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Yeah. I know I’m a horrible person because this is so late. My computer is having some issues. I’ve been messing with ways to draw hair and this sorta happened. I hope you all have a wonderful break from school, and if you don’t go to school anymore, have a wonderful winter, and happy holidays.

Edit: forgot the other wing of the Pegasus



I’m starting to run out of ways to say thanks for following me…

For this milestone I did something special! The theme of this milestone is Rock Stars!

First Row (From L to R)

ask-usa-pony as Jimi Hendrix

ask-aqua-marine-pony as Paul McCartney

thesweetadventuresofstrawberry as Jimmy Page

askroninapplejack as Robert Plant

thecherrysodaaskblog as Freddie Mercury

ask-apartment2b (Highlighter) as Pete Townshend

Second Row

anarchyinequestria (Igniter)  as Johnny Rotten

rainbow-dashs-mailbag as Iggy Pop

woofing-ghost as Joey Ramone

askanathema as Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein

ask-guyra as Joe Strummer

Third Row

ask-crayon-the-homeless-artist as Angus Young

ask-the-little-misfit-filly as Brian Johnson

ask-black-rider-the-biker-pony as Lemmy Kilmister

Fourth Row

ask-lesboo-pony as Eddie Van Halen

askwingedcross as Alice Cooper

ask-google–chrome as Biff Byford

askbambina as Dave Mustaine

Fifth Row

ask-nako-the-pony as Rob Halford 

ask-private-applejack as Bruce Dickinson

ask-yin-shade as Ozzy Osbourne

ask-hyperbrony as Ronnie James Dio

(I’m sorry if you didn’t get featured!)

I love you all so much. You guys make me so incredibly happy! :D


Mod: Yaddy yaddy yadda college… anyways thank you all for your support, your follows, and your patience with me taking so damn long to update. I also would like to thank you all for getting me to my first milestone of 100+ followers. I couldn’t have done it without you all. ^^


@winged-cross (as Franken Stein)

@ask-goldenpen (as Marie Mjolnir)

@askgosukothefemcolt (as Crona)

@askroninapplejack (as Maka Albarn)

@ask-princess-crystal-melody (as Tsubaki Nakatsukasa)

@ask-paradigm (as Black Star)

@ask-the-little-misfit-filly (as Patricia Thompson)

@crossover-with-spike (as Soul Evans)

@askbananapie (female version as Elizabeth Thompson)

@askezioauditoredaequestria (as Death The Kid)


It’s a scary, scary world. Full of scary, scary things.

askingthewrongapplejack brotrot darthck506  asktheoneeyedbrownie

gamerscootaloo ask-the-little-misfit-filly

ask-kai-theta regal-hoers sugahswing askmcknucklesfistpunchalot

ask-marley-mays winged-cross espeonna ask-straight-razor anarchyinequestria askpeachypit askthreepones ask-heart-stopper

Also like srry if you don’t recognize/like your character design,

anonymous asked:

do you have any favorite blogs? :3

ask-crayon-the-homeless-artist,  ask-goldenpen, kindahernyart, ask-king-sombra, askroninapplejack, askanathema, anarchyinequestria, ask-teen-chrysalis, winged-cross, ask-theduskbatcrew, ask-bounty-hunter-aj, ask-apartment2b, askshyskye

ask-glittershell​, ask-the-little-misfit-filly, ask-vasara, a-rather-rottenpony, bluecrayolapony, ask-the-clueless-pony, ask-teen-rd​, ask-brae-burn​, aptnoot​, askstarbluesthepegasi​, asknoara​, daredevil-ponies​, mingesu​, silent-umbra-art​, godasenpai​, thecherrysodaaskblog,​ AND MANY MORE THAT I FORGOT TO MENTION! (I’m sorry!)


So If you’re not following some of these blogs, then I highly recommend you check out their stuff! :D


Alphabetical Order. Except for one person, whom I messed up on the placing. Blee de blump:
ask-the-awkward-filliesask-the-little-misfit-fillyaskthepreciousponyasktherunnerbrothers (unfollowed)ask-thesilverliningaskthreeponesask-universe-ponyask-vanillasymphonyaskyourbffbill-the-mad-hat (deleted)


Last Panel:

“Also, what’s to stop him from getting up on his hind legs? You didn’t bind them.”
“Of course. Also, what exactly is around his forehooves?”
Stop asking questions and get to work.

((Thanks for 250 followers, guys! I tried to put in more people than I did last time. Five or four more people. Eh, getting there. Anyways, I hope for many more in the future. It would be so rad! After the 300th mark (if we ever get there), I will be only counting through hundreds. So it’ll be 300 then 400, follower milestone wise.))


I just want to say to everybody, thank you.
Thank you so much for all your support and sweet messages and everything. Thank you for sticking with me. Thank you for following me on this fantastic journey and watching my art and storytelling improve. I would never ever be here without you! So much has happened to me since I started this blog. Good things and bad things.
I’ve met real life bronies, I’ve been to conventions, I’ve been to a brony convention, I’ve sold my art at conventions, I’ve met amazing, super, beautiful people, I’ve written amazing stories, I’ve discovered an absolute angel, I’ve lost my way, I’ve found it again, I’ve succeeded in my studies, I’ve been shrouded in the shadows and celebrated in the light.
I’ve come so far.
And it’s not over yet!

Please take your time to watch this video I’ve put together as a thank you to you guys, my awesome followers!
Even if you aren’t in the list of the featured blogs below the ‘keep reading’, there’s some Dizzyshy goodness at the end that I think all of you will love!

Keep being awesome. Keep smiling. Keep shipping what you love.
I’ll be back soon to let you know why I’ve been gone, and when updates will continue!

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I know i say ‘holy shit’ a lot, but… HOLY FUKING SHIT! My last milestone was like 2 weeks ago! YOU GUYS KICK SO MUCH ASS!!! XD

This took me all day to finish but it was so worth it! I LOVE YOU ALL!

This Rock 'N’ Roll Swindle Features:

Ask Aqua Marine

Ask Tired Shy 

Ask Private Applejack

Ask Winged Cross

Ask Nako 

Ask The Little Misfit Filly

Ask Apartment 2b

Ask Ken Saké

Ask Cherry Soda

Ask Crayon The Homeless Artist 

Ask Hyper Brony

Sorry if i didn’t feature your OC. :I

You all rock!


Sex Pistols - The Great Rock 'N’ Roll Swindle


O.o can’t believe I’m at 900…thank you everyone! Oh my gosh…100 more and then 1000….*heavy breathing* 

Picture 1: askcherryquiett alreadybreak ask-ash-in-equestria levinfiery-posts asksweetdisaster angelheartgold 

Picture 2: askflutterpsycho purehueanswers ask-shadow-spark ask-cocopommel 

Picture 3: ask-death-scar ask-vanillasymphony asksapphire-delusion askblueray scootaling 

Picture 4: fleet-wing ask-rosabella-thorn kystik asknutjob majo-grace-taika Picture 5: ask-the-little-misfit-filly

misadventures-of-a-misfit-foal  asked:

I can see your point with the whole Medusa-Mod controversy, but I kinda think it SHOULD be spread, or at least known. I mean, I myself am 15, pretty much a kid, and I'm glad I get to at least know, you know? Then again, I'm the kind of person that wants to be informed of things at all times, so maybe that's just me. But following a pedophile, supporting their blog, makes me extremely uncomfortable. I'm personally glad it's being spread. Apologies.

You didn’t need to know because he’s not a threat any more



ask-the-little-misfit-filly Why? Why did you make me do this? I thought we were friends with benefits. i MEAN IT’S REALLY SHORT AND NOT THAT WELL DONE BUT STILL

misadventures-of-a-misfit-foal  asked:

Mister, ma'am, I have a question. W-would a foal, say, a young homeless filly for example, have any rights in court? B-because I may or may not have broken through the window of a cake shop.

Well, nopony is gonna send a filly to jail or anything over a broken window, but if ya can’t pay for it, they’ll prob'ly sentence ya to some community service. I bet I can even get'cha in a nice soup kitchen ☆~(ゝ。∂)That’s assumin’ the cake shop is pressin’ charges, of course. Ya might wanna try ‘n avoid vandalism in the future, though.