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JeanMarco Month Day2: Genre: Canonverse / Canon divergence

Well, to be honest, I didn’t fully understand the topic, especially because I never read foreign fanfics (english really difficult for me :D)

But I want to say thanks to @kaa-05n2 for awesome JeanMarco arts and @urasawayasu  for his Jean Kirschstein (by the way, the drawing in this post is my collaboration with him, he drew Jean, and I - Marco).

Tutor AU - where Eren and Jean are not so secretly gay childhood neighbours/friends and failed their Math exam, so Levi requested a graduate senior to tutor them before finals. Jean couldn’t care less and decided to ditch their tutoring session, but after finally meeting the senior in this situation, he starts to come over to Eren’s house to get to know learn from him.

Some comedy scenes were running thru my mind when I think about these three dorks, so I made up a  random au. -shrug- Also I chose It’s My Life because - classic rock man.

anonymous asked:

Why do you dislike Marco? (This is not hate btw, I dislike him too)

Glad to know I can receive a question like this out of legitimate curiosity and not immature anon hate! Faith boosted! :D

I plan on having a video on my Top 5 Least Favorite AOT Characters, but as for Marco, the way he was depicted in the story, to me, was only to aid for Jean’s character development. Have you seen “Attack on Titan in 9 minutes” by Gigguk? Well, they make lots of jokes but the one that is actually legitimately true is the fact that Marco is a disposable character. Still, that’s not a reason to hate him at all.

The REAL reason I dislike him is the attention he got from the fandom. Shipping and… SO, OH SO MANY thought-out theories that are NOT satire or crack trying to prove he was alive. Like… I get it, but he probably had less screentime than other disposable characters. Not counting the flashback, his importance is.. between 0% and 0.8%. It’s the fandom that ruined it for me. I don’t actively hate it and tell people to stop. Hell, people have their own opinions and I have no right to tell them what to do. However, my personal view of Marco was damaged beyond repair by the fandom… so I just stay away from it.

purebloodpotterhead-deactivated  asked:

Oml yes Marco has a diary purely for FANGIRLING OVER JEAN. Btw I love this blog to death oml. Armin should take this diary, and run around screaming quotes from it while Marco chases him with pure shock, horror, and fury mixed together. XD

YES!!!!! I love this idea!!!

I totally headcanon that during their training days Armin and Marco were really good friends and that Armin would listen to Marco gush about Jean and tease relentlessly.

(also I’m so glad you like this blog 😌)