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So why is the underside of Sia's hair the color of his corruption and not a dark green? Just curious. If this has been asked before, link me to the post or delete this question please.

I can answer that!

Take a look at this picture:

Base Ain and Anpassen still have the underside of their hair blue, and Executor’s blue hair is actually spreading past the underside (which covers all of his hair when he becomes Arme). Of course, Anpassen’s blue disappears completely by the time he becomes me.

Wanderer’s hair is turned teal green instead, because of the corruption.

His hair color goes through another change by the time he becomes Apostasia, to show the progression of the corruption. Near the base of his hair, it is dark purple, which is about the same color as his left arm, the arm that is completely corrupted. The hair color fades into a darker shade of green by the tips of his hair. The change, from Celestial blue to green, dark green and eventually to a dark purple is showing the transistion from his Celestial self to a being corrupted by Henir. If you are asking why it’s not completely purple, then I guess you can look at his right arm and ask the same question: “Why is it not completely corrupted like his left arm?”

Henir’s symbolic color ranges from dark green to deep violet. I guess you can say it can technically be any of those color…

Did that answer your question…? … I’m not even sure what the question exactly was, actually.

🌸Spring Cleaning Town Raid 🌸

Offering: A raid of my town for items and a chance to find a wrapped flower for WL item(yellow), dreamie (red), or 1mil bells(white)
LF: This is completely FREE 
FC: 1178-1112-0807
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Featuring Dork Link

I don’t remember what made me think this was a good idea but I did it anyway!!! My first fully finished comic in ages holy shit I’m proud even if this is as stupid as shit !!! \(^▽^@)ノ !!!

I had a thought about bio luminescent mipha and sidon and they change color with like extreme emotions. The thought of mipha turning absolutely bright red in the dark and Link looking at her amused asking if she’s embarrassed again while holding her hand is so cute.

Also sidon trying to spy on their dates and be his sisters moral support but he gets so excited and starts glowing and gives away his hiding spot

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I am a HUGE fan of your edits, and was wondering what RandL would look like if they had each others hair colors. Just a suggestion... :)

Thank you so much! Here’s the best I could do

And just to make it weirder, here’s a gif of their hair alterations