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quedalle  asked:

Jeanmarco for the otp ask thing ヽ(°◇° )ノ

Which one of the OTP…

-accidentally falls off the bed in the middle of the night
Jean before af, but now rarely since he just spoons Marco during the night

-gives the other piggy back rides
Jean does it the most I think, wanna act tough and prove his strength, but Marco does too UwU

-tries to act tough but is really a giant sap

-almost burns down the kitchen trying to bake
Marco but he improves quickly, he will stick to just eggs

-sings lullabies to their kids
I HEADCANNON JEAN KNOWS THE WORDS TO “lullaby mountain” from chitty chitty bang bang, it always puts the kids right to bed, Marco knows ones from his mother and the kids sing along 💖

-morning person vs dead until they get their coffee
Marco is the better waker I think, Jean needs to be woken with sex or a lot of nudging, but both love a bit of coffee, Jean more than Marco

-cries during sappy movies
MarCO AT EVERY SAD SCENE, you can defos see tears in Jean’s eyes if an animal dies tho

-wears a billion layers because they get cold easily
Both I think the cold is not nice, trust me I know

-initiates cuddling

-hogs the covers
Marco, but Jean don’t suffer because he spoons Marco and gets warm, Marco is a cacoon of covers and warmth

-would fall over their own feet while trying to seduce the other
JEANNN! But Marco only giggles and asks him to continue and Jean does despite his blush bless him


How much I love Jean?  … Thats a hard one. 

 I love him more than he could ever know. 

I need him more than I could ever know. 

I need him like the moon needs the sun to glow. 

I need him like I need the oxygen that fills my lungs to keep me living 

Because he’s the one who can make me laugh through the pain. 

The one who can make the world ok

Make the world stop momentarily when he looks at me. 


   I don’t care about what anybody else says about our love. 

    That it’s not real , or not romantic enough.

   Because , I wouldn’t ever want anything else. 

    And I wouldn’t ever love anyone else  

    Because I love you Jean. 

In celebration of Jean’s birthday and their relationship together, Marco wrote him a song. :)

Incomplete (stay)

I can’t quite find the words

To tell you what I want to say

But being without you it hurts

I want you, I want you to stay

I know that you might disagree

‘cause you’re always right, and I’m wrong

like fire and ice, you and me

But somehow we still get along

You’re the fox I’m the hound,

In my silence you’ll sound

Not the same but we’re still a team

Stay by my side

Just one more night

I need you here

honestly, honestly

Wont you please stay?

Stay one more day

Without you near

I’m incomplete, incomplete

I can’t quite understand

The way that these things have worked out

But as long as you’ll hold my hand

I’m sure we will figure it out

You’re the paint to my art

You’re the beat to my heart

Darling you are my everything

Music, Lyrics and Vocals by RozenSky (Marco). Don’t copy or use anything without permission!

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