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rjdaae  asked:

One of my favourite (slightly crack-ish) headcanons is Erik, shortly after realizing the extent of his feelings for Christine, paying a visit to his Only Friend the Daroga in order to (subtly---he thinks) fish for advice on winning a lady's favour


I honestly love everything about Erik going to the Daroga for advice about the ladies!

Just picture, Erik sitting in the parlour, a cup of tea in his hand, dubiously asking around the question of how to woo a woman, and doing his best to get the Daroga to talk about his experience with women. And he thinks he’s being so clever and so careful until Daroga asks him, “who is she?” and Erik chokes on his tea and splutters “no one” but Daroga knows and when Erik calms down he gives him quality advice.

This is basically my own headcanon for any AU where things work out well

official-skeleton-reporter  asked:

Your Christine and Raoul and everyone are so cute and amazing!! I especially love the little filler comics you do (like your 'we're moving to another blog' and patreon ones) I just wish I had money to give you!

Ahh! Thank you so much! Don’t worry about it! When you become a millionaire, remember me….

anonymous asked:

Piggybacking off of the Pirate of the Opera picture, Phantom set in a modern day College or High School?

Wasn’t sure whether Erik would be a rebel, an art geek, or a goth/emo. Still, he kept the mask. Also, Daroga is a hipster because ???

anonymous asked:

My predictions for the "final lair." TC kidnaps Raoul because he's so fricking cute. Christine has to save him with the help of the Daroga. But the Daroga gets trapped too.

omg this ask has been haunting my dreams because CAN YOU EVEN IMAGINE HOW AWKWARD TC WOULD BE?? 

anonymous asked:

Christine is probably the one on the top isn't she. *wink wink nudge nudge ;)

Oh you!

Wait, we were talking about bunk beds right?

sorryimsogrossfriend  asked:

I was surprised to learn that franken-erik was a vegetarian, but it makes sense.

Same some persimmons for the rest of us, Xerxes. Yeah! The Creature mentions in the novel that he doesn’t eat the same food as men do–he lives off of berries and nuts and roots and all that paleo-jazz. I think the idea of eating meat grosses him out. Not that it has stopped him from threatening to eat people on occasion, haha. 

anonymous asked:

So, let us say Christine and precious cinnamon bunny bun (aka, Raoul) go on a date. Franken-Erik would either watch from the bushes, follow them, or cut eyeholes in a newspaper (and sometimes convince Dagora to join on his endeavors). Am I correct? :)

No need for such shenanigans! They’d just double-date it.

And that’s how they got the newly opened Maxim’s Paris all to themselves…

anonymous asked:

I saw this awesome idea on @tallestsilver's page and would love to see your take on it. What do you envision Erik and Christine to look like at a Disney themepark?

Haha, sorry this took so long to respond! I am not quite certain…but there would be chaos of some sort…

Christine: “We…should probably go save them.”

Daroga: “I thought we were on VACATION.” *eats more dole whip*

anonymous asked:

Hey! Just wondering if chapter two is gonna be out soon. I'm getting desperate. I can't wait much longer... 😅

Soon! Soon! I ink the last two pages today–which means that I can start toning the pages which means that at I hope to post a new page monday (homework allowing)!!! I need to finish “decorating” the separate tumblr/announce it etc (it may look bad at first heh..)…so thank you all for your patience! In the meantime, here are some babies:

Actually, a more accurate picture would be…

banillaveanofficial  asked:

My sister and I had this discussion of how disgusted Christine, Erik, and Raoul would be about Love Never Dies. Christine being the most offended about them saying that Raoul was a drunk gambler.

Hahaha, oh I am sure! Their pwecious Raoul would never run around grabbing Christine’s arm and being a little drunken jerk! Although, I think Christine would be more offended by the fact that she has to have a baby with Erik…and then die in the end, hahahaha!

“AND I HELD YOU, AND I…quit!” 

nekonian  asked:

Hello, I hope you're having a fantastic day! First off, I really like your art style and I am enjoying FantomeStein so far! I'm so excited to see more of the story and everyone's interactions. I'm also glad Erik isn't sexually attracted to Christine, it makes me really happy to finally see some non romantic love going on. There are so many kinds of love in the world and yet most Phantom things I read/see are romantically inclined. I'm excited to see where your story goes.

Ahh thank you so much!! Yeah, there is nothing wrong with romantic love, of course–but I thought it might be fun to mix it up a bit:) There are so many types of love out there, you are right! 


coco-bee-marie  asked:

Does Erik enjoy long walks on the beach and romantic moonlight? I think Christine might see past his flaws if he just set the mood dial to "steamy romance" and not " staring at you as you sleep,obsessive " mode. Maybe you could be Eriks wingman?

We tried that and it didn’t work!! Can you believe it?