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Can you do something with the BTT just being dorks? (Or pirate {if that makes sense?}) If it's too broad never mind then

This was broad but lucky for you I think of the 2p Bad Touch Trio as cute lil puppers so this wasn’t too hard

S/O had been working too long for the three of them to handle. Lutz, Allen and Zao all desired their attention, and the lack of love was starting to drive them crazy. S/O walked into their work room and sighed. The copious amounts of work they had to take home was getting exhausting but they wanted the raise. The trio snuck inside and popped up in unison beside S/O. “Ahhh! What are you guys doing in here?” S/O yelped. The three held onto them, nearly weighing the poor person onto the floor. “Hey what’s wrong with you guys?” S/O wheezed. “Love me!” The trio whined in unison and squeezed S/O tighter. “You keep working and forgetting about us!” Zao whined. “Dolll don’t forget about us!” Allen cried. “We want hugs and kisses again!” Lutz chimed in. S/O sighed and looked over at their desk. There was only a little bit left but now that they were thinking about it, they haven’t been really spending time with their boys. No wonder they were behaving like this. “There are only a few things left maybe-” S/O attempted to negotiate before being cut off. “S/O!” The trio yelled and pouted at them. S/O sighed and hugged them all in return. “Let’s take a break” S/O nodded and let them carry them off. The soft shower of cuddles and kisses was definitely enough to get S/O to finish their work in order to advance to other things.

How many stuffed animals does Hetalia sleep with
  • Germany, England, and Italy: None
  • France, Prussia, and Spain: Exactly two every night, one on either side of them
  • Romano: Only one that he has had forever and it's a tomato
  • China: Four that were all given to him as a gift from Japan
  • Japan: One for every anime he has made
  • America: One for each of his states with the state flag on it
  • Russia: His bed is so full of stuffed animals that he only leaves enough room for him to (barely) fit

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How would the Allies Propose to their s/o. Or how would their s/o propose to them.

How the Allies propose to their S/O

America/ Alfred F. Jones

Alfred would go all out for this special occasion the American way- fireworks, music, dancing, anything and everything to make the night memorable. He would be among the most nervous to propose. Before he would pull you aside and get on one knee to make that dramatic proposal.

Britain/ Arthur Kirkland

He would plan this carefully for months on how to go about asking your hand in marriage, he may plan elaborate event such ballroom dancing and dinner. Once he feels the mood is right, he will make a huge announcement before getting on his knee to confess his love for you with ring in hand. 

Canada/ Matthew Williams

The most traditional-Although, he may do some extra steps such as making breakfast,spending the day doing whatever you want and pampering you. He may take you on a nature walk to a special spot for the both of you to have a picnic. When he deems it is the right time he signal Kuma to bring the ring. 

France/ Francis Bonnefoy

Francis would be the most romantic-You must be very special for him to want to settle down with you, so you only deserve the best. He would take you to an exquisite dinner and stroll through Paris to sight see. He may ask his BTT friends to help with setting up the perfect spot and take photos. 

Russia/ Ivan Braginsky

He would take you to his favorite place, a field of sunflowers. He may be among the most nervous to ask the question, so he will speak in Russian to help get along. He may put the ring on a flower stem and hand you the flower as his own way to proposing to you.

China/ Yao Wang

He is very traditional, so he would ask your family beforehand for their blessing to have your hand in marriage. Once both families were on board with this, he would finally make his move by taking you out to a nice romantic picnic in the park where he would propose to you.


 Sorry for my gross caligraphy and the long post 

Carmen: Francine is so elegant and gorgeous , and I really love her eyes. Julchen  have such a wild beauty and a majestic hair.

Francine: Julchen? Well. everyone loves Julchen.

Julchen: Francine is awesome, but not like me of course. 

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Hmmm maybe a scenario with 2p face? Like they were watching a movie with their s/o and their s/o falls asleep on them? (Love this blog btw!!)

Sorry for the delay! (I love this ask!)

Here’s one with the BTT and North + South Italy:

France/François Bonnefoy:

François really did not care about this stupid movie that (s/o) had forced him to watch with them. He really did not care, and would have much rather taken this time to go and sleep somewhere.

Pourqoui est-ce que je suis ici?”He muttered to himself with a sigh and turned his head toward his now asleep (s/o). With a click of his teeth, he stood up to search for a cover for them.

It’ll take a lot of persuasion to get him to watch another movie with them the next time.

America/Al Jones:

Al was really getting into the movie that him and his (s/o) had started watching together. 

“Oh, woah!” Al exclaimed, and reached over to shake his (s/o)’s leg. “Did’ja see that?! Holy smokes!” His excitement wasn’t shared, and Al, slightly disgruntled, turned his head toward (s/o) to find them sleeping. 

-Hey!- Glaring slightly at his (s/o)’s sleeping face, Al scowled. -Next time they’re beggin’ someone to watch a movie together, they’d better not come crawlin’ to me.- 

While sulking slightly, Al felt his (s/o) stirring in their sleep. He turned his head towards them, and pouted, taking off his bomber jacket. 

He spread the jacket over them and turned off the movie.

Canada/Matt Williams:

Matt hadn’t really been very interested in the movie. He’d only watched it because his (s/o) asked him to watch it with them. 

It slightly irked his nerves when he turned his head to look at his (s/o) to find them knocked out, and still lying down on him. 

-How dare you, you mignon lapin- He growled a little, and then, realizing what he’d thought, turned his face away from staring at them. A little annoyed, Matt stood up, letting the unconscious body of (s/o) fall onto the couch’s cushion. -I will definitely not watch a movie with (s/o) next time, no matter how much they beg- 

He thought that lie while searching for a cover to cover (s/o)’s body with.

England/Oliver Kirkland:

Ollie took little to no persuasion. The moment “would you” left his (s/o)’s lips, he was already down for whatever.

That’s where he found himself now, happily watching a movie with an unconscious (s/o) right next to him. Once he noticed that they were asleep, he’d be completely fine with it.

“How cute,” he’d coo and find a blanket to drape over their body.

He’d gladly do this again.

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