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more for my avatar au! for those who are unfamiliar with it, here is my first post where i explained the basics. for all those who asked for a lightning bender hanzo, you’re in luck!! this is also the first time i drew young genji, i hope i did him justice!

Name : Kim Seokjin
Element: none
Age: 24
Personality : will blind you with his charm and cheerfulness, loves to laugh
Extra information : is very extra, yes, that’s how he sells his goods
Backstory : left the earthkingdom and his earthbending family to make it big in the city on his own but ended up selling fruits and vegetables with his cart on the streets, loves his job nontheless even though it won’t bring him big money

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Wouldn't Pidge be a waterbender cause she's guardian of the forest? I'm just saying, consider swamp!bender Pidge.

Maybe in another Avatar AU? Like a parallel universe of my version of the avatar au ??

I can see Pidge doing that. But I like Pidge as earthbender more ^^ being small and everyone thinks you are weak and that you can’t move a big stone or something. And then you just hit everyone in the face cause you want to find your family and no one will come in your way!! SO YOU ARE LIKE THE REAL BOSS!


Why so shy Niji? Your looking good! And,…you have BOOBS! I don´t get it… =/

N: I’m not shy! It feels weird ok! *Choco munch* 

……..buuuuut if Sanji-kun sees you…he will surely be delighted~ >:3

N:………..Oooooh!!! I get it! >:D That jerk can´t hit women! Where is the loser!? *evil smirk* 

Ah pls don´t bully him!! Not now TT´w`TT” @askstrawhatsanji


M!A Why the hell I have to be a woman… (2/20) + OutfitMeme

avatar au! jungkook - fire

  • hello! yes im back again! and this is gonna be the first installment of my avatar! au idea! btw all of the edits i make for this au are mine. ^^
  • this au is going to be taking place during the time of avatar aang. 
  • in each one i make, you end up with different members! but all their stories will be interconnected! 
  • i hope you guys like it!! 
  • so yes, I believe that jungkook would be fire nation born. 
  • kook has always been pampered his whole life; his parents were generals in the fire nation army, and they were wealthy. 
  • kook trained endlessly, always bettering himself in his bending so that he could take on the work of his parents. 
  • he grew up with the philosophy that the avatar must be captured and that he must put all his loyalty with fire lord ozai. 
  • he was cold, and narcissistic, 
  • but that was before he met you. 
  • He was traveling down the streets of the fire nation one day, and decided to go and have a drink of tea with some of his buddies. Among them, was a boy named Taehyung. 
  • Taehyung was always like a big brother to Jungkook, and with him he always put his cold demeanor aside. 
  • Taehyung was already sitting at a round table in the large tea shop along with other firenation friends. 
  • “Ah! Jungkook! There you are!” Taehyung got up and pull him towards him by the neck in an arm-lock and ruffle his hair. 
  • Jungkook would show a small toothy smile, and when he looked up, that’s when he caught your eyes, staring at him. 
  • You were behind the counter, making tea, and all the commotion with those rowdy boys had made you look up at them in curiosity. 
  •  “Hey! What are you looking at?” Kook shouted at you. 
  • you bit your lip and looked away. he was handsome, but you’ve heard of him,,,he was hot headed and cold, and you were warned not to get on his nerves. 
  • Next thing you knew, he was at the counter in front of you, his forearm leaning on the granite as he looked at you with his cold and calculating golden eyes*. 
  • “I asked you something, non-bender.” he said non-bender as if it was something poisonous. 
  • You gave him a frown, and answered, “I was just thinking of how much mess I was going to have to clean up after you guys this time around,”
  • he raised his eyebrows at the icy tone of your voice 
  • “Oh, she has a problem doing her job,,, as a non-bender.”  
  • You grit your teeth and you attempt to ignore him, but he kept prodding at you, and you felt yourself boiling on the inside. 
  • He finally left you alone, and he and all his buddies left. 
  • You finished your shift as usual, a bustling 8 hour shift has come to a close. 
  • When you left, it was raining. 
  • As you were walking home it felt nice feeling to cool droplets hit your skin. 
  • When suddenly, 
  • “Hey! Non-bender!” 
  • You closed your eyes and made an exasperated sigh when you heard that infuriating voice. 
  • You turned around, “You know, it’s a crime to stalk people, and I’d appreciate it if you stop being a bully and fight with someone who can do firebending tricks with you.” 
  • He snorted. “They are not tricks. They are a fire combat strategies.” He then added with a condescending tone, “A non-bender like yourself wouldn’t understand.” 
  • “You’re right” you said. “But I’m sure I could take you head on even though I’m not a bender.” you challenged. 
  • You gulped, what did I just say? you mentally slapped yourself.  
  • You never really thought things through– 
  • Jungkook belted out a laugh, and said, “Alright, I really don’t like fighting weak girls, but if you insist.” 
  • He blasted a fire ball right at you and you dodged it with ease. 
  • He blasted one after the other, and finally you were running out of breath dodging his attacks. You’ve never really challenged anyone to something like this before. 
  • What were you thinking?
  • You knew you weren’t a match for him– 
  • Jungkook blasted another fiery blast, and you were so out of breath that the only way to doge it was,,,the worst case scenario 
  •  out of pure instinct, you twirled your arms and the rain water around you came together to form a shield to keep the blast from hitting you. 
  • In Jungkook’s shock, you proceeded to use the water to send a full power water blast right to jungkook, slamming into his chest making him fly backwards right into the poor cabbage guy’s cabbage stand. “Oh my cAbbAgES!!!” 
  • After Jungkook stumbled up from the pile of crushed cabbages, he pointed a finger at you, with his mouth agape, “You’re–You’re a waterbender!” 
  • You slapped a hand to your forehead because of you cant believe that the likes of him made you loose your cool and reveal your bending power to him 
  • “Yes, yes I am. Are you eating your words now, Mr. Hot-Head?” 
  • He grunted,,, and attempted to wring the water out of his clothes,,,but he wasnt doing to well 
  • as you watched him you couldnt help but feel a little bad,,, and u hated yourself for thinking that way,, you were too nice of a person
  • “Stop” you walk over to him and quickly bend the water out of his clothes.
  • He mumbled a thank you,, and you couldn’t stop thinking about how cute he was all flustered like that. 
  • “What are you doing in the fire nation for if you are a waterbender?” he was obviously super confused and cute even tho he just got his ass kicked 
  • You stared at him long and hard before saying anything 
  • “There was a firenation raid at the Northern Water Tribe when I was really small, I think I was only a few months old,” you started. “My parents perished, and I was picked up by one of the Fire Nation Raiders who found me near death in a heap of snow. I was adopted by a Fire Nation family who couldn’t have their own children.” 
  • Jungkook’s eyes softened, “I’m sorry,” 
  • “haha, don’t be, as much as I may hate the fire nation for murdering my parents, they are also the very kind people who raised me into the person I am today,” 
  • Jungkook nodded, and for the first time, he didn’t really think fire lord ozai was the best ruler,,, 
  • in the following days afterwards jungkook would find himself visiting the little teashop everyday, around the same time. 
  • you would begin to look of him around noon, when the sun is at its highest. 
  • he would come and sit in the same seat in front of the counter, and order the same thing, jasmine tea. 
  • all the while making faces at you, and ultimately get you distracted from your work because you would make faces back. 
  • until u got yelled at from your boss,, whoops 
  • ok literally jungkook goes from asshole to sweetheart in .002 seconds and you couldn’t figure out how the hell he does it. 
  • you obviously tried to ignore him at first, but that only made him try harder to get your attention
  • he even once blasted a small flame at you when no one was looking and it almost burned you 
  • “whoops” was the only thing he said afterwards. 
  • months go on like this,, and jungkook even ended up introducing you to his friends,, and Taehyung teased him about how Jungkook was replacing him 
  • and kook got all flustered and smacked tae lsdjfsj
  • you realized how comfortable their friend group was and you ended up hanging out with them on the days that you weren’t working. 
  • jungkook and you liked to spar, and for some reason, kook would be going easier on you 
  • and you were like “wtf?? why u going easy on me now?” 
  • and he would only shrug 
  • and while you guys were going at it, you doused him in one with one of your bending moves, and you had him pinned down under your knee. 
  • he only laughed, and then rolled over with you under him
  • and you were too shocked,, your heart was thumping like crazy??? and you were just like wtf heart?? um??? stop it?? 
  • and that’s when he leaned down and kissed you softly and you could feel like he just breathed fire down into your very core,, your face burned and your entire body felt inflamed. 
  • “I- uh-” you would try to speak but then kook would kiss you again to make u shut up lol  
  • but then u realize that his cheeks are super red too and he was just as embarrassed as you were 
  • in the end its super awkward bc kook is a dork dsfjlsdjfs 
  • well this ends this segment!! I hope you guys enjoyed reading about Fire Nation Jeon Jungkook~!