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please, please, may this lantern light my way towards you, please, please small lantern…light my way towards her lost soul

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What if the human on the lost light attracted multiple yanderes? Can you imagine Rodds or Drift fighting over them or maybe even Skids and Swerve?

Why yes.  Yes I can…  ;)

We’ve already talked about what yandere Skids and Swerve would look like, so I imagine the two of them fighting over their mutual object of affection would be less confrontational, and more subtly manipulative.  Skids is a shy, awkward vent creeper, pining over your beauty from afar, and Swerve is an affection starved loner, so there’s no way they would actually directly fight each other over you.  Instead they both up their game 5000%.  Each one trying to outdo the other in terms of courtship, whether it be forcing you to sit through inviting you over for an all night movie marathon, or leaving even more flowery and borderline erotic poetry in your habsuite without your knowledge.

Rodimus and Drift is another matter entirely…  

Rodimus is like the baby yandere.  The kind that doesn’t even realize he’s a yandere until he starts obsessing 24/7.  He uses his position as captain to get you to spend time with him or vice versa.  He’ll clear your schedule and assign you to some meaningless, simple task on the bridge just so he can spend some one on one time with you.  Also, if he catches anyone showing a particular interest in you, they suddenly find themselves with a crushing workload clearing out the lower decks, far away from where you are.  

Drift is a bit different.  He’s suave.  He’s subtle.  He pays you pretty compliments all the time and genuinely acts very pleasant around you.  On the surface he seems like the perfect gentlemech, but on the inside he’s like a black hole of obsessive lust.  He has a shrine dedicated to you in his habsuite filled with stolen items of yours that he uses to try to complete the perfect love spell.

When the two of them fight over you it’s all strained smiles and poisonous glares and thinly veiled threats.  It’s almost like a game to them, with you as the prize.  “I’d advice you to concede captain.  Your time is better suited to working towards something that you can actually accomplish.  Like steering us off course yet again, for example.”  “Drift, if you have a problem with my methods, I have no qualms about kicking you off the ship again.”

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Bots finding out about human!reader being on their period? No worries if you don't wanna do it.

Mmmm good ask anon but I feel like that’s already been done well by other HC writers like @letsdiscussrobots for example (I think). Also idk what continuity you were thinking of BUT I’m totally up for a certain asshole birb having a learning moment in particular?

Warning: below the divide there will be a pretty graphic description of how cramps feel

You curl up further into yourself underneath your sheets, tucking your knees towards your chest for a few moments before turning onto your back and jerking them out straight below you. The pain was excruciating and you couldn’t figure out why this time. 

You remembered to drink copious amounts of water (albeit Ratchet forcing you rather than regulating it yourself), you had been cutting down on the sweets AND your recent assignments had you working out a lot more, and yet the cramps hadn’t become any more forgiving. On top of that there were apparently no space equivalents of Advil or Midol, and the heating packs Ratchet had in stock were all too large and way too hot for you to use.

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I, for one, would love to hear more of your thoughts on Tailgate, Cyclonus, and courtly love.

It’s not a really academic view of courtly love, mostly just some scattered thoughts about their uneven exchange of innermost energon and how it reflects the unsatisfactory, painful way they ‘break up’ in LL7.

Cyclonus snatches Tailgate’s hand, which causes the bottle of Tailgate’s energon to smash on the floor. Cyclonus then does his best to painfully, coldly impress on Tailgate that they don’t share a bond, that Cyclonus doesn’t care, and that he finds Tailgate annoying in an attempt to drive him away…Something about the sight of Rewind’s bedside full of vials seems to change Cyclonus’s mind, but it’s too late to put the energon back in the jar - all he can do is help Tailgate pick up the fragments.

The scene is paralleled in LL7, when Tailgate attempts to drive Cyclonus away (to protect him from Tailgate’s fits), and this time it’s the vial of Cyclonus’s energon in play. Once again, Cyclonus doesn’t actively smack the vial away - he’s trying to grab Tailgate’s arm, and the innermost energon flies away. You can almost see the anxiety on both their faces that it’ll shatter the same way Tailgate’s vial did.

But it’s intact, and Tailgate takes it with him to his grave while Cyclonus is left…bereft.

Except Tailgate gave him that horn to replace his broken one. If you take it back to pop culture courtly love stuff, Cyclonus is an ass of a knight who broke his lady’s first token :P But then Tailgate crafts the replacement horn for him, allowing Cyclonus’s body to become whole again, which is a pretty significant thing for a dude who doesn’t replace inessential body parts (except to hide the damage caused by Tailgate…) for religious reasons, and who we have seen engaging in self-harm when overwhelmed by his emotions. The integrity of the body is a pretty big deal, and once that and Cyclonus’s face scratches are repaired the first time, his whole body appears more balanced and symmetrical. It’s not a half bad start.

But their exchange of tokens is not balanced, and their communication issues persist. While Cyclonus has been made whole in body, Tailgate has been given extra from Cyclonus’s spark in two different forms - spark energy and innermost energon. When they part ways in LL7, Cyclonus could basically look at himself in the mirror and see himself right back where he started before he met Tailgate - physically he’s back at status quo, with no obvious token or evidence that Tailgate ever existed at all, and he can’t bear the contrast between that and the uneven, ragged emotional wounds left between the two of them. Meanwhile, for all of Tailgate’s spark-deep changes and gifts and new bodily strength, he’s left right back where he started physically - stuck in a hole in the ground, forgotten and alone. They’ve come full circle, but in an unsatisfying, uneven way that leaves both them and the reader dissatisfied, which is part of why The End! over Tailgate’s flowery fun coffin home on the last page strikes a dissonant note. 

The more I consider it, the less it is about courtly love, and the more it is about balance in a relationship and in the narrative. Things keep coming full circle in MTMTE lately, but the circles are all wrong - they’re wonky and imperfect, and it feels off. Minimus regressing to his boxed in Magnus persona from the start of the quest, Megatron back fighting functionism with Terminus (a literal piece of his past), the crew of the Rod Squad stripped of most Decepticon crew members (and the moral questions and amguity they brought with them) with only ex-cons like Drift returning to fill out the group - circles. But it’s not right. Not yet. 

I think that, especially for anime-only fans, it’s easy to forget exactly how young Dazai is. It’s easy to forget that Dazai was only 18 during the Dark Era because of course he doesn’t act like a teenager. Aside from the rare childish characteristics that he exudes, such as playing video games on the job or saying something like “fuzz buddies” you can’t really tell how young he is. 

He’s been in the mafia since before he was 14 and it’s implied that he had a hard-knock life before then, because he said that he joined the Mafia so that he might find a reason to live. He was looking for a reason to keep living before he was even fourteen. And he grew up under Mori’s care, and he grew into someone who was manipulative and cruel and unfazed by death or blood or violence. He didn’t care about anything, except for Odasaku. He became an adult while he was still a child and when he’s 18 years old he acts like he’s 25 because that’s just how old he is in his head.

Except, that’s not entirely true. Deep inside, Dazai knows that he is still a child. He knows that there is a lot about the world that he doesn’t know. He is scared of himself and he is scared of the world and he held on to Odasaku for guidance, better guidance than what Mori could give him. And when Dazai was threatened with losing that guidance, that’s when his true nature broke free of the mask that he had been hiding under. That’s when we really realized for the first time, when we really saw that he is just a scared, lonely child, who doesn’t know how to survive in this world on his own.

And I really want to talk about the scenes in episode 4 of season 2 where you can see this revelation the most prominently.

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What about a scenario where the Lost Light throws their teenage human friend a Halloween party? Like Rodimus hosts a costume contest Swerve decorates the bar and everyone trying to make the teenager feel welcome and happy?

It had, surprisingly, been Ultra Magnus’ idea. He’d noticed the human had seemed down and had taken a look at the Earth calendar and holidays to see if he could figure out what it was and he thought maybe he had. It spiraled out of control from ‘a few of us and a quiet party’ to a full blown full staff party at Swerve’s. Thanks Rodimus.

Rodimus remembered Halloween the best from the time he’d spent on Earth, the other either vaguely remembered it or didn’t have fond feelings towards the Holiday. Oh yes, it was time to change those feelings.

One would be surprised to watch Rodimus lead his crew so well, even despite his excitement. Neither Ultra Magnus nor Megatron stepped in due to bad planning or bad grouping. It seemed Rodimus had a handle on things only when he was excited about it. They’d remember that at a later date, for sure.

When you walked into Swerve’s, being lead by Rung, who’d been assigned to keep you distracted until they needed you, you gasped and looked around slowly. The back walls had the words ‘Trick or Treat’ in a bloody font strung up by string with bats stuck to the wall and little ghosts hanging around it. There were other little black pinwheel like decorations and the bats and ghost continued along the other walls. The small tables had pumpkins that someone had carved so meticulously and amazing that it was almost hyper realistic, a light in it that made it glow an eerie green, much cooler than an orange light. Different things stuck out of the pumpkins depending on the table; some things that looked like brains, some just had black sticks that had been spray painted with bats or crows. The round middle table was the only one with a large black table cloth over it as well as a smaller table liner of pinstriped white and black. A tombstone stood among a group of more pumpkins, some made into fogging coolers with what you assumed was dried ice or something similar. It read; Happy Halloween to our favorite human. You didn’t know what it was made out of. It also had Halloween themed snacks both for yourself and for the bots on white and black skeleton plates and stands. The bar was less done up, room needed for making drinks and handing them out, but it did have bats and ghosts hanging both above it and off the bar top itself. That’s when you got a good look at your Cybertronian friends, even despite the fog of a machine you didn’t see.

They were mostly dressed up, some much more simple, like Megatron and a cape you were sure Rodimus had forced on him, and Ultra Magnus with only a mask thrown haphazardly on the side of his face, Rodimus again probably. However, then you came to bots like Rodimus, Drift, and Swerve, which might have taken it a little too far. Swerve a witch, tattered clothes, a bent hat, and looking rather aged for a robot. Rodimus was most likely the headless horseman, painted in temp paint to look as though he had on Armour and a giant plastic pumpkin head you assumed he’d painted himself, crude but good. Drift was probably the worst, dressed as Genji and living it up a bit… Well too much. The others were in between trying too hard and not trying at all, Tailgate in a cute little fluffy dress with a pumpkin staff, a witch as well. Cyclonus wasn’t exactly dressed up, but TG had at least gotten a cape on him.

You were presented with your favorite costume and told to change behind the bar, Ultra Magnus, Swerve, and Megatron being sure no one could get a look at you. When you came out they all cheered.

Finally, someone sat you down to explain. Someone being Megatron, seeing your excited confusion. “It was Magnus’ idea. He’d wanted something much smaller, but Rodimus caught hold of it and it became this. Personally, I believe this is much more your taste then a few of us more stuffy bots pretending we know how to socialize.” He smiled softly as you laughed and nodded a bit. “I had to agree, this is much more exciting… Definitely more welcoming than the lonely halls of a cold ship.” He didn’t get a chance to ask what you’d meant as you were scooped up by none other than Whirl in a chicken suit and dancing with the bots.

The contest ended with you in second, Drift was first and Swerve was third. Rodimus was not allowed to play since he chose the winner. All three of you got Rodimus Stars for you amazing costumes.

As exhausting as a full night with drunken Cybertronians and strange new drinks Swerve had found on the internet was, it had been fun and you certainly felt like you were finally part of the crew. You were glad they’d done this and, despite the zombie movement of the crew, yourself included, the next day, you would all repeat it again, given the chance. You were glad Ultra Magnus had been heard by Rodimus.