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The death and life of James B. Barnes (3)


Pairing: Bucky x reader

Warnings: One curse word? Maybe?

Word count: 1.655

Summary: Bucky survived, but Steve did not. He messed up with Y/N, but maybe he can start over again? Based on 40′s Bucky and Steve. Third part of the @hunters-from-stark-tower movie challenge!

Part 1: the sailing competition

Part 2: the accident 

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Sanctuary -Chapter 1

Marlee’s P.O.V.

I woke up to the sound of my older sister, Maggie, yelling at her twin brother, Micah, for stealing her phone. Then after about ten seconds of being annoyed with their arguing, Micah ran into my room and jumped into my bed trying to hide from Maggie who was right behind him. “Oh My God, Micah! Give Maggie her phone and get out!” i yelled at him. Maggie managed to get her phone and run out of the room. However, Micah decided to stay in my bed and curl up next to me. “Micah! Get out now!” i said trying to push him out of my bed. “No, im comfortable.” he quickly said back to me. “Ugh, Micah. Why are you so annoying? and Why did you take Maggie’s phone?” “I saw her texting Nate and i wanted to know what they were saying, so i took it and she got mad” Micah said chuckling. “and what did you find?” i asked. “Oh just some naughty little photos that i never want to see again,” he said dying of laughter. “Oh My God! Maggie was sexting him,” i asked yelling. “MICAH!!” we heard from down the hall, coming from non-other than Maggie. Micah and I turned beat red and started laughing hysterically.

About an hour after Micah and I were done laughing, we all had breakfast and got ready for the day. My best friend, Madison Beer, was coming over along with our neighbors Ethan and Grayson Dolan. The four of us have been best friends since i moved to Los Angeles two years ago. We were planning on having a small get together of my, Maggie’s and Micah’s friends today. That included Nate Maloley, yes Maggie’s boyfriend; Sam Wilkinson, Jack Johnson, Jack Gilinsky, and Cameron Dallas. They were all close with my Micah, but I was still shy around them. All of them except Nate, didn’t know that Maggie and Micah had a younger sister for about 6 months. And even though, they come over all the time, i still get nervous around them. I do think they are nice, but something about each of them, just makes me feel weird. Madison and Ethan think that I have a crush on all of them, but Grayson thinks I like specifically Cameron. Which i do not. I don’t like any of them. Most times they annoying the hell out of me, but i’ve learned to tolerate them over the last 18 months.

When i was done with my hair and make-up, i sent a text to Grayson that he could come over with Ethan now. About a minute and a half later, they walked right in and came up to my room. Madison got here about ten minutes after the Dolan’s did and we all started hanging out for hours until, Nate knocked on my door and came in. “Your sister wants you all downstairs,” Nate told me. We walked downstairs to see the whole crew sitting in the living room. Cameron and Micah were on the small couch, Johnson and Gilinsky were sitting on the floor, and Sam sat on the couch with Nate and Maggie. “You called?” i asked Maggie a bit annoyed. “Oooo, did someone have to stop making out with her friends because her sister called her downstairs,” Sam said, and with that i threw a pillow at his head. “No, im not you, Wilkinson. But what do you guys want?” i said now very annoyed. “We wanted to go out for dinner and go see the band downtown. Do you guys want to come?” Maggie finally asked. “Sure.” Madison said and the Dolan twins nodded their heads. I agreed and we all got into our cars. I drove Madison, Ethan and Grayson in my car. Nate drove: Maggie, and Sam. and Micah drove: Cameron, Johnson and Gilinsky. It took us about fifteen minutes to get to the restaurant, and we got seated immediately. Micah sat at the end of the table with Cameron and Sam. Nate sat next to Sam and Maggie. Johnson sat across Nate and had next to him, Gilinsky on the right, next to me. Madison sat across me, and we each had a Dolan on our side. About an hour later, we all finished and walked down the street to The Lounge where our favorite band was playing. I sat at a table with Madison and the Dolan’s, and Micah had the rest of the boys with him. I noticed that Maggie and Nate weren’t at the table with them, “Where’s Maggie?” i asked Gilinsky. “Sucking Nate off in the bathroom.” he said back laughing. “Ew, too much information.” i retorted. “hey, don’t blame me, you asked where she was.” After the band played a couple of songs, i started to feel a little sick so i went to the bathroom and ended up barfing up my dinner. I went back out to the group, “Micah, Maggie, can you drive Madison and the Dolan’s home, I have to go home now,”i asked politely. “Why, what’s wrong?” Johnson asked. “I think i got food poisoning from the restaurant. And none of us had the same thing so thats why i think i have it.” i told them. “You should go to the hospital.” Cameron said. “and not alone! you shouldn’t be driving.” Sam said. “I’ll go with her!” Gilinsky said. “Thanks bro, Marlee, give him your keys so he can take you,” Micah said. “No i can drive. I’ll be fine.” I said not wanting help. “No you aren’t. Give me the keys Marlee. You’re not driving” Jack said firmly and caved in. “Fine.”

We went out to my car and made our way the emergency room. I noticed that Jack avoided major bumps so i wouldn’t get sick and then he helped me get inside the hospital. The nurses guided me towards the room, but stopped Jack from following and i saw that he got anxious. “He can come in the room with me right?” i asked the nurse helping me. “Is he family?” “No” I didn’t want to be alone now to be honest, and I wanted Jack to be in the room to keep me company. “Is he your boyfriend?” I knew he heard the nurse, so i looked back at him, he nodded for me to say ‘yes’ so he could go to the room with me. “yes” i said quietly. She nodded at me and told the nurse blocking Jack to let him in the room. He ran to catch up with me and helped me walk to the room.

About twenty minutes past, and the doctor still wasn’t here and I could see that Jack was getting aggravated. “You don’t have to stay anymore. I’ll be fine until the doctor comes.” “No, I’m fine here with you, i’m just annoyed that your doctor hasn’t shown up yet.” “are you sure, I really don’t want to make you stay.” “no, it’s fine. This actually gives me an excuse to be in the same room with you so i don’t mind,” Jack finished what he said and I was confused on why he wanted an excuse to be around me, but before I could say anything, my doctor walked into the room. “Hello, Miss Evans. How are you feeling today?” he asked already knowing why I am here. “Well i’m not feeling too hot if you can’t tell, and I don’t think I would come to the emergency room if I was feeling okay.” I said with a bit of attitude “Well, you may not be feeling okay Marlee,but I can see your attitude is still there. What do you think is the problem?” he said chuckling a bit. “I think I have food poisoning. I threw up earlier and haven’t felt good since.” “Where did you eat? and did anyone else have the same thing as you did to eat?” “nobody else had I had, but we ate at Al Fresca’s. The Italian food place downtown.” “Okay, i will get you some medication to stop the vomiting if you throw up again. If you don’t, just take some tums and see if that helps. Wait, were you too on a date, because this is one crappy way to end it.” “No, we weren’t on a date” I said quickly and noticed Jack get tense out of the corner of my eye. “Well then, let me get you that medicine, so you both can go home. I will be right back,” he said before he left. Jack stayed quiet and a few minutes later the doctor came back with the medicine. As I signed the release papers, the nurse quietly told me, “I can tell that the boy over there cares for you a lot. He got very anxious when he couldn’t go into the room and practically ran to you once you said that he was okay to be in the room. How long have you two been dating?” I blushed unknowingly at the thought of him being nervous for me, “Well actually we-” was all I could get out before Jack came up and said nervously “Marlee, are you ready to go? It’s past midnight and your siblings are worried.” I nodded and turned back to the nurse and she smiled as she took the papers and let us leave.

Jack’s P.O.V.

I helped Marlee into the car and we were quiet the whole way back to her house. Once we pulled into the driveway, we noticed that only Micah’s and Maggie’s car were there. Which meant that Johnson, Sam, Nate and Cameron didn’t wait for me and went home. I helped her out of the car and inside her house and into the kitchen for some water. The living room TV was still on, but Maggie and Micah were sleeping on the couch. I laughed at them and woke up Micah. “Hey, man, how is she?” he asked still half asleep, but standing up to walk upstairs. “She’s fine. The doctor gave her some medicine for the vomiting,” I told him as I woke up Maggie. “Where is she?” Maggie asked and got up. “Kitchen.” “Well tell her to get to bed. I’m going up stairs to go back to bed.” Micah said walking with Maggie. “Of course.” Once they got upstairs and into their rooms, I walked back into the kitchen to see Marlee almost asleep on the counter. I chuckled at her sleepiness to myself and walked over to her. “Do you want to go to bed?” I asked. Marlee nodded tiredly and tried standing up. “No,” I stopped her “here, let me carry you.” She didn’t argue and let me pick her up bridal style. She put her head in the crook of my neck as I carried her upstairs. It was a bit of a struggle opening her bedroom door, but once I got it, I set Marlee down on her bed. She got comfortable and decided to be a gentleman and took her shoes off before putting a blanket over her. Marlee looked so peaceful to me when she was sleeping, I’ve never seen her so vulnerable before tonight. She was always the type of girl to be sassy whenever someone pissed her off, but tonight when she was sick, she was still trying to be sassy to her doctor. Im not sure if she was trying to impress me with her strong attitude, but she doesn’t have to. She’s already won me over, almost 2 years ago. And now as I see her vulnerable, I know that I don’t ever want to be the one to make her feel that way. I want her to be happy, with me.

<A/N: hey guys, so i’m really excited for this new fanfic. It will have multiple chapters and i would appreciate feedback on them. Let me know what you liked and didn’t like. Hopefully you all loved it and look forward to the next chapter. Love y’all x>

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Everybody what's the most embarrassing moment of your life

Bucky: I slipped on a car while on a mission once. 

Steve: I may have missed catching my own shield and got caught on my chin.

Tony: Crash landed on a kid’s birthday party. I couldn’t get back to the team. Every kid there wanted a picture and autograph.

Bruce: Probably the time I fell from the helicarrier and landed naked in front of some security guard.

Natasha: One of my heels broke while on a mission and I ended up knocking a waiter down and the tray of food he was carrying. The food landed all over him and I.

Clint: I was taking Lucky for a walk through Central and out of no where he decides to race across one of the fields and I end up being dragged on my stomach across groups of people.

Maria: When I was in high school some guy thought it would be funny to tape the back side of my skirt up. Let’s just say he didn’t mess with me for the rest of high school.

Sam: I was test piloting one of the new set of wings Tony made me and it malfunctioned and I ended up making, basically, a Looney Toons hole in a billboard.

Rhodey: You know, I’d have to say the most embarrassing thing that has happened to me was when my pants ripped when I was walking to class my sophomore year of college.

Barry: I face planted the stage during our eighth grade “graduation”.

Tracey: I slipped and fell during a talent show my freshman year of high school. 

Darcy: I had broccoli in my teeth during picture day in eight grade. 

Jane: I farted during an exam senior year of college.

Thor: I cannot think of a moment.

Betty: I threw up then passed out in middle school when we dissected frogs.

Vision: I have not had an embarrassing moment yet.

Wanda: I tripped during a mission and somehow landed in a lake.

Pietro: I was not paying attention to where I was going and ran into fridge at the tower.

Sharon: I had food in my teeth during picture day in seventh grade.

Pepper: toilet paper stuck to my shoe and I walked into a meeting like that.