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Lot & DW, go.

(Ray makes mandatory DW nights on the ship for everyone to watch)

Rip dresses as Rory Williams. The resemblance is eerie.

Ray dresses up as Eleven because they’re both happy puppies.

Sara dresses as the immortal bisexual badass that is Clara Oswald.

Martin goes as Wilf.

Jax goes as Mickey Smith when Mickey gets super badass.

Amaya dresses as Martha Jones.

Mick and Len don’t care and they both go as Nine.

Nate dresses as that guy Tom who was Martha’s fiance for a few episodes.

Also Malcolm shows up dressed as Captain Jack.

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I've noticed that your Doctor has very strong sense of romance and loves to do things for Rose. What did you base that headcanon on? I wouldn't have thought the Doctor, with all his alien-ness, would have such a romantic streak.

You are correct, Nonny–I believe very strongly in a romantic Doctor. It’s one of my key headcanons for their relationship, actually. 


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It’s an established fact that the Doctor loves to impress Rose. (Well… to impress anyone, really, but we’re talking about Rose.) Their very first adventure, when Rose teases him for acting like a trip 10,000 years in the future is a big deal, he immediately doubles down and takes her to the end of the world. 

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And look at the smile on his face when she says she loves travelling with him. It’s pretty much text, in my opinion, that the Doctor loves this smile of Rose’s. (He returns it just as giddily in TCI, Tooth and Claw, Idiot’s Lantern, Fear Her, and Army of Ghosts.)

So he loves to impress his companions and went out of his way to impress Rose when she acted like his regular tricks weren’t good enough. He loves to see Rose smile, and specifically, he loves being the cause of her smile. 

In light of those facts, I don’t think it’s a stretch to think that if they were to enter a romantic relationship, he would go out of his way to do the romantic things he thinks would make Rose smile. Taking her to romantic destinations, giving her gifts because they reminded him of her, being willing to do couple things like cuddle on the couch.

The Doctor is an alien, and it’s a not uncommon idea that he wouldn’t understand human courtship customs because of that. But he’s lived among humans for the majority of his life. The writers do like to have him mess up human things when it suits the plot or makes a good joke, but honestly… there’s no way he doesn’t know that flowers are a good idea.

I’ve also seen fic and meta that says the Doctor would be lousy at romance because he’s too damaged to be a good partner. But… I just don’t buy that. He does have a lot of baggage, and a lot of it specifically related to having a relationship with someone with a shorter lifespan. However, I don’t think he would let himself start a relationship with Rose until he’d worked past that enough to not treat her like a jerk. (to be perfectly blunt.) I rambled about this at length in a post a few months ago.

The other thing that I suspect drives this whole notion that the Doctor would fail at romance is the trope within the romance genre itself. It’s a common thing for men in romance novels to be all Masculine and Tough, and not understand Romance. And the woman learns to accept the atypical gestures of affection as the way he Shows What He’s Feeling. Things like forgetting birthdays and anniversaries and being a horrible gift giver… Those are genre tropes. 

One of the reasons I love to write romance from the male POV is to subvert tropes like that. Where did this notion that men don’t fall in love like women come from? Where did we get the idea that men don’t love showing their partner affection? (Answer: from the patriarchy.) Men are people, and they fall at all points of the spectrum of sentimentality. 

But I’ve veered away from the topic, sorry. So, yes. I do believe the Doctor would be a romantic, once he decided to pursue a relationship with Rose. He loves her, he loves making her smile, and his ego wouldn’t let him be less than the best boyfriend she’s ever had. 

Can you imagine how appalled he’d be if Rose mentioned that Mickey was better at romance than him??

This post is part of my follower thank you AMA. If you want to send me a question, take a peek at the list for some suggestions, then fire away!

Dating Alex Standall Would Include...

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My friend asked me to do a dating Alex Standall Would Include so this is for you Jenn :)<3

- Meeting him through your parents, your dad is a cop and is friends with Alex’s dad and one day they decide to have a family dinner together and that’s where you first meet Alex becoming instant friends.

- Alex asking you out, Alex asks you out after the ninth joint family dinner with the Standall’s, you’re both laying on Alex’s bed listening to a Keaton Henson song when Alex blurts out ‘Do you want to go on a date sometime?’ You’re shocked at first but agree in the end.

- Going on your first date, Alex takes you to a botanical garden where it’s so aesthetically pleasing all you do all day is take pictures and Instagram them, you eventually stop to sit down and have a picnic and actually enjoy the date.

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How the Doctors would react to you asking them on a date.

Nine: He’d be surprised, he’d thought you were amazing but he never thought you’d have romantic feelings for him. He’d try to play it cool as he took you to the most amazing place, subtly holding your hand and thinking about how lucky his is.

Ten: He’d be incredibly happy but also slightly panicked. He’d end up going incredibly overboard in an endearing show of affection. In the end, he’d just take you out for dinner and a movie on some foreign planet.

Eleven: He’d be overjoyed and try to make it everything you ever dreamed of. He’d always had feelings for you but never thought to act on them. After a long night of adventures and date-stuff, you’d sit at home watching cheesy movies and eating fish fingers. (With custard)

Twelve: He wouldn’t believe you. He’d get slightly upset about you messing with him. He’d tell you you deserve someone better, but after finally drilling it into his head that yes, you do love him, he’d be overjoyed and try to go all out to be the greatest boyfriend in the universe. His callous facade would fade away as he grew more comfortable in the fact that he loves you, and you love him too.

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favorite headcanon and favorite au? (dw)

Favorite headcanon: I love the one I’ve read that has Nine getting his Northern accent from Clara, because the War Doctor thought highly of her. Then Ten got his accent from Rose, of course. As did Eleven, because she’s the last person Ten saw. Eleven spoke to Amy last, so that’s where Twelve’s Scottishness comes from. Now whether they carry that forward, I don’t know, but I love the idea.

My favorite au? Anything romantic. Romantic comedy, soulmates…in any universe, in any situation, the Doctor and Rose will fall in love.

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Will you do some soft sex hcs for the 9th division too?

Maybe? I’ve been kind of enjoying just focusing on one group at a time for now, but I could see myself switching over to another division for awhile. Maybe I’ll do a trial run some time and see how it goes. Stay tuned, I guess?

Is anyone interested? If so, just the ninth or is there another division you’d want to see?

“Why are numbers beautiful?  
It’s like asking why is Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony beautiful. I know numbers are beautiful. If they  
aren’t beautiful, nothing is.”
-Paul Erdos, Hungarian mathematician


“1×8+1=9, isn’t it?”
Yes, it is. Continue.
“12×8+2=98, isn’t it?”
Then, “123×8+3=987”
Where is your calculator?
Yes, it’s correct.
Lots of numbers start forming a line.
Wondering what these numbers are?
Then I’ll disclose the secret of the trick.


I’m going to show you other pyramids.
Are you ready for your calculator?
One is this.

And one more.

111,111,111*111,111,111=12345678987654321, which is a basic counting series, read from either end.


Every number no matter how large that is equally divided by 9, will equal 9, if you add all the numbers it is made from until there is 1 digit.
A quick example of what I mean:




Natures secret about 3,6, and 9…?

“We have to cast out all 9’s.”

What does that mean?
It means that any number that is above the value 9 or one place value is going to be added together to get a single digit.
So this means if we have a number 26, we add 2+6 to get 8, which is its “archetype”.
If we do this for all numbers while doubling and halving, we get a pattern.
This. The secret to the Universe is DOUBLING and HALVING.
3 and 6’s are constantly oscillating back and forth between each other in the doubling and halving scheme.

The number 9 is the unchanging, unwavering number that never really loses its true identity, even though it is undergoing a constant state changing. (pay close attention)

9 X 1 = 09
9 X 2 = 18
9 X 3 = 27
9 X 4 = 36
9 X 5 = 45
9 X 6 = 54
9 X 7 = 63
9 X 8 = 72
9 X 9 = 81
9 X  10 = 90

If you didn’t realize it yet, the secret to the above multiplication of 9’s, is hidden in this…


Now besides the right side of the numbers, reverse the order of numbers to be going (counting) backwards…

0 9
1 8
2 7
3 6
4 5
5 4
6 3
7 2
8 1
9 0

Put them together…


You just created the answers to the 1-10 multiplication of 9…

9 X 1 = 09
9 X 2 = 18
9 X 3 = 27
9 X 4 = 36
9 X 5 = 45
9 X 6 = 54
9 X 7 = 63
9 X 8 = 72
9 X 9 = 81
9 X  10 = 90

Now once again, see how the answers we just did, end up actually returning back into the number 9…
Now watch… as you are about to see just how powerful #9 really is..


Now… add them together…
lets do the first three together…
0+9= 9
1+8= 9
2+7= 9
Have you caught on yet?
Lets see all of them now..

0+9= 9
1+8= 9
2+7= 9
3+6= 9
4+5= 9
5+4= 9
6+3= 9
7+2= 9
8+1= 9
9+0= 9

So all the multiplications of 9, end up returning back to 9.
even large numbers…

Take any number like, 143.. now times it by 9..
you’ll get 1287
143 X 9 = 1287
Now add the digits together, not counting above 10 (after 9 start over at 1)
Add the 1+2+8 first, which will get you 2, then add 2 with the remaining digit, 7, giving you… #9.

Try some numbers yourself.

Then there is the addition with #9…
In this method, adding 9 to any number will have an answer that equals the amount of the original number added to 9.
Lets start,
Add any number to 9.
Lets do 13 since its a double digit.
9+13= 22
But first since this is a double digit we used to add to number 9, lets now get the value of its digits together.
1+3= 4
So going back, we just got 4 from the 1+3, which came from the value of the two digits of the number 13, which we are adding with 9.
So back to 9+13 = 22
The 22 we got, if added together gives us, 4… the same number we got from the value of 13 (1+3), which we just added to 9.

Now lets do this with a single digit…
Lets do 7
9+7 = 16
16(or 1+6) = 7

Another one..




So on and so forth….

-The number 9 is the node and represents Spirit.
-The numbers 3 and 6 represent the Yin and Yang in the form of magnetism and the number 9 is the S curve.
-The base ten numerical counting system is triangulated.
-Infinity has an epicenter.
-The powers of ten occur by halving.
-A number cannot be created or destroyed and zero does not exist on a number line or in any multiplication series.
-Multiplication series are unbroken rings from cross sections of the torus.
-The zero is always in the center in the form of the vortex hole.
-The preferred frame of reference to the universe is based upon the fixed constant number 9.

Isn’t it beautiful?
Yes, it’s fantastic!…
This is enough info for now, as any more will/might get confusing, and this amount is more than enough for you to reflect and think over.
Thoughts, opinions, comments? Lets hear them!

The Empath Goodbye

This fic is for @victorineb who prompted me with her talk about Irish Exits/Goodbyes, and how they are clearly the Will Graham way to leave a party. Vic could probably teach Will a thing or two about leaving a party stealthily. Hope you enjoy!

I’d like to thank @wrathofthestag for stopping me from posting anything too horrible, she’s the quality control you all deserve!

Irish Goodbye—refers to leaving a social gathering without saying your farewells. One moment you’re at the bar, or the house party, or the Sunday morning wedding brunch. The next moment you’re gone. ~From Slate.

         Will’s father had taught him the Graham family tradition at the first Christmas party they attended after his mother left. Stephen Graham informed his son that the Grahams had a proud tradition of leaving a party without drawing attention. He considered it a kindness, not to force his host to struggle through his awkward goodbyes, causing a fuss.

         “It’s called an Irish Goodbye, Will. You just fade away from the party. You do it right, no one even notices you’re gone.”

         Will spent years perfecting the Graham tradition. He was a master of slipping out of parties without bothering anyone. He would simply fade from the socializing until he no longer existed. 

         Occasionally, Katz or Price would give him shit for the practice.

         “Where did you go last night? I turned around and you were gone.”

         “How long did you stay, Graham? I swear I turned around and your car wasn’t in the lot, did you steal something?”

         Will would just smile, content in the knowledge that he had technically socialized without having to sit through hours of anxiety building drudgery. It became a game with the team, Price and Zeller trying to pinpoint the moment Will vanished from parties. Soon, his ability to leave became a legend. Hell, Jack had even asked Will to teach him how it was done after Chilton trapped him at the last FBI fundraiser.

         So, when Hannibal asked him, for the ninth time, whether he could expect Will at his cocktail party, Will accepted. What the hell? He could give his unofficial psychiatrist 15 official minutes of attention before heading home to a warm bottle of whiskey and a barrage of wagging tails. Hannibal just wanted to know Will was there, he wouldn’t even notice if the empath left a bit early.

         As Will and Beverly walked up the steps to Hannibal’s well-appointed home, she nudged him with a smile.

         “I was surprised you showed up to an etching unveiling,” she whispered as he rang the bell.

         “Jack said I should make an effort.”

         “Uh huh, how long before your Irish yourself on out of here?”

         Will grinned. “I’ll be at home by nine.”

         Bev raised a brow and shook her head. When Hannibal opened the door, he took both of Bev’s hands and greeted her warmly. Will let out a surprised grunt as Hannibal released Bev and pulled him into a hug. Will glared at Bev over Hannibal’s shoulder, waving his middle finger at her shit eating grin.

         “I am truly honored that you came, Will.” Hannibal’s voice was rough as it tickled into his ear. Will tried to ignore the odd shiver that ran down his spine. He already wanted to leave, anything to keep from examining why his pants suddenly felt a little tight.

         Hannibal pulled away and Will found himself bereft and cold. He fought the absurd urge to lean back into Hannibal’s warmth.

         “I hope you both enjoy the evening. There are drinks in the study and hors d’oeuvres making the rounds. If you’ll both excuse me, I must check on the kitchen.”

         “Chicken shit,” Bev whispered as they watched Hannibal saunter away.


         “Your hands were five inches from certified Grade-A Lithuanian rump roast and you flip me off instead of grabbing some? Weak sauce, Graham.”

         “He’s with Alana!”

         Bev cackled, shoving her finger in his face.

         “You admit it! The only reason you didn’t grab some is you’re worried Property of Alana Bloom is stamped across one of his cheeks!”

         “Shut up.”

         “I still say it’s better to ask forgiveness instead of for permission,” Bev made grabby hands in Will’s face. “But you’re old fashioned, I respect that. There’s Alana! Let’s ask what her groping policy is!”

         Bev took off into the study, Will rolled his eye and decided 10 minutes would be enough time to spend at this particular soiree.

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Doumeki is Yashiro’s Medicine

More like I should say: If Yashiro asks something, Doumeki will do his best to give it, courtesy of Yoneda Sensei. (Consciously and subconsciously)

So, let’s begin: 

The first time was when Yashiro asks someone to fill him up, Doumeki arrives.

The split fucking image of Kageyama way back 20 years ago.

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hello! i am very intrigued about your novel, the ninth of ashes. is there anything you can tell us about it, or would that be spoiler-y? <3

I would love to share some details about The Ninth of Ashes! ♡ Thank you so so much for showing interest!

The main character, Percival Risby, holds an important role within the guild system. He’s a First Hand - the inevitable successor to the guild itself and one of the guildmaster’s closest confidants. This role is chosen by the guildmaster and is often (but not always) hereditary. It can also be changed at will due to whatever circumstances may be at hand.

In Percy’s case, he came to be close to Valerio Adimati through his time spent with the guild, and that is why he was given the title of First Hand when Valerio inherited House Adimati from his grandfather.

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Hey Mimi-chan! Hope you're having fun! Btw, who thinks they love Mimi the most? 😏🤔

For 20 asks, all the M, T, S boys including Kino and even Yui are madly in love with MTK!!!! → Ninth ask! 

[MTK: *stares at you not amused* I’m not. *pouts*]

Laito: Aw, how cute~ Funny-chan is pouting~ And of course I love her the most! *nuzzles her neck*

Ruki: How about you get away istantly.

Carla: Fools. I’m the one who will have her at the last.


[MTK: Kino-kun? You weren’t affected by the spell? *looks at him with hopeful eyes*]

Kino: It’s not like it’ll work double. *leaves*

[MTK: *blinks* … eh?]