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I may be proven wrong in the crossover, but I think the Musicmeister wouldn't be able to take the Green Arrow. A big deal was made about Barry and Kara losing their powers and that being the reason they have to play along, but everything that makes Oliver dangerous is knowledge. I mean unless he can take away his skills and his physique, dude's gonna get suckerpunched mid-song and threatened with a broken bottle until he lets Oliver go. I'd watch the hell out of that deleted scene.

This is like the inverse of that @comickergirl comic where Kara and Barry kick ass while Oliver’s just like “…what do you mean you took care of it already?” I’d watch the s%^* out of Oliver Jonas Queen going to town with nothing but his fists and whatever absurd and scarcely weaponizable props they’d give him. I wanna see Oliver take down the Music Meister with nothing but pure rage and a squeegee.


Don’t be so jelly  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


O.M.GOODNESS!!!! I loved this episode so much. It was a Glee reunion that was so good. Music Meister is one sneaky little shit. Darren Criss was so amazing I literally screamed for like a minute. I loved that when Kara and Barry found “Millie” with “Tommy” they were grossed out and pissed at the same time. So Joe and Stein in this musical are together, which is even more awesome. Millie tells her dads that her and Tommy are in love. Their parents if course don’t like it. Then Joe and Stein and Meryln start singing. I swear my heart couldn’t take their beautiful voices. And neither could Barry since he had to sit down once they started singing. Kara finally understood that she was in the wrong for breaking up with Mon El without really listening to what he had to say. The real Iris and Mon El ask Music Meister how to save Kara and Barry. Cisco and Winn singing was glorious. The minute Barry started singing I got all giddy like I did with everyone else. Then the gods blessed us with him and Kara dancing. Then the sadness comes when Barry and Kara get shot from getting between the war of gangsters. Iris and Mon El have Cisco vibe them into their heads to save them. Kara forgives Mon El and Barry tells Iris he loves her before they both ‘die’ I guess. But have no fear true loves kiss broke the spell and they live. Music Meister somehow escapes the cell and he explains that he believes in the good guys and that from the beginning he told them that it was to teach them a lesson. So he mostly he had them go through the motions that is love. Then he just leaves while singing. Love that guy! So Mon El and Kara are together again… suck on that Karamel haters! Barry freaking Allen serenades Iris with a song and proposes to her again. This time it’s for real. My shipper heart just couldn’t take all the love. I just feel bad that Oliver and Felicity didn’t whammied by Music Meister. This was the best thing ever. My babies were happy that’s all that matters. Thank you Music Meister!

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Music Meister and Mr. Mxyzptlk are related as part of some extended family of curly brown-haired 5th dimensional beings with more or less unlimited magical powers and an obsession with love?

I’m unfamiliar with Mr. Mxyzptlk (what a name!), but I’m down with this.  I love the idea of interdimensional Cupids.


Ooh, that’s the worst. I try to avoid singing then - it would just irritate my voice further. If I have to make an attempt, however…my hypnosis doesn’t work quite as effectively. It’s easier to resist, and at worst just makes someone feel kind of inclined to do something when they should be completely enthralled and under control.

I sure hate being sick! I’m not sick now though, so don’t any of you worry.

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There's a scene where Music Meister is all "I loved your rendition of 'Moon Song' but you were a little flat in places" to Kara and I'm just is HE gonna talk shit about anyone being flat?? not on my watch!

Lol that is the most ironic thing I’ve ever heard in my life. Melissa wasn’t even using her full voice and she sounded better than the two measly lines of music they gave him lmfao

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Thank so much for explaining why Music Meister was at CC's bank. I watched the episode at least 3 times but I missed the purpose of that scene. I guess I was so much into my WA feels I didn't pay to much attention to the rest 😭😭 Yes so MM is definitely like God that's why he said he knew everything. I wish he has said who Savitar was for real 😉

You’re welcome! No one thought to ask, SMH. 

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Fun tidbit is that Music Meister's actor Darren Criss was a rival of GG's character on Glee. But now the roles are reversed with GG being a good guy and Darren Criss being the bad guy.

I believe I did see that in a little documentary or an interview. Very cool indeed. Kind of a payback apparently since Grant’s char kinda screwed Darren’s over in Glee. Lol.

“Cutie” - how sweet. I’m doing well, thank you.

For all your flattery, you ask such difficult questions. But none that I can’t answer!

Like trying to choose a favorite song, I can’t really choose a favorite genre. Each one has its merits, and how could I call myself the Music Meister if I didn’t love all forms of music? It’s also hard to pin down one true favorite in each genre, but I can at least share one from several genres that hold a special place in my heart:

Elvis Presley, “Jailhouse Rock”

Johannes Brahmes, “Hungarian Dance No. 5”

The Phantom of The Opera (Andrew Lloyd Webber), “Music of The Night”

Meat Loaf, “I Would Do Anything For Love (But I Won’t Do That)”, full version

Johnny Cash, “Ring of Fire”

These are a few of many, but I’m sure you’ll enjoy them.

Now that’s one I doubt supervillains get asked very often.

My advice is to follow your passions, simple as that. Let nothing stop you. Nothing. Never doubt yourself, and never listen to those who doubt you - not even your own family.

And especially not superheroes.

We all have high notes and low notes in life, even me, but never ever forget that only you can make yourself shine as brilliantly as you’re meant to.