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more for my avatar au! for those who are unfamiliar with it, here is my first post where i explained the basics. for all those who asked for a lightning bender hanzo, you’re in luck!! this is also the first time i drew young genji, i hope i did him justice!


Why so shy Niji? Your looking good! And,…you have BOOBS! I don´t get it… =/

N: I’m not shy! It feels weird ok! *Choco munch* 

……..buuuuut if Sanji-kun sees you…he will surely be delighted~ >:3

N:………..Oooooh!!! I get it! >:D That jerk can´t hit women! Where is the loser!? *evil smirk* 

Ah pls don´t bully him!! Not now TT´w`TT” @askstrawhatsanji


M!A Why the hell I have to be a woman… (2/20) + OutfitMeme

In the Futurama episode “Spanish Fry” the Planet Express Crew go out camping and, while there, Fry is abducted by aliens in the dead of night and returned without his nose.

It’s found out that the Alien Black Market is stealing male human noses and calling them “human horns” and selling them as an “aphrodisiac,” and Lrrr, ruler of the planet Omicron Persei 8, is in possession of Fry’s.

They confront him and it’s returned without a hitch, but just as they’re about to leave Bender pipes up and asks,

To which Lrrr replies,

Bender responds, oblivious to Fry’s growing ire,

Lrrr immediately demands that Fry’s “lower horn” is removed, prepared for consumption, and placed in his and his wife, Ndnd’s, bedroom. (The use of an aphrodisiac is all in the attempt to save his failing, and passion-less, marriage.)

Fry is quickly accosted, and, from there, Bender spends the rest of the episode making jokes about Fry’s “wing-dang doodle” and the lack of action it seemingly gets, at least, by anyone which isn’t Fry himself.

Here are those jokes:

Joke #1.)

Joke #2.)

Joke #3.)

Joke #4.)

Joke #5.)

And finally, Joke #6.)

And this is why I believe you should watch Futurama.

Bender idly praising little aspects of Fry, like his unique thought process, the crinkle of his nose when he smiles, the soft chub he’s got to him, just so he can watch, mesmerized, as a bloom curls up Fry’s neck and to his face in response to the compliments. If Bender’s feeling particularly cheeky he’ll compliment said blush as well; If asked Bender would tell you he’s trying to see if he can get Fry’s face to match his hair, but it’s really because he thinks Fry is absolutely wonderful, from his personality, his presence, to his looks, and Bender just can’t get enough of reminding Fry of so.

Okay, so, in Bender’s Big Score, when the nudists told Bender to go back in time to kill Fry, they said, and I quote, ‘Go back in time a little bit before him, you know what to do.’ And Bender asked for CLARIFICATION on that command, which is what lead them to tell Bender to kill him.

AU where Bender DIDN’T ask for clarification, and so he went back in time, and took it as an invitation to spend the rest of Fry’s life with him in the past, making it so Lars never came to the future, Bender never killed him, and Bender and Fry lived out their lives in the year 2000 together with each other, and with Fry’s family who loved him, and missed him. (Also, continuing to live with his awesome robot boyfriend.)