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Well yeah, Wendy would be the least suspected one of the bunch, that’s for sure

I swear I’m never wasting so much time on stupid comics again. Out of all the asks I could’ve used, I chose this one. Someone shoot me please .+:。(ノ・ω・’ )ノ゙


how do you expect anyone to suspect her

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In chardee macdennis (I think lol most likey) when they're waiting for Mac to come and bring them news, he comes in and they all start chanting "Mac" but IS2G if u listen closely it sounds like they're saying "YOU SUCK DICK" 👀👀🔍

I just rewatched this scene and it almost sounds like Frank specifically said something that sounds like “you suck dick” (whatever he actually said starts with the word “news”, though, I think). lmao

send me a cobra starship song!

while the city sleeps, we rule the streets

  • being from jersey means never having to say you’re sorry: do you think you’re a really different person from who you used to be?
  • send my love to the dance floor, i’ll see you in hell (hey mr dj): do you like to dance?
  • the church of hot addiction: would you consider yourself a very sexual person?
  • the kids are all fucked up: do you think you’re okay right now?
  • it’s warmer in the basement: have you ever liked someone so much that you became unhealthily obsessed with them?
  • keep it simple: how do you feel about commitment?
  • it’s amateur night at the apollo creed!: do you think you’re a very streetwise person?
  • bring it! (snakes on a plane): do you think people incorrectly judge you before getting to actually know you?
  • the ballad of big poppa and diamond girl: is there someone that you would do anything in the world for?
  • pop-punk is sooooo ‘05: do you act tougher than you actually are?
  • you can’t be missed if you never go away: what was your first relationship like? if you haven’t had one, do you want to?

viva la cobra!

  • the city is at war: do you live in a “dangerous” neighborhood?
  • guilty pleasure: do you have any guilty pleasures? if so, what are they?
  • one day, robots will cry: is there anyone you’ve lost touch with, but later reconnected with them?
  • kiss my sass: do you care what other people think of you?
  • damn you look good and i’m drunk (scandalous): do you enjoy getting “trashy”?
  • the world has its shine (but i would drop it on a dime): have you ever met someone who profoundly changed or even saved your life?
  • smile for the paparazzi: what do you think about the way the media depicts events and people?
  • angie: have you ever been in a relationship where one person had different expectations than the other(s)?
  • prostitution is the world’s oldest profession (and i, dear madame, am a professional): do you think society places too much focus on sex?
  • my moves are white (white hot, that is): do you think you’re a good dancer?
  • pleasure ryland: have you ever wanted someone that you couldn’t have?
  • three times a lady: have you ever had to part with someone, even though you had good times together?

hot mess

  • nice guys finish last: how do you feel about the idea that women only like men who are bad for them?
  • pete wentz is the only reason we’re famous: are you able to make fun of yourself and take criticism well?
  • good girls go bad: have you ever liked the “wrong” person?
  • fold your hands child: do you have anyone that you would consider a soulmate? it doesn’t necessarily have to be in the romantic way.
  • you’re not in on the joke: do you ever feel like people don’t “get” you?
  • hot mess: have you ever been in a situation where you could only be described as a hot mess?
  • living in the sky with diamonds: do you do any drugs?
  • wet hot american summer: have you ever accidentally hurt someone you really cared about?
  • the scene is dead; long live the scene: do you think you’re talented at anything? if so, what?
  • move like you gonna die: do you think you conform to the “norm” of society? if so, how? would you change this if you could?
  • the world will never do: do you think the world is capable of changing for the better?
  • i may be rude but i’m the truth: are you afraid to be honest if it means sounding rude?
  • cobras never say die: what’s the thing you’ve been committed to the longest? is there anything you see yourself being committed to for life?
  • new edition: have you ever had a hookup with someone who you wanted to have a deeper relationship with?

night shades

  • you belong to me: have you ever been in denial about anything?
  • you make me feel…: have you ever met someone and got along with them so well right away that it was like you’d been friends for years?
  • #1nite: do you like to party?
  • fool like me: do you think you’re a mature person?
  • anything for love: how important do you think love and relationships are in life?
  • middle finger: do you enjoy letting go and saying “fuck it” to everything?
  • don’t blame the world, it’s the dj’s fault: what do you do when you just need to calm down and stop thinking for a bit?
  • fucked in love: have you ever been hung up on anyone?
  • disaster boy: do you think you have good or bad luck?
  • shwick: do you want to fall in love?

other songs

  • never been in love: have you ever met someone who changed your outlook on love?
  • awww dip: have you ever had to fight hard for a chance to prove yourself at something?
  • chew me up and spit me out: have you ever felt used?
  • hollaback boy: are you afraid to call people out?
  • i kissed a boy: sexual/romantic orientation?
Foyer Hugs

This is a drabble that was prompted by a fellow tumblr user and Captain Swan shipper that asked for a proper Captain Cobra reunion. I gave it my best shot! Also, this is my first Killian POV, so go easy on me please.


Maybe he should have known, what with all of them coming down to the Underworld with Emma. Maybe he should have known that they actually cared about him, that it all wasn’t just for Emma, but that it was for him too. 

Maybe he should have known, but he hadn’t. Not until he burst into Granny’s, his feet sliding on the slick floor in his haste to see that his Swan was alright, that she hadn’t been injured by the bloody blast of magic he’d just seen arc across the sky. It was after all the commotion he caused with his outburst that he was met with a boundless outpouring of love.

First it was the Prince, who seemed to surprise the both of them with a generous hug and a few rough claps on the back. Killian had reciprocated tentatively, hesitant to express the emotions that riled up within himself at Dave’s act of love. Ultimately, however, Killian clapped the other man on the back just as fiercely, showing just how much the simple hug meant to him.

“It’s good to have you back, mate.” The prince said, his endearment only a tad mocking.

“It’s good to be back, your highness.”

After Dave came Snow White, who wrapped him in a hug so motherly that Killian felt, for just an instant, like the little lad who had clung so desperately to his own mother. He felt safe in her arms, warm, like he was finally a piece of a family again.

The Charming family seemed overjoyed to see him, so ready to welcome him back, to ask if he was well, to support him through any means possible. They truly seemed to care for him, and Killian’s newly reincarnated heart felt as if it would burst.

He’d noticed, straight away, of course, that Henry had not greeted him upon his return. Killian understood, reasoning that the lad must still be in a deep place of grief over the loss of Robin Hood, and that maybe the shock was too great at the moment to greet the back-from-the-dead-pirate.

Though he was upset to not see the lad, Killian knew that he ought to let Henry come to him on his own time. Best not to push the boy too hard, lest he push him away for good.

After everyone had made their way to the clock tower to investigate the Crocodile’s latest foul play, Killian had headed across town to the house that he and Emma could now call their own. His Swan had stayed behind to talk strategy with her parents, sending him along because he seemed to be weighed down with exhaustion.

Killian knew that all he needed was a nice long bath and a dreamless night of sleep. He needed a warm bed and a bundle of blankets, soft sheets and fluffed up pillows. He needed his Swan nestled into his arms, burying her face in the space where he neck met his shoulder. He needed to play with the ends of her golden hair, and trace the contours of her face.

The bath of course, was to come first, and as he headed into the house, the front door already unlocked, he found himself slamming into a solid mass of a very quick-moving Henry.

Killian held his arms out to balance the boy, so that he wouldn’t trip and take a tumble down the front steps of the porch.

“Woah, there, lad. Perhaps slow down a bit, hm?”

“Killian! Sorry, I, uh—I’m staying at my other mom’s tonight, and I was just heading over there.”

Killian nodded, “Well don’t injure yourself on the way over, maybe set a leisurely pace from here on out?”

Henry nodded in response, and Killian let go of the boy’s shoulders, stepping back from the door so that he could be on his way.

But before Killian could so much as blink, the full force of Henry’s small (albeit growing) frame slammed into him, nearly toppling him over.

Henry wrapped his arms around Killian’s midsection, his head pressed against the hard planes of Killian’s chest.

Killian was so shocked he nearly missed the words that escaped the boy’s lips.

“I missed you, and I’m so glad you’re back.” The words were whispered against the slick, black fabric of Killian’s shirt, followed by the a slight sniffle that gave proof of the boy’s hidden tears.

Killian gripped the back of the lad’s shirt, pulling him closer into a crushing hug.

“I missed you too, lad. I missed you too.” He tried to make his voice act as a soothing balm to the large amount of grief that, no doubt, sat upon Henry’s young shoulders. No boy should have to suffer through so much death, and the knowledge that the lad that was currently being held encased in his arms had experienced more death and anguish than anyone that young ever should, made Killian’s heart ache.

Eventually Henry pulled back, wiping his nose on the sleeve of his shirt. He smiled up at Killian with watery eyes.

“Can we go sailing sometime soon?”

Killian chuckled, “Aye lad, pick a day and time and we’ll hit the open sea together. Maybe I’ll even teach you a few new tricks if you’re up for the challenge.”

“Always.” Henry said, maneuvering his way around Killian’s body and heading out through the open door, bounding down the steps.

Maybe Killian should have known, that he could be loved so fiercely by Emma’s lad. Maybe he should have known, but in the end, it didn’t matter what he should have known, because he’s sure of it now.



I kinda like that sketchy style, I might keep it :p

Soo I finally decided to answer some older asks. It’s gonna take me only like, what, 40 years?

for some reason I get a lot of asks for Laxus and Cobra’s first meeting, so expect that sometime in the future

in the next 100 years


reason number 345678 why Acno shouldn’t be a parent

though just a flicker it may be

summary: the zombie apocalypse au nobody asked me for. captain cobra swan abounds.

word count: ~10,700

also on:, ao3

If she had met Killian Jones under any other circumstance, she would most likely be irritated with him for just about every aspect of his existence.

However, she meets him just in the nick of time, as she’s being cornered by two zombies that just won’t quit and her kid is screaming, “Help me! Help! Mom!”

Their dashing savior enters the scene on a motorcycle, armed with a small blade and a gun.

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All the dragon slayers (not including Acnologia and God Serena) hair match their elements!!

Natsu’s hair is salmon, kinda like a flame, Gajeel’s hair is dark like iron, Wendy’s hair is blue cuz of the sky, Laxus’s hair is yellow like lightning, Cobra’s reminds me of the color of poison, Rogue has dark hair cuz of the shadows being dark, and Sting has light hair cuz he’s the Light Dragon Slayer!!

Jellal and Cobra are dating!

For @evilkitten3, I hope you’re feeling better now!

Angel: [whistles appreciatively] Now this is where we’re getting to the good stuff.

Racer: Yep, now we’ve got even more stuff to tease Cobra about!

Angel: Oh and there was so much already, this is just perfect!

Cobra: …You’re not supposed to enjoy my relationship as much as I am, you know?

Angel: Cobra, if you think that’s going to stop us from teasing you about every, little, thing, then you are sorely mistaken.

Cobra: Jellal we need to get married soon.

Jellal: …Do I want to ask why?

Cobra: Look, I just need a decent excuse to get away from everyone for a while.

Jellal: …Cobra no.

Cobra: Cobra yes.

Meredy: Jellal! Why didn’t you tell me you had a thing for him?!

Jellal: I don’t have to tell you everything.

Meredy: …Yes you do.

Jellal: Who came up with that rule?

Meredy: Me, and everyone else in the guild.

Jellal: Only because they know you’ll tell them everything.

Meredy: …Secrets can be a bad thing?

Jellal: There is nothing bad about hiding a crush on my guild mate.

Cobra: Aww, you had a crush on me? That’s embarrassing.

Jellal: WE. ARE. DATING!!

Cobra: Still.

Jellal: …Can I change my mind about dating you?

Cobra: At least wait until the list is over.

Jellal: No promises.


Mirajane: Erza, are you okay?

Erza: I am, I respect Jellal’s decision and support his relationship with Cobra.

Erza: After all, I did encourage him to live for his fiancé. Though I obviously didn’t know it was Cobra.

Jellal: …That is so not what happened back then, this was not a thing back then.

Erza: But it had to have been, unless of course, you were lying to me?

Jellal: Uh…

Meredy: Yeah Jellal! Who were you talking about back then?

Jellal: …Can I go now?

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Flashfic Prompt: Henry and Killian always use the puppy dog eyes on Emma and she can never say no to them, especially when they both use it at the same time! :)

(Oh yes indeed. These two totally have her wrapped around their little fingers … as does she, of course. :))

It’s decidedly unfair.

Henry will get some kind of crazy idea and Killian will wholeheartedly agree. Or vice versa. And then they’ll wheedle her until she says yes.

And if a yes isn’t coming as quickly as they would like or if it’s clear she’s going to need more convincing than they anticipated, they break out the puppy dog eyes.

It starts with Henry. He’ll jut his lower lip out in the beginnings of a pout. Then Killian will join in and before she knows it, she’ll have her two boys giving her the most sympathetic “please please please say yes” looks on the planet.

Of course, it always works. She always says yes. Because saying no to those faces is something she cannot bring herself to do.

And they both know it.

This morning as she’s getting breakfast on the table, she makes the mistake of asking what they should do today. Henry and Killian exchange a conspiratorial glance, and Emma’s stomach lurches. What the hell do they have up their sleeves now?

“So Killian and I were talking,” Henry starts.

Oh boy.

“And we decided,” Killian continues.

Here it comes.

Henry glances at Killian, who gives him an encouraging nod. “That Misty needs a playmate,” Henry finishes with a smile.

Emma closes her eyes. Sweet Jesus, give her the strength. “No, she doesn’t.”

Misty is their five-month-old kitten, who is adorable and a little snugglebug but she’s also very much in the holy terror stage of cat adolescence. Emma is the only one who can get her to obey at all.

She’s supposed to be Henry’s cat but she loves Emma. And Emma loves her to pieces but holy crap, they do not need another one.

“Just think about it, Mom,” Henry insists. “If there are two of them, they’ll tire each other out during the day. It won’t be as crazy because they’ll play with each other and keep each other company.”

“Henry, we’re not getting another cat, period.”

Her boys exchange another glance and this time she can see the wheels in their heads turning. They nod at each other and, at the same exact time, both give her a pout.

“Please, Mom?”

“Please, love?”

No. No, they do not need another cat. No.

But as she looks at their pleading faces, she feels her resolve weakening. If the second cat could calm Misty down so that she’s not such a holy terror …

But what if the second cat is just as much a holy terror?

But what if she’s as sweet as Misty is when she’s not being a holy terror?

In the end, this is an argument that Emma can’t win. Her boys look so pleadingly innocent that she says, “Fine. We’ll go to the animal shelter today.”

She gets enthusiastic thanks from both Henry and Killian and then Henry leaves to change out of his pajamas. As soon as Henry’s out of earshot, she whirls on her pirate. “A second cat, Killian? Seriously?”

He grins somewhat sheepishly at her. “This is actually the lesser of two evils. I talked him down from a puppy.”

Well, then. Thank heaven for small miracles.

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Do you consider Killian more of a father figure to Henry than Neal was? I'd say that he shares that role with Charming. There's no doubt Neal and Henry loved each other, and that their time together was tragically cut short. But to me, he seemed more a 'weekend dad' than a full-time father figure.

Yeah, I agree. Neal was a “cool dad,” but I’d say Hook definitely has the strong potential to be more of a father figure than Neal was, mostly by virtue of the fact that he has the chance to spend more time with him and he didn’t let Henry’s mother go to jail and thus make her feel the need to give Henry up for adoption in where they could have bonded from the start. I even think that’s what they’ve been building towards. Henry respects Hook and is a lot more comfortable with the CS relationship now. And while I think Charming does play a big role in Henry’s life, he’s his grandpa whereas Hook would/will function as a more father directly.