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Imagine - Zach Dempsey asking you to the dance

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You were walking to communications class when a hand grabs you by your elbow stopping you in your tracks. “Hey (y/n)” says a deep voice. You turn around and find yourself face to face, well more like face to chest, with Zach Dempsey. “Hey Zach” you say with a smile. Zach suddenly looks to the ground and scratches the back of his neck nervously, “um you know that spring dance that’s coming up this Friday?” You nod your head “yeah” “well I was wondering if you wanted to go… with me…?” Zach says with a small smirk trying to play it off cool. You think for a second… Zach Dempsey, THE Zach Dempsey, the guy you’ve had a crush on since a long time, is asking you, the shy nerdy girl, to the dance? This can’t be happening, it has to be a dream. You zone back from your thoughts into reality, and see Zach still standing there with a hopeful but nervous smile on his face. “Yeah of course!” You say too enthusiastically but then clear your throat, “…I mean yeah of course, I’d love to go to the dance with you” He suddenly looks very relieved and says with a short laugh and a big smile “Okay great, I’ll see you this Friday (y/n).”

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why do you dislike john green so much?

okay. why john green is a piece of fucking trash:

All of these characters are amazing and i love them all but.. can we talk about Josh, handsome football superstar/white popular dude, who had a crush on the nerdy girl for a year, watches Buffy, asked if his crush was comfortable about kissing, didn’t pressure anyone to have sex with him, listens to adults, insisted on dancing with his crush when she came out to him instead of being a hurted jackass, is an actual role model for younger boys like Alex and loOKS LIKE A DAMN PUPPY? I JUST LOVE HIM ALRIGHT THANK YOU FOR THIS KID WHO COULD HAVE BEEN A CLICHE BUT IS A SWEET HEART

Story about a cute, nerdy high school girl with frizzy hair and glasses who’s dating the super hot quarterback, and the pretty, blonde head cheerleader gives them dirty looks all the time and everyone in the school thinks it’s because she’s jealous that he’s dating that nerd instead of her. And then one day cheerleader girl asks nerdy girl to come to her slumber party for cheerleader girl’s birthday, and nerdy girl is suspicious, like why do you wanna hang out with me, but agrees. And she gets there, thinking cheerleader girl is gonna prank her or something, but she’s actually super nice, and chastices her friends whenever they try to pick on nerdy girl, and then quarterback dude spams nerdy girl with texts all night because it turns out she’s bi and he thinks she’s gonna cheat on him so they break up. And nerdy girl asks cheerleader girl how she deals with break ups, and cheerleader girl admits she’s never dated anyone, and nerdy girl asks “How?? You’re so pretty and popular! And all the boys at school wanna date you!” And cheerleader girl blushes and says “I dunno, I guess I never met a boy I liked.” And it turns out cheerleader girl is a lesbian and has a MASSIVE crush on nerdy girl and that’s why she was always giving her and quarterback douche dirty looks cuz she was jealous of HIM not her.

And then they start dating. The end.

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Can I ask for a scenario with Oikawa that doesn't want to accept his feeling for a nerd s/o that treats him like a "common" human and not like some kind of god and one day he kisses her because he is sure he doesn't like the s/o, but after that he's like "damn I don't like her, I love her!"? Have a nice day!

Honestly, I wouldn’t treat Oikawa like a God lmao, but if that’s the way to a guys heart, then I should have a boyfriend by now, dammit! Thanks for requesting! -Admin Satori <3

Oikawa Tooru:

“No, Iwa-chan! To think that someone as beautiful as me could ever fall in love with someone who looks like they crawled out of the sewer this morning is crazy! I’m practically royalty for damn sake’s!” Oikawa fumed as he stood on the sidelines of the court, his arms crossed over his chest as he glared at Iwaizumi, who was currently snickering. “It’s not funny, Iwa-chan! Stop making fun of my terrible life~!” He whined loudly, lightly shoving his best friend’s shoulder.

Iwaizumi chuckled softly before shaking his head, “She does not look like she ‘crawled out of the sewere this morning’.” Iwaizumi quoted as he nodded over to where you were talking with Yahaba and Watari, even smiling at Kyoutani. “She looks like a very nice girl who has better grades than you could ever hope to score near.” He smirked at Oikawa as he pulled his right shoulder with his left hand to stretch his back muscles. “Why don’t you just go talk to her and see what she’s about? Instead of avoiding her like the plague like you have been.” He offered, raising an eyebrow at Oikawa when he turned to face him with a look of disgusted disbelief. “All because she wouldn’t blush when you hit on her last week. Your kind of a sore loser, Trashykawa.”

“Why would I ever want to do that, Iwa-chan? I don’t even like her! Why would I go and talk to her?” He muttered, crossing his arms over his chest and looking at anything that wasn’t in the direction of where you were smiling and showing some of your school work to the second years. Being the smart, nerdy girl in their grade always had them asking for your notes, but they didn’t have the place to borrow them now. Practice was about to start.

Matsukawa smirked as he approached, “Because you do like her.” He stated simply, his smirk turning into an amused smile when Oikawa practically choked on his spit at the absurd idea.

Hanamaki nodded slowly, “You wouldn’t be complaining about her so much if you didn’t think she was a cutie…” He hummed, turning his head to check you out. “You know, Mattsun, I think I’m going to go and ask her out. She really is a cute girl.” He smirked, “Maybe I’ll get her to be my girlfriend by the end of the day.” He chuckled deviously, looking at Oikawa out of the corner of his eye to see his words were working.

“Hey, Makki, maybe I should ask her out, too! Do you think she’d be into dating both of us?” Matsukawa asked curiously, turning so he could see the way you pushed up your reading glasses as you were explaining a concept to Kyoutani, who looked like he was actually understanding. “I’m sure she wouldn’t mind hooking up at least once, you think?” He finished, glancing over at Oikawa just in time to see the setter’s restraint snap.

“Look. I’ll prove it to you three that I do NOT like her! She’s the worst person on this planet and I think she’s terrible!” Oikawa stated in a growl to the three third years, then looked at Iwaizumi, “And it’s NOT because she rejected me!” He huffed as he started towards you in a determined march.

Iwaizumi chuckled, “It’s more like she told him she didn’t like royal trash cans and that he needed to pull his head out of his own ass.” He recounted to the other two, smiling a bit when they laughed at the idea. “Needless to say, she has my blessing to be his girlfriend. Anyone who can badmouth him better than me is good for him.” He smiled as he watched Oikawa finally reach where you were.

Oikawa tapped your shoulder lightly, and you turned around with confusion, but your face only soured when you saw who was bothering you. “What do you want?” You asked, crossing your arms over your chest and staring up at him, “What? Couldn’t find a girl to fall to her knees and kiss the ground you walk on or maybe you can’t figure out if you’re gay for your best friend or not?” You smirked. Matsukawa and Hanamaki burst out into laughter, Iwaizumi was no longer amused.

“Look, ____-chan, I don’t like you-“

“Good! I don’t want you to like me! You’re so annoying!”

“I’m annoying?! All you do when you see me is insult me!”

“Because you think you just deserve everyone’s praise when all you do is toss a ball to people who actually know how to score a point!” You fired back quickly. Once the words were out, everything around you sort of moved in slow motion.

Oikawa felt a pang in his heart at your jab at his title, but that didn’t stop his body impulsively reaching out and pulling you against his chest, his head leaning down and pressing his soft lips against yours. You squeaked in surprise against his lips before reaching up and wrapping your arms around his neck, your paper falling to the floor as you held onto him and kissed him back.

After a few seconds, you realized what had just happened and went to shove him off of you, but he beat you to the punch and pulled away quickly, his eyes wide with shock at what he’d just done. Matsukawa and Hanamaki were clapping in the background at the wonderful display of ‘I don’t like her’ he had been trying to prove. The two of you stood there in silence for a bit, eyes met with confusion on where all that had come from.

“Fuck….” Oikawa finally muttered, reaching up and running his fingers through his hair roughly before shaking his head, “I don’t like you….” He whispered, and you felt your heart slightly drop at his words; Why were you even hopeful to begin with? You didn’t want him to like you, so why were you hurt that he confirmed your desire? You were about to lash out at him in defense when he reached out and took your hands in his, holding onto you tighter when you tried to pull them out of his hold. “I’m in love with you….” He finished, looking at you earnestly, his heart beating quickly in his chest.

The way his eyes searched yours was the most intense experience you’ve ever had with him, and you didn’t know if you wanted him to never look away or if it would be better that he never looked in your direction ever again.

bad seed - m.c fluff

pairing: michael + y/n

rating: pg-13 

warning: cursing, violence

summary: bad boy!michael has finally met his dream girl. she’s his anchor and helps him stay leveled….and out of jail if I’m being honest. be that as it may, they attend the biggest party of the year and y/n has a small encounter with another guy who decides he wants to sexually harrass the hell out of her. read more to find out how michael handles it!

a/n: this request has been sitting in my inbox for awhile and i felt it was finally time to sorta break free from my little writer’s block phase! hope you all like it. please tell me what you think. i made this sort of like a sequel to this little blurb!

wc: 1.7k+ / masterlist

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There was something about Michael Clifford that you found utterly undesirable. It could’ve been anything from his careless attitude and reckless behavior to the uniform he wore at the car shop where he worked. You didn’t know what exactly it was, yet you couldn’t help but be completely mesmerized by it. He acted as if, you were the only person he had a soft spot you were his kryptonite. 

To the streets of your town and halls of your high school, he was the man .. but to you he was a perfect gentleman. You had only met the boy a year and a half ago during sophomore year, yet within just a few months of being friends and gradually falling in love with you, he finally mustered up enough courage and asked you to be his girl. You. The plus sized, innocent, kinda nerdy, and very regular, girl. You quickly said yes and your heart could’ve fluttered at the sight of how giddy he got. 

Michael was your first everything. He gave you your first kiss, he was your first boyfriend as well as your first lover. Everything seemed perfect when you were with him. On the other hand, after everyone became aware of your relationship, you were treated a lot differently. It seemed as though you two were the Bonnie and Clyde of your high school. People would go as far as moving out of the way when you both walked the halls, hand in hand. It wasn’t a bad thing, but it was definitely different.

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  • Me: *spots attractive guy* Do we have class together?
  • Him: I'm not sure.
  • Me: I think we have chemistry.