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I may be proven wrong in the crossover, but I think the Musicmeister wouldn't be able to take the Green Arrow. A big deal was made about Barry and Kara losing their powers and that being the reason they have to play along, but everything that makes Oliver dangerous is knowledge. I mean unless he can take away his skills and his physique, dude's gonna get suckerpunched mid-song and threatened with a broken bottle until he lets Oliver go. I'd watch the hell out of that deleted scene.

This is like the inverse of that @comickergirl comic where Kara and Barry kick ass while Oliver’s just like “…what do you mean you took care of it already?” I’d watch the s%^* out of Oliver Jonas Queen going to town with nothing but his fists and whatever absurd and scarcely weaponizable props they’d give him. I wanna see Oliver take down the Music Meister with nothing but pure rage and a squeegee.

DC comics asks

1. “Duet” from the Flash or “Mayheim of the Music Meister” from Batman the Brave and the Bold?
2. Do you like the arrowverse? If so what’s your favorite show?
3. First comic read?
4. What introduced you to the DC universe? Was it a show, comic or movie?
5. Favorite character?
6. Favorite cannon ship?
7. Favorite non-cannon ship?
8. Pre-N52 or N52?
9. Rebirth or N52?
10. Death in the Family or Death of Superman?
11. Favorite live action movie?
12. Favorite animated movie?
13. DCEU or DCAU?
14. Favorite member of the trinity?
15. Dark trinity or trinity?
16. Outsiders or Titans?
17. Teen Titans or Young Just Us?
18. Favorite animated show?
19. Favorite superhero family?
20. Young justice(show) or Teen Titans(show)?
21. Do you watch Teen Titans Go?
22. Favorite Robin?
23. So you prefer Superman and Wonder Woman, Batman and Wonder Woman, steve Trevor and Wonder Woman or does it even matter?
24. If you had total control what would you change?
25. Batgirl or oracle?
26. Whos your favorite batgirl?
27. Batgirl and the birds of Prey or Redhood and the Outlaws?
28. Favorite comic run?
29. Favorite comic artist?
30. Favorite comic writer?
31. Do you like the joker?
32. Who do you think is the most overused or overrated characters?
33. Batman the animated series or Superman the animated series?
34. Legion of Superheros or Batman Beyond?
36. Justice league or Justice league Unlimited?
37. The Batman or beware the Bat?
38. Who do you think is the most overlooked or underused character?
39. Do you watch Gotham?
40. Do you like marvel?
41. Jon kent or Damian Wayne?
42. Renee Montoya or Vic Sage
43. Kate Kane and Renee Montoya or Apollo and Midnighter?
44. Barry Allen or Wally West?
45. Kara Zor-El, Stephanie Brown or Cassie sandsmark?
46. Kord Industrues, Wayne Tech or Lex Corp?
47. If you could have any characters powers who’s would you have?
48. Favorite villain?
49. DC Bombshells, Injustice or Kingdom come?
50. Injustice or the Arkham Asylum?
51. Justice League or League of Assassins?
52. Are you excited about the upcoming titans show? What about young justice?


Don’t be so jelly  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

My Top 5 Karamel Kisses

Because I just saw the Supergirl Top 5 Kisses video (and loved it, but kind of disagreed with the rankings), I decided to make my own totally unnecessary ranking of Kara/Mon-El kisses with explanations:

#5: “I’m just happy.”

This one stands out to me because it’s the calm before the storm. The blowup that has been building for a while and that we all know is coming is nearly here. But for the moment, we’re not watching Kara Zor-El, The Last Daughter of Krypton/The Girl of Steel/The Maid of Might, and Mon-El, Prince of Daxam/Frat Boy of The Universe. It’s just Kara and just Mon-El—who they really are when they’re not being bogged down by all the baggage from their pasts. They’re not focusing on any superficial differences or learned prejudices; they’re just two people who love each other and who get a lot of joy out of being together. And the fact that all that’s about to change is why this last pre-revelation kiss is so special to me.

#4: True Love’s Kiss

Okay. Let it be known here and now that I am the biggest Romantic Moment party pooper EVER. I rarely get sappy when I’m supposed to. Nicholas Sparks and I have a rocky history that involves me laughing in all the wrong places because I find his stories unintentionally hilarious. I’m banished from the room at Christmastime when my mother starts her annual Hallmark movie marathon because she wants to enjoy herself “without sarcastic commentary.” I’ve been making gagging sounds during the kissing parts in Disney movies since I was little (I’ve gotten better, but it still happens from time to time). So when I like a couple or a romantic moment of epically saccharine proportions, it’s kind of a big deal. And I like this moment. A lot. The question Music Meister asks Mon-El (“How much do you love her?”) is simple, because at its core, love is simple: it’s either there, or it isn’t. At the risk of quoting Tom Branson from Downton Abbey, it comes down to whether or not Kara and Mon-El love each other. The rest is detail. This kiss is kind of the visual representation of that fact, and not only is it meaningful to the story, but it’s also beautifully filmed (which I’m a SUCKER for).

#3: “Nothing stopping us.”

I may be the only Karamel shipper in existence who doesn’t rank this kiss as Numero Uno, but I am perfectly fine with that, and I stand by my choice. On the Hottness Scale (that’s not a misspelling; “hotness” is totally different than “Hottness”) it’s off the charts. All the sexual tension that’s been building between Kara and Mon-El since Day One finally comes to a head, and finally, finally, they get the chance to act on it without interruption. And BOY, do they. This is an absolute whale of a kiss; it ranks up there with some of the best onscreen kisses I’ve ever seen, and I’ve seen my share of those over the years, thank you. It’s a big deal for Kara and Mon-El, too, because the amount of feelings involved on both sides puts them in new territory: Kara’s been able to distance herself from romantic relationships before because her fear of getting hurt outweighs any feelings she was starting to get while Mon-El has never had any feelings to risk. Now they’re both hopping into uncharted waters together, and despite the Holy-Smokes-ness of this kiss, it’s also really sweet. Every time I see it, I’m not sure whether I should blush and look away respectfully or cheer and fan myself because phew, as Nelly would say, it’s getting hot in herre. Decisions, decisions.

#2: “Absolutely beautiful.”

This is it. This is the reason I’m here today, the moment that started me down a path that eventually led to me finally joining tumblr and writing my first fanfiction. This kiss is so sweet that when I first saw it, even I couldn’t finish the sarcastic comment I was about to make. I seriously sat there clutching my heart with my mouth hanging open, in shock over how I’d reacted when I’d technically had only one episode to watch these two interact (I’d missed episodes 2x04-2x07 when I watched it the first time, so I’d kind of forgotten that Mon-El existed). I put it at a very close second because it’s an adorable moment that essentially jumpstarts the “Oh crap, I think I might like him,” feelings in Kara, and it reveals a lot about Mon-El’s character…he’s always kidding around, acting like a goober, burying feelings under sarcasm, and it’s kind of beautiful to see how he tries to make Kara feel better about the fact that he’s dying because of something her parents did (and after her planet destroyed his). It’s also huge because they both expect him to die, and while he’s accepted that, Kara really hasn’t. When he goes in for the kiss she doesn’t dodge or try to push him away…she kisses back, and that’s where her trouble starts: she realizes that the reason she doesn’t want him to die might be a little more complicated than just not wanting to lose a friend.

#1. The Forehead Kiss

Yes. Of all the kisses between Kara and Mon-El, this is my favorite, and it’s not even close. Because to me, it’s not *JUST* about the quality and/or sexiness of the kiss itself.  It’s about the significance of the kiss to the characters and storyline, and this one is huge for Kara and Mon’s relationship. They’ve been through a lot of up-and-down, real-world, adult relationship stuff over the past few weeks, and this is the cherry on top. Kara’s bad at relationships. Mon-El’s worse. But they both care about one another and they want to make it work, so they keep bumbling their way through the process, and it’s sweet to watch. I love this moment because it’s the fittingly emotional conclusion to an episode that lives in interpersonal relationships, and it would’ve been so easy for Mon-El to tell Kara “I told you so.” But Kara’s hurting, and he doesn’t even begin to commence to make that kind of comment. Instead, he just sits down with her and gets the surprise of his life when he finds out that Kara doesn’t need him to run around and do a bunch of stuff to make her feel better…she just wants him to be there with her. And personally, I think that’s more romantic than anything else. In my opinion, real love isn’t about remembering birthdays, or anniversaries, or bringing flowers and chocolate and jewelry to someone to “remind them that they’re special”  or anything like that, because the kind of love that lasts is usually a pretty unglamorous thing that takes a lot of work and inevitably involves a lot of disagreements. I have two sets of grandparents who have been married for over fifty years apiece (one set grew up down the road from each other, and the other got engaged after knowing each other for a week), and they’re proof of that. This is my favorite Karamel kiss because it’s so understated and so meaningful…nobody’s dying, or wanting to do it right there on the couch. There’s just one person who’s been hurt and needs comfort, and one person who desperately wants to help in any way they can. It’s boring, and low-key, and real, which is exactly why I love it.

Honorable mentions:

“I love you.”

This one just missed the cut because as beautiful and intense and passionate (and epic, and sad, etc.) as this kiss is, it doesn’t make as big an impact on me as the others. Yes, Kara finally said those three little words. Yes, I hate seeing them say goodbye. But you know what? Those three little words are totally superfluous. Sure, it’s sweet to hear them said out loud, but Kara and Mon-El are an action-oriented couple. At this point in the show, anyone with eyes knows that Kara loves Mon-El. I know it, Mon-El knows it, Team Flash knows it, Rhea and Lar Gand knew it before they kicked the bucket…you get the picture. Plus, this is a TV show and I’m a realist. The writers are smart enough to know what they’ve got here, and this just has all the earmarks of the kind of love story that can’t be stopped by all of time and space. I was worried about whether or not I was going to lose one of my favorite characters on Supergirl right up until this moment. Then I saw this scene and went, “Oh, good. Yeah, he’ll be back.”

“I would like to wake up with you.”

Arguably the cutest kiss of the whole season, but just not quite as earth-shattering story-wise as the others above. Still, though…they’re both stupidly happy and it’s a squeaky little kiss. I think I can be forgiven for how much I love this one.

• let us be partners in crime || part 2

A/N: Here’s part two of let us be partners in crime, where you the reader help Music Meister win. Inspired by a lovely ask by an nonnie as they have helped me with some of this plot. Hope you’re ready to betray your closest friends, Barry and Cisco in this when you find out a major secret about them. I have to say, I kind of like Darren’s hair as Music Meister than when he was as Blaine Anderson on glee. Again, ships are closed and may open on Sunday. And as always requests are open unless stated otherwise by me!


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                  » Relationship(s): Music Meister/Reader, Barry Allen & Reader (friendship ended, eventually heartbroken), Cisco Ramon & Reader (friendship ended) «

You accepted Music Meister’s request and soon he has showed you more than enough support to show that he was true to his word that he’d be there for you. You were finally happy to have someone watching you perform and the raven haired male would join in, sadly though none of your friends showed up once again. You began to get bitter towards it as the music themed villain enjoyed seeing you get in despair. Although Music Meister would always reassured you that he would stay by your side and soon began to show how a gentleman was to treat a lady. Never once in your life a guy has shown you the true meaning of love even if he was against the scarlet clad hero.

“I’m glad you decided to help me, my dear Y/N. The plan is almost set after all the little speedster should be here soon.” He says after turning to you as you straighten his tie, everything was in motion so far. Soon he’d get what he wanted from The Flash and you, you became his partner in crime. “Thank you Y/N. It will be worth it in the end I promise.” The hazel eyes look at you, you being dressed up appropriately for the occasion.

「 time skip brought to you by darren’s && grant’s singing 」

“Music Meister! And. .wait. .Y/N?” Barry spoke as he took a glance at Cisco as Vibe before looking at you and the other. Why was his friend with the enemy as he saw you look up with a confused expression painted on your face. “Y/N, you should get away from Music Meister. He’s not your friend.”

“How do you know my name, Flash? Last time I checked nobody cared about knowing me.” You spat as the speedster raised his eyebrows at the tone of your face. “Music Meister is not just my friend but I also happen to love him. He was there for me when my friends bailed on me numerous times, so why don’t you go talk to Barry Allen and see his reason to bail out on me.” You glared as Music Meister grinned, oh he knew that Barry was underneath that cowl but why the spoil the fun when your about to learn yourself.  

“Y/N please listen to Flash, he knows what he’s talking about okay? Flash and I are your friends.” Vibe says as he tries to move close to you as you shook your head.

“No! My only friend here is Music Meister. Not you, not the Flash, and certainly damn my so called friends who always bailed on me!” You snap as Barry put his arm out to stop Cisco from moving closer towards you. Then proceeded to move to you as he reached up to take off his red leather cowl to show his identity, Cisco doing the same with his special glasses. Your E/C eyes widen at the sight of them before they turned into a fury.

Barry opened his mouth to say something before a loud slap to the face caught him off guard, the slap coming from you as he clutched his cheek and faced you. “Y-Y/N what has gotten into you? I thought you and I were friends.” He says as his green eyes began to weld tears, his best friend, you turning away from him. The burnet male had began to fall for you for more than six months after you met, it was just he was too scared to say anything. Now he was heartbroken to see the girl he liked, loving an enemy. A loud clap made him go into reality as he looked at the raven haired male whom wore a grin on his face.

“Excellent performance Y/N. That slap must’ve hurt huh, Flash or should I say Barry? It’s a real shame that you didn’t come to realize your feelings sooner. Pity, pity.” He says with smug expression as he walked over behind you and rest his chin on your shoulder, hands close to them as well. “You see Y/N was tired of waiting. You guys kept bailing on her and that really, really hurt her.” Music Meister says before letting go of you and giving you distance.

“I did it because I didn’t want you hurt Y/N. .please come back. I’ll explain everything at S.T.A.R labs with the rest of the team. I swear I’ll make it up to you in anyway I can.” Barry says, his heart breaking more as you looked between the man who showed you love and attention that you so wanted and then your friend, no. Ex friend.

“You should’ve told me Barry, I was your friend! You obviously can’t trust me knowing your little secret. Forget it Barry, I don’t want to go back to you and your little team! Music Meister showed me the attention I needed and didn’t bail on me like you. I’m sorry if I broke that little heart of yours but my heart belongs to Music Meister. This is goodbye Barry. Hope your happy with the choices you’ve made!” You say as you went over to the raven haired male.

Music Meister gave Barry a grin, he got what he wanted. To have the Flash lose something important to him. “Come along Y/N. I’m sure there’s a dimension I can find that will simply adore you and that we can enjoy ourselves.”

Barry slouched down on the ground, heartbroken as you faded away from Earth-1 before feeling Cisco’s hand on his shoulder.

“I’m sorry Y/N. .”  

The Night of the Maestro

(A very small something to celebrate the Music Meister’s birthday. Enjoy!)

With a grin and a confident walk, the Music Meister arrived at the Iceberg Lounge’s doors, only to be stopped by the bouncers.

“Your name, sir.” One of the doormen asked.

The Music Meister frowned, stood straight and puffed out his chest proudly. “Hmph! Have you never seen me in person!? Why, I’m the Music Meister!” He said, offended. 

The doorman gulped. “Oh, I-…”

“Shush! It doesn’t matter now…” He sighed. “Don’t I have a reservation?”

“Y-yes, sir. Right this way.”

“At last! Thank you.” The Music Meister said, rolling his eyes. Shame on this bouncer for wasting his time on this special day!

The Maestro was led inside the chilly nightclub. He adjusted the fur scarf around his neck, taking a good look around him at the ice-themed decorating, the high celling, and the pleasant lighting of the place. 

Oh, it was so much more impressive, so much more luxurious than his nightclub… But he wasn’t jealous! Well, he tried to convince himself he was not: he did not come here to envy the Penguin!

Finally, he saw them: his four girls, waiting for him at his table. He smiled and tipped his hat, while he was greeted with a few cheers and excited clapping.

The Music Meister let out a sigh of relief, sitting down between Rose and Tessa, and tried to wrap his arms around all four of the women at the table. “Ahhhh, such a nice place, isn’t it? A shame it’s so chilly in here… But do you know what warms up?”

“A little bit of alcohol!” Mac singed, presenting a bottle of champaign.

He snapped his fingers to give Mac a fingergun. “I was going to say ‘dancing’, but I’ll take that too!”

“Music Meister,” Tessa said, “the Penguin allowed us to celebrate here, but only as long as we don’t make a mess!”

“Now now, Songbird, you know I don’t do mess! I’m a sophisticate man!” He replied, pouring the champaign in a cup for himself.

Rose raised a brow. “It’s… ‘sophisticated’, not ‘sophisticate’.”

“That’s exactly what I said.”

“Of course.” She rolled her eyes.

The Music Meister smiled, and the piano nearby started playing under Maxime’s order. Feels like this was going to be a great night; he was going to be the star, there was going to be karaoke, singing, dancing, and this time Batman was not going to break this party!

He raised his glass. “A toast! To me and my birthday~”

His henchwomen and all the other guests did like him. “To the Music Meister!”

And the real party had not even started yet.

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I just want to tell you that you look absolutely fabulous, and particularly villainous today.

SAY, that’s just what I like to hear!!!! Not so sure about ‘fabulous’ though, but, hey, sometimes a good villain has to play it up a bit. Just ask The Music Meister.

• my doll face

A/N: My WiFi is back on, you miss me guys? No? Okay. I’ve decided to write Music Meister once again, why you ask? Well although he was only in two episodes, he has very well grown on me. Curse you Darren (that’s right I’m blaming him– damn he’s adorable when he’s not in Blaine Anderson get up) for making me love a character that will probably never come back to the CW universe. F/GS is your favorite gemstones by the way, and no MM isn’t proposing. This one is little softer than the ‘let us be partners in crime’ two part series. This involves you, the lovely reader being also a multidimentional such as Music Meister back in this made up earth I created since again, we have no idea where the heck this guy came from. You also have powers similar to those of Zatanna Zatara after much debate on what your powers should be. If you’d like to know what Barry, Iris, Julian, or anyone is like in this made up earth that I have created, please ask away. I only mention them very briefly in this but they don’t stay here for long. Music Meister’s real name isn’t canon but a combination of Darren and the last name Anderson as a reference to a character that I’m sure most of you know well that Darren played. Ships are closed for the time being and as always requests are open unless stated otherwise by me!

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                                Relationship(s): Music Meister/Reader 

“Ah, it’s great to be back here. Everything seems to make much more sense around this wondrous place. Y/N! I’m back from travels.” The dark haired male spoke out as you came down from the shout of your name as you could notice that overjoyed tone from anywhere, no matter how far away. You soon smiled that mirrored that of Music Meister as you ran over to hug him tightly, he always seem to wander off messing around in other Earths. “Ah, there’s my Mary Poppins. Hope I didn’t keep you waiting too long now did I?”

You roll your eyes at the nickname, “You seemed to have taken your time with the girl called Supergirl and that speedster called The Flash. Please tell you did grab something from there, I can add it to my collection.” You say as much as you could travel to these Earths yourself, you never did. Music Meister traveled to them but he always did make sure to get you something from his travels since they always got you smiling like a small child at the play store, or as he’d say the toy/candy store since other Earths called it that. You open your hands in excitement as Music Meister went digging into his pocket before handing over a slim thin box in your hands. “Such a curious box and odd shaped as well. Hmm. .” You opened into it and pulled out a necklace of F/GS attached to it while your eyes widen in delight. You always liked the curious stones from other Earths but these were well sparkly and beautiful.

Music Meister noticed your facial expression open opening the box before picking the necklace from your hands and maneuvers behind to clasp it around your neck as he rests his chin around your shoulder. “Stunning as always my precious doll. I’m pretty sure Earth-1 won’t miss it too terribly, it’s better than the ones I can find with Julian in this place.” He says softly in your ear before twirling to face you, taking you in. And to think that this Earth Barry was so close on stealing you away from him, not a fat chance in this world. Maybe in another Earth you could be Barry’s but not in this one, this Earth you belong to Music Meister and he was keen to keeping in that way. “Now shall we dance as I tell you the wonderful musical piece that starred the Flash and Supergirl?” Bringing up his hand to you as you smile before accepting it.

These were another favorite thing about the cartoonish man you loved and those were his stories. He always seemed to tell the best ones probably since he traveled so much. “I was about to ask when you were going to tell me the story. I bet it was a grand show, was it?” You say while pulling close to the man whom hummed a smile.

“Indeed it was Y/N but of course nothing is grander than you I must say. May you do your magic and play me a tune? Make it jazzy, I gotta feeling that it’s one of those tales.” Music Meister say with a toothy grin as you close your eyes in construction before saying the words backwards. That was how your magic worked and boy did it make everyone around you go in awe especially your friend Irey (Iris) when you use it. Soon the air filled with the jazzy tone that the man requested as you two began dancing while he sang about the people and sights he saw from both Earth-1 and Earth-19. You happily bounced around in your feet along with him as he guided you in a 1930-40’s fashion, claimed that the show was around in that era. “And in the end they now see, how blind they were to see the love that was right in front of them. .” Music Meister finished his piece as he leaned his forehead against yours as the jazz music slowed down.

You smile as you closed your eyes, you always thought that Music Meister had a lovely voice range when you two first met at the singing club. A slight giggle escaped your lips while opening your E/C eyes to see the hazel staring back at you. Pulling away so that Music Meister could bow as you clapped your hands together. Using your magic once again to make a rose appear and throw at him, smiling lovingly at the funny man you loved.

“Thank you, Thank you! You were a great audience this evening!” He says while bowing a few times as he picks up the dark red rose from the ground that you made. “And to the most wonderful musical partner I have, Miss Y/N L/N. My Mary Poppins that I love so very much, she makes it all happen.” The dark curled haired male says in glee like he’s talking to an actual audience before sliding over to you as you went in to take a bow as well. “I love you Y/N, thank you for being someone who believed in me. I probably would’ve been someone completely different than who I am today. I’m so glad that you are my doll face that I come home too.” His voice turning into a whisper as he moved one of your hands to kiss the back of it before you intertwined them together like a perfect mold.

“I love you too Mr. Darren Anderson. I’m glad I could fall in love with such a great man that calls me, his doll.” You say back, revealing his real name as you leaned in for kiss which he was more than happily obliged.   


I did it! And without any caped crusaders crashing the concert! If you haven’t already heard, I used my own rendition of “It’s The End of The World As We Know It” to hypnotize a crowd of people into giving me their cash and valuables. And of course, I did it at midnight - my own personal “end of the world party”, if you will. It was a small gig I’ll admit, but a softly played note can work just as well when played right. Besides, the heroes were too busy with other villains having their own parties to be able to do anything to stop me. Now then, what do I spend this on first…or should I say who…