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My dad’s new favorite show is an animal rescue show, where people are like “someone found this baby rodent in the gutter and she’s all alone so now she’s gonna live with us for the next two years as she grows up, also she’s high maintenance and she screams a lot, we love her and want the best for her”

And I love the idea of early days intrepid space explorers discovering aliens to whom we are lost baby animals that they must rehabilitate and send on their way. Like ship crash landed on a planet and the humans are clearly gonna die, until up comes this a swarming mass of tentacles and the small symbolic grooming birds that keeps the tentacles clean, and this being/beings/colony gently deposits several tons of scrap metal and a basket of strange fruit that smells alarmingly like rotten fish

“Oh Grex'ylna, can we keep them?” the small blue hatchling asks its broodmother as they watch the humans cautiously bring the offerings to their respiratory ports (the hatchling hopes they accept the sustenance; humans have notoriously flexible diets, but they all have individualized and seemingly baseless preferences and hatreds of certain nutrients).

The several of the broodmother’s anterior facial tentacles dry up in gentle refusal. “The humans are beautiful wild creatures,” the broodmother hums. “We cannot take away that wilderness by teaching them to be dependent on us. Just look at what happened Sxyn-nnxz. You can’t go a mile without finding some humans milling about helpless, a danger to themselves and others. Your broodaunt hit one with her boat just the other week. Scared her half to death. And you can’t keep them out of your garbage, such a mess.” The broodmother wraps several bits of herself around the hatchling. “We’ll heal the humans’ sky bird and get them back on their migratory path before they settle and breed.”

agent-jaselin  asked:

What would bird Fidds think of tiny baby Molly? Does she ever see the egg before it hatches?

Bird Fidds loves tiny baby Molly right away.  She’s such an adorable little hatchling.  And bc he’s nesting at the moment, his paternal instincts are running really high, so he spends a lot of time with her, fussing over her hair and playing with her.  Stan even catches Fidds taking Molly to the nursery a few times when she randomly falls asleep like babs sometimes do.  Not to put her in her crib (which is actually probably in Stan’s room, tbh), but to put her in the nest he made.  Stan gets pretty sick of having to look for his daughter only to find her asleep in the nest with Fidds and the egg.

So yes, Molly sees the egg before it hatches.  She spends a good chunk of time in the nest with Fidds and the egg, and Fidds probably encourages her to talk to the egg and pet it.


My newest hatchlings, three boys and one girl.


Primary: Tomato Jaguar

Secondary: Turquoise Butterfly

Tertiary: Aqua Runes 

2nd/female (SOLD)

Primary: Driftwood Jaguar

Secondary: Turquoise Butterfly

Tertiary: Spruce Runes 

3rd/male (SOLD)

Primary: Vermilion Jaguar

Secondary: Cerulean Butterfly

Tertiary: Spruce Runes 

4th/male (Sorry but this hansome boy stays with me, have pefect female partner for him in my lair)

Primary: Caramel Jaguar

Secondary: Mint Butterfly

Tertiary: Aqua Runes

Price for them is 35k Treasures.

Contact Seidreamseeker id.175101

If you are interested in some breed mixes from my lair just ask.

ok but… pc pearls…. that can recount certain memories

so basically, if you crush it and take it in somehOW you get visions of the moment that are held in place on the pearl

inspector investigating crimes ?? drill a probe from a witnessing pc’s pearl.

u a thief tryna heist sthm valuable from a pc? dRILL A PROBE AND LOOK IT UP

alternatively, very adventurous pcs selling parts of their pearl on the black market to people looking for a trip and a good time

pc hatchlings asking how the parents met and being handed a tiny chip of a pearl with a “why don’t you look for yourself?”

and usually it’s images, but if the pc was rlly invested in that moment the memories will come along.

pc’s who have slowly fallen out of love reliving the moment they fell in love with their partner and finding the strength to hold on.

funerals where every pc hands in a tiny chip of their fav memory with the deceased to send off with them.

very devoted pc marriages where they have each others pearls on the wedding night as a show of trust and how they will forever be in their life, heart and soul. and on their first anniversary they get to relieve their moment from the other’s perspective and counts as a vow renewal.

dying pc’s leaving behind certain parts of their peal for others. a fond memory for most of the people in their lives. some choose to not find out what that moment is, others overcome their grief by experiencing it.

/fake pc identities/ where sbdy figured out how to churn out false memories and have them seem legit.
“so you say you knew our mother? prove it.” [fake chip showing a fake memory] “aiGHT”

pc pearl specialist being a real intricate job bc usually the layers are rlly fuckin thin and its hard to reach a certain one, of get from one inside without doing too much damage to the rest of the pearl.

half eaten up pearls of pc’s who’re afraid of forgetting themselves, some entirely consumed by their past.




Here are the results!

  ☆  @askmisterblusky gets the Spring-egg hatchling

  ☆   @ask-silver-chain gets the Frost-egg hatchling

And here are some rules:

  • you can change the name and the appearance
  • until you’re using my reference, DO NOT remove my sign from it
  • you CAN’T sell or give them to somebody

If you are not agree with the rules and/or don’t like the pony that you obtained please contact me. I will choose another winner.

holderofhearts  asked:

Oh for the art meme thing can you answer 8,13,19 and 20 please! Ps love your blog and your art is amazing!

8. What is your favourite piece that you have done?

Oh my. I don’t have a favourite per se, but have a few i really like like this otgw one . But i think the one i held dearest to me is this one (dunno why):

13. Are you looking to pursue a career in art?


19. What medium/program do you use the most in your art?

Depends. Sometimes pencil and paper but mostly SAI with tablet.

20. How would you rank your art? (poor, mediocre, good, etc.)

Good? I’ve come a long way, and I’m kind of proud of where i am atm (:

littlestmun  asked:

"What are you? You don't smell like any elves we have met..." Strun frowned, tilting his head. (I know we have million things already, but I want to get my new blog going XP)

“Elf?” He asked, quite obviously offended. “Young hatchling, I would like to inform you that I am NOT an elf”