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eraberry  asked:

Could I ask for idw Megatron, Rodimus, and Soundwave with wake-up kisses? Or just them waking up to their sleeping, smiling s/o laying next to them?

AHH wake up kisses yayyy :D


  • This is his favorite way to be woken up. Nothing could compare to the feeling of getting up in the morning and knowing someone loves you.
  • He likes to be smooched under his optics because it makes him feel less tired.
  • When you smooch him he lets out a happy little sigh and smiles, opening his optics to the most beautiful sight.
  • He pulls you down for a deep kiss, humming contentedly, and holds you while the grogginess wears off.
  • Depending on his mood, you may end up staying in berth for a bit longer ;)


  • Thinks wake-up kisses are adorable. 
  • He giggles because your kisses tickle, then buries his head into the pillow and asks for five more minutes.
  • You’ll have to offer him more smooches until he finally agrees to get up.
  • He’ll usually grab you and kiss and tickle you once he’s fully awake.
  • If he has to get up early for a meeting he’ll smooch your forehead before he leaves the habsuite.


  • He’s usually the one up first, so he wakes you up with nuzzles.
  • If you’re just too tired he’ll carry you for a bit while you try to wake up.
  • On the rare occasion that you are up first, he’s extremely grateful for the wake-up kisses. It’s so much better than an alarm.
  • The only thing he likes better than good-morning kisses are goodnight kisses. Your touch is soothing and sends him into a peaceful recharge.

anonymous asked:

Hey I saw your human stowaway ask and I was wondering how would would Rung, Rodimus, Tailgate, Swerve and Drift React when they /finally/ caught the sneaky tiny human child that's been hiding aboard the ship for weeks?

Pretty sure I’ve done all the other characters, so I’ll just do Swerve.


  • He’s pretty proud of himself for finding them. He feels like he just one a game of ping-pong or something. 
  • When he notices how malnourished they are he gets freaked out and runs to the medbay.
  • While they’re getting better he constantly asks the child about earth and compliments all the neat things humanity has come up with. 
  • He sneaks the smol extra sweets, since Ratchet won’t let them have too many.
  • He ends up becoming a big brother. He takes the child everywhere with him, let’s them pick out the movies for movie nights, and even let’s them sit on the bar counter when things aren’t too rowdy.
Valentine's Day - Sam Drake X Reader

I was in a grungy bar, alone and single on Valentine’s Day no less. I sat at the bar drinking a beer. There was few people here except for a few regulars.

A guy sat down a couple of bar stools away from me. He looked very rough, a couple scratches on his face, a little bit of scruff. He wore a denim jacket. He had broad shoulders, I could tell he had a pretty muscular build.

He pulled out a pack of cigarettes and a lighter from his denim jacket pocket. Lighting a cigarette. It hung between his lips as he put his lighter back in his pocket.

He glanced over at me. I looked away quickly, praying he didn’t notice me staring at him.

He moved to the bar stool beside me, setting his Corona down.

“What’s a girl like you doing alone on Valentine’s Day?” He asked. I found myself getting lost in his light brown eyes.

“A girl like me?” I wondered what he was getting at.

“Stunningly beautiful.” He said as if it was blatantly obvious.

“I don’t know. Still waiting for that special someone I guess.”

“How about I buy you a drink?” He offered.

“I’d really like that.” I smiled.

“I’m Sam Drake.”

“Y/N L/N”

Four years later

I smiled to myself as I thought about the day me and Sam met. We’ve been together for four years and I’m just as happy as the day we met. Everyday I fall in love with Sam all over again.

I was washing dishes as Sam came up behind me, wrapping his arms around my waist.

“We’re going out tonight.” Sam stated.

“Really? To where?”

“It’s a surprise.” He whispered in my ear. “I left some cash on the dinning table for you to pick out a dress for tonight.”

“So where’s Sam taking you tonight?” Elena asked. I brought Elena and Chloe to the dress shop with me for girl talk and help finding a dress.

“I don’t know. He said it was a surprise.” I said from the dressing room. I walked out in a purple sparkly dress, it came to mid-thigh. “What do you think?” I asked Elena and Chloe.

“It’s um…” Elena trailed off.

“Sparkly.” Chloe finished for her.

It was a clear indication that it was a no. I entered the dressing room to try on another dress.

The second dress was black and floor length. The bottom of the dress was flowy. It was elegant.

“Too fancy.” Chloe said.

The third dress was also black with straps and came to mid-thigh. It wasn’t too casual and not too elegant. I could tell by the smiles on Chloe and Elena’s faces that it was the one.

Sam was waiting for me by the front door. When I walked down the stairs Sam looked at me like it was the first time he was seeing me.

“You look beautiful.” He complimented. He also looked good in his black tux.

Sam took me to a rooftop view of the city. There was a table waiting and a waiter. I was speechless.

“Sam this is amazing.” I said still engulfed at the beautiful scenery.

“Not as amazing as you.”

We sat down at the table. The waiter poured some white wine into our wine glasses and took our orders. I loved how it was just me and him so we could be in our own world.

Sam lifted his wine glass.

“How about a toast, to love.”

“Too love.” I clinked my glass with his.

“You know I think about the day we met everyday and I wanted to do this on our day.” He stood up, got down on one knee pulling out a black velvet box from his pocket. I covered my mouth, tears pricked my eyes. “Y/N M/N L/N, will you marry me?”

“Samuel Drake, I would love to marry you.” He slid the ring on my ring finger. I stood up pulling him into a hug and kissed him passionately.

Me and the boys needed a Christmas tree but fir trees don’t grow on the island. So, being chief, it’s my duty to be our tree this year!

Merry Christmas, everyone! And if you don’t celebrate, have a wonderful day, whatever you’re doing!

I hope you all get everything you want. If you dont, leave your window open and I’ll drop by with a few things.

Love, Peter and the boys.

Happy One Year Anniversary to my sister Tracy and her girlfriend Kaylee!

Tracy got Kaylee the sweetest and most awesome anniversary present ever! She commissioned this comic by artist Kasey Williams ( @whoiskasey​) to show their first year together! It’s so adorable, I had to share it (with permission)!

(Tracy is the one with the long, blond hair, Kaylee with the short, brown hair. The captions beneath each photo were written by Kaylee, from facebook.)

[ We met at Camelot! Obviously with light sabers.]

[ She asked me out after the Packers lost to the Seahawks. We bought each other our Pandora bracelets. Playing Vita and 3DS together.]

[ Some of our dates. Panhandlers pizza, Sideouts volleyball, Melting Pot, and Bahama Breeze. And me hanging out with her kitty Paris.]

[ Moved in with each other and bought kittens. Got our Star Wars house keys. Showed her how to solve a Rubik’s cube. And had our first birthday party together.]

[ Christmas morning and New Years Eve! And the last one is me today reading the comic.]