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I spent way too much time on this piece of shit and I regret everything by e

That’s more of a continuation to that old comic than an answer to the ask but whatever man though I’m pretty sure the kids (sans Wendy) would probably laugh at Acno rather than comfort him lmao


it took Rogue a week to convince Cubellios not to eat Frosch


Well yeah, Wendy would be the least suspected one of the bunch, that’s for sure

I swear I’m never wasting so much time on stupid comics again. Out of all the asks I could’ve used, I chose this one. Someone shoot me please .+:。(ノ・ω・’ )ノ゙


how do you expect anyone to suspect her

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Oh the boys look so good with glasses! If you EVER feel like drawing a glasses thing again how about one for Erik and Freed (and whoever else you'd like to inculude aha)? :) Anyway I enjoy all of your artworks so please keep it up!!!!

Hoho Erik was on it too but I scrapped the idea and put him beside Jellal (see he has the same face lol). I was about to include Zeref too but I got too lazyy. Thank you~

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Can you do a Killian's first "Fathers Day" with Henry wanting to surprise him and gets Emma to help?


Emma gives a slight jump at the sound of her son’s voice. They’ve been sitting in companionable silence in the living room for the past twenty minutes. Henry with his phone, and Emma with her book.

“Father’s Day is Sunday and I think we should do something for Killian.”

She looks at him dumbfounded before her face settles into affectionate pride.

“Don’t look at me like that, mom. I’m not talking anything big here.”

“I think it’s a great idea. What did you want to do?” Emma asks, resisting her compulsion to go up and hug him. It’s one thing for him to accept Killian as his mom’s husband and part of the family, but it is another thing entirely for him to consider him a father figure.

Henry gives a light shrug. “I’m not really sure. Neither of us have really done the whole ‘Father’s Day’ thing and I don’t exactly have a budget here, being a teenager and all.”

“You knew what you were doing when you spent that pawn shop paycheck on a new XBox,” Emma teased, trying not to think too heavily on the fact that honestly none out of the three of them had much Father’s Day experience, making a mental note to do something for David as well.

“Back to the point here: what should I do? What should I get him? He likes rum and boats, that’s about as far as I’ve gotten.”

Emma huffs out a laugh at that. “Well the last I checked, they don’t let 14 year-olds buy liquor, and I’m sure a boat is well outside your budget range. Honestly kid? I think the best thing you could give him is the knowledge that you see him as a father figure. Maybe just pick out a card or something.”

Henry considers this for a moment, nodding along with his mom’s advice. “Wait,” his face lights up, “I have an even better idea.”

Killian wakes with the sun. He always has, but now he has the pleasure of waking up next to his wife.

He admires the flecks of sunlight shining on her hair, refraining from digging under it to find her forehead to kiss (she’s a stomach sleeper), knowing it would wake her at a far earlier hour than she would appreciate. As he rolls over to get up, he notices a bottle on his nightstand.

It is one of the bottles of the rum Emma likes to buy him because it has a pirate captain on the label. The bottle is empty, however–empty of alcohol at least. There is a rolled up parchment inside, and he immediately goes to inspect it.


You probably don’t know this since you’re from another realm and all, but in this realm, today is Father’s Day. It’s a cheesy Hallmark holiday, but I never really had the chance to celebrate it before.

It’s probably safe to say that I have about as much experience having a father as you have being one, and even though you aren’t technically my father, you are my dad. If you ask me, that’s much more important.

Happy Dad’s Day.


It takes him a moment to process all that he’s just read, and he’s not sure that he emotionally can at this hour. He places the note back on his bedside table, slides on his flannel pajama pants, and heads down to the kitchen in search of the Pop Tarts.

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Swan-Jones family headcanons? Would love to hear!

Sorry this took so long to answer, babe. I’ve been mulling over it slowly while dealing with some stuff this week. So, some headcanons!

  • Killian very often helps Henry with his homework, particularly English (language and literature are his strengths, “little magic baby tree thing” notwithstanding) and Math. Science is kind of more Emma’s thing (thanks to Regina’s magic lessons, an old fondness for chemistry has popped back up) but Killian finds it fascinating and usually hangs out to learn stuff he hadn’t known before. (Although he proves himself far and beyond better at physics than Emma ever was.)
  • Family work-outs are a thing. Sword fighting practice in the backyard, hiking and running, boxing (Storybrooke has to have at least one gym), yoga on the back porch… They want to always be prepared for whatever new threat arrives in town. But also it’s just fun and great for family bonding.
  • So many afternoons on the Jolly. So. Many. Henry can almost run the ship all by himself and Killian is a Proud Dad.
  • Henry has a queue for movie nights. He has to have Killian watch every important film he’s missed out on. He’s take-it-or-leave-it about Star Wars, but adores Indiana Jones. He understandably chooses “The Princess Bride” as his favorite film, to Emma’s delight.
  • Killian is fascinated by historical documentaries. Like, loves them. And they bore Emma and Henry to death. But they all can agree on the occasional space documentary as long as there are huge 3D animated visuals.
  • Henry sometimes calls Killian ‘Dad’ accidentally. It just slips. He doesn’t always notice it. Killian does, every time.
  • Emma and Killian are really romantic and mushy and Henry only pretends to be grossed out about it. Not that it doesn’t make him feel a little awkward, but he’s happy that his mom is so open like this, total 180º from when he first met her.
  • While at home, at any moment Killian can probably be heard singing or humming. Henry doesn’t know any of the songs, probably a bunch of old shanties he learned centuries ago. Emma doesn’t care either way; she just doesn’t want him to stop.

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Kinks that the dragon slayers have?

He’d like doing it on different places like the kitchen or in the shower or…in the guild or…anywhere where he wants to basically. I also think he’d normally be the dominant typ but he’d like it when his s/o takes full control once in a while and I mean the kind of"tied up to the headboard, riding his brain out" full control.

When he’s in the kinky mood prepare yourself because that’s gonna be a looong night. He’d enjoy to see his s/o helpless, whimpering infront of him, begging to finally give you want only he can do sooo good. And don’t you dare not obeying his will at times like this because he will punish and he will do it with a lot of pleasure.

I think he’d be a little bit like Natsu just less extreme. He’s such a tough and strong type so maybe he’d sometimes like it when he’s dominated. But not with tieing up or stuff like that more with just denyning to do something when he acutally could. And a shit lot of teasing while he just has to lay there.

Roleplay. He’d like to see his s/o in a sexy school girl outfit and fuck you over his office table. Maybe he’d like his s/o to take control too. For example: You are dressed as a nurse and he has again overdone it with a fight, so you have to punish him a little bit…

I think he’d like it when his s/o his scratching his back while he’s on top. So I think he’d be a little masochistic, things like pulling his hair back or biting his shoulder would really turn him on. And don’t hesitate saying what you want, he’d like it when he’s commanded and maybe screamed to too.

Pretty obviously he’d like to be talked to during sex. Scream, shout, tell him what you want. And curse the shit out of your lungs. He like to hear the noises your bodies make so he’d do it when you’re dripping wet. Headboard may be smashing against the wall and the bed would sound like it will break any second…and he likes it.

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fav sheith moment ever? i think mine has to be soft hug™

EVER?  Well, it’s gotta be The Hug, for sure.  It’s just like… damn, I can’t believe that’s canon!  It’s so sweet and soft.  Keith nestled his face into Shiro’s chest/shoulder!  And they held it for SO LONG!  It kind of makes me feel like they had to have exchanged some words before they pulled apart.  “Stay safe” or “Come back to me” (I know, wishful thinking, ugh).  Or maybe they didn’t say anything at all because there wasn’t anything that needed to be said!  It was just a tender as hell moment, and I’m glad we can celebrate that canonically.

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singing headcanons for the fighters?

*cracks knuckles* singing is my passion get ready for a long post

  • Spring Man: He’s… not that good, but he’s on-key. Most of the time. A+ for effort and enthusiasm though. Least likely to pause in the middle of a performance when he messes up. Tenor.
  • Ribbon Girl: We already have canon on this, so I’ll just share this video of her VA covering Hello by Adele.
  • Ninjara: Warm and smooth, absolutely perfect for ballads and lullabies. Very quiet though, and hardly anyone has heard him sing because he’s too anxious. Baritone.
  • Master Mummy: He just kinda growls and yells everything. Could be good at heavy metal, if he could stay on-key and if he were remotely interested in singing. Bass.
  • Min Min: Very bright, strong voice. Unpolished due to lack of practice and proper technique, but there’s a lot of potential. Ribbon Girl wants to teach her, but Min Min really isn’t all that interested. Alto.
  • Mechanica: Somewhat squeaky - puberty hasn’t quite run its course yet. She also gets an A+ for sheer enthusiam. Has an uncanny ability to remember song lyrics with minimal effort. Mezzo-soprano.
  • Twintelle: Good, strong voice, with decent technique. She had roles before that needed her to sing, so she’s had some training. Her singing itself may not be outstanding, but her acting skills means that she always nails the emotions needed for the song so her performances are always stellar. Alto.
  • Byte: I mean… he’s a robot. I dunno if he’d try to sing with what seems to be some form of text-to-speech, or just play a recording of a human singing.
  • Kid Cobra: Hisses too much. He does stay on-key, but hissing isn’t exactly conductive to good vocal quality so he ends up sounding not-so-good anyway. Baritone.
  • Helix:  Screeching. A lot of screeching. Gotta give him points for enthusiasm though. Technically a tenor…?
  • Max Brass: Very loud, somewhat off-key. Again, points for enthusiasm, but you really wouldn’t want to be the one to spend karaoke night with him. Bass.

                                        -BIXCO WEEK 2017-

It’s no secret how much I love these idiots, but I love them so much that I decided to give them an entire week. 

Now, I get it. They’re not a popular crackship by any means. But that’s okay. I’m not expecting dozens of people to want to take part.I’m expecting like five all up. I still just felt like they deserved a bit more love than they currently get, so I’m pretty damn excited to be hosting the first week for these two dorks. 

So, the week kicks off on October 24th, and will run right through to October 31st. The order of the prompts and the dates are as follows: 

Day 1 / October 24th - Birthday

Day 2 / October 25th - Unconventional

Day 3 / October 26th - Babies

Day 4 / October 27th - Marks/Scars

Day 5 / October 28th - Pets

Day 6 / October 29th - Wicked

Day 7 / October 30th - Horizon

Bonus Day 8  / October 31st - Halloween

There’s no rules for taking part, other than to have fun! And, well… To actually focus on the ship, but whatever. You can join prompts together, or you can use just one or two of them. It’s up to you. 

I’ll be tracking both ‘bixco week’ and ‘bixcoweek’ closer to the start of the week. So if you decide to take part, chances are I’ll be seeing whatever it is you come up with! 

I hope to see some of you taking part! 

*Original art used with permission. 

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With this post it thing, it's just so painfully obvious that Sheith is/will be canon. They wanted to be sublte but we have detectives on our side.

Yeah, it’s pretty crazy.  Can’t make that shit up!  People have sharpened the image to make the words clearer, and then there was that twitter post that traced the words, and it makes me so hopeful, anon!  It was a good day for Sheithens everywhere. :)

Still, I’m trying not to get my hopes too high…  *cough*

Me: *tries not to get hopes too high*

Also me:  GUYS, IT’S GONNA HAPPEN, THIS SHIT’S CANON, LOOK. LOOOOOK. *points aggressively at sticky notes*