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What about Kid Cobra and Mechanica being buds?

First of all, bless you Anon for letting me write about my two faves.
Second of all, bless you for letting me write about my two faves interacting.
And Thirdly, I’ve imagined these two being lil shits pranksters *rubs hands together* time to finally talk about it!

i apologise in advance for this turning into Big Brother Kid Cobra™

Kid Cobra and Mechanica Friendship Headcanons:

- The worst thing to ever happen to Twintelle’s life
- Seriously, Kid Cobra has been a terrible influence on Mechanica
- Mechanica always had a bit of a troublesome streak, it came naturally with her being a teen, but let me tell you, despite being an adult Kid Cobra still acts like some rowdy teen at times and that really rubbed off on the little mech girl
- They love to team up and pull all sorts of pranks. And with Mechanica’s skills at building all sorts of robots and Kid Cobra being as sneaky and slippery as the snake he is, they make a great combo
- Much to the other’s dismay
-Thankfully, for the others, Twintelle gave them both a stern telling off for when their pranks go a little too far
- They’ve managed to tone them down a bit (lest they fear the wrath of Mom Twintelle again)
- Originally Mechanica enjoyed hanging around Kid Cobra, since for the longest time she assumed he was her age. It was nice to have someone closer to her age (apart from maybe Ribbon Girl)
“Around your age? I’m 19.”
- Dreams were shattered, but Mechanica quickly got over it. She’s kind of accepted that her fellow ARMS Fighters are all gonna be older than her
- Didn’t stop these two from being close friends, though
- In fact, under all those jokes, they’re pretty close, you just won’t see it too often
- Kid Cobra has always found it hard to open up to others, Twintelle was really the only one before Mechanica
- After Helix and Twintelle, Mechanica was the third person Kid Cobra confided in about his true identity (ala being a snake)
- She took it well! Honestly though it was super cool! Asked him a lot of questions about what’s it like to be a snake, which he was more than happy to answer, now that he felt more comfortable with her
- Kid Cobra’s legs aren’t organic, they’re robotic, ARMS Gene or no he sadly didn’t end up with legs. So he built them himself, but now that he opened up to Mechanica, she takes care of re-modelling and fixing them instead (and frankly, does a much better job!)
- Over time they developed a sibling like bond, probably helped by the fact they both have a habit of calling Twintelle ‘Mom’. It felt natural for them to see eachother as brother and sister
- Whether they’re pulling pranks, messing around, or just generally hanging out, Kid Cobra always makes sure Mechanica is safe and feeling fine. Some of the other fighters tease him for being almost as motherly as Twintelle at times, when really he’s just excited about having someone he’s considers family, especially one younger than him
- Kid Cobra never had someone to look after him, so he wants to be there for someone else
- He feels a responsibility to be a good big brother, even if he’s sometimes the reason they get told off for pranking others too much
- He takes her Snakeboarding whenever he can. Took her a long time to learn the basics, mostly with her falling off the board a lot, but they both enjoyed it! Of course he had a First Aid Kit ready for even the tiniest of scratches (per Twintelle’s request, I mean if Mechanica came home harmed then there’d be hell to pay)

You know, it wasn’t until I started writing these that I liked the idea of them having a sibling relationship, like Mechanica and Min Min, y’know? So I kinda added that in… a lot… whoops?

- Mod Kid Cobra


I spent way too much time on this piece of shit and I regret everything by e

That’s more of a continuation to that old comic than an answer to the ask but whatever man though I’m pretty sure the kids (sans Wendy) would probably laugh at Acno rather than comfort him lmao


it took Rogue a week to convince Cubellios not to eat Frosch

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I think the first fighter (besides Helix) that would find out Kid Cobra is a snake would be Twintelle. I believe she would be totally okay with it, while he freaked out. She would also be the one to help him put on a brave face and tell the others as well. I also like to think that Cobra's childhood wasn't the most glamorous, and didn't really have the family figures he needed. So, Twintelle becomes the mom he always wanted, and he gets a family that loves him for who he is.

I honestly haven’t gotten over this ask since I first received it.
It’s so perfect?

Bless you, Anon.

- Mod Kid Cobra


Well yeah, Wendy would be the least suspected one of the bunch, that’s for sure

I swear I’m never wasting so much time on stupid comics again. Out of all the asks I could’ve used, I chose this one. Someone shoot me please .+:。(ノ・ω・’ )ノ゙


how do you expect anyone to suspect her

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Oh the boys look so good with glasses! If you EVER feel like drawing a glasses thing again how about one for Erik and Freed (and whoever else you'd like to inculude aha)? :) Anyway I enjoy all of your artworks so please keep it up!!!!

Hoho Erik was on it too but I scrapped the idea and put him beside Jellal (see he has the same face lol). I was about to include Zeref too but I got too lazyy. Thank you~

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Can I get some cute spring man headcanons? <83c

Aaaahh, so much love for the Springy boi!

Spring Man Headcanons:

- (Nearly) Impossible to upset. He’s made of some kind of emotional steel, or something like that. Insults just don’t really affect him that much and he can brush them off pretty easily
- Doesn’t mean he’s always so strong though. If Spring Man’s ever upset to the point of tears then you know something’s really really wrong!
- On the other hand… if someone where to insult or be mean to one of his friends, then he’s the first to jump in, check if they’re alright and defend them
- “Can I offer you a hug in this trying time?”
- All around a good guy, friendly to everyone and often considered the nicest and easiest person in the ARMS League to approach
- Just for the love of the Ramen Gods, do not leave food around unattended. He may go to the gym a lot but that doesn’t stop him from eating literally anything at anytime
- Speaking of food, he likes a wide variety so he’s easy to take out to dinner. But his go to choice is, and will always be, pizza! (any flavour/toppings, he don’t judge~)
- When Ninjara first joined the League he didn’t communicate with any of the other fighters at all. He was anxious and honestly didn’t really care for them. Of course Spring Man isn’t going to let that slide! He started to engage with him and over time Ninjara came out of their shell bit by bit (he acts annoyed a lot but he really does enjoy and appreciate Spring Man’s presence)
- He seriously loves these little tykes, and they make up the majority of his fanbase too!
- Rolled up 10 minutes late to his match because he ran into some young fans on the way to Spring Stadium, and he just had to say hello
- He reads and cherishes every fan letter, or gift, he receives from fans. And will always try to go events where he can meet them
- He’s the kind of guy who does and enjoys things that’s he’s atrocious at. Can’t sing for the life of him but will always take up Ribbon Girl’s offer for a karaoke night. Has no balance on a Snakeboard but loves to join Kid Cobra’s livestreams anyway and at least make an attempt to Snakeboard (Spoiler: It doesn’t go well, but at least everyone had fun!)

- Mod Kid Cobra


G.I. Joe Cobra Missile Command Headquarters

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Cobraaaa! One of the rarest of all G.I. Joe playsets is back! The G.I. Joe Cobra Missile Command Headquarters, this convention exclusive is a faithful reproduction of the original and iconic Cobra Missile Command Headquarters Set from 1982. It recreates the classic design of the original in exacting detail with a weathered finished, following the original die-lines with all new re-created graphics. Assemble the highly detailed, sturdy graphic board components to build a headquarters that includes missile base, missile support systems, cruise missile, control panel, movable elevator, work platform, and seats. The set also comes with reproductions of the three figures that came with the original set – Cobra Commander (with a logo that is an homage to the original, first version Cobra Commander logo), Cobra Officer, and Cobra Trooper. Set includes file cards for the figures, as well as a file card holder for the cards. The G.I. Joe Cobra Missile Command Headquarters will be for sale during San Diego Comic-Con 2017. Following the convention, a limited number will be available on and at HasCon.

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Kinks that the dragon slayers have?

He’d like doing it on different places like the kitchen or in the shower or…in the guild or…anywhere where he wants to basically. I also think he’d normally be the dominant typ but he’d like it when his s/o takes full control once in a while and I mean the kind of"tied up to the headboard, riding his brain out" full control.

When he’s in the kinky mood prepare yourself because that’s gonna be a looong night. He’d enjoy to see his s/o helpless, whimpering infront of him, begging to finally give you want only he can do sooo good. And don’t you dare not obeying his will at times like this because he will punish and he will do it with a lot of pleasure.

I think he’d be a little bit like Natsu just less extreme. He’s such a tough and strong type so maybe he’d sometimes like it when he’s dominated. But not with tieing up or stuff like that more with just denyning to do something when he acutally could. And a shit lot of teasing while he just has to lay there.

Roleplay. He’d like to see his s/o in a sexy school girl outfit and fuck you over his office table. Maybe he’d like his s/o to take control too. For example: You are dressed as a nurse and he has again overdone it with a fight, so you have to punish him a little bit…

I think he’d like it when his s/o his scratching his back while he’s on top. So I think he’d be a little masochistic, things like pulling his hair back or biting his shoulder would really turn him on. And don’t hesitate saying what you want, he’d like it when he’s commanded and maybe screamed to too.

Pretty obviously he’d like to be talked to during sex. Scream, shout, tell him what you want. And curse the shit out of your lungs. He like to hear the noises your bodies make so he’d do it when you’re dripping wet. Headboard may be smashing against the wall and the bed would sound like it will break any second…and he likes it.

though just a flicker it may be

summary: the zombie apocalypse au nobody asked me for. captain cobra swan abounds.

word count: ~10,700

also on:, ao3

If she had met Killian Jones under any other circumstance, she would most likely be irritated with him for just about every aspect of his existence.

However, she meets him just in the nick of time, as she’s being cornered by two zombies that just won’t quit and her kid is screaming, “Help me! Help! Mom!”

Their dashing savior enters the scene on a motorcycle, armed with a small blade and a gun.

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any headcanons about min min and twintelle?

You mean those two interacting with eachother? Because I can do that

Twintelle and Min Min:

- Before fighting her in the ARMS League, Min Min had actually never heard of Twintelle before
- She’s always been very out of touch with technology and movies etc. never was too big of a fan
- This shocked Twintelle quite a bit. Normally she’s so used to not being to get anywhere or talk to anyone because of her fame getting in the way
- But believe it or not (once the shock wore off), it was actually quite refreshing being able to just chat with Min Min one-on-one like normal people about normal things
- After that first encounter they became fast friends. Twintelle always takes time out of her busy schedule to visit Min Min’s family’s ramen restaurant and bring her finest tea along with her!
- Also turns out Min Min is quite the sucker for tea, she loves it, especially the way Twintelle makes it

- Mod Kid Cobra

Make Me (Drabble)

Summary: You finally get Bucky back about his teasing.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Word Count: 563

Based off of this prompt: “Come over here and make me.”

Warnings: Language, & just a hint of smut.

A/N: Here was the other semi-smutty drabble that got voted for lol. Hope you enjoy :)

Originally posted by coporolight

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My head canon is now, not only did Regina have to bribe Henry to attend and not declare publicly that he's against this, but Hook also asked him to be best man. Henry laughed and just walked away from that 'man talk'. Fuck no!

Regina bribed Henry with comic books and probably a meet and greet with Captain America or something. (She has magic, don’t tell me she couldn’t have arranged that man.) 

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what are your helix headcanons? 💚

Helix Headcanons:

- Wants to be everyone’s friend!
- Very easily excited!!
- Loves learning new stuff but has a terrible attention span, because he wants to learn so much and he wants to do it all now!
- He also learns things incredibly quickly. Much quicker than any normal human
- LOVES the other ARMS Fighters like wow he really admires them!
- Mechanica always invites him to special ‘IQ Tests’ to test his smarts. Of course she always wins, but Helix enjoys them anyway
- He’s an atrocious artist but loves to paint regardless (just make sure he doesn’t get it everywhere)
- Everyone treats him like he’s their child. He loves it
- Frequently steals Biff’s computer to type people messages when he’s lonely
- Is now banned from Biff’s computer
- While living at ARMS Laboratories he would spend hours watching ARMS matches. All he ever wanted to do was participate himself but the Lab wouldn’t let him
- Helix is pretty good with following directions and orders, but this was one thing he had to go against. It’s his destiny to be an ARMS Fighter!
- And that’s how he ended up sneaking out and becoming a Fighter (against the Lab’s will)
- Turns out he was quite the hit! A little strange at that, but the people loved him!

(There’s also a few older Helix Headcanons I wrote in this post here, if you wanna check those out too)

- Mod Kid Cobra