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How do you find good Daddies here on Tumblr? Is it even possible to find them here?Because i watched some vids on YouTube about this and they all say that it's no good at all to look for Daddies/Mommies on Tumblr, but as always i need to check myself so that i make sure there's nothing i'm losing!Thank you for your answer already, love your blog! <3

Hello there!!!
I believe it is very hard to find someone on Tumblr, as there are so many fakes, it takes away from the true Caregivers/Doms/Owners. As they give people who are truly into this lifestyle and relationships a bad rep.
If you are going to find someone on here, here are some warning signs. They are not always signs someone does not have the best intentions, but most of the time they are, nor is this all the warning signs.
This was made in NO way to condemn people who are into sexual things. This is just a list of common warning signs, including people ONLY after a sexual relationship when the other person has made it clear they are not looking for one at all or not yet.

First impressions:
~Their account if only full of dirty things/They only follow dirty account
~They approach you calling you a nickname before actually talking to you
~They are inappropriate with you
~They ask for inappropriate photos
~They assume you will just be their submissive without warning your trust
~They don’t ask any questions about you as a person
~They don’t respect boundaries
~They don’t share basic information with you
~They don’t take “No” for an answer
~They don’t try to get to know the real you
~They give off bad vibes
~They make you feel bad
~They make you uncomfortable
~They only seem to be after only sexual things, and nothing else
~They refer to themselves as Caregiver/Dom/Dommy/Daddy/Mommy/Owner before earning that title
~They seem to see you as an object and not a person
~They tell you they are in a dirty mood
~They tell you you’re being bad, for no reason

If you enter into a relationship with them:
~They are not focused on you
~They are short with you
~They are too busy for you
~The belittle your feelings
~They force you to do things you don’t want to participate in
~They do not believe in you
~They do not give you positive reinforcement
~They don’t take care of you
~They don’t try to comfort you
~They don’t understand little space/pet space
~They don’t understand, “No”
~They go days without talking to you
~They make you cry/sad/upset always
~They make you uncomfortable
~They only come to you when they want something
~They want to punish you for no reason
~They tell you to grow up/act your age
~When their rules are revolved around punishments and not for the good of you
~You are not a top priority
~You don’t feel you can truly trust them
~You don’t feel they are honest with you

Please be safe and careful! Do not let anyone take advantage of you!!! You are very strong and you will find the perfect person for you!

remember when peridot asked if the cgs were going to “harvest” her in a horrified tone and then never explained what that meant

remember when we found out that there was going to be a double-length episode named “gem harvest” and got all excited because we thought it would be explaining what peridot meant and why it was such a big deal, and that it might reveal cool things and advance the plot

remember when it turned out it was half an hour of a pumpkin dog and steven’s racist uncle


Finished the artworks for the giveaway ♥ I hope you like it ;;o;; ♥ I’ll be uploading the hi-res files on dA instead of email – the winners who want the hi-res version please send me an ask instead! Thank you!

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Thank you so much for all your support! I really had fun drawing these ♥

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Do the Mukami brothers ever find out that Karlheinz wrecked their lives?

Ruki takes a while to accept it and he contemplates telling his brothers.

What originally stemmed this was Ruki having a flashback about his father turning into this pissy abusive shithead because this new political dude (Trismegisto トリスメジスト how do romanize) knocked him off his position. In one of his talks with Christa (who I thought died in DF but ok XD), Ruki asks Christa to tell him stuff about Karl. She mentions he was like devil, the devil Trismegisto. And Ruki’s like WHOA WAIT. That guy was mentioned in my dream by my dad???

(~˙ ・ω・ )~  So Ruki goes on this investigation journey. Travels to his homeland and ends up reading documents from a library in Romania about the town revolutions and Trismegisto. (*´_ゝ`)  It was mentioned somewhere that this dictator banned abortion, so the rates of homeless/abandoned children skyrocketed. I see the correlation now… There’s more information but it’s unrelated to this ask.

Anyway, Ruki denies it for quite some time before going on that Europe journey. The library scene was pretty damn specific and matching to Karl. He goes back and is just really shocked/depressed. (Kino and Yuri followed Ruki to the library to spy on him).

His brothers welcome his return and give him a photo album. Yui was included in the album because she’s part of the family d’aww. Karl didn’t take pictures often, but there’s one photo of Karl with the 4 of them and they make comments like “It’s like a father with his sons!” щ(ಥДಥщ)  ADD SALT TO THE WOUND WHY DON’T YOU. shh they didn’t know. Ruki just loses it then and runs out in tears almost. His brothers think he’s grieving over Karl’s death and was emotionally moved by the album.E eeek. Ruki ends up back at the Mukami house and goes into this spurt where he gives a shit less about Eden. He ignores the incoming letters from familiars.

Eventually, Kino ends up telling Yui and she gets upset that Ruki had to bear it all on himself. He always has to bear everything on his own. Not only that, Ruki refused to tell his brothers for quite a while because he didn’t want to hurt them or break their family up.

But in the end, he does tell his brothers. The brothers are hurt of course. 

(੭ु˙꒳˙)੭ु⁾⁾ But they say without Karl’s bullshit they wouldn’t have the best family in the world. I cried at this part because it was so touching. CUE THE CG WHERE THEY ALL ARE CRYING OUT OF FAMILY LOVE.

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I wish we could have seen Luminara's reaction to her padawan Barriss turning against the Jedi Order. I'm sure it's something they would have explored later if they'd had more seasons but I would have love to seen Luminara, strict and follows the Jedi Code to the letter Luminara, dealing with the aftermath. Assuming Barriss was given imprisonment for life, would she have tried to help turn her padawan back?

I think about this a lot too, Anon. Not to say that the focus shouldn’t have been on Ahsoka during The Wrong Jedi, but the fact of the matter is that Barriss betraying the Jedi Order also means she betrayed her Master too.

And though Luminara constantly tries to put on a strong front, I cannot help but feel she cared for Barriss a lot.

Sometimes, when I’m rewatching episodes after that event, I look for Luminara and stare at her like, “Are you okay?

i mean…

no but seriously…how’s it going???

heeeey guys, whatcha talkin about? padawans? are we talking about padawans that aren’t here with us anymore? 

cuz i wanna know

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Hi hi!! Im a little and i've told my boyfriend abouts it but he doesn't under stands stuff likes rules and punishments and stuffs and I'm having a hard time explaining it, because he wants to bes supportive buts he doesn't gets it, if there's any ways yous could help that would be great!!

Hello there!
Hmm… that’s a hard one! When Daddy and I first started in our relationship I did not have any set rules or punishments. It was more of those understood rules such as, “don’t go to sleep upset, don’t lie, tell each other if anything worrisome happens, etc.” Once Daddy and I got farther into our relationship, we started looking into rules and punishments. We talked about creating a rough draft. I started a basic list and then Daddy added more to it until we came up with a full list that we both agreed upon. We add more rules as situations come up.

I know this is a hard topic to try and brings up and explain why littles in general like/need rules and punishments. You could start with telling him why YOU specifically want them and what they mean to you. You could also find some different posts about why littles need/want rules, what they mean, why it’s important, what it means for a Dom, why punishments are important and what they represent, why aftercare is important, etc. and then example lists of rules and punishments, and show them to him. I know a huge reason for having them in place, is for the CG/Dom/Master to help their little/sub grow as a person, help them in their future, and show what certain things are important and why those things are important.

It’s much like training in a sense that you get punished for breaking a rule or doing something bad to try and teach/train you to not do it again.
I know that many littles (including myself) enjoy having them in place as it shows that we submit to our CG/Dom/Master and that they know what it best. Many find it comforting to know that someone is looking out for them and helping them grow. Many like to obey someone and make them proud. It also helps when we act a certain way to point out something we do that we didn’t even notice we do. I know many times Daddy has pointed out I will react to things in ways that are harmful or cute when I myself don’t even realize it. It’s eye opening and helpful to see yourself from another angle and realize that that is a way we should not react to certain situations, or just see our unique quirks.

I hope this was helpful and it didn’t get too off topic! I hope this works out for you and feel free to message me anytime is you have any more questions or just want to chat! That goes for anyone reading this! Good luck and stay safe!!

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"Help! I'm new to being a Caregiver!"

Firstly, establish your little’s “little age” or range. Depending on age, they may not require the same kind of care.

Secondly, figure out what items/gestures your little gravitates too. Dont just ask them flat out as it may be a bit hard for them to be that brave. Here are some items/activities to ask about;

Dress up

The list goes on and you can always find more things to ask about on other CG/L (age regression) sites.

For example, I can be as young as 2 and as old as 8 when I regress. I like onesies, pacis, stuffies, dress-up, story time, bath time, arcade trips, tickles and pretend. ^~^

Littles should usually be given rules within their comfort zone to ensure best care. If they are comfortable, bedtimes are a good place to start. You can tailor them to your little’s needs but please remember to ask them how far is too far.

That being said, rewards are great for progress made in behavior. For instance, try implementing small gifts like a new paci or stuffie for small victories and bigger things like princess/prince/little days for bigger victories. A princess/prince/little day is simply a day to spoil and care for your little. You can have them decide activities or simply plan a day that caters to then.

Tip: Do not pressure them to plan the day. You can ask them along the way but pressuring them can make them anxioua and even take them out of little space.

On the subject of rewards, there is always a punishment if your little acts poorly without reason. First, please make sure your little is doing alright. Littles have a tendency to act out when their mental health is deteriorating or they are under stress. If they knew better, and were simply doing it to press buttons or because they wanted to, you can look to punish them. Remember: AGE APPROPRIATE PUNISHMENTS. Do not implement sexual acts as a punishment. Spanking doesnt really count for that, but make sure it is consensual before proceeding. Some examples of no-contact punishments even a long-distance caregiver can partake in are listed below;

Writing lines (example: “I will not…..” 25 times)
Corner time/time outs
No video games/cartoons until they have genuinely apologized or finished other punishment


If you have any further questions, please feel free to reach out. There is no shame in gaining knowledge!

Happy regressing!


That ‘line’ is his nose.