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Yoooo! I finally hit 500 followers, so I’ve decided to do my first follow forever! THANK YOU guys so much for helping me get this far. I’ve made so many awesome friends and acquaintances here within the relatively short time frame I’ve been on this site, and it’s friends like you that help make this experience all the more worthwhile. I started off on here not knowing a thing about graphics and blogging, but since them I have come a long ways. Thank you all again!!!

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((So, I haven’t done Tumblr Crushes since February-ish. XP Decided to look at ‘em today!

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25 combo!

Citrusella felt like she’d been played all day! The kid must’ve played her a hundred times in a row… She settled in for a last race, this one at the recently-unlocked Split-Banana Jungle in her fancy berry kart.

The race started… and the kid went backwards? She went to the cave at the end of the lap and shot Citrusella right at a wall!

…And Citrusella fell to the left of the barrier, confused… and she was in first? The kid went to the top and did it again… and the meter in her kart said she’d traveled a whole lap… and one last time… now she was on the third lap and the kid simply zoomed through the finish line! She’d barely been in the race 30 seconds! ((This, basically)) The kid had to have looked that up!

“That’s a Rush record! 25 win combo!” The announcer announced the new time record, a 29-second race with a shortest-lap time of 7 seconds. But… 25-win combo? Citrusella didn’t know those existed! And if they did, no one had tried for and gotten one for a very long time!

She jumped up to accept a record trophy for her case, and when she fell down, she felt… different. The racers, who had arrived at the finish line after the first lap with estimated finish times gasped, unsure of what had happened.

“What? What’s going on?!” She gasped and looked into the mirror on her kart, gasping again when she saw her reflection.

She was wearing a blue dress with trim that looked like the golden brown of a pie. Over that, she wore a light blue jacket with the same trim on the cuffs. She wore purple legwarmers with the same trim yet again and purple shoes with blueberry ornaments. Her legwarmers were adorned with bows on the sides, and her hair–her hair was a curly, poofy mop held back with a blueberry clip. Citrusella’s eyes widened. ((This, non-seasonal/original))

And she fainted.

((Happy 25,000th post!

Credit to Ink/ask-the-candleheaded-girl/a bazillion other Tumblrs and a DeviantArt XP for the form I referenced.

The game has forced her into her new skin choice for the next week to advertise it to players; I’d change the avatar for this account for that duration, but I feel like I need explicit permission to use the art again (maybe I’ll go ask–but if I don’t it’s because I’m a sissy whiny coward) plus it wouldn’t happen tonight because my computer is a whiny baby that needs to calm down before I can open a stupid customize-compatible browser. XD))




The saturation on these is odd because of my camera and the fact I was in a car on a rainy day but they literally look like they do on Redbubble! :D

Thank you ask-the-candleheaded-girl and akaitsukii for the wonderful art that ended up on these stickers! :D :D :D

Links to the stickers:


((Well, this is interesting… three of those blogs have been on hiatus for a month or more…

sticky–wipplesnot (AKA a lot of things)

Candlehead's gift to Citrus, long edition

((“A blanket?”

“No, silly, it’s a sweater!”

“With three arms and no neck hole?”

“I forgot to put one in. But look on the bright side! It’ll keep your face warm!”

“I wanted a new kart… to keep… all of me warm!”


“Hey, C-Butt, what’s this stitched under the third arm?”

“It’s your name! C-R-T-I-S. Citrus!”

“Oh. To think I’ve been spelling it wrong all these years.”


(I need to draw this with the appropriate characters or something.)))