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“I will ask the Tribunal what we shall do with them, for they have had wisdom in the past that I had not. Stay here, loyal Dagoth-Ur, until I return. <…>

Nerevar asked his queen and generals to help him summon Azura yet again for her guidance. But the Tribunal had become as greedy as Kagrenac upon hearing of the power of the Heart and they coveted it. They made ritual as if to summon Azura as Nerevar wanted but Almalexia used poisoned candles and Sotha Sil used poisoned robes and Vivec used poisoned invocations. Nerevar was murdered.  <…>

And then the Tribunal went into Red Mountain and met with Dagoth-Ur. Dagoth-Ur saw what had been done, and he tried to avenge the death of Nerevar but to no avail. He was driven off and thought dead. The Tribunal found the tools he had been guarding and, through study of Kagrenac’s methods, turned themselves into gods.”

The Elder Scrolls (I era, Morrowind) 

Almalexia (Dzeta), Sotha Sil (Commu and Enni), Vivec (Meha), Nerevar Indoril (Isugi) and Voryn Dagoth (San’ka)

Photos by DA (DzetaAiger)

John Watson’s daughter

I was thinking about this the other day. What if John and Mary’s daughter turns out to be just like Sherlock? Can you imagine little Watson growing up and turning out to be a genius. John and Mary realize she’s smart and are proud of their daughter but don’t realize how different she is from all the other kids her age (but of course Sherlock does). Then as she gets older, her behavior becomes more and more like Sherlock’s (not hanging out with people, never dating anyone, always trying to do science in the kitchen). Then one day Sherlock turns up at John’s house and his daughter asks if Sherlock solved the murder. John asks how she knew there was a murder and she replies “I can tell by just looking at him. Isn’t it obvious?” She and Sherlock then proceed to take turns describing everything that Daddy Watson did that day including what street he took to get home from work. Meanwhile John is impressed and nervous at the same time, because how is he going to break the news to Mary that they’re raising Sherlock all over again?

American Horror Story: Murder House Sentence Starters
  • "I have long stopped asking why the mad do mad things."
  • "Are you crazy? I never loved you. I endured you."
  • Now, likely I won't have the upper body strength to saw you in half, but I certainly could cut off the smaller parts!"
  • "Just a smile or a kind word could open the gates to heaven."
  • "Thank you for the salty pig meat we are about to eat, along with the rest of the rest of the indigestible swill."
  • "There's not going to be a swimming pool, you stupid slut."
  • "Unless you're planning on going into my kitchen and slapping some ham between two slices of bread, this conversation is over."
  • "No matter how gruesome or horrible the murder, you can always find somebody out there to buy the house."
  • "Ever since you got here, this is the better place."
  • "Promise me you'll never cut yourself again."
  • "Good people don't just have a bad day and start shooting people."
  • "I'm finding it really hard to look at your face because I really, really want to bash it in."
  • "I questioned my sanity when I first found out. But this house, this house will make you a believer."
  • "Her husband murdered her with an ice pick."
  • "You can stop sneaking cigarettes and just start taking deep breaths."
  • "So We're the Adams Family now."
  • "That girl is a monster. I love her and I'm a good Christian, but Jesus H. Christ."
  • "Do you ever get tired of cleaning up other peoples' messes?"
  • "Don't make me kill you again."
  • "Is there anything more wonderful than the promise of a new child... or more heartbreaking when that promise is broken?"
  • "Every time I find my heart breaking just a sliver for you, I suddenly remember. You made this mess for yourself."
  • "I'm not naive to the ways of men. Their need to objectify, conquer. They see what they want to see. Women, however, see into the soul of a person."
  • "The one thing about the dead is they've got nothing left to lose."
  • "I see it all the time. The dead can hold a grudge better than most Scorpios."
  • "That's what men do--they make you think you're crazy so that they can have their fun."
  • "Depressing sex is even more depressing when you try so hard."
  • "I think I have mommy issues. You know a good therapist?"
  • "You died crying. I held you. You were safe. You died...loved."
  • "Hi, I'm ____. I'm dead. Want to hook up?"
  • "Why would I do that? Why would I do that? Why would I do that? WHY would I do that?!"
  • "I love you. But... I can't forgive you."
  • "You're all I want! You're all I have!"
  • "You're kind of twisted, aren't you?"
  • "So that's your diagnosis? I'm a psychopath?"
  • "I'll wait. Forever, if I have to."

why does everyone in the askbox either wants to get stabbed by some kind of kitchen utensil or trying to get into lucio’s love life omfg-

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(!kid) -tries to drag him christmas caroling with her at peoples doorsteps-

     Absolutely detests the thought of singing for random strangers thus only settles for watching over her while she does the singing part. — Fact was, she was a girl. And a clueless, weak crybaby at that. Ace had actually fancied himself a bodyguard of sorts because without him there, he was quite certain the girl would happily enter a murder’s house and ask of their whole life story. Hopeless, wasn’t she? So it was only right as a man to make sure she wouldn’t get kidnapped by weirdos or anything.

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Word Count: 679

Author’s Note: I will most likely make a part two, you can also request something if you’d like. And to the anon that requested something on Monday I’m working on it! Don’t worry :)


It was 6 in the afternoon as you paced around the kitchen excited making sure everything was prepared right while waiting for you boyfriend Bucky to come to dinner and meet your parents for the first time.

“Look at her” Your mom whispered while carrying the plates to the table to your dad helping her set the table “she’s been so joyful all day waiting for him to arrive, this has been the happiest we have seen her in a long time”

“A murderer into our house?” He asked not pleased at all with your choice “Why she couldn’t keep on dating Samuel? At least he was nice, and a police officer” He sighted ignoring completely what your mother just said.

“(Y/F/N) please, not tonight” Your mom begged finishing setting in the plates.

“Not tonight? Then when? When he hurts her? I’m just voicing my opinion” He responded raising his hands pretending to be innocent.

“He will be here soon” You announced walking in the dining room interrupting your parents’ conversation which you were unaware off. Fixing your dress feeling you felt nervous, your father hardly ever approved of any of the guys you dated, the only one making up to your father expectations was Samuel, and little did your father knew he wasn’t at all very nice behind closed doors.

“I’ll be outside for a smoke” Your father grumbled walking out of the house

“Don’t worry honey” Your mom smiled trying not to burden you with your father’s behavior.

 *** *** ***

As your dad was half way done with his cigarette he saw Bucky nervously walking down the sidewalk trying to make sure his hair was well pulled back one more time carrying the bouquet of flowers in the other hand. Bucky took the piece of paper from his pocket in his hand examining it to prove he had walked to the right address, stopping his walk when he saw your father on the porch.

“Excuse me sir, is this the house of the (Y/L/N)?” Bucky voice was shaky, he’s nervousness showing evidently.

“Yes, yes it is” Your father responded nodding his head and stepped off the porch walking towards Bucky who approached towards the house with a smile extending his hand. Your father looked at his hand but chose to ignore it throwing his cigarette on the floor stepping on it crossing his arms, the smile on Bucky’s face slowly fading. “What are your intentions with my daughter?” Your father asked eyeing him up and down with evident repugnance towards the ex-soldier.

Bucky gulped the knot in his throat trying to speak up “Sir I-“

“How many people have you killed?” Your dad asked shrugging a shoulder trying to act as if this was a normal question. “Have you ever killed someone and used the excuse of being the Winter Soldier? How do I know you won’t wake up one night with your brain flipped over and kill my daughter? What assures me you won’t hurt her?”

“Sir I would never do anything to-“

“Great” Your father interrupted him again “So why don’t you just leave? Don’t call her, don’t ever get near her, I don’t care if you say you have changed I don’t want a murderer near my little girl, you understand?”

Bucky slowly nodded blinking away the tears in his eyes as he turned around walking away from the house throwing the flowers on the garbage bin nearby as he left, getting out of your father’s sight as he took a right turn in the corner.

“Hey dad haven’t you seen him? He must have been here by now” You questioned looking down the street holding into your father’s arm.

“No sweetheart, probably he couldn’t make it, come on let’s head inside its getting cold out here” He smiled kissing your forehead.

“Yea you go ahead I’ll wait for a little while” You replied as he nodded and stepping inside, after a couple of minutes of more waiting you decided to get inside as well, but not before noticing the flowers on the garbage bin.