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Please Read

-All prices are in US dollars (USD) and may increase with complexity

- Send a message with as specific as you can details about what you want done (makes things easier for everyone) Contact @bluebrush09arts via IM or asks

- Have a fairly clear reference of your character(s). if it is a traditional ref try to provide digital colours.

- Mostly do ponies but can do various other creatures (birds, dogs, gryphons,
dragons, etc…)

- If you want something you dont see (bust, icon, refsheet, etc) just ask and we can work something out

-No anthro or humans

- Will not do NSFW or really gory stuff.

-Chibis are small and are hard to put a lot of detail onto. Price will increase if character has a complex design or accessories. Gryphons and other species are allowed but try to keep with simple designs.

Thanks guys!

more examples of art here

PET PLAY - which animal do you best identify as?

A lot of people messaged me asking which animal would best fit them; they’ll describe their personality to me and I try to make my best decision. But I am not the one who can choose for you. You have to choose. Here are some characteristics of different pets to possibly help you narrow down and choose which pet would best fit you. (This list does not have every pet and these are not the only pets you can be. Be whatever you want and do whatever you want; no one can make you feel inferior without your consent.)

• BAT: negative, wants people to fear them, isolated, quirky, loves fruit, independent, “vampire-like”, possibly nocturnal

• BEAR: shy, closed off, not really clingy, playful, internally energetic, slow-moving

• BIG CAT: certain, stoic, secretly playful, appearance is important (grooming, stance, etc.), authority, elegance, sleek, seduction

• BUNNY: very cuddly, oral fixation, likes to hide under and paw at things, very childish, daydreamer, emotional, ditzy, headbutts others as a form of communication, needs attention

• DRAGON: asks for a lot, is not to be commanded, prideful, doesn’t like collars/restraints, headstrong, stubborn, protective, collects/hoards things

• FAWN: timid, shy, playful, adventurous, silly, klutzy, wary, enjoys being outdoors, better with an owner

• FERRET: fun, bouncy, can annoy others for amusement, equally active and lazy, likes to dig, hides things

• FOX: clever, playful, tricksters, doesn’t mind being around others, curious, fast, enjoys being in small spaces, excitable

• KITTEN: incredibly cuddly most of the time, will occasionally need space, very playful, needs a lot of petting, could get along without an owner but doesn’t want to, lazy with weird bouts of energy, likes to play hunt and pounce, likes toys

• LAMB: very quiet, meek, likes physical attention, likes soft things, likes getting dolled up, very submissive, obedient, lower energy, conservative

• PIG: loves to be coddled, sticks close to others, loves being given snacks, minimizes movement

• PONY: strong, proud, a little bit skittish, gentle, wants to work with others, curious, likes to have a job/responsibility, likes learning, curious

• PUPPY: playful, energetic, enjoys company, affectionate, enjoys physical contact, silly, plays with toys, curious, immature, better with an owner, loyal

• RAT: can be aggressive/feral or friendly and loving, greedy with food/items, likes to test bite/lick their owner, loves on and sleeps on others

• WOLF: independent but uses their pack for safety and comfort, strong, reserved initially, observant, grown-up, smart, self-sufficient, can get along without an owner, follows instincts, pack-mentality

Last night I asked people to guess my favorite Hetalia character and at least 60 pple guessed BUT NOT A SINGLE PERSON GUESSED CHINA I’m so sad!!!! 

He threw a tantrum and bashed his head against a wall and the wall crumbled!!! He is smol but strong and adores cute things!!! He repeatedly hit an ancient dragon with a Hello Kitty plush!! HE. HAS. A. PONY. TAIL. CMON NOW GUYS


“I’m great without legs thank you!”

Asks: @mylittledawnstar @couchcrusader @ask-rye-dimar-dragon

ooc: Rainbow is offended haha. Also fun fact: Wyrm is not only a word for dragon in Old English but is also a type of dragon with no legs or wings. 

Mod: Sorry this took a bit longer than I anticipated due to college work, but alas it is done. The idea chosen for this follower picture is from the anime Yu Yu Hakusho. Oh and thank you all for helping me reach 300+ followers you are all beautiful. ^^

Features: (from left to right)

@nat-just (as Yoko Kurama)

@airrazer (as Hiei)

@ask-tequila-shots (as Botan)

@follow-spike-the-dragon​ (as Yusuke Urameshi)

@ask-anime-element (as Keiko Yukimura)

@combthecombel (as Kazuma Kuwabara)


“Speechless? I know, it’s amazing right?”

Asks: @askcabernet @undeadcleric @rainbowfeatherreplies Anon

ooc: Finally the not so grand reveal of Rainbow’s hoard. It’s really just trophies, video games and wonderbolts collectibles. Nothing really speci- wait a minute… Who is that?

Just Married

And so, after a long while, it finally happened.
Sweet Paw and Switch Track are officially married now!
Thanks to everypony involved!

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Spike: “It’s actually amazing that other dragons, ponies, and different species of creatures alike come to me for guidance- It’s quite flattering; considering that I’m still new to the field of Occult~”

“Apparently I’m pretty good at tapping into my Intuition!~ I’m glad that I can help give others the closure and knowledge they need to move forward~”

200 follower picture

Its been quite some time since the contest or whatever you want to call it ended. And now after 1 month here is the picture :3

Any way here are the ponies and dragons that are in this picture:
Mod pony and my friends pony OC in the right corner.

Edit: Fixed some shadows.


Ask # 11 

‘ I have had an interest in the dead since I was very little. I have always been around the dead or grave yards. Been working with them for years! Preparing bodies for funerals , growing the flowers and arranging them. Always been doing it , Something I have grown accustom too. Tho seeing the sad families is the hardest part .. but hearing them tell silly stories of the loved one that passed is very amazing.  Someone’s gotta do it , and I am the pony for the job ! OH ! And I have worked with many bodies ! Not many changlings or dragons but I have worked with them ! Most the time they are very different from normal pony funerals. Dragons , that I have seen, bring something from their stash and put it in with them in the grave.’


Spike’s doing fine~ He’s still Twilight’s number one assistant of course, no one can fill that position! And he currently lives in her castle (she insisted because he’s family and there’s plenty space for all of them), and so does his adopted son, Agate Quartz. 

Twilight Sparkle and Spike the Dragon (My Little Pony) © Hasbro
Starchaser and Agate Quartz © me


So I’ve been getting some messages since deValier’s most recent page update asking where someone can find a certain fic, what another fic was supposed to be about, or if that fic was finished or not. To answer these questions I’ve decided to make a post about each of them (with links to them if they exist) for your convenience.



We’ll Meet Again (Us x Uk; 13 chapters) 

Keep Smiling Through (short sequel to We’ll Meet Again; 1 chapter)

Auf Wiedersehen, Sweetheart (Germany x Italy; 18 chapters)


La Patisserie de la Rose (France x Canada; 6 chapters) 

Libelle Hall (Prussia x Austria; 3 chapters)

Of Ponies and Edelweiss (short sequel to Libelle Hall; 1 chapter) 


Blue, White, Red (Us x Uk; 3 chapters) note: character death/tragedy  

Sleep, Little Bird (Sweden x Finland with Sealand; 1 chapter) note: character death/tragedy  

Gallipoli (Australia; 1 chapter)

Stay With You (Germany x Italy; 1 chapter)



Bésame Mucho (Spain x Romano; 6 chapters so far)

Something To Remember You By (Turkey x Egypt; 1 chapter so far)  note: said to be tragedy

Lily of the Lamplight (Prussia x Austria; 4 chapters so far)  note: trigger warning for attempted sexual assault

Jealousy (Russia x China; 1 chapter so far)  note: trigger warning for violence and assault. also has a big age difference

My Echo (Switzerland x Austria; 1 chapter so far) 


Catch Perfect (Sweden x Finland; 8 chapters so far)

The Tiger and the Dragon (Russia x China; 4 chapters so far)

Meanwhile, Across Town (Us x Uk; not found - summary, quote)

PLANNED FICS: (all Veraverse; no chapters available for any of these; summaries

Autumn Leaves (Rome x Ancient Greece)

Faraway Places (Bad Touch Trio) 

It’s a Lovely Day Tomorrow (Lithuania x Poland)

Room 504 (Greece x Japan)

Somewhere In France With You (France x Canada) 

When I Grow Too Old To Dream (Sweden x Finland - excerpt)

When The Lights Go On Again (Estonia x Latvia) 

You’ll Never Know (Hungary x Liechtenstein)

I hope this was helpful for anyone wondering. I’m still looking for his fic Meanwhile, Across Town, so if anyone has it will you please let me know? 

And while I still have your attention may I make a brief shout out to anyone new or still in the deValier fandom not to harass George deValier for not finishing these fics please. He’s already written so many beautiful fics, and that takes time and motivation and an insane amount of effort that is done WITHOUT BEING PAID. The last thing he needs is people whining at him about not writing what they want him to write and why he hasn’t updated yet. Now what you can do is compliment him on his beautiful stories and say how much you loved them. 

thank you for your time~