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how about alex fierro in 3B??? because it's canon that alex does wear dresses (there's dresses in her room) and no one draws her wearing skirts or dresses. (i was gonna ask for hearthstone in 3E but someone beat me too it haha. though if you want to draw more hearth, shall i recommend 2A?)

[the shirt says ‘sorry 4 not giving a shit’ in pink letters]

aaaa man alex in a dress!! so cute,,

Timmy’s reaction to Josh Horowitz saying Armie looks like a superhero :3 

Josh Horowitz: For you, Armie, I’ve been continually impressed and excited by the choices that you’ve made in your career, especially in recent years. You look like a superhero. And you can and could do the boring leading man kind of stuff. Yet you’ve continually worked with unusual, interesting filmmakers.

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In your opinion, what was the most beautiful Elio/Oliver scene in the film? And can you please describe it for us? I'm enjoying hearing your thoughts!

It’s no secret that I’m a slut for Monet’s berm but the scene that surprised me with its beauty was the nosebleed. They really took it to another level in the film. 

After bleeding into his dessert at lunch, Elio leaves the table and sits on the ground in a corner of the house holding a pack of ice to his nose. Oliver, worried, goes looking for him.  

First we get Elio’s “I’m a mess, aren’t I?” line delivered in this lightheaded way because he’s losing blood, and I believe Oliver asks if it’s his fault like in the book. Then Oliver pulls Elio’s foot onto his lap… Guys, we talk a lot about Armie’s legs but can we please take a moment to appreciate Timmy’s legs. He’s built like a gazelle, they’re so long and gorgeous. When Armie’s holding his foot he looks like Cinderella. 

Anyway, Oliver is giving him this extremely hard foot rub that he says his grandmother used to give him whenever he was sick. And Elio grabs his shoulder, moaning and hissing with pleasure and/or pain. It sounds like SEX. I think he says something like you’re killing me but he’s clearly loving every second of it. Then he gets the thirstiest look ever on his face and starts caressing Oliver’s neck. I didn’t know where to look. Oliver is being so sweet and tender and Elio looks aroused. I’m just. Wow. Then he tugs at Oliver’s collar and holds his Star of David pendant in his hand and they have a conversation about why Elio doesn’t wear his. (Elio puts it on after this scene).

The scene ends with Oliver kissing the top of Elio’s foot. I’ve never witnessed a moment of such pure affection.             

bucky who can’t quite seem to get over the fact he can pick up mjolnir even though it’s been a good three months since the first time he accidentally plucked it from the ground in avenger’s tower. the hammer itself always seems to be in the most random of places and bucky will walk over to it whenever the opportunity comes along and look around to make sure no one is watching before picking it up again as it expecting one day that he won’t be able to lift it again. except every time it comes off the ground without hesitation and he grins like an absolute idiot because it means more to him than it probably should just that mjolnir deems him worthy at all so that must mean there’s something good about him, right?

and of course tony eventually asks why thor leaves his hammer just sitting around the place and thor simply smiles and says, “because it helps where i cannot.”

and nobody knows exactly what he means by that

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Could you do a cute fierrochase kissing/cuddling or hugging or anything romantic scene? I need more cute fierrochase in my life :D, Oh and I simply love your art and style

this came out a lot less fluffier than i wanted BUT heres some nice fierrochase we’ve all been missing


“Do you remember that restaurant where we used to get the chocolate croissants and the espressos in the morning?” Hammer asked Chalamet, who simpered in response. “Do you remember that little place on the piazza where they had the pizza and the other stuff?”

“Ahhhh, yeah,” Chalamet gushed.

“You remember everything,” Hammer said.

“Speranza!” Chalamet recalled, referring to an eatery.

“Yeah, Speranza,” Hammer said. “Where they had the fish. I mean, Timmy’s got some great memories, too. It was an experience that was so surreal and such a treat that honestly if nobody saw the movie, if nobody liked it, if it didn’t go anywhere, I’d still carry it with me as such a point of pride.”

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How were the kisses between Elio and Oliver🌚?

In a word: real.

Some were tender, some were needy, some were playful, some were really sensual and a couple were just mouth sex. They were plentiful and still impactful every time. But one thing these two men really nailed is conveying their characters magnetic pull towards one another in a kiss. I’ve seen some really great on-screen kisses before, and maybe it has a great deal to do with the slow burn build-up, but these guys made you believe they both needed to kiss one another. 

  • what she says: im fine
  • what she means: Call Me by Your Name (2017) directed by Luca Guadagnino starring Armie Hammer and Timothée Chalamet will be the most controversial- and possibly the most overlooked film of the 2017-2018 award season simply because a bunch of uneducated people who have never read the book are under the impression that the film is portraying a nonconsensual relationship between a 17-year-old and a 24-year-old. Also, how long do I have to wait for a fucking trailer?!

@kkbluebyrd wanted to know my theories on the next Magnus Chase book so here we go:

I don’t have many I like being surprised, but Ship of the Dead does lend a few clues. First off every Magnus book so far as been about a magic mcguffin that will play a role in Ragnarök. Frey will die at Ragnarök because he traded away Sumarbrandr. Thor of course will use his Hammer. So Ship of the Dead, there are two ships of note in Norse Myth, Skibladner and Hringhorni. Skibladner is Odin’s ship which he can fold up to fit in his pocket. That seems kinda unlikely, Hringhorni is Baldr’s ship, the greatest of all ships. It’s also the ship the god’s buried Baldr, a ship of the dead. Also the dead of Baldr is the opening act of Ragnarok 

Less literally, I think Rick is planning on making Magnus and Alex a couple in this one, I mean they’re dead, it’s a ship, very classic dad pun. 

I don’t think Percy will play much of a role, he’ll be in it for like a chapter, we’ll get an update on what’s up with him, and he’ll give helpful advice but like in Trails of Apollo he’s not gonna get involved. Though, the adventure is taking place on a ship, and Percy has lots of reasons not to like Apollo that much while Magnus is his girlfriend’s cousin so maybe we’ll see SUPPORTING CHARACTER Percy. 

I hope for some cute Hearth and Blitz stuff and Rick can stop being coy and just say they’re basically married, I mean there were points of Hammer of Thor they were 9/10s of the way to just making out. It’d be funny if everyone BUT Magnus knew and they weren’t hiding they’re just not very PDA as a couple. 

maybe Amir will come along on an adventure I mean he knows now and it would make Sam less of a um, 5th wheel? also be nice to make normal humans not totally useless in a Demigod book

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So Elio sounds like a pretty assertive kisser in the best way. What about Oliver? Does he kiss open-mouthed? Do they breathe loudly?

Oliver is a more conservative kisser. He kisses slowly and deeply, holding Elio tightly and rubbing his back. You hear both of their breathing. 

During their first night together when Elio is throwing his body at him and climbing him, he lets Elio do whatever he wants. UNTIL they get on the bed. By some miracle he finally gets Elio on his back and kneels above him while whipping off his belt. I’ve never felt more alive.          


I actually stayed up last night thinking about the bros weapons in that solarpunk/steampunk verse and came to the conclusion that I desperately want to keep the hammers. so yeah. hammers.

the way marios hammer is designed he can light it on fire anytime. luigis is actually pretty tricky bc electricity isnt as straightforward as fire, but I imagine it can jumpstart any kind of machine that runs on electricity bc nintendo logic

their secondary weapons would be something they use along with their hammers. marios is a pick (chisel) and luigis is a pair of pliers. 

yes I am invested in this why do you ask

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Hey! Thanks for answering all these questions in such vivid detail! :) I have one more question and it's about the bit at the end of the trailer where they look at each other, and Oliver closes in on Elio against the wall. Do you remember what happened exactly? Is the scene where Elio follows Oliver into town in the movie, after they first make love? I loved that part in the book. Thanks!

Yes, exactly. And they take most of the dialogue directly from the book, including the line, “Do you have any idea how glad I am we slept together?” which I’ve always loved since there are so few moments when we get to see what’s in Oliver’s heart. 

When Elio is up against the wall we get these lines from the book, “Are you sorry I came?” and Oliver’s response, “I’d hold you and kiss you if I could.”   

That’s why Timothée has that look on his face. He’s thinking about being kissed by Oliver!