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For the prompts thing assuming the mothership is at Mason Industries Wyatt's reaction to the mothership being taken over and trying to get ahold of Lucy and Lucy trying to get to Wyatt and them finally seeing each other and just being so relieved that the other is alive that they finally kiss(and hug bc I live for their hugs)

834 words. Perhaps not exactly what you were looking for, but there’s still Mothership stealing, panic, a kiss and some hugs, so. Enjoy! 

held between Heaven and Hell read on ao3!

When Wyatt feels the cold metal of a gun press against his head, his first thought it, Where is Lucy?

He turns slowly, hands up in the air, and wishes he were surprised that Emma’s face is staring back at him.

He’d been wondering what that cold feeling of dread that had settled in his stomach could mean. As soon as he’d watched Lucy walk away from him, the worry of never seeing her again had eased; and it had left him able to feel something else, something more sinister.

“You’re Rittenhouse, then?” Wyatt asks.

“You don’t sound surprised,” Emma responds flatly.

“I wish I was.”

She eyes him, up and down, and he makes sure to stay as still as possible.

“I’m only leaving you alive because you got me back from 1882,” Emma says finally. “A life for a life. There won’t be a debt to repay next time.”

Just as Wyatt wonders what the catch to that is, she fires the gun and a burning pain shoots through his shoulder. He grunts and stumbles, not unfamiliar with the pain of a bullet shot, and when he finally catches his breath and can look up, Emma is gone and down at the Mothership, a trail of bodies behind her.

Lucy. Lucy. Lucy.

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Tfw When people say "Have a good one." What are they talking about? I just reply with "You too." Have a good one what? Why do they speak in riddles? Also what am I supposed to say to "Don't work too hard." What does it matter to them? Why don't they want me to work hard? What am I supposed to say? Mockingjay

hey mockingjay (post/161574393627) probably a decent way to respond to “don’t work too hard” is to chuckle and say “I won’t” but no response is required tbh. I think the implication is a politely distant comment on your wellbeing i.e. “don’t overwork yourself” but in a more casual sense. it could also be a sort-of-joke referring to the tendency to slack off when performing some tasks, sort of like “I know you’re not gonna overwork yourself doing [boring thing], haha.” just useless small talk :/

also the “one” in “have a good one” refers to a nonspecific interval of time. it’s a more casual variant of “have a good day.” in addition, leaving the time interval as an unknown allows the well-wishes to apply to a greater range; that is, it could mean “have a good day,” or a good week, or even a good life. the vagueness is intended to make it more relatable and also less intimate, a common feature of modern casual speech. “you too” is an appropriate response.

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People have made posts about it and I'm making it into a prompt. Lucy and Wyatt's conversation about Rufus x Jiya being a thing and Lucy telling Wyatt it was happening and then x amount of time later Rufus and Jiya have a very similar conversation about Lucy and Wyatt happening.

Lilllyyyyyyy here you go! it’s a bit different to what you asked for, but I think you’ll like the direction I took it ;) 

first bit is set during 1x07 ‘Stranded’, after they’re back but before they all meet up for drinks. When Lucy gifts Rufus the Chocodiles, Wyatt gives a little nudge of his head like its a gift from them both, so I set this when they go and buy said gift. And then the second bit is set in some far off post-Rittenhouse future. 

Enjoy! And don’t forget to send some prompts! Uni starts back next week, so I may be a little slower, but fear not because I will get to them all! 

certain qualities are required (to remember pleasure when it’s gone) read on ao3!

“Where do you even get Chocodiles?” Wyatt grumbles as Lucy pulls up at the store.

“Walmart,” she says, like its obvious.

He rolls his eyes. “You can get anything from Walmart,” he replies. “But like  … what aisle?”

She turns in her seat to stare at him. “Have you ever even been to a grocery store?”

They get out of the car and turn towards the store. Wyatt shoves his hands in his pockets as he says, “Of course I have. I just don’t usually buy … chocolate.”

Lucy scoffs and looks him up and down. “Yeah, you don’t look it. Maybe that’s why you’re always so grumpy.”

“I’m not grumpy! What about Rufus? He’s always grumpy, and he eats chocolate.”

Lucy pauses to think on this, picking up a basket and handing it to him without thinking. He raises his brows, but doesn’t say anything.

“You’re right, Rufus is grumpy,” she says finally. “We should try and set him up.”

“You think he should get laid?” Wyatt asks incredulously. “And it will solve all his problems? Wow, great solution, Luce.”

Lucy sniffs and turns her head up. “I happen to think it’s the perfect solution. Maybe you need to get laid.”

Wyatt wiggles his brows, and bumps his shoulder to hers. “You offering?”

She hits him over the shoulder. “I’m engaged, idiot.”

“Oh?” He swings the basket back and forth innocently. “And you’d say yes, otherwise?”

“Let’s just get back to business,” she says, rolling her eyes and continuing to walk. “Hey, I need milk.”

“I’m taking that as a yes!” he calls after her.

They shop for a few more minutes, Lucy picking up various things she needs, and it all feels very domestic. It’s quite relaxing, honestly. Eventually, they wind up in the confectionary aisle, standing in front of the various forms of Twinkies.

“There’s so many?” Wyatt says, bewildered.

Lucy nods solemnly. “And I can’t see the damn Chocodiles.”

“Ah, no, there.” Wyatt grabs them from the top shelf and drops them in the basket.

“Okay, but, I really think we should set Rufus up,” Lucy says as they start walking again. “Specifically, with Jiya.”

“Jiya?” Wyatt asks, a frown on his face. “Aren’t they already a thing?”

Lucy bounces on her feet, like that’s the best thing he could have said. “Nope, they aren’t. But they’re perfect for each other, no?”

“They … they have certain qualities that would work well together.” He looks uncomfortable, and Lucy laughs at him.

“Okay, leave it to me,” she says, still laughing. “I’m going to make it happen. It’s happening!”

“Okay, I bet you twenty bucks Wyatt and Lucy hook up tonight.”

Rufus spits his beer out. “Wyatt and … Lucy?

Jiya pushes his drink down on the table, then settles down into the booth.

“Yep. I think it’s finally going to happen tonight.”

Finally? What?”

“Keep up Rufus.” She grabs his chin and turns his head in the direction of the pair, who are playing a very competitive game of air hockey. Lucy scores a goal and holds her hands in the air, shouting in delight.

Wyatt’s looking at her fondly, almost as if –

“Holy shit.”

“Yep,” Jiya says, popping a chip into her mouth. “Tonight’s the night.”

Rufus furrows his brow. “No way. If they’ve been pining after each for this long and haven’t said anything after all the shit we went through, there’s no way just a bit of alcohol – oh, okay. Yep. They’re kissing. You were – you were right . . . okay, this is a public place, they need to knock it off.”

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“You hide it with jokes and sarcasm but I can see how broken you are.” with Finnick?

You sat next to Finnick in his room inside the Tribute Center.

“You ready for tomorrow?” He asked as he put a hand on top of yours.

“Who is? We’ve all been in there before. Why should we have to do it again?” You looked him in the eye.

“I’m ready, who knows? Maybe I’ll let you win.” He laughed and you shook your head. “What? I’m just trying to lighten it up in here.”

“You’re scared, Finnick. I know.” I said and stood up.

“No I’m not, (Y/N).” He lowered his voice.

You knelt down in front of him and slowly spoke, “You hide it with jokes and sarcasm, but I can see how broken and scared you are. I grew up with you, Finnick. I know all your tricks.”

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What are your favorite Hunger Games headcanons? *blows kisses* I love you.

Man, i have tons, so idk if these are favorites but some I can list on top of my head:

  • Katniss’ travel restrictions were lifted without fanfare, and much sooner than expected. But except for visiting her mom on occasion, she never had a desire to go anywhere. 
  • The Victor’s Village became the new town hub in District 12 after the war, with people turning the streets and front yards into market areas. After the district is rebuilt, it remains as one of centers of life in 12.
  • I don’t think Katniss would become the new healer in 12, but until they get a proper doctor, 12 returnees would come up to her for medical help and she tries her best to give them remedy. She’d often call her mom when she doesn’t know what to do. Peeta keeps calling her Dr. Everdeen whenever a ‘patient’ arrives at their door. Katniss scowls at him each time.
  • Plutarch makes Effie the new Ceasar Flickerman. But after five seasons hosting his singing competition show, Effie leaves the show due to ‘creative differences.’
  • Johanna Mason never stays in one place long enough and have lots of crazy adventures, but always return home to District 7. Katniss and Peeta are updated through the postcards she sends them. 
  • Annie remarries at some point. She sends Peeta and Katniss a photo of her wedding to add to their memory book.
  • Haymitch eventually stopped drinking, and lived to see toastbaby!girl turn 12. 
  • When Greasy Sae passes, Katniss and Peeta became her grandaughter’s legal guardians. 
  • Katniss and Peeta did speak one time in school when they were kids. It was in their math class and Peeta asked her what date it is. Katniss said it’s October 3rd. 
  • The reason Peeta placed second place in wrestling was coz he didn’t want his brother to be teased for losing against him.
  • Buttercup lives twice as long as an average cat and coz of that he is suspected to be half-mutt like a mockingjay is. Haymitch’s geese are scared of him.   

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I realised that when I was a kid I was making my own stim toys out of random stuff. I used to pull my socks apart to play with the string. I used to grab random elastic bands to twist. I used to grab blue tac and just roll is into a ball. These used to get confiscated because they were interrupting my learning but they were actually helping me not get overwhelmed in lesson and it was easier if I could have them. When I was older I had these magnets I'd pull apart the put together. Mockingjay