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Accidentally falling asleep on the couch together

When Cat called with a shaking voice and a bit of a weary, desperate tone, Kara didn’t hesitate.  She didn’t argue that she was no longer Cat’s assistant and she didn’t offer to pass the message off to Eve.

Instead, she apologized to Alex and Maggie, zipped to Cat’s penthouse to gather the requested items and landed in an alley behind the ambulance bay.

She didn’t stop at the reception desk, but instead made her way to the elevator and pressed 8.  Oncology.  The word stared at her from the elevator panel, filling her thoughts with worst-case scenarios and causing her stomach to clench unpleasantly.

She stepped off the elevator and found the nearest nurse’s station.  She was just about to ask for assistance when a familiar voice called out to her from down the hall.  


She spun and melted at the sight before her.  Cat looked positively wrung out.  Her linen pants and wrap shirt looked more comfortable than her usual attire, but it was rumpled and a bit out of place when contrasted to the dark circles that outlined Cat’s eyes and the red of her fingertips where she’d clearly been wringing them together for far longer than even she had realized.

“Miss Grant, hi.  I’ve got everything you asked for.”  She held up the duffel bag helplessly.

Cat nodded in answer and disappeared into a room.  Kara followed.

Once inside the room, Kara found herself schooling her features and slipping back into assistant mode effortlessly.  Don’t show emotion.  Help Cat.  Process later.  She flashed a reassuring smile to the curly-headed boy in the bed, who looked up from his tablet and matched her grin.

“Hi Kara.”

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Top 10 ENTP Representations

@maplequeen15 asks:  Which character would you say is the biggest and most accurate representation of an ENTP?

I couldn’t pick just one so I am doing a top 10 starting from 10. Many will probably disagree the order of the characters and some of the characters chosen to make the top 10. Others will reblog complaing: Interesting, but I don’t agree with some of these. But boo them. Just enjoy.

10. Damon Salvatore (The Vampire Diaries)

Originally posted by infinitepossibilitiesofficial

Some may wonder why Damon made the list, especially since he is usually mistyped as ESTP. If he is mistyped so much, he can’t be an obvious ENTP. Well he is and he is such a great representation because he isn’t sciencey nor does he seem academic which many find to be a tenant of NT types (or The Rationals as some circles call them). His Ne needs to be mentally stimulated and he is always looking at the many possibilities. His Ne makes him a dreamer at heart, but his Ti makes him skeptical and cynical. We get an ENTP who is acting out crying for attention in Damon. He used to look at the world to see what it offered him and didn’t need to look inward. 

But Elena makes him reflect on his life and his choices. He has always been a true romantic at heart like many ENTPs are, but his life of being second best, of being labeled his whole vampire life has led him to fear his deepest desires. Si stability and something unconditional or someone in his life. He makes the list because he is a perfect, a PERFECT representation of the ENTP who hates being controlled or manipulated. 

9. Jack Skellington (The Nightmare Before Christmas)

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Jack Skellington is a classic ENTP idea man. He gets bored of the repetition of Halloween and needs something that mentally interests him, but more importantly is looking for a challenge, his Ti. Christmas fascinates his Ne, but he tries to use his Ti logic to understand it, something that is more a “feeling” than a system to deconstruct. You watch an ENTP trying to understand something that needs other functions to really explain. But no one else explained it so you see an ENTP deconstruct the rituals of Christmas and re-imagine them. His inferior Si wants to find something unconditional and he thinks Christmas will be that thing, but it was really his Ne pushing him for more new ideas.

Something we see here with him  is the ENTP tertiary Fe and inferior Si working together. He truly wants to force new cultural rituals to his people. It really is the Ne-Ti trying to work with the Fe-Si. Just fantastically awkward. Which puts him at number 9 on the list.

8. Hiro Hamada (Big Hero 6)

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Like many ENTPs he has the Ne-Ti ups and downs. His Ne makes him an idealist, an innovator, and a person who wants to shape the future. It can make him very optimistic, but his Ne makes him easily bored. So when his Ne is engaged he is high on life, on his idea. He works in spurts. But his Ti makes him skeptical and more importantly self-critical as it is focused inward. That mixed with his Ne distracibility are the reasons he needed Tadashi to point him in the right direction. 

This also comes from the fact that as an ENTP Hiro looks outward wondering what the world can offer him, what the world owes him. His journey as a character is using his Ti more for self reflection and working with his Fe to see how he can contribute to humanity. This ENTP journey of finding what he can offer the world is what places him at number 8.

7. Chandler Bing (Friends)

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No one ever disagrees on this character being an ENTP. His constant babbling combined with social awkwardness makes him a prime ENTP example. His Ne makes him unable to NOT talk, his Ti makes him skeptical and appear emotionless to other types, and he uses his Fe with his humor to push people away from seeing the real him, of really looking at him. This Ne-Fe deflective observational humor and sarcasm are mechanisms this ENTP uses to not reflect on himself, unlike Hiro Hamada. 

Chandler Bing makes number 7 on this list because of his iconic ENTP humor but most of all for his 10 season journey of overcoming his fear of his inferior Si function. Chandler always had a fear of settling down, of commitment, etc. It felt like it pinned him down and he wasn’t connected with himself, his feelings, etc. There are so many times his Si takes over negatively and he uses not just humor to evade situations that make him uncomfortable but he leaves the woman he loves, Monica in certain situations. The more he wants to cling on, the more his functions fight each other and he pushes what he wants away, a life with Monica away. By the end we see him not lose his quirky self, but become less afraid and use his Si in a healthy way.

6. Tyrion Lannister (Game of Thrones)

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Tyrion, the Game of Thrones fan favorite. Of course, he made the list. His Ne-Ti makes him always want a mental challenge and makes it so he isn’t easily fooled in a universe that everyone is fooled. His Ne makes him wish for a better life, but his Ti makes him skeptical of the naive. The classic hesitant ENTP dreamer. 

What puts him on this list though links back to something discussed with Damon Salvatore (no. 10): expectations. As an ENTP he is able to read a room and people, but he isn’t naturally able or more not naturally comfortable with reflecting typical social norms in response to these readings. But his stature and treatment from his family has left him able to navigate people’s expectations quite well. But even then when people put expectations on him, his ENTP ego pops up and he acts less rationally and contained than usual. This puts him at number 6, because of the subtlety of this part of his character as an ENTP. 

5. Rick (Rick & Morty)

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This ENTP is number 5 because they combine the mad scientist trope with the dark existential philosophy of many ENTPs. He is constantly searching for more and is critical of all systems. He shows the ENTP wanting more from life, but through Ne-Ti analyzing, he dashes his own dreams. Unable to find and cope with his Si he spirals into his dark disposition. Morty is the one thing keeping him going. Rick is a great one to check out if you want some ENTP dramedy, chaos, and madness in your life.

4. Cat Grant (Supergirl)

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Cat Grant is such an inspiring female ENTP, there was no way she wasn’t making the list. She shows that Ne idealism and Ti skepticism I have been talking about. Her Ne-Ti wants to find the truth for the sake of truth and her Fe makes her feel it is her social obligation to tell the people the truth through the media outlet that is her empire.

She also shows how ENTPs are great at reading other people and situations, but not themselves. Their inferior Si makes them almost afraid to face themselves and their Ti makes it harder for them to talk to people in caring, socially acceptable ways. Cat Grant is the epitome of this. It is hard for ENTPs to be truly open and on Supergirl we get to watch Cat Grant become open with others in a realistic amount of time without losing her powerful demeanor She is also a great example of how not all ENTPs are procrastinators who don’t get things done. When ENTPs find their place, their passion, and follow it there is nothing they can’t do. Cat Grant found her idea or dream, and she never stops chasing it. 

She also shows that although she doesn’t show love and admiration in the usual Feeling type way, ENTPs are full of love and respect for others. You just have to peel back the shields they put up. They aren’t all evil and can be the best advocates for the underdogs.

3. Lily Frankenstein (Penny Dreadful)

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If you haven’t been caught up on Penny Dreadful or plan on watching it in the future, be warned that this will spoil many things.

Like every character on Penny Dreadful Lily is a complicated character. In her previous life as Brona Croft circumstances left her functions to not be utilized. She was used and abused by the patriarchy. But we saw hints at it underneath her outside factors in her inferior Si. She wasn’t able to fully let Ethan Chandler in during their relationship. 

When she is reborn as Lily we see her embrace the strengths of not only her new found self and immortality, but of her functions. She becomes a matriarchal visionary. Her Ne-Ti makes her a great analyst and her tertiary Fe makes it of social constructs and systems. She deconstructs the patriarchal Victorian society and hopes to tear it down. Like all these ENTPs she is searching for that unconditional bit of life and she hopes female mastery of society will be that unconditional thing. Her observational skills and Fe manipulation also made her the perfect woman to fool Victor Frankenstein. No duh she makes number 3 on this list.

2. Tenth Doctor (Doctor Who)

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The tenth doctor can’t stop running to see what the universe has to offer and yes he is logical like all the Doctors. (Don’t need to be a T for that.) What puts him at number 2 is how his Ti and Si effect his overall self. His Ti makes him almost arrogant in how he defies the rules of the universe. His Ti makes him see every situation as subjective and although he uses logic it is particular to every situation he is in. It can make him cold sometimes, but this coldness comes from his Fe caring. But the order makes it hard for him to really express himself on that emotional level. 

It is like many of these ENTPs, his Si journey is what puts him on the list. His Si wants him to find his place, something stable despite all his running around the universe. But when he not only loses his world, his people, he loses his love, Rose, and his Best Friend, Donna. He has no unconditional thing tethering him and he breaks down becoming incredibly emotional. The thing that leads people to mistype him as ENFP. But his break down, his emotional break comes specifically because he is an ENTP. His Fe makes him want to help everyone and he becomes arrogant and misses the little things that matter, because he was so focused on his Ne, the big picture. It is just heartbreaking, which puts him at number two.

1. Jeff Winger (Community)

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No one should really be shocked that Winger is number one on this list once they think about it. He is such an ENTP in everything he does. His Ne-Ti lets him wing it through life without having to do much work. Once he is in community college and he isn’t able to skate on his dominant function like he used to, he has to finally consult his Ti. Before he would skip to his Fe, talk his way out of any situation by pointing out the systematic flaws, or any flaws in the other person’s stance and he could get away with anything. But at college and with the study group they don’t let him get away with this looping dysfunctional behavior. 

He has to reflect more and his Ti still makes him seem cold, but it is him getting in touch with his Si like so many other ENTPs, on and off this list, that makes him the feeling, sentimental, glue to the group Winger we come to love. Making him number one on the list. 

Seriously, check out the episode when it is his first day as a Law Professor. Nothing screams ENTP like him in that episode

Side Note: If I went to redo this, I don’t know where but The Joker from DC would be on this list.

Other Top 10s: ISTP | INTJ | ISFJ

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Quick PSA related to the last ask, always get cat bites examined by a doctor!! They're actually a really big deal and can be very dangerous. Scratches aren't so risky but bites get infected super often.

ha ha now is human who must go to vet. karma :3

 Welcome to our Sonic the Hedgehog ask blog!

  This is a voice acting and art blog for the Sonic the Hedgehog cast!

 Send in your questions to specific character or group of characters, and you’ll be answered by that character with both a voice clip and a drawn answer!

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Although we don’t have voice actors for all of the characters yet, this is an ask blog for all of the Sonic the Hedgehog characters from the games!

So feel free to send in your asks!

Listen Here, Shithead; I’d Rather Be Severely Sick in Bed with You Than a Healthy Motherfucker With Anyone Else

|Hey sweeties! (ω︶) I’ve been feeling really under the weather (cool way to say I’ve been feeling like shit) lately. So naturally, my heart and brain produced this lovely (or at least I hope it is) piece of serenity for yoouuu (and me lol). (Oh, and on another note, I’ll be posting all the requests and stuff later! I just really wanted to post this now, because feels and loveliness.) Alright, I really hope you enjoy this! (As always, feedback and requests are extremely, beyond appreciated ♥) I love you all so much asdhfklkdhfl (˘˘)|
♥ Chris Evans x Reader ♥
//no warnings. just ya know, prepare to feel things.//

   You groaned for the millionth time that day, putting your head in your hands and began rubbing your temples, as if it could seemingly make all your responsibilities disappear. At the moment you were seated at the kitchen’s island with papers and pens scattered in front of you, papers which you very well have to take care of, and yet you just couldn’t seem to concentrate. You peeked between your fingers to check the time on the kitchen’s wall clock: 5:45 pm. ‘Chris’ll be here soon,’ rang your thoughts, urging you to do anything but the things you are supposed to.

   You raked your hand through your hair and smiled for the first time today, thinking about Chris and his laugh, his dorkiness, his way of speaking, and well- Chris. Chris was finally coming home tonight, with no interruptions from his work life. At least for now, that is. You know and have memorized his hectic schedule, you know sometimes you won’t hear from him due to shooting/press conferences, you know every single thing that comes along with dating him, but that never stopped either of you. You made it work, and though sometimes perseverance wasn’t enough, love was, which is what really helps both of you thrive.

   Tonight is Chris’ long awaited homecoming, and as much as you insist on believing that’s why you can’t focus, you know it’s not. If it was you’d be excited, but recently you’ve just felt tired. “Tired,” you exhaled as you got off the island stool and began gathering your papers and pens. “That’s such a problematic word,” you chuckled to yourself while shaking your head, “But I can’t seem to find a better word to use.”

   After successfully putting away all your clutter, you decided you should start cooking by now, so you quickly put on your apron and began tying your hair in a high bun. You laughed a little when you saw your husband’s matching apron, yours says ‘Kiss the cook’ while his says ‘No, don’t kiss the cook, she’s mine’. It was a gift from the gang, given with lots of excited smiles and sweet hugs and congratulatory jokes on your wedding day, which was two years ago. You smiled as you remembered all sorts of memories together since that day and memories from that day.

   When you had gathered all the needed ingredients and set them up on the kitchen counter, you nodded your head and started cooking for your beloved. ‘Chicken soup,’ you thought to yourself with a nod as you began chopping all the vegetables needed. He loves it when you cook, he can cook too and he does, you just cook more frequently. Hence the aprons insinuating you’re the main cook. You’re not the main cook because of some sexist ideal, you’re the main cook because you live for the look in his eyes when he sees you cook and when he tastes your cooking. You live for it. He just looks like a 2 year old on Christmas morn, and then he looks up at you with nothing but love, appreciation, and gratitude. And also, he only knows how to cook a handful of meals, so that’s another reason.

   You had got so lost in seasoning the meat that you didn’t hear Chris come in, until you heard him call your name from the kitchen’s doorway. You immediately whipped your head around to face him, and wooh boy- no- no that was a- that was horrible idea. Because when your vision wasn’t black anymore, you were on the ground and your body was aching, Chris knowingly right in front of you, always to your rescue.

   It was another bad head rush. “(Y/n)? (Y/n), are you okay?” he said, panic lacing every word. You didn’t respond right away, rubbing your eyes in attempt to make the head hammering disappear, and he understood it was a severe head rush. He pulled you to his chest and hugged you tightly, while kissing your forehead. “(Y/n), honey don’t tell me this isn’t the first time you’ve had one of those this past week,” he closed his eyes shut, scared of the answer yet he’d already known it.

   He loosened the hug to look at you, “No?” you answered with a confused, hesitant face. This was your ‘I’m not very sure what I should answer, fuck’ face.

   And Chris would be scolding you right now, but after a couple seconds of him suppressing a rising laugh, he couldn’t hold it in and you both started laughing. “You look like you’re seriously constipated when you do that,” he laughed.

   Now you were both just smiling from ear to ear at each other, your hand reaching up to cradle his cheeks and his eyes never leaving yours. “I love you,” you said as he leaned into the warm hand you placed on his cheek.

   “And I love you,” he kissed you on the nose. “But what I don’t love is my (y/n) getting sick,” he said with his eyebrows knitted. “You’re burning up! C’mon, let’s get you in bed,” he said getting off the floor, carrying you bridal style.

   “Wait, wait, let me wash my hands,” you said remembering you had just been seasoning raw meat. Chris smiled and set you down, watching as you washed off the raw meat smell. Examining you now, he could see the tiredness in you, your under eyes dark and puffy, your cheeks and nose pink, and your breaths were hot, constant, and calculated, almost forced, sometimes coming out a whimper. ‘Fatigue,’ he thought to himself. ‘She’s been up late again, probably hasn’t slept for days,’ he sighed knowing why. ‘Her insomnia bug is back at biting her again,’ he shook his head remembering all the times you had gotten really sick because of it, hence why he recognized all the effects on you.

   You nodded your head, signalling him to come over to where you are at the sink, and he did as told. You moved your hand in a movement signalling for him to lean close to your face, then when he was close enough, you rubbed the soap water on his right cheek and laughed. “C’mon, I got the smell on your cheek a while ago,” you managed to wheeze out between giggles.

   He wrapped his strong arm around your waist, and you didn’t have any time to react before he had already wiped his cheek against yours, getting soap water on you as well. You looked at each other and both broke out in giggles. Just minutes ago you felt like death, and now you feel more alive than life itself, and so did he. No matter what circumstance, you could cheer each other up. You could be in a goddamn hole getting buried alive, and you’d still both find something to be happy about, and that was each other. You both find the key to happiness in each other’s eyes, and that’ll never go away.

   You both began to wipe off the other’s cheek after rinsing it, and then he picked you up again and brought you to your shared bed. After tucking you in, your eyes widened, “Chris, Chris no, what about dinner?” you asked him.

   “Don’t worry, I’ll continue it,” he smiled, making you close your eyes and smile with ease. He began searching through a drawer to find medicine for fatigue to lower your temperature, and to prevent a sore throat. After setting said medicine on the nightstand, he sat on the bed and began caressing your cheek. “I’ll be right back with some warm tea,” he said and kissed your forehead as you nodded in understanding.

   He picked up your apron that had been tossed on the floor and smiled.


   “(Y/n), honey, the soup’s done,” he whispered as he wiped your hair out of your sweaty face. You had fallen asleep after drinking half the warm tea he had brought previously, ‘Which is a good sign,’ he smiled at the thought of you healing.

   You sat up slowly and began rubbing your eyes, “Hmm? Oh- oooh,” you moaned having smelled the welcoming aroma of chicken soup. Your hair was a mess and you could hardly keep your eyes open, but you tried to, making Chris chuckle.

   “No, don’t force them open,” he giggled at your continuously opening and closing eyes. “Just relax,” he kissed your cheek and you smiled sleepily. He gently took the scrunchie off your right wrist and began tying your hair into a bun.

   “Thank you,” you whispered, your voice dry, so he handed you some warm water. “Thank you, again,” you sheepishly smiled, making him mentally awe at you. He’s so prepared, you could ask for a cat, and he’d probably reach into a doctor bag and take one out.

   He began wiping the sweat of your face and neck with a hand towel. “Here, face your right,” he directed, handing you a bottle of Gatorade for you to drink, to which you smiled another ‘thank you’. Once you had done what he said and your back was fully facing him, you took your shirt off instinctively and he began wiping the sweat off your back. Once he was done, he put some Vick’s on the back of your neck before finally securing the hand towel to cover your whole back and slid your shirt back on.

   Usually, you would be protesting his diligent care, hating to feel helpless, but right now you were too far gone to protest anything. Chris smiled as you sighed with a smile at the cold feeling on your neck, and turned you back to your original position. He took the now half empty Gatorade bottle and set it on the nightstand, before tucking you in so you could sit comfortably against the headboard.

   You looked up at him, your eyes now no longer protesting, and smiled in adoration as he smiled at you the same. He pulled the comforter over your body, and set the meal tray in front of you. He picked up the soup bowl and began to feed you, blowing every spoon before putting it in your mouth. You smiled widely at the deliciousness. You had always believed that anyone could be a good cook, as long as you put your heart into what you’re cooking, and soon Chris believed it too.

   After you had had enough to eat, he changed your clothes, wiped off your sweat, and spread Vick’s on the tension points of your back, the space between your collarbones as well to help unclog your nose. He gave you one last mug of warm water, and tucked you in so you could finally get some rest. He cradled your cheek in his hands, while you both indulged in the feeling. He looked down at you with nothing but love, and you looked up at him with nothing but love.

   He had already changed into sleepwear as well and was sure ready to climb into bed with you, he leaned in for a goodnight kiss but you covered your mouth. “Ah, ah, ah! No kisses Chris,” you whined and he whined as well. You’re both whining. “I don’t want you to get sick because of me, c’mon, Chris. I don’t want to be the cause of any of your troubles.”

   He furrowed his eyebrows and brought your hands away from your face, “Hey, hey,” he urged you to open your eyes. “Listen here, shithead. I’d rather be severely sick in bed with you than a healthy motherfucker with anyone else, okay? You will never, ever be the cause of any my troubles, (y/n),” he told you sternly but smiled right after.

   “Language, Captain,” you said, as you smiled and held his face in your hands, both of you chuckling now.

   “Now give me a kiss,” he closed his eyes and pointed to his lips like a two year old, making you giggle. You initiated the kiss, but he obviously directed it, seeing as you hardly had any energy left.

   After the long awaited kiss he smiled and climbed into bed and cuddled you, giving you another kiss. “I can’t believe our first kiss in weeks was that pathetic,” you laughed into his chest.

   “Hey, that wasn’t pathetic,” he snuggled into you more. “I love all the kisses we share, so long as they’re shared with you,” he smiled down at you, making you redder than you already were.

   So maybe being sick isn’t so bad after all, just as long as you’re with him.


{AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH YOU GGUUUUUYYYSSSSSSSSS щ(ಠ益ಠщ) (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡┻━┻ HOW DID YA LLIIIIKKKEEEE?? (PLEASE TELL ME I’D REEEAALLY LOVE TO KNOW) I hope this shortie makes up for my short absence! And don’t worry! I’ll be posting more frequently! I LOVE YOU GUYS SO INCREDIBLY MUCH I HOPE YOU’RE HAVING A MARVELOUS DAY/WEEK/YEAR/LIFE ∩(︶▽︶)∩ Oh, and also! Requests are always, always open! Feel free to leave one (✿◠‿◠)}

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Are autistics able to be psychologists? And if they can, do they have to do anything extra to prove that they are able to do the job? I'm majoring in Psychology and can't seem to find this out anywhere... I am self diagnosed, but am worried if I professionally diagnose I will have. To change career paths.

They can, theoretically. But neurodivergent people in the psychological field are treated incredibly poorly. Like the world’s leading psychologist on BPD studies came out that she had BPD and suddenly? She wasn’t reliable? And didn’t know what she was talking about? Even though she HAS IT and so knows more about it than any NT doctor??? Neurotypicals shouldn’t be allowed to be psychologists in my opinion. But they’re the majority and they think the opposite so my advice is keep it on the down-low.

-Brother Cat