties are above the age of 18.

Through the magic of fanfiction, it is also possible to have KakaSaku in which they’re the same age, or in which Sakura is Kakashi’s teacher, or in which time travel is involved.

And of course, the Shinobi world isn’t Japan. In Japan, this kind of thing is not legal:

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Ah, remember when Anko told a bunch of thirteen year olds the rules permitted killing each other with no penalty? Remember how Gaara did kill some other teenagers with no penalty? Good times.

Moreover, in the manga, Shikamaru is shown smoking at age sixteen, which is definitely under the legal age in Japan, and nobody gives a shit, including when he’s smoking right in front of the Hokage.

Basically, absent any information in canon about what the age of consent is and how strictly it’s enforced (because a law that isn’t actually enforced might as well not exist), I honestly don’t have any problem with fic that depicts Sakura having a sexual relationship with Kakashi aged 16-17, even though I don’t write it myself. I mean, I enjoy Sense and Sensibility, in which 35-year-old Colonel Brandon falls in love with 16-year-old Marianne Dashwood. I have different standards for historical and fantasy works than for modern real life.

If it squicks you, that’s valid! You don’t have to read it! :D