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Teostra and Lunastra’s jaws are short and muscular, giving them a very strong bite. But because their jaws are used quite often, they naturally tend to become highly resistant to shocks throughout the Monster’s life.

As for the teeth themselves, the layers of enamel protecting them are much thicker than for most animals and Monsters. Efficient renewal processes are required to maintain their properties since they undergo a lot of friction. Stra’s teeth also have the particularity of being embedded with microscopic shards of minerals and iron on their surface, probably acquired thanks to a volcanic lifestyle (or lava baths); which reinforce their strength, and of course make the production of incandescent sparks possible.

All in all, this technique might have hurt Teo when he was a cub whose jaws weren’t yet strong enough to endure the impact too often. But thanks to age and experience, his skull and teeth are now fully developed, and he’s so used to it that gnashing his canines seems to have become an oddly satisfying way to blow up his enemies…

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Now I want to know more about what Virgil did to his dad lmao. Does he ever have nightmares about it? Would he ever tell Pat or one of the others? I feel like he would drunkenly confide in Roman or something one bad night

He doesn’t regret it at all, but he feels really bad whenever Pat makes an offhanded comment about missing their dad, or his rare good moments, or how much he wishes he still had their father’s wisdom.

Virgil doesn’t ever tell Patton, because despite how nasty their father was, Pat has always loved and admired him. 

Logan knows, but only because they had a heart to heart after a nightmare that left Logan screaming, sobbing, and panicking.

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Hiya dearest, I'd like to drop an ask about your Kurtis and his sketches. Are there any drawings of whatever kind he's been hiding, for whatever reason, before Lara? An odd ask, I know, but I came up with it when remembering the moment in the Lilith's Scepter where Lara, leaving the tent, saw Kurtis drawing something and wondered he was back to it again. If I'm not mistaken, we do not know what he was drawing - it could be Lara but it also didn't have to be her.. Anyway, thank you :) :*

Yeaaaah I remember I discretely dropped that reference and then never gave closure to it :) 

“On leaving the camp, Lara saw Kurtis sitting near his tent, half reclining on his knapsack. She felt shocked when seeing he was holding a paper and drawing something with a pencil. So he was back to drawing…what?

He looked up and then their eyes met. She quickly looked away, while reluctantly recalling the first time she saw his drawings, back in Egypt, in the midst of a raging sandstorm…”

LILITH’S SCEPTER, chapter 15, The Vatican Manuscript

What was Kurtis drawing, indeed? Now as ridiculous as it sounds, I don’t know. I never thought of giving closure to this detail. I felt like leaving the mistery for the reader to enjoy, and to drawn their own conclusions. The purpose was to make Lara feel moved by that scene - not bothered, not disturbed, but rather… curious. To bring her back the memories of the first time she found his drawings, in The Golden Seal, so her heart starts, slowly and voluntarily, going back to him. 

I never expected much more from this moment, honestly. Not everything has to have an answer. Not everything has to be explained. I like leaving things to the reader… and I don’t have a personal version of all of them. This being a perfect example :)

Kurtis is pretty much always drawing… he still does. It relaxs him, helps him to think, to order his ideas, and to plan shit. While his hands are busy his mind can go places or just chill for a while.

So he does not only draw Lara, but anything really. Remember the first sketches were not only focused on Lara, but she is, obviously, a returning character in her drawings, because he loves her. 

There are any drawings he’s been keeping away from her? Hiding from her? It might be. Anything is possible really. He is not excessively concerned about what he draws and from hiding shit from Lara, but he has secrets, he more than anyone, concerning his past. He might be hiddin’ something… why not…

… or rather, he might have something he’s not shared with Lara. And despite we know our dear British lady tends to jealousy, she’s not also one to search among his stuff. Maybe because she likes his mysterious aura, there are things she prefers not to know - for example, as stated in The Legacy, they don’t talk about former partners/lovers…

You’ve dropped me an interesting, spicy ask, and I love it :D But I can’t go on without spoilers… just let me make you know, I had this slight idea before on my mind and I might develop it soon… if not in The Legacy, in further writings ;) Be patient. And thanks for asking! *sends kisses*

Killua needs more hugs!!

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fav anime list/recs??

Ooooh! I love getting asks like these! As of right now:

Boku no Hero Academia- if you’re into a really feel-good kind of shounen show filed epic moments and incredible characters then this is definitely a good one!

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Beyond the Boundary- Suspense, drama, romance, and insane action all melded into one incredible show! It’s absolutely stunning!

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Little Witch Academia- Hilarious, feel-good, and a show with such amazing AMAZING characters! If you want something to just entertain you with no stress, then this is a great one!

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Haikyuu!!- A sports anime that’s actually fairly realistic with well-written character development and action sequences that will have you at the edge of your seat! The characters are so lively and entertaining you’ll just love everyone!

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Re: Zero- A heart-wrenching heart-stopping and heartbreaking series filled to the brim with suspense, mystery, and thrill! It is incredible and one of the best written shows I’ve seen.

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Your Lie in April- If you love classical music and drama that will give color to your life then break your soul then this is definitely a good one!

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Nisekoi- Hilarious and cute all around. If you want nonsensical romance with the most hilarious comedy sequence for shits and giggles then this is gold!

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Hunter x Hunter- THIS ANIME IS ONE OF THE MOST INCREDIBLY WRITTEN, DIRECTED, AND ILLUSTRATED AND IT IS TIMELESS! I can even say that this anime can rival how well-made FMA is.

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RWBY- Of course I have to mention this haha, if you don’t already watched this, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT! THE CHARACTERS ARE AMAZING AND COMPLEX! Personally, I do really love the world and the plot. A really really great show!

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Hey! This is really random but do you have any tips on how to draw the Achievement Hunter guys? I'm trying to draw a group picture to get signed at Let's Play Live at the greet after the show, but I'm not all that experienced in art and have always had trouble when faced with drawing them?? Sorry if this is a little much or came off obnoxiously I'm just really lost and think your art is really good!

hair p much is the main thing that makes their character distinguishable


The Saturday morning cartoon The Fake AH Crew!! 

A friendly gang of criminals set out to have a good time of fun in the nice city of Los Santos. This totally kids-friendly show takes the crew out on heists, things to do’s and simle play time to goof around. No swearing, no killing each other, no mugging, no raging anger and hatred and no one ever fucks up and ruins everything for the 104th time like somekind of asshole. nope. none at all.

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one of the achievement hunters could be like 'yh i was in witness protection and this is a completely constructed identity' and i'd be like wow i believe it

god. they’re all so fucking weird. like, michael was an electrician who slacked his way through high school and lived with his parents, gavin worked on high quality productions like top gear and sherlock holmes and used like, the only slow motion camera on the british island, geoff was an army photographer, jack was a journalist, ryan has kids and went for a double programming/theater degree, because those two things go together great, jeremy’s a gymnast who used to fight people who called him short and put people in chokeholds for fun and also wanted to go into animating, lindsay was a childhood bully with two dates to prom, a shitton of sports experience, and a degree that went from vet science to theater tech and then. trevor motherfucking collins (that could be his real legal middle name! like, legitimately it would not surprise me if that was his name on all his legal documents!) who is apparently a jack of every fucking trade in existence. any of them could have a Secret Past Life and i’d just say “yeah that makes sense. okay.”