ask the nerdy girl

All of these characters are amazing and i love them all but.. can we talk about Josh, handsome football superstar/white popular dude, who had a crush on the nerdy girl for a year, watches Buffy, asked if his crush was comfortable about kissing, didn’t pressure anyone to have sex with him, listens to adults, insisted on dancing with his crush when she came out to him instead of being a hurted jackass, is an actual role model for younger boys like Alex and loOKS LIKE A DAMN PUPPY? I JUST LOVE HIM ALRIGHT THANK YOU FOR THIS KID WHO COULD HAVE BEEN A CLICHE BUT IS A SWEET HEART

Story about a cute, nerdy high school girl with frizzy hair and glasses who’s dating the super hot quarterback, and the pretty, blonde head cheerleader gives them dirty looks all the time and everyone in the school thinks it’s because she’s jealous that he’s dating that nerd instead of her. And then one day cheerleader girl asks nerdy girl to come to her slumber party for cheerleader girl’s birthday, and nerdy girl is suspicious, like why do you wanna hang out with me, but agrees. And she gets there, thinking cheerleader girl is gonna prank her or something, but she’s actually super nice, and chastices her friends whenever they try to pick on nerdy girl, and then quarterback dude spams nerdy girl with texts all night because it turns out she’s bi and he thinks she’s gonna cheat on him so they break up. And nerdy girl asks cheerleader girl how she deals with break ups, and cheerleader girl admits she’s never dated anyone, and nerdy girl asks “How?? You’re so pretty and popular! And all the boys at school wanna date you!” And cheerleader girl blushes and says “I dunno, I guess I never met a boy I liked.” And it turns out cheerleader girl is a lesbian and has a MASSIVE crush on nerdy girl and that’s why she was always giving her and quarterback douche dirty looks cuz she was jealous of HIM not her.

And then they start dating. The end.



  1. What Hogwarts House you think I belong in
  2. What Game of thrones house I belong in
  3. What DC comic character I remind you of
  4. What Marvel comic character I remind you of
  5. What Pokemon I remind you of
  6. What Disney Character I remind you of
  7. What Supernatural Creature I am most like
  8. Who you ship me with
  9. What You think my Super Power would be
  10. Misc- anything fandom that reminds you of me

I need shitty lesbian teen rom coms??? Ones the popular girl asks the nerdy one on a dare and the nerdy one changes her entire outlook on life. Where we get glamour shots of one of the girls walking in slow mo down the stairs in her prom dress and her partner stammers and goes, “wow… you look… great.” and at the entire there’s a conflict and the popular one goes to the airport to chase after her and then they kiss and “kiss me” plays at the end.

I want my cliche teen movie

I have a problem when I see animals

Any animal

Whenever I see one I automatically point out what it is

And I don’t do it like “that is known as a red squirrel. Very common here”


I turn into a 5 year old or some shit and go “SQUIRREL” “KITTY” “DOGGY” “BIRDY” “SNAKE”

And I even do like this little gasp before I say like “Wha- nature is coming towards me?? OMG”

I need help