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Aragorn, how do you feel if Legolas falling in love with...uh..Faramir, and she obviusly forgot you? And, guess that, i love you. (And i love you with Legolas, but i want to know)

Aragorn: … Wait, what, “she” ? Legolas, you’re a girl ?!

Legolas: … He said, even if he sees me nude every night.

Aragorn: But, if you really want to know my feelings if it happened… I would be empty, because without Legolas, I’m not really myself. However, if he will be happy of that, I will be happy too. I just want his happiness, after all.


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Erm... what did Thranduil think of Legolas being gay with a human? And how did Aragorn break it to Arwen?

Thranduil: Son… I saw something on your facebook page… 

Legolas: Oh… Really ? (fml)



Legolas: … Oh dear God I can’t wait for Thanksgiving dinner.

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So, Aragorn...if Leggy were to die in the Battle of Helm's Deep instead of Haldir...would you have been able to go on to the events in ROTK?

Aragorn: … Actually, it would give me rage and courage at the same time. Sadness and sorrow as well, but… If Legolas was dead on this fateful day, I can’t imagine nothing but strength of love burning into my veins and the blood of my enemies coloring the ground and the sky.

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So Legolas, what was it like when you guys first met? I remember you were already very protective of Aragorn when the fellowship first formed. have you already fallen for him or was love at first sight ^o^

Legolas: Well… Not really… He was just a child, my friend… But, you know, for Tauriel, maybe it was t-

Aragorn: hate this girl so much.


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