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Finally, an ancestor lineup with their jobs too!

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do u take requests? because my friend and I were joking around and suddenly jasper from su became the grand highblood and now we can't stop laughing

only if redglare is peridot

I think you get the point


I want to see more of these headcanons about how the shit Kankri went through affected Signless. I’m always a slut for that good ancestors content

*cracks knuckles* Well then, friend, I hope you are prepared for more of my Headcanons.

One of the reasons Signless so adamantly desired equality among the castes, rather than just overthrowing everything and flipping the hemospectrum altogether, was because of what he saw. One can’t exactly explain a ton of nuances to your ideas in the midst of a revolution, but deep down he knows that, were that to happen, the same dangers would present themselves, only in reverse. Given what his nightmares had shown him, he wanted no one side of the spectrum to be in charge over the other. Because, to him, his nightmare visions showed him just what could happen were things to always remain with a massive power imbalance.

Signless initially had a vow of celibacy partly in fear of what might happen if he were to try to form a quadrant with someone. Largely due to his occasional visions of Kankri’s culler, Quinne. He later broke this vow with Disciple, though, and it worked out in that the love that they held for each other transcended the quadrants and fell into none of them. Which helped to assuage some of his fears that made him take the vow initially.

There was a point when he was younger, when he started having visions, that he started becoming inexplicably afraid of Dolorosa. He started becoming antsy or flinched any time she touched him, because he was overwhelmed by what his visions showed him and was having difficulty discerning real life sensations from his visions at times. This faded over time, but the time period after the visions started were very stressful on him as a young troll.

The above was in part because of the memories, and in other part because of Dolorosa being associated with Porrim, whom Kankri has some less than pleasant associations with due to her occasionally reminding him of Quinne. Which only double took a toll on young Signless until she managed to help him discern his visions from reality.

Signless also has occasional sensory associations in the midst of visions. He starts feeling cold and like there are hands on him. Touching him in real life only usually makes it worse if he’s in the midst of that. It gets pretty bad sometimes, tho, and he’ll usually try to bundle up or sit near a fire shivering even if it’s hot as balls already.

He also hates the feeling of things constantly pressing into his shoulders or enclosing his arms. He dislikes shirts for this reason, hence why he wore leggings like Kankri’s. Even if his cloak was a bit heavy, it was open all the way up the sides, so he never felt like it was trapping him, mostly just hanging around his neck and somewhat on his shoulders. He does dislike people holding their hands on his shoulders for long periods of time, though.

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I saw your post about Eridan, and I agree. Honestly I love the boy too, it frustrates me when people can't accept that. Like I won't make excuses for him, yeah I know he did bad things. But I can still love him??

Seriously! I don’t condone his actions, but Eridan is one of my favourite characters just based upon the fact that I projected heavily upon him even before I read Homestuck. Everyone characterizes him wrong. They always amount him to his difficulty with quadrants, which, yes, is a big portion of his character, but that isn’t all that he is. He is wholly passionate and intelligent, and yes, egotistical, but I suppose one could argue that there are several characters in Hussie’s Ulysses with that negative trait. His interest in history and military tactics, as well as the fact that his ancestor was an asshole sea captain, and the fact that he’s head over heels in love with a beautiful, seemingly passionate about sea creatures heiress make for his genocidal nature and general lack of social skills. As quoted by everyone’s favourite handsome, omniscient, man with a cueball head, “What would you say if I said a vengeful boy on a path of nihilism was taken under the wings of fearsome angels, and learned to destroy hope with their light?” Eridan isn’t perfect, but that’s what makes him so enjoyable. He proves to be a seemingly human antagonist, inspired by his feelings for Feferi. Whenever he comes back in act 7 (smiling at one point, I might add), he has grown greatly as a character and is eager to help his friends in defeating big green asshole. If anything, I think that I love him so much because he shows that the worst person has feelings and a heart behind them, and that ultimately, they can reform in the end, and learn from their mistakes, I am certainly lacking in social skills, as well as relationships (friends, etc.) and can understand his feelings, even if I wouldn’t go as far as he does in canon. Plus, he’s a total cutie and deserves a hug. That cape and scarf seem totally warm and I’m sure he has a lot of unresolved angst and would be an excellent cuddling companion. 

Was talking to @achromaticbibliophile about some Kankri headcanons and then Signless came up and I had some Thoughts.

Signless actually seeing some visions of Kankri under his culler. Perhaps some flashes of the pale abuse and all.

Sometimes he has dreams in which he’s recalling his past life as Kankri and wakes up still feeling Kanri’s panic and fear but also the lingering inexplicable calm that comes with pale and until he works himself into a panic just because he’s trying to get rid of the calm because being physically calm while his mind is freaking throws in some majorly bad conflict inside.

Maybe he’ll have a vision of some sort while he’s zoning out and it’s to a memory of Kankri with Quinne again and the whole hating being touched and when someone touches him to try to snap him out of it he just flips and jumps away from them all defensive until he comes back to himself.  But he remains super edgy about being touched for a while after even though he doesn’t know why.

A younger Signless asking the Dolorosa if she was pale for him and she is very confused as to why he’s asking but also doesn’t know how to respond to that since pale is a romance quadrant but by troll standards she’s done a lot of pale things for him. But he keeps being curious until she finally tells him that something is only really pale if two people care about each other very much. And when he asks if you should be afraid of your moirail she replies that you definitely should not, and he’s just very pensive thinking about it.